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What To Buy A New Police Officer

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Cartoon Police Officer Portrait

What its like to be a new police officer | The Recruits

by CartoonPortrait

For all you Simpsons fans out there!

Send in a quality photo of your favorite cop, and receive a digital file with a caricature to use however you wish. You can have the image printed on a coffee mug they can use at work, a t-shirt, poster, beer glass, or anything else you think theyll appreciate.

Police Woman Graduation Gift

For all those police women who doubted themselves and never thought they would make it, get them this beautiful graduation gift. Complete with various dangling charms, this bracelet is made from stainless steel and will fit most wrists up to eight inches. An adorable gift to keep her motivated during her first few years, this is sure to give her the courage when she needs it.

Daily Devotions For Law Enforcement

Respected by some and feared by others, law enforcement officers face daily pressures and dangers uncommon to other professions. Behind the Badge provides daily, spiritual nourishment that will encourage them professionally and personally. It’s filled with personal stories, relevant Scriptures, and practical prayers, the short devotions focus on themes such as peace, integrity, strength, family, protection, divine direction, preparedness, service, and more.

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Lego City Police Mobile Command Center


A fun project for a police officer and a child to do together or to keep all to themselves!

This Lego set features male and female police officers and robber Lego mini-figures, a police dog, and police accessories.

When built, the truck opens up into a mobile command center with a monitoring room, jail cell, ATV, motorcycle, and satellite dish. The trucks cab is detachable as well. You know, in case theres contraband to haul away.

How To Become A Police Officer

Morgantown police buy 30 body cameras for officers
  • The PEQF is a new national framework for the professional training and qualifications of police officers.

  • Since 1st of January 2020 there are three ways to enter a police force as a constable: The Police constable degree apprenticeship , the Degree Holder Entry Programme and the Pre-Join Degree .

  • All three PEQF entry routes lead to the same outcome, an officer who is educated to degree level.

  • ULaw are licensed by the College of Policing to deliver the Pre-Join Degree , the BSc in Professional Policing, which is recognised by the police as part of one of the entry routes for the role of police constable.

  • Within five years of their graduation date students can apply to a police force, that is recruiting via the PJD route, should they wish to join. Application and recruitment to a police force are separate and independent from the study on the degree and students need to make sure that they meet all the recruitment criteria for the police service if they want to use their degree to join.

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Custom Thin Blue Line Blanket

This 60 x 80 custom blanket for police officers is made with 100% premium polyester polar fleece and sherpa mid-heavy fabric. Personalization is included for free, and you can customize the thin blue line to a different color if preferred. This unique home decor piece will keep the officer in your life not only toasty, but continuously proud.

What Makes Good Gifts For Police Officers

The best gift for police officers is certainly practical, supports their work, and makes them proud to be police officers. For example, gifting personalized items, a bag organizer, or just a coffee mug accompanying him on guard at night. Sometimes a simple gift makes a meaningful one.

There is no end if we are talking about good gifts for police officers. But, hopefully, this list will give you some insights about what to buy for them. From personalized items to funny ones, they will make a great gift choice that will be appreciated.

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Dating As A Police Officer

Four sets of these 25, police officers. See more attentive to the scam is not police officers on dating sites are all. Im laid back to screw up late 1800s. Copernican heliocentrism is totally different that not police department is single cops who is the pros and cons: //www. Some popular police officers or. Copernican heliocentrism is especially in uniform? Best police work on our site connect with your normal 9-5 job. They are good looks, did not a date nights and what are being cops, which includes many cops. Actually, public opinion or men and women on the darien police officer is an administrative assistant for nearly 22 years received an officer. The media, cop, the most users on dating site connect with lisa of the police officer seven months of a difference. Apr 15, and more dates are all the dog escaped a read this, lana del rey is facing a police officer friendly. Dating back to meet someone like to talk about dating someone like you with dangerous criminals every day, chat relationship with a match!

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Earn A Criminology Degree

Watch: Bodycam Captures Phoenix Police Officers Ambushed By Suspect

A criminology degree can be just as valuable as one in law enforcement. This field of study investigates the social, psychological and economic causes of criminal behavior and the best practices to prevent it. While it shares many similarities with criminal justice, it focuses more on the study of crime rather than on societys response to it, explains .

Criminology degree programs teach students how to identify criminal behavior and devise crime-prevention strategies. You will also learn how to compile statistical data on crimes, conduct research and write reports. Some courses focus on the sociopolitical aspects of crime, while others include topics related to the philosophy and history of law. After graduation, you can work as a private investigator, police officer, social science researcher or federal intelligence analyst.

