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Do You Need A Police Report For An Accident

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Act Quickly If There Is Any Error In A Police Report From A Car Accident

Is a Police Report Required to Prove my Auto Accident Case?

Time is of the essence when it comes to the police report and any corrections you think should be made. The insurance company will need the correct documentation to assess who is at fault and if you need to amend the police report, it needs to be done sooner rather than later. The moment you find the error, check the report for any other potential errors and contact the police station to get the report amended as soon as possible.

Write Down Information About Weather Road Conditions Along With Time And Place Of The Accident As Soon As Possible

You want to be able to provide as much information about the conditions surrounding your accident as possible. The sooner you do this, the more likely it is that you will remember more details. This helps your broker or insurance company, and the police, to understand the circumstances around the car crash.

Do You Need A Police Report For A Fender Bender In California

In California, the law mandates that all drivers involved in an accident must stop, no matter how minor the accident was. Drivers must stop even in a slight fender bender that doesn’t seem to have caused much damage. Without an injury, the law technically does not require you to notify the police.

Also to know is, do I have to file a police report for a car accident in California?

It is the law in California to report a car accident after it occurs. All drivers of any vehicles involved in the accident will need to make a written report to the California Highway Patrol or to the local police department within 24 hours of the crash but only if the crash led to someone’s injuries or death.

Likewise, how long do you have to report an accident to the police in California? 24 hours

One may also ask, do you need a police report for a fender bender?

While it’s always wise to follow our accident checklist above, if damage is minor and both driver’s insurance companies agree, calling the police might not be necessary. Property damage is minor.

What do you do in a fender bender in California?

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are involved in a fender bender:

  • Stop. First and foremost, stop the car.
  • Take pictures.

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There Are Two Types Of Auto Accident Reports In New York

In New York, the terms accident report and police report can get confusing. In general, when we talk about the filing of a formal report after an auto accident, we are talking about one of two forms:

  • MV-104A This is the official police report the responding officer files after your accident. While it is generally the officers responsibility to complete this report, there may be situations where that responsibility falls to you instead .
  • MV-104 Some collisions require that each driver file a Report of a Motor Vehicle Accident, also referred to as a Civilian Accident Report . This report should be completed using the information contained in the MV-104A, as well as the Exchange of Information form the responding law enforcement officer should have provided you at the scene of the crash. More on this below.

Finding The Best Car Insurance Coverage

How to Get a Police Report for Your Car Accident in ...

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If you are looking for a new policy and want good coverage at a good price, the best way to get it is to shop around carefully and compare what is available. The quickest and easiest way to get a variety of quotes from companies serving your area is to use our online quote tool.

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Do You Have To File A Police Report For A Car Accident

No matter who is at fault in a car accident, a traffic accident report will act as an official record of events. It can be used by insurance companies and in a court of law to determine fault and settlements.

Not every state requires a police report for every car accident, but its in your best interest as a driver to file a police report in order to protect yourself.

If you dont call the police right away, you can always report an accident to the police after the fact.

Refer back to this guide to determine how many days after a car accident you have to file a police report. If you need legal guidance, you can enter your ZIP code in the tool below to begin your search for a local car accident attorney near you.


How Will A Tardy Police Report Affect My Insurance Claim

When accident victims come to us and ask, Can I still file a police report after an accident? they are often just as worried about the financial stakes as they are the formal filing requirements. After all, auto accidents can carry a tremendous financial toll for the victims, and the idea that a tardy form could keep you from the compensation you deserve is a terrible thought.

Earlier in this article, we explained that filing an insurance claim and filing a police report after an accident are two totally different processes. Its important to keep that fact in mind.

So heres the bottom line: if you were injured in a New York auto accident as a result of someone elses negligence, you have rights.

Failure to file an accident report on time may complicate your insurance claim , but it doesnt necessarily mean you cant recover the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured, please contact the Kingston personal injury lawyers at OConnor and Partners as soon as possible. It is important never to make assumptions about your legal rights or your options for pursuing them. Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney instead.

