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Where To View Police Reports Online

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Are Property Records Open To The Public In Los Angeles County

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Under California state laws, members of the public can access, inspect, and obtain copies of property records in Los Angeles County, excluding instances when records relating to a critical incident or other legal exemptions. Individuals can get information on property assessment value, property tax, and other related documents following proper requests to the record custodian.

Are Police Records Public

All police records are deemed public information unless they are ordered not to be by a judge. In some cases, records need to be hidden from public view in order to maintain the security of the nation. Public records also consist of:

  • Property records
  • Criminal convictions
  • Lawsuits

The quickest way to find police records and other public records is to utilize the massive databases that SpyFly offers its users.

Why Are Some Things Blacked Out On The Page

This is called redacting and it is done to protect the privacy of the people involved in the incident.

The Department redacts the names of all victims, all non-involved parties, all juveniles/minors and all suspects unless they have been booked into jail. This is a major reason why it takes time to prepare crime reports for online posting.

Once a suspect has been booked into jail, their name is no longer private. If they were booked into King County Jail you can view suspect information online at the King County Jail Register.

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Are Police Reports Public Records

Many types of police records are exempt from public disclosure. There are two main reasons why they arent publicly available. First, disclosing the information could undermine an ongoing investigation. Second, it could jeopardize someones privacy and safety. In some cases, departments will release certain information related to the report, such as to a reporter doing a story. However, they rarely release a full copy.

Whats Available Online Sample Incident Logs

Police  City of Columbus, Indiana: Police Department

Some police departments put their incident or report logs online.

Here are some examples:

To see San Francisco Bay Area traffic incidents, click on the Communication Centers drop-down menu at the top left and select Golden Gate. To decipher abbreviations used in the incident logs, in the drop-down menu under Resources in the upper right select Glossary.

Berkeley Police Department

Posted daily in pdf format.

Posted daily in pdf format.

Palo Alto Police Department

Posted daily in pdf format.

Davis Police Department

Combines log of arrests and incident log.

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Where And How To Get Public Los Angeles Marriage Records

The Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk maintains Los Angeles public marriage records from 1852 to date. Each copy of a Los Angeles marriage certificate costs $15. Only eligible persons can request authorized copies of a public marriage record. Eligible persons include:

  • One of the married parties
  • A parent or legal guardian of one of the parties
  • A child, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, spouse, or domestic partner of one of the parties
  • A member of a law enforcement agency or a representative of any governmental agency established by law, that is conducting official business
  • An attorney representing one of the parties or the partys estate,
  • Any person or agency empowered by statute or appointed by a court to act on behalf of one of the parties to the marriage or the partys estate

Persons that do not fall under any of the above categories can still submit requests to obtain an Informational Certified Copy of the Marriage Record.

Los Angeles marriage records can be requested by mail only. Complete and notarize the Application to Request a Public Marriage Record form. Send the completed form, with a valid ID and payment made with check or money order to the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk to:

Registrar-Recorder/County ClerkBirth, Death and Marriage Records SectionP.O. Box 489Norwalk, CA 90651-0489

Where To Find Police Records

First off, if you have a criminal record, you are entitled to a copy of that record as a result of the Freedom of Information Act. As stated earlier, police records are a matter of public record, therefore members of the public can access them. The Freedom of Information Act states that any person has the right to request access to federal agency records or information, except for exemptions that are listed. This means that anyone in the U.S. can request basic information that is considered public record, such as marriage records, voter’s registration or criminal records.

While prison records are public record, the system of recording and storing these police records in the U.S. isn’t always the easiest to navigate. Records can have issues crossing state lines, which is why it’s important to find a database that checks all 50 states and compiles the findings for you. A lot of people believe the U.S. should have all criminal records in one place, but that’s not the way it works.

Police records are recorded in the state the crime occurred in from there they are voluntarily submitted to federal databases for access. Not all crimes are recorded and submitted to federal databases, which is what leads to contrary records. With the With SpyFly we search through national, state and municipal databases so you will get complete results, fast.

  • County Criminal Records: $5-$20

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Complying With Emergency Orders

Under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act , there are consequences for businesses and individuals who choose to defy the Act while emergency orders are in force. The OPP encourages everyone to voluntarily comply with all of these short-term restrictions.

If you wish to file a report regarding non-compliance under the Quarantine Act, call 1 888 310-1122 or your .

Filing A Police Report Online

North Port PD calls on Brian Laundrie to talk after Utah police release new report on Gabby Petito

This system allows you to submit a report from your computer or mobile device without going to an OPP detachment. All submissions will be sent directly to the OPP and reviewed by an officer. You may be contacted to provide more information. You must have a valid e-mail address in order to submit a report.