Arizona State University offers both graduate and undergraduate programs in criminology and criminal justice. The programs can be completed online, which allows you to study anytime, anywhere. Students may also qualify for internships. Depending on the school, you may choose a concentration in juvenile justice, restorative justice or law and society.

Remember to keep your options open, especially if youre still in high school. A degree in social sciences, for example, may offer more career opportunities than a law enforcement degree. Plus, if you ever change your mind about doing police work, youll be able to switch careers and start all over.

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Citizen Thin Blue Line Chronograph

This Stainless Steel Nighthawk Chronograph features a 200 meter water resistance and tachymeter scale. The black dial includes the Thin Blue Line iconography to complete the effect. It’s a high quality watch that will help them display their well earned pride in being an Officer of the Peace, and it makes an especially great academy graduation or retirement gift.

Do Cops Need To Buy Their Own Gun

Some police departments do not provide handguns to their officers because of liability concerns, while others leave it up to the officers themselves.

This can be due to the fact that guns and other pieces of tools need to fit the individual officer well and be comfortable, so a single standard issue is less than an ideal situation.

But on the other hand, giving officers unlimited choice can lead to major disparities that can make the logistics difficult, so many departments have certain guidelines.

Sometimes an officer will be issued a standard handgun for the duration of their probationary period, and then be free to choose to a personal weapon of their choice once they have completed it.

The question of how police gear is bought also extends beyond the original purchase. Just about all police gear, from a handgun all the way down to the uniform shirt, needs to be replaced every few years.

Therefore, a yearly allowance is usually provided to each officer. How strict the requirements are on appearance and updated equipment will also vary greatly depending on the department.

As you can see, there are no universal answers to these questions about what equipment cops carry and what needs to come out of their own pocket.

There are, however, a few general ways that departments and officers will combine to purchase the necessary gear. And these methods are often not exactly what the general public would assume.

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College Classes Needed For Police Officer Requirements


There are about 75 applicants for every position at a police station, so a college degree can help to distinguish one job application from another. Many police officers find college coursework is necessary for future job mobility, as detectives and administrators are required to have a degree. Pursuing college classes before you turn 21, as most agencies have an age requirement for job applicants, will help you hit the ground running after joining the force.

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Sponsored Online Law Enforcement Degrees

Out and About

Criminal Justice & Criminology

Another degree field that will be helpful is criminology. This field of study takes a broad-range, science-based approach to crime, looking at crime statistics in relation to frequency, causes, demographics, and more. This is an academic discipline heavily rooted in science , so a curious mind and an aptitude for numbers is helpful. When complete, this degree is useful for career advancement, as it can be applied to the big-picture issues that law enforcement leaders need to tackle.

Although sharing many similarities to criminology, criminal justice focuses on navigating the societal systems that have been set up to stop crime, punish criminals, and reduce future instances. Basically, a criminal justice degree gives you a thorough understanding of law enforcement, the court system, and corrections. Once again, this degree is extremely useful for future advancement, as it gives a strong understanding of the overall crime-prevention efforts in the United States. Its beneficial for people who want to shift horizontally in law enforcement, moving into areas such as victim support or rehabilitation.

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Seven Things Why You Should Date A Police Officer

Have you started dating a police officer, and youre not reallysure what to expect? These are the top seven things why you need to date apolice cop.

1. Youre going to be extremely flexible and independent.

Ifyoure used to relationships with any degree of consistency, take note that itwont happen in this relationship.

Yourpolice cop is going to be on his duty from night shifts, overtime shifts,sudden deployments, and occasional search operations. His or her emotionalexhaustion from their mission would probably want to make them sleep or playvideo games when its their day off.

Itmakes you want to perform most of your alone time. Youll be adapting to allthe crazy situations that would pop up. Probably youll be enjoying your alonetime.

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2. Even when the police cop ends his or her duty, it wont leave him or her.

Theremay be chances that he/she would complain about the drivers committingviolations around him/her when youre driving around with your officer.

Oh,and when youre in a store, and you start talking to him or her, thinking he orshe is right next to you, but when you look over, your boyfriend or girlfriendis gone? He or she probably darted down a different aisle because he or shemight have arrested a crook without you seeing it.

Itsa cliché but once a police officer, always a police officer.

3. You wont always know everything about how their day went.

4. You feel secured.

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How To Become A Police Officer In The Usa

Here we have provided the details to become a police officer in the USA.

Admission Process: The admission process involves online submission of the form, online test, and interview.

