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How Do I File A Fraud Report With The Police

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File a Police Report for Identity Theft

If you received an email from a sender posing as Public Health Ontario offering you next steps for signing up for a vaccine certificate or asking for your private health information: Do not open it or click on any links.

  • The province will not contact you directly asking for your health information. It may be a phishing scam*
  • to report the fraudulent email
  • *A phishing scam is an attempt to deceive you into giving sensitive information to someone posing as an individual or company that you know .

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    Hoaxes And Urban Legends

    Urban legends multiply and grow with each telling creating distorted, exaggeratedand sensationalized stories. Email accounts can become plagued with spam mail falselywarning about frauds, child abductions and money requests.

    Hoaxes are created with the purpose of deceiving people. Hoaxes are perpetratedas practical jokes, to cause embarrassment, or to provoke social change.

    Ignoring hoaxes and urban legends can sometimes be difficult. Often stories canseem very real and emotional. To check the validity of a story visit these sites:

    How To Report A Scammer To The Police

    If youve ever been scammed, you may feel hopeless. Scam artists have many tactics up their sleeves, from selling counterfeit goods to stealing your information online. Sadly, the majority of people have found themselves on the receiving end of a scam, unsure about how to find justice. But fortunately, there are ways you can fight back, including reporting the incident to the police. In this guide, we will discuss reporting a scammer to the police, as well as how to find justice through the Federal Trade Commission and Internet Crime Complaint Center. If youve been scammed, read on to find the right solution for you.

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    How Do I Get My Money Back From A Scammer

    There are a couple of avenues you can take if you are trying to get your money back after a scam. The most efficient way is to report scams immediately to your banks fraud department if you had money stolen from you on a credit or debit card.

    The FTC focuses on stopping businesses who use scams to make money. They also work to get customers refunds for any money lost from scams. If you file a report, the FTC cannot promise you will get your money back, but if there are enough scams from one company, they will make it a priority to shut them down and get customers their money back.

    Are You The Victim Of Mischief Theft Vandalism Or Graffiti

    Filing a police report for identity theft

    You can complete a police report online without having to go to the local station. If the offence did not take place in the Montréal Island area, you will have to contact the local police department where it occurred.

    If there was a suspect or witness, or if the incident had a hateful connotation,

    If you have been a victim of a telemarketing fraud or pyramid sales scheme, you should contact the RCMP.

    To report a hate incident, .


    Since November 29th, 2018, hit and run reports that do not contain investigative elements cannot be submitted using the SPVM online report. From now on, citizens have to contact directly their insurance company.

    5 types of reports may be done online.


    See pictures specifications

    After submitting the report, a temporary number will be automatically sent to you by email. All communication will be done by email. Your report will be reviewed and if any changes are required, you will be sent a request for changes. Once the report is corrected and approved, you will receive an official event number by email, as well as a PDF copy of the report.

    Make sure you have a valid email address as well as the date and location of the crime and information on the vehicle involved, if applicable.

    If you meet these criteria and the type of incident that occurred appears on the list above, you may file your report.

    Avoid using special caracters when writting your report, such as /*+< > . Those may cause an error when subitting your file.

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    How Filing A Report Helps Protect You

    Why is it important to report identity theft? If you are a victim of identity theft, it means someone has taken your personal information and used it to commit fraud in your name.

    Heres how filing a report helps:

    • It acts as a declaration of your innocence.
    • It helps start the investigation.

    A police report serves as sworn statement that you were not responsible for any crimes the thief committed using your name. If someone accuses you of a crime committed in your name, you can show them your sworn statement.

    Filing an Identity Theft Report at serves a similar function, in most cases. Its an official statement about the crime.

    Important to note: The FTC recommends filing an Identity Theft Report first, and including it when you file a police report.

    Keep in mind, with either report, youre legally obligated to tell the truth to the best of your knowledge. If you dont, you could face criminal penalties.

    Steps to take when reporting ID theft to the police

    If you decide you want to report identity theft to the police, here are steps you can take.

  • Go to your local police office, as well as to the police office where the fraud took place, with this information:
    • A copy of your FTC Identity Theft Report
    • A government-issued photo ID
    • Proof of your address, such as a mortgage statement or utilities bill
    • Any proof you have of the theft, such as credit card statements, IRS notices or collection notices

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    Financial Service Scams Including Mortgages And Insurance

    Almost all financial services services that deal with shares, credit, insurance, mortgages and soon on should be authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    If you are targeted by an organisation trying to give you these kind of services, you can report them to the FCA for investigation.