To file a report online, please follow the simple steps below:

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What Types Of Crime Reports Can I See

General Offense Reports in PDF format are available for almost all crimes reported to SPD. These reports are made available within 8 hours after the event is closed. For the major crimes of Burglaries, Robberies, Aggravated Assaults and Homicides, additional information is made available through a redacted full narrative. These reports are available within 5 business days after the event.

San Jose Police Department Ca

Apps for Android and iPhone!

P3 Tips Mobile enables tipsters to submit secure and anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers.


  • Include images and video with your tips
  • Anonymous two-way dialogue
  • Real-time chat with your police department.

Get the App…

If this is an emergency or the crime is in progress, please call 911 or 277-8911.

If you want to provide a crime tip, visit the Crime Stoppers website at

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How To Request A Police Report Online

Once you have determined which police department has your police report, you should visit their website. Many police departments now allow you to request your police report online, although some may require you to print off a police report request form and mail it to them with a self-addressed stamped envelope. San Antonio, for example, allows you to submit a request for a police report online, in person, or through the mail.

How To Find Los Angeles Inmate Records

648 best PDF And Word File Documents images on Pinterest ...

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department allows the general public access to information about inmates incarcerated in any of the Los Angeles jail centers. Access to this information is made available online. Interested persons can search for Los Angeles inmate records by providing the first, middle, or last name of the inmate, as well as the inmates date of birth.

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Reporting A Sexual Assault Online

York Regional Police understands that while sexual assaults often cause long-lasting trauma, survivors may have difficulty speaking about incidents with friends, family members, or police officers. To help mitigate the challenges faced by sexual assault survivors, York Regional Police now accepts reports of historical sexual assaults online, which are received directly by qualified sexual assault investigators.

Learn more about reporting a sexual assault online.

How Do I Obtain Police Records Online

Obtaining police records online is much easier than it used to be. However, it can still be a bit of a challenge if you dont know where to look. The fastest way to find police records online is to do a search on SpyFly using their secure search platform. Other than that, you can try to find police records by:

  • Visiting the local police website
  • Searching the county Sheriff website
  • Searching the County Court website

Some websites will have you fill out a registration and pay a fee in order to have access to their records.

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Police Incident Report Copy Request Forms

If you elect NOT to use the portal, requests may still be submitted using U.S. Mail and email using the Incident Report Request Form. However, those requests will be manually entered and tracked in the Incident Report Request Portal by a member of CISU. You do NOT need to complete the Incident Report Request form if you submit your request via the portal.

Our request forms are available in several languages. Select your language, download and fill out the request form in your preferred language. The completed form may be either mailed or emailed to SFPD for processing. Instructions are included on all forms.

Does It Cost Money To Make A Request

How the new 911 calls fit into the Gabby Petito timeline

An agency is only allowed to charge for the “direct costs” of duplicating the records, or the cost to create certain documents if you are asking it to create a document like a list that it does not already have.8 You should always ask the agency to waive costs in your initial request, but they are not required to do so. You also have the option to inspect the records by looking at them at the agency during its regular business hours, which you can do for free. You can always inspect documents for free, and then request copying only of those that you want.

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Police Department Request Form

If you cannot submit a police report request online or through the mail, then you will have to visit the police department in person and file a request there. Call beforehand since some departments only allow in-person requests on certain days. You can find your local police department here. Then you can find out about filling out a Police Department Request Form in person and how to get the information you need. Typically these police department request forms can be fulfilled that day.

A request will typically require you to provide your personal and contact information as well as details about the incident, including the type of incident, date, and who else was involved. Be aware that if the report pertains to an ongoing investigation then your request could be denied. If you are unclear about why your request was denied you should talk to an attorney.

Where And How To Find Los Angeles County Inmate Information

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department provides an inmate lookup tool on its website. Visitors can use the search tool to find where inmates are located by specifying their first and last names. The online inmate database provides information such as the inmate’s data and details related to the crime committed. The Sheriffs Department also accepts calls regarding inmate location and custody questions. The requesting party can contact the Sheriff’s Office via phone on 473-6100 for inmate information. Any of the inmate’s legal representatives can also provide court information.

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How Do I Get Police Records

The fastest and most convenient way to get police records is to do a search through the SpyFly search platform. All you have to do is type in some basic information, then be prepared to get tons of information. Other ways that you might be able to obtain police records is to:

  • Request the records from the police station
  • File for record information through the county court
  • Request the federal government for police records

Any time you request information from a government facility, they will have you fill out paperwork and pay the requested fees. It can take months, even years, to get the information.