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What You Should Do Following An Accident

  • Remain at the scene and offer help to those who need it. Itâs okay to leave to get help as long as you return right away and cooperate with the police and your insurance company.
  • Take photos if itâs safe to do so.
  • Clear the vehicle off the road and move to a safe place. Call a tow truck if needed.
  • Write down all the details of the accident and collect the other driverâs license and insurance information.
  • Report the collision to your insurance company and open a claim.
  • When Should I File A Police Report

    Should you file a police report after an auto accident?

    There are also occasions when you are expected by law to file a police report. This includes if a person is injured during the accident.

    If you have sustained any injury during the accident, it is in your best interest to file a police report. This includes any injury no matter how minor it seems.

    Something in the heat of the moment can seem minor and not a big deal.

    If you dont file a police report, there is no record stating that you were injured during this accident.

    Filing the police report when you are injured during an accident helps to ensure that this can be covered by your auto insurance policy.

    If you dont report it at the time of the accident, then you may have to rely on your medical insurance to cover any injuries sustained in the accident.

    The same applies to anyone else involved in the accident. If you have a passenger that is injured, file a police report. Make sure the drivers and passengers in the other vehicle or vehicles are okay.

    You do not want to risk driving away from the scene if somebody is injured.

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    Will Reporting An Accident Increase My Car Insurance Cost

    Different factors affect the cost of car insurance.

    If you were deemed to be at fault in the accident, you might see your premiums rise. This is because insurers see you as risky.

    But sometimes even if an accident isnt your fault, you might see your premiums rise.

    You shouldnt let a potential rise in premiums stop you from reporting an accident, though.

    If you dont tell your insurer about one but they find out later, it could invalidate your insurance and you might even find it difficult to get another policy.

    Remember, even if you dont make a claim, an accident needs to be disclosed when you buy insurance in the future.

    Its All About You We Want To Help You Make The Right Legal Decisions

    We strive to help you make confident insurance and legal decisions. Finding trusted and reliable insurance quotes and legal advice should be easy. This doesnt influence our content. Our opinions are our own.

    Editorial Guidelines: We are a free online resource for anyone interested in learning more about legal topics and insurance. Our goal is to be an objective, third-party resource for everything legal and insurance related. We update our site regularly, and all content is reviewed by experts.

    What you need to know

    • State laws determine whether you need to file a police report after a car accident.
    • Most states dont require an accident report for minor accidents.
    • One, none, or all drivers involved in an accident may receive citations depending on the circumstances.
    • Its usually in your best interest to file a police report in order to protect yourself, whether its required or not.

    An average driver will experience a car accident every 18 years, but do you have to file a police report for a car accident? For most minor car accidents, the short answer is no.

    In most states, you arent required to file a police accident report unless there was substantial damage, injury, or death. But when it comes to your insurance, it will be your word against the other drivers if there is no traffic accident report.

    Follow this guide to find your states laws and what to do when you file a police report for a car accident. If you need to find a lawyer for your car accident, .

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    Note: Filing A Police Report Is Not The Same As Filing An Insurance Claim

    First things first its important to understand that police reports and insurance claims involve two totally different processes.

    It is true that your car insurance contract probably requires you to call your insurer and notify them that youve been in an accident. But notifying the insurer isnt the same as reporting the accident to law enforcement. You have to do both.

    Even if you have zero intention of filing an insurance claim, pursuing a lawsuit, or making a claim for compensation, you still need to cross both these items off your to-do list ASAP:

    • Notify your car insurance company.
    • File a police report.

    We also strongly recommend that you see a doctor as soon as possible for a post-accident medical exam and contact an experienced Kingston personal injury lawyer .

    What Shouldnt You Do After An Accident

    What Can You Do If The Police Report Has Mistakes and ...

    When you crash your car, there are a few things you should avoid doing if possible.

    First, donât say anything that might suggest you were to blame for the incident. While it might be in your nature to say something like âI wasnât paying attention,â or âit was all my fault,â doing so could be used against you by the other people involved or even your insurance company. When speaking to the other driver, police, and insurance companies, stick to the facts of what happened and leave your opinion out of it.

    Second, while it is a good idea to take pictures and document the crash, donât share details about the crash on social media. Itâs very common for people to be taken to court for car accidents, so youâll want to safeguard your evidence in case that happens.