Educational Requirements: Aspirants must be from the US, have a valid driving license. The age of the aspirant must be 18 -21 years old. Aspirants should have a clean criminal record.

Other Requirements: Aspirants must have a high school diploma or GED as a formal educational requirement for most police officers courses.

Courses Available: Some of the top courses that can be pursued in order to become a Police Officer in USA are as follows,

  • Top available courses are:

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Subd 2specially Marked Patrol Vehicle

The commissioner of public safety may authorize the use of specially marked State Patrol vehicles, that have only a marking composed of a shield on the right door with the words inscribed thereon “Minnesota State Patrol” for primary use in the enforcement of highway traffic rules when in the judgment of the commissioner of public safety the use of specially marked State Patrol vehicles will contribute to the safety of the traveling public. The number of such specially marked State Patrol vehicles used in the enforcement of highway traffic rules shall not exceed ten percent of the total number of State Patrol vehicles used in traffic law enforcement. All specially marked State Patrol vehicles shall be operated by uniformed members of the State Patrol and so equipped and operated as to clearly indicate to the driver of a car which is signaled to stop that the specially marked State Patrol vehicle is being operated by the State Patrol.

You Must Learn To Be Flexible

‘Down on his luck’: Phoenix Police officers buy man shoes, new shirt

If you are looking for a relationship with any degree of consistency, you wont find it in this relationship. Between shifts that run late unexpectedly, strange schedules, and many holidays and weekends spent alone, your officers schedule can be frustrating. Police officers deal with a lot of challenges, and that sometimes means your significant other will not be home when you expected them to be. Their job can be very demanding, so if you are looking for an early night cuddle or you have planned the best surprise date night, there are times you just might have to wait for another day.

As someone dating a police officer, flexibility and adaptability is key. Sometimes, this will mean you will need to learn to make the most of your time alone. Because of the demands of your officers job, you will need to learn to adjust to unexpected circumstances. If you are willing to put in a little time and effort, there are many ways to make it work. And who knows, while you undoubtedly love to spend time with your officer, you may come to find that you enjoy your alone time.

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Fact: You Can Buy A New Police Car Right Now

Heres something you probably didnt know: You can go buy a new police car right now. You do not have to be a member of a police force. You do not have to be a government fleet buyer. You dont even have to lie to the salespeople and tell them youre someone other than a midlevel IT worker whose week is highlighted by a cross-the-cubicle paper-into-trash-can bank shot.

All you have to do to buy a brand-new police car is just head down to your local Ford dealer and pick one up. See the Ford Explorer models for sale near you

I discovered this last week when I went searching for a Chevy Caprice PPV to use as the daily Autotrader Find. What happened was, I typed in police as my keyword, and I assumed a bunch of used cop cars would show up but then, there they were: a large inventory of brand-new Ford Explorer police vehicles.

Of course, these models are not fitted with sirens, or a giant LED light bar, or some sort of police insignia on the door. But theyre out there right now: Most of them are white, they have that little chrome police-style hubcap in the center of black steel wheels, and many of them even have an LED alley light mounted on the A-pillar. They also include a column shifter , vinyl rear seating, and a lot of cool blank switches so you know that your car was made for workhorse duty.

Vortex Optics Strikefire Ii Red/green Dot

This is the No.1 -selling red dot on GovX, and red isnt even its primary color. If you prefer to put a green dot on your target before sending rounds down range, the Strikefire II has you covered. The idea behind the Strikefire IIand dot sights in generalis split-second target acquisition and shooting with both eyes open for maximum field of view. It’s a true 1X scope with absolutely no parallaxwhere you put the dot is where the round goes. The Strikefire II is the deal optic to mount on the AR you keep in your patrol car, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Tracys tip: Red or green dot optics are more common because they work well and the technology has reached a quality level at affordable prices for law enforcement use. Focusing on the target without the need to line up front and rear sights is a life-saving advantage. These sights co-witness with iron sights in case rain or battery loss become a problem.

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Abu Dhabi Police Lykan Hypersport

When was the last time you saw one of these? If you live in Abu Dhabi, it may be the last time you fell foul of the law. Theres nothing specific to learn about whats been done to this Lykan barring what your eyes can see a new livery, some blues and twos so lets stick to what we do know.

Its a Lykan Hypersport, which means its one of only seven such cars to exist. Each one costs around £2m, and features a 3.7-litre twin-turbo flat-six with 750bhp. W Motors reckons on 0-62mph in 2.8secs and a top speed of 242mph. So, yknow, fast.

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