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    Freezing Your Credit And Placing Fraud Alerts

    Place a credit freeze with each of the three major credit reporting agencies . This will protect you from having credit cards or other accounts opened fraudulently. The credit bureaus have three business days after receiving your request to place a freeze on your credit report. There may be a small fee to freeze your credit with each agency.

    Learn more about freezing your credit and placing fraud alerts.

    What Can You Do If You Get Scammed

    How to file a Police Report video 2 July 18, 2016

    If you have recently been scammed, take comfort in knowing that there are multiple resources out there to help. However, scammers come in all shapes and sizes, and reporting them may look different depending on the crime. If youve been scammed over the phone, the process of reporting it will look a bit different than if you have been scammed on a website or by a local scam artist.

    Regardless of the details of the crime, you will want to notify your bank immediately if a debit or credit card was used to make the fraudulent purchase. When you call, ask to speak to the fraud department. The fraud representative will ask you several questions about the scam, such as when it took place, how much money you have lost, and if you have noticed any other suspicious transactions that resemble fraud. Many banks will investigate on your behalf and reimburse you if they find the purchase was indeed a scam.

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    How To File A Police Report For Identity Theft On Your Own

    There are several methods available when it comes to filing a police report. Aside from online reporting, you can generally file a report by phone or in person. You could face severe criminal fines as well as civil penalties for filing a false report, regardless of the method chosen.

    In-Person Visit your local police department to file a fraud report in person. You can generally do so 24 hours a day however, that does not mean that the process will be quick and easy. In fact, you could incur an extended wait time if officers are currently involved in more urgent matters.
    Over the Phone It is sometimes possible to file a police report for identity theft over the phone. To do so, contact your local agency and ask to speak with their white collar crimes division. You could be connected right away, but if all officers are busy you will need to wait for a return phone call.
    Having an Officer Visit If you are unable to visit the police precinct in person, you could request an officer be dispatched to your location. When doing so, keep in mind that you could experience a significant wait time. Officers must handle more urgent matters such as a crime in progress before attending to routine police reports such as those regarding identity theft.

    Can You File A Police Report On A Scammer

    If you have fallen victim to a scam, your local police department should be able to help along with the resources mentioned above. It is generally best to file a police report on a scammer, reach out to your bank, and file a complaint with the appropriate federal agency as soon as possible after you have been scammed.

    To file a police report for a scam, you will need make a call to or visit the fraud division of your local police department. Make sure you are able to provide them with information about the incident, from bank statements to credit card charges, emails, and phone call history. If you have any information about the scammer, such as their physical appearance, the sound of their voice, phone number, or IP address, be prepared to share it with the authorities.

    Upon reaching out to the police, they will ask you for the information they need to file the report. Be sure to make a note of which officer files the report and their contact information in case you need to follow-up. Depending on what kind of scam has taken place, your local authorities may not be able to catch the scammer. In this case, they should be able to provide you with additional resources to help. Sometimes, your local police department will direct you to a state consumer protection office for scams related to banking, insurance, investments, and household utilities.

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    What Is Required To File An Online Report

    In addition to filing the report, you may need to provide certain documentation. What type of documents do you need to file a police report for identity theft? The exact documents will vary by the department as well as the type of fraud . A few of the documents you may be asked to supply include:

    • Bank or credit card statements
    • Witness statements, if applicable
    • An identity theft affidavit from the Fair Trade Commission
    • Your personal contact information

    Use The Id Theft Affidavit

    4 Ways to Report Fraud

    Creditors may ask you to fill out fraud affidavits. The Federal Trade Commissions ID Theft Affidavit is accepted by the credit bureaus and by most major creditors. Send copies of the completed form to creditors where the thief opened accounts in your name. Also send copies to creditors where the thief made charges on your account, to the credit bureaus, and to the police. The form is available on the FTC Web site at File a complaint of identity theft with the FTC. See their Web site at The FTC keeps a database of identity theft cases that is used by many law enforcement agencies.