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    Why A Police Report After A Car Accident Matters

    Jody McKnight, founder of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina-based McKnight Law Firm, says that filing a police report is a way for motorists, especially those who likely did not cause an accident, to protect themselves and boost the odds of receiving fair compensation from an insurance claim.

    McKnight says that police officers, once they arrive at an accident scene, will gather information from both drivers and any witnesses and put that information into a written report. The insurance companies processing the accident claim can use this information as they begin the process of determining which insurer or insurers will pay out to cover repairs.

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    “Having the police show up at the scene makes the insurance claims process easier with all of the information set forth in a collision report,” McKnight says.

    If you don’t wait to file a police report, you could even be opening yourself up to a con. Say you and the other driver swap insurance and contact information and agree to both drive away from the scene. McKnight asks an interesting question: What if the driver who was the cause of the accident provides incorrect contact and insurance information? You might then be left with no way to contact this driver or his or her insurer.

    And that’s only one possible negative outcome, McKnight says.

    Contact A Car Accident Attorney Today

    The car accident attorneys at Wilson Kehoe Winingham are here to represent you for a car accident claim. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident with no police report, contact us today to see the steps you can take. We are here to help every step of the way. Call us at 317.886.1924 or fill out a free case evaluation today.

    • When there are substantial damages at stake after a personal injury, you’ll likely file a claim with your insurance company. Receiving the right amount of

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    What To Do If You’ve Been In A Collision

    If there are injuries, call 911 immediately.

    If there are NO injuries, call 613-236-1222.

    We will ask you a few questions, assess your situation and give you a report number.

    The Highway Traffic Act requires that any collision with injuries and/or damages exceeding $2,000 must be reported to police.

    You may report a collision WITHOUT injuries after being referred to a Collision Reporting Centre by simply contacting and an agent will be assigned to take your report.

    If there are injuries, police will be sent to the scene when a report is made.

    Please enter the case number in the subject line when contacting us by email. If you have not yet been provided with a case number, one will be assigned when you report the collision to us.

    You also have the option to report the collision in person at one of our 3 Collision Reporting Centres which are open 7 days a week between 8am and 6pm. You may wish to call ahead to check on the approximate wait time.

    Address and contact information of Collision Reporting Centres

  • Driver’s licence
  • Ownership of vehicle
  • If you do not have the ability to photograph your own vehicle, you may attend a CRC where the damage can be photographed for you.

    Police Reports Don’t Always Assign Blame

    “Do I Need a Police Report After a Car Accident?” – NC Car Accident Lawyers

    If you do file a police report and that report generally corroborates your version of events and even identifies the other driver as the cause of the collision don’t think that your insurer won’t necessarily have to pay out some money, too.

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    Evan Walker, a personal injury lawyer in La Jolla, California, says that the insurance adjusters who handle a claim will usually rely heavily on the information contained in a police report. But this doesn’t mean that the police report will necessarily exonerate you from any responsibility for the accident.

    A police report is a guide for adjusters, Walker says. But its not always the final word on what exactly happened in a case. Adjusters will still usually call you and the other driver for statements. They might also interview witnesses who were on the scene.

    “Injured parties should understand that the police report can be attacked or disregarded by a personal-injury attorney,” Walker says. “I’ve seen that both as a defense attorney and as a plaintiff attorney.”

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    If You Were Required To File A Civilian Accident Report But Failed To Do So Within 10 Days:

    It is still possible to complete the form and mail it to the State DMV.

    However, failure to file within the first 10 days may result in various civil and/or criminal penalties including the potential for suspension or revocation of your drivers license and/or vehicle registration.

    While you should not delay in providing timely notice of an accident to law enforcement and/or the NY State DMV as required by law, it may also be in your best interest to immediately consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer to discuss the potential implications of a late filing and your rights under the law.

    When Am I Required To File A Civilian Accident Report

    You are required to file Form MV-104 within 10 days of the accident if:

    • Anyone was injured in the accident, or
    • Anyone was killed in the accident, or
    • The accident caused more than $1,000 in damage to any individual persons property.

    You must use the official New York State DMV Form MV-104, and you must submit it directly to the DMV by U.S. Mail .

    Its a good idea to send MV-104 by Certified U.S. Mail, Return Receipt Requested so youll have proof that the DMV received it. You should also create a copy of the completed form for your records before mailing in the original.

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