Los Angeles Crime Statistics


The Los Angeles Police Department provides crime statistics yearly for the city of Los Angeles. In 2019, Los Angeles reported a total number of 125,104 crimes, including 29,400 violent crimes and 95,704 property crimes. The violent crimes include 256 murders, 2,274 rapes, 9,652 robberies, and 17,216 aggravated assaults. The property crimes include 13,809 burglaries, 66,253 larcenies, 15,642 motor vehicle thefts, and 1,672 arson.

These figures represent an increase in the total crime rate between 2015 and 2019 in Los Angeles City. Between 2015 and 2019, rape , robbery , aggravated assault , larceny , and arson rates increased in Los Angeles. Whereas murder , burglary , and motor vehicle theft rates dropped.

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How Do I Get Los Angeles County Criminal Records

Los Angeles criminal records are available in the depositories of state and local agencies. The California criminal records database serves as the state’s principal repository. Records are also available at county courts and the various law enforcement offices in the county. The state’s Department of Justice maintains criminal records. To obtain copies of criminal records, individuals will need to submit fingerprint images and pay a processing fee of $25 to the Department of Justice. The requester should download and follow the instructions provided by the attorney general. Added information is available on the website of the Office of the Attorney General.

How Do I Submit A Request For Information

To submit a request send the request via mail, fax, or email to the agency. Some agencies list specific departments or people whose job it is to respond to PRA requests, so check their websites or call them for further info. Always keep a copy of your request so that you can show what you submitted and when.

Templates for Sample Requests

Incident Based Request: Use this template if you want records related to a particular incident, like the investigative record for a specific police shooting, an arrest where you believe an officer may have been found to have filed a false report, or to find out whether complaint that an officer committed sexual assault was sustained.

The First Amendment Coalition also has some useful information to help explain the PRA process.

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Finding The Descriptions Of Crimes For Different Penal Code Sections

Police records usually refer to penal code sections in describing crimes police are investigating.

For example, section 187 of the penal code is for homicides.

How can you find out which crimes the various sections of the state penal code stand for?

The Berkeley Police Department has a list of commonly used penal code sections and which crimes they refer to. Thats at:

At the site check the box next to Penal Code. In the search box type in the number for the penal code section youre interested in .

At the search results page, click on the first listing. That should give you the penal code section youre seeking .

What Type Of Records Can I Now Get Access To

Aerial view of search for Brian Laundrie

SB 1421 gives the public the right to access three categories of records related to investigation and discipline of peace officers:

  • Records related to any incident where a law enforcement officer fired a gun at a person , or used force that resulted in serious injury or death. You can get these records whether the department found the officer acted properly or not.1
  • Records related to incidents where the agency found that an officer committed sexual assault against a member of the publicwhich includes attempts to coerce sex or proposition sex while on duty.2
  • Records related to incidents where the agency found that an officer engaged in dishonesty in the investigation, reporting, or prosecution of crime or police misconduct. This kind of dishonesty could include filing a false report, testifying untruthfully, or planting evidence.3

You are entitled to any documents still in an agency’s possession, no matter how old they are.

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What Are Los Angeles County Arrest Records

Los Angeles County arrest records provide information on the apprehension and detention of any county resident. Los Angeles arrest records do not ascribe guilt to the record’s subject because a person becomes guilty after a court ruling. As a result, these documents do not serve as criminal records. Los Angeles arrest records are available at the County Sheriffs Office located at:

4700 Ramona BlvdMonterey Park, CA 91754

In accordance with Sections 6250 and 6254 of the California General Code, the sheriffs office can only provide access to arrest records to law enforcement and regulatory agencies, victims of reported crimes, and certain employers and private agencies. Requesting this information attracts a $23 charge payable to the Los Angeles Police Department . This is a non-refundable fee. To request records of personal arrests, individuals involved should visit the Police Administration Building during business hours from Monday to Friday. The office is located at:

100 West 1st StRoom PI-137Los Angeles, CA 90012

The countys law enforcement agency charges a fee of $16 for access to charge files, dispositions, and dates of arrests. It is also possible to request this information by mail. Applicants should simply send a formal search request to:

Los Angeles Police DepartmentP.O. Box 30158Los Angeles, CA 90030

This request must include a full set of fingerprints on a standard fingerprint card, a personal mailing address, and the sum of $16 paid in check or money order.

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