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    Immediate Steps To Take

    • File a report with the police/sheriff in the jurisdiction in which you live and get a copy of the report for the credit reporting agencies, banks and credit card companies. You can file the report at the police station or file online.
    • In Denver, you can file at
    • You can also complete the ID Theft Affidavit provided by the Federal Trade Commission at
  • Cancel each credit, ATM, debit card. Promptly report lost or stolen credit, ATM and debit cards to the issuing bank within 60 days of your monthly statement to limit your liability for unauthorized charges or withdrawals. If reported within 60 days, your liability under federal law for unauthorized charges on these cards may range from $0 to $50, but possibly up to $500, depending upon the type of card, length of time taken in reporting the loss or theft, and the issuing bank. If the loss is reported beyond 60 days of the monthly statement you may be liable for more unauthorized charges or withdrawals from your ATM or debit cards. Beware of callers selling credit card protectionyou dont need this as long as you monitor your credit card statements for evidence of fraudulent activity.
  • Contact your financial institution and cancel all accounts and PIN numbers. Stop payments on outstanding checks.
    • Consider placing a Security Freeze or Fraud Alert on/in your credit reports. See below.

    Replacing Lost Or Stolen Identification

  • 1Contact all agencies that issued you photo identification. Your identity may be stolen if your wallet or purse is taken from you, or if you lose them. To replace photo identification, contact the department of motor vehicles or any other agency, such as a school or place of employment, that issued you identification.XTrustworthy SourceState of MichiganOfficial website for the State of MichiganGo to source
  • If your license was stolen, you want to have another license number issued for your name as soon as possible and have the other one cancelled. That way the thief won’t be able to use that information to get credit or take other actions using your identification.
  • A work or school ID that provided you with access also should be replaced as soon as possible, before the thief can use them.
  • 2Gather other documentation to prove your identity. If your driver’s license or other photo ID is lost or stolen, you must rely on other documents to prove who you are. These could include your birth certificate, Social Security card, or passport.XResearch source
  • It may also be a good idea to take along a copy of your police report or FTC identity theft report.
  • 3Calculate the fees for ID replacement. You may have to pay to have your identification cards replaced. Find out in advance how much it will cost to replace everything you have to replace, so you have a total for budgeting purposes.XResearch source
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    Reporting To The Federal Trade Commission

  • 1Visit the FTCs Complaint Assistant website. The FTC maintains a website where you can file complaints about individuals or businesses that engage in fraudulent activity.
  • Although regulatory agencies such as the FTC dont investigate or resolve individual complaints, they compile your information into databases that are used by federal, state, and local law enforcement to uncover patterns of criminal activity.XResearch source
  • 2Select the appropriate category and sub-category. Before you submit your complaint, you must first place it in one of the FTCs categories.
  • If youre unsure about where to place your complaint, you can use the sub-categories to better understand the types of complaints within each category. There is an other category if the suspected fraud youve encountered doesnt fit into one of the FTCs categories, or isnt accurately described by any of the sub-categories.XResearch source
  • 3Enter information about the suspected fraud. The FTC complaint form includes space for you to enter details about yourself, the individual or company that perpetrated the fraud, and details about the incident.XResearch source
  • You dont have to provide personal or contact information for yourself. However, if you choose to remain anonymous, the FTC or other regulatory or law enforcement agencies will be unable to contact you if your complaint becomes the focus of further investigation.XResearch source
  • Reporting To Government Agencies

    THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Filing a Police Report in a Civil Claim

    If your identity is stolen, you may need to request new or updated documentation with different government agencies.

    • If you believe someone has applied for unemployment benefits using your personal information, use our secure fraud reporting form to alert us or call the DUA customer service department at .

    • Registry of Motor Vehicles Request a new license if yours was lost or stolen
    • Social Security Administration: Request a replacement card if your Social Security card was lost or stolen. Under certain circumstances you might need to request a new Social Security number.
    • United States Postal Inspection Service: Notify the U.S. Postal Inspection Service if you think an identity thief has filed a change of address with the post office. Contact your local postmaster to make sure that all mail in your name comes to your address.
    • The State Departments Bureau of Consular Affairs: If your passport was stolen, complete this online form to report the loss or theft and replace your passport.

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    Reporting Cybercrime In Canada

    If youre based in Canada, then you can contact the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. The centre provides resources for reporting various online scams and abuses. They also provide you with a point of contact for serious cases of cybercrime.

    In the case of the exploitation of children, Canada has the Cybertip service which is anonymous.

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