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How Much Do Police Officers Make In Florida

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States Where Police Officers Earn The Least Money

Miami Police Officers Make Rounds To Find Mask Violators

The bottom-10 states where police officers make the least money are heavily concentrated in the U.S. South, where cost of living is lower compared to the nation overall. In Mississippi, the lowest-paying state, police officers earn over $31,000 less than the national average wage. It should be noted, however, that only 16 states have police officer salaries that are higher than the national average.

Here’s a look at the bottom-10 states for police officer salaries:

  • Mississippi average police officer salary: $36,290
  • Arkansas average police officer salary: $40,570
  • Louisiana average police officer salary: $42,470
  • South Carolina average police officer salary: $43,520
  • West Virginia average police officer salary: $44,450
  • Georgia average police officer salary: $44,700
  • Tennessee average police officer salary: $45,370
  • Alabama average police officer salary: $46,510
  • Kentucky average police officer salary: $46,720
  • North Carolina average police officer salary: $47,340
  • Fortunately for these states, salaries are improving over the years. From 2014 to 2019, the average annual wage for a police officer in Mississippi increased by nearly 11%, from $32,740 to $36,290. Still, for such a hazardous line of work, even in a state with cheap cost of living, these average wages are quite low.

    Frequently Asked Questions About A Retired Police Officer Salaries

    The national average salary for a Retired Police Officer is $70,903 per year in United States. Filter by location to see a Retired Police Officer salaries in your area. Salaries estimates are based on 12 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Retired Police Officer employees.

    The highest salary for a Retired Police Officer in United States is $120,200 per year.

    The lowest salary for a Retired Police Officer in United States is $41,824 per year.

    Florida State Trooper Job Description

    A Florida State Trooper ensures that state and federal laws and regulations are followed, especially as these apply to motor vehicle laws. A Florida State Trooper specializes in ensuring the safety of citizens and visitors on Floridas highways. Troopers may also be called upon to prevent and investigate cases of fraud, homicide, and drug crime. The safety and security of motor vehicles and passengers are paramount, and routine patrols are necessary to prevent as well as prosecute criminal activity.

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    Average Salary Of Police And Teachers By State

    From state to state, the average pay for teachers and police was usually fairly close, though the variance between them could be quite striking.

    In Arizona, for example, the mean annual wage for a police officer exceeds the average income for a teacher by more than $20,000. More disconcerting is the fact that the average police salary in Arizona is $65,810, putting the average teachers income at a mere $45,313 per year. Arizonas average income for teachers is fourth-lowest in the U.S., according to the study.

    Teachers and police officers’ incomes noticeably diverge in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington. In the Golden State, police earn close to $24,000 more than teachers on average. However, when put in context, this discrepancy isn’t as bad. The average police and sheriff’s patrol officer salary in California is $100,090 a year, versus an average teachers pay of $76,523 a year, which is fourth highest in the U.S.

    In the table below, you can see police officers make significantly more money than teachers in these states:

    $63,477 $15,123

    Below you’ll find the top-five states where teachers earn significantly more money than police:


    Become A Pembroke Pines Police Officer

    Cops. Cash. Cocaine. How Sunrise police make millions selling drugs ...

    The Pembroke Pines Police Department offers numerous opportunities for professional development and advancement opportunities for what is a challenging and rewarding career. Our team consists of:

    • Certified Police Officers
    • Police Service Aides
    • Code Compliance Officers

    For a full list of currently available job opportunities within our agency, visit our Jobs webpage for available positions and detailed job descriptions.

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    Where Can A Police Officer Earn More

    Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Asked in Salary and Pay Rates. How much money does a Florida police officer make an hour? How much does a police officer in Virginia get paid a year. A police officer usualy starts at about dollars an hour. A police officer also has a wide range of different side jobs such as being a security guard at a store. Your pay also is different according to your division. Like a patrolling officer the ones in the cop cars make more then dispatch the ones that answer the calls and tell the patrol officers.

    Asked in Salary and Pay Rates How much money do you get paid to be a police woman? Asked in Salary and Pay Rates How much money does a bylaw officer earn? This is equivalent to about Most police officers and police captains work 12 hour shifts. The number of hours worked by the officer in a week is determined by the need of the department.

    According to the police officer on duty tonight, The more experience they have, the more money they will likely make. The pay of a probation officer will vary from State to State. In the movie swat he said that they made 85, a year. Asked in Salary and Pay Rates How much does a police officer get pay per hour? That varies according to department, rank, and time in service. No, its the opposite Alabama is one hour behind Florida. Police officers in MN are not paid on a monthly basis.

    Trending Questions.

    Police Officer Salary In Sarasota Florida

    How much does a Police Officer make in Sarasota, FL? The average Police Officer salary in Sarasota, FL is $57,800 as of May 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $54,100 and $63,000. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, helps you determine your exact pay target.

    10th Percentile Police Officer Salary $50,731
    25th Percentile Police Officer Salary $54,100
    50th Percentile Police Officer Salary $57,800
    75th Percentile Police Officer Salary $63,000
    90th Percentile Police Officer Salary $67,734

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    States Where Police Officers Earn The Most Money

    The national average annual wage of an police officer is $67,600, according to the BLS, a little over $15,000 more than average annual salary for all occupations, $51,960. Depending on the state, however, the average salary of a police officer can vary significantly. Police officer wages are heavily dependent on the cost of living in each state.

    Below is a list of the top-10 highest-paying states for police officers:

  • California average police officer salary: $105,220
  • Alaska average police officer salary: $87,870
  • New Jersey average police officer salary: $86,840
  • Washington average police officer salary: $80,200
  • Hawaii average police officer salary: $78,720
  • Illinois average police officer salary: $78,350
  • New York average police officer salary: $77,490
  • Colorado average police officer salary: $75,720
  • Delaware average police officer salary: $73,740
  • Nevada average police officer salary: $73,660
  • In California, the average salary for police officers is over $37,000 more than the national average, $105,220 vs. $67,600. The gap between the No. 1 best-paying state, California, and the No. 2 state, Alaska, is substantial compared to the overall ranking. In California, police officers, on average, earn over $17,000 more than their counterparts in Alaska.

    Florida State Trooper Salary And Job Outlook

    Why Some American Police Make Surprisingly High Salaries – None Of The Above

    The Florida Highway Patrol is always on the lookout for talented candidates. While in the training academy, trooper recruits earn a monthly salary of $2,514.1 Upon graduation, the salary will rise to $33,977 annually.1 Troopers posted to Broward, Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach, Collier, or Lee County earn an annual salary of $38,976 per year.1 Troopers with five years of experience of may qualify to be promoted to supervisory positions. Other benefits include health and life insurance and take-home patrol car privileges. The Florida Highway Patrol offers a contributory retirement system full retirement benefits are awarded after 30 years of service, at which time members will receive 90% of their final salary with a 3% benefit increase per year.1

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    How Much Does A Police Officer Make

    The national average annual salary for police officers of all types is $65,170.1 The highest-paid 10% of officers earn over $109,620, while the lowest-paid 10% earn less than $37,710.1 Geographic area has a particularly strong influence on the level of salary police officers can expect, as standards for police pay vary from state-to-state and also from rural to metro areas. The highest-paying state for police officers is California, at an average of $105,220 per year, while the lowest-paying state is Mississippi, at an average of $36,290 per year.2

    While the entry-level education required by many police departments remains a high school diploma or GED, a growing number of departments are showing a preference towards hiring college graduates by requiring college credit or through salary increases and other incentives. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, nearly one in four local police officers work for departments requiring at least an associates degree, which is typically equivalent to 60 credit hours.3 An estimated 29% of police departments serving populations of one million or more require an associates degree.3 The table below provides an outline of police officer salary as well as typical education requirements.


    Florida State Trooper Training Prerequisites And Education Requirements

    After from meeting the minimum requirements listed above, which include having a high school diploma and 30 credit hours of college coursework, prospective Florida Highway Patrol troopers will need to pass a physical ability test and a written test. The physical ability test requires that the candidate by physically capable of performing the tasks typically expected of a Florida State Trooper. The test consists of alternating between an obstacle, running, and moving a 150-pound training dummy. The test must be completed in six minutes and four seconds . The written exam, the Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test , tests candidates verbal, linguistic, spatial, and memorization abilities. Candidates must also complete a psychological exam and medical screening before being invited to complete the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy.

    The Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy is a 28-week program that involves rigorous physical activity as well as academic study. The academy is a live-in paramilitary training environment that emphasizes teamwork and physical fitness. Following graduation, recruits complete 12 weeks of field training, after which they will be able to work independently as Florida State Troopers.

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    Academy And Field Training

    All Non-Certified Police Officer applicants must attend and graduate from the Broward College Institute of Public Safety Law Enforcement Academy. Recruits are required to perform classroom academics, physical training and skills proficiency while attending the police academy. The Law Enforcement Academy, Basic Recruit Training program is a 22-week program that provides training to prepare a student for the physical and mental demands of a career as a Florida police officer. Training and classes take place Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Graduates will be placed into a 16-week Field Training Program before being assigned to patrol.

    Certified Police Applicants qualify for an abbreviated Field Training Program depending on their progress in the program, which can be as short as eight weeks.

    Prospective applicants who are not ready to apply at this time are encouraged to fill out a Job Interest Card with the City of Fort Lauderdale Human Resources by clicking the link below. Ensure that you check the “Law Enforcement” box in the “Select Category” section of the card.

    With Over 30 Specialty Units We Definitely Have Whatever It Is That You Are Looking For In A Law Enforcement Career

    How Much Police Officers Make In Every State

    Are you tired of Google-searching “South Florida police departments hiring” or “police jobs in Florida”? Well, we have some good news: the City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department, South Florida’s Premier Law Enforcement Agency is always looking for qualified people to work with.

    If you are out of state, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on the process.

    For our Out Of State applicants We will make every effort to create a schedule that meets your travel needs. Typically, our goal is a minimum of 2 trips. However, more trips may be necessary to secure employment. The first trip consists of completing the Oral Board. We encourage you to schedule several days after the oral board for additional testing. Of course the additional testing is contingent on you achieving a high passing score on the oral board. During that first trip you can also complete your CJBAT, BMST and Swim test. The BMST and Swim Test are Mandatory for Certified Applicants. The second trip will encompass completion of the testing process. Not all appointments are guaranteed and each test is contingent on passing the previous test.

    Visit our , Pages for more information on what to expect and how to get ready for the initial phases of the application process.

    You might be asking yourself what is the difference between a Certified and

    Non-Certified Police Officer?

    A Certified Applicant is a person who meets one of the requirements below:

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    Police Officer Salary In Florida

    How much does a Police Officer make in Florida? The average Police Officer salary in Florida is $57,000 as of January 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $53,300 and $62,100. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on the city and many other important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

    10th Percentile Police Officer Salary $49,931
    25th Percentile Police Officer Salary $53,300
    50th Percentile Police Officer Salary $57,000
    75th Percentile Police Officer Salary $62,100
    90th Percentile Police Officer Salary $66,743

    Police Versus Teachers: Do You Know Who Earns More In Your State

    How Much Police Officers Earn in Every State – Photo by Shutterstock

    Police officers and teachers. Two jobs that are so much more than the merely an occupation. They demand serious responsibility, integrity, patience, knowledge, judgment, etc. the list could go on and yet one of the most notable aspects of both careers is their low salary.

    In the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average police officer salary totals $64,490 annually. Due mainly to a couple of high-paying states at the top, however, the median law enforcement salary for both police and sheriffs patrol officers is lower at $61,050 and theres a massive range of incomes across the country. Similarly, elementary and middle school teachers earn an average of $60,900 per year, while on a broader level, education, training and library occupations earn less at $55,470 per year.

    The website GOBankingRates recently conducted two studies, one on how much police officers earn in every state and another on how much teachers earn in every state. Combining the two studies provides an interesting picture of each U.S. state, reflecting characteristics like cost of living and incomes, but also education systems, how they’re valued in the state, and much more. It also underscores an unfortunate reality of American society: Jobs with high civic duty and moral value do not pay well.

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    The City Of Pembroke Pines Join Us

    Pembroke Pines is a vibrant community located in western Broward County, and is the 10th largest of Florida’s 400+ municipalities. A big city with a small-town feel, we are home to 170,000 residents with easy accessibility to primary highways and interstates, key employment centers, entertainment venues, parks, golf courses, restaurants and retail/commercial destinations. Our 28 parks and lush landscaping enhances the Citys natural beauty and South Florida charm. The recipient of many awards including All-America City, Pembroke Pines is known for its commitment to the arts and culture, its outstanding schools, exciting South Florida lifestyle for all ages, and cultural diversity. We are conveniently located close to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and within a 3.5 hour drive of Orlando/Disney World. Come join and progress with us in one of the most innovative police agencies in South Florida!

    How Much Do Police Officers Make In Each State

    NYPD officer explains why he moved to Florida amid ‘anti-police sentiment’

    Below youll find the average annual wage for Police officers in all 50 states based on the latest data, from May 2019, according to the BLS.

    The state with the biggest growth in police officer salaries over the last five years is Hawaii. The average police officer salary there grew by 31.3% from 2014 to 2019, from $59,950 to $78,720. California, the highest-paying state, has seen police officer salaries increase by a little over 20% over the same period.

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    Application Hiring Process & General Information

    How do you apply for a law enforcement position with FWC?

    By visiting the People First website and filling out the State of Florida application and the FWC Supplemental Application. Visit for more details.

    What is the starting salary for an FWC Law Enforcement Officer?

    The starting salary is $36,222.68 per year. The starting salary is $39,222.56 in Lee and Collier Counties $41,222.48 in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties and $46,222.28 in Monroe County.

    Is there a minimum age requirement for becoming an FWC Law Enforcement Officer?

    Yes, you must be at least 19 years of age.

    Is there a maximum age limit for becoming an FWC Law Enforcement Officer?

    No. Applicants must be able to meet guidelines and pass a medical examination. FWC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

    Do I need a college degree to apply?

    No, but you can receive additional pay if you have a degree.

    Is a high school diploma or GED required?


    How long is the hiring process?

    FWC accepts applications periodically, when vacancies are announced. On average it can take about one year for all steps of the application process to be completed.

    Will I have to relocate?

    That depends on where the open positions are located.

    Is it possible to transfer back home after becoming employed?

    Is there a physical fitness requirement?

    Do I have to take the physical assessment more than once?

    Is there a swimming requirement?

    If I am already a sworn Law Enforcement Officer do I have to take the BAT?

    The applicant.

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