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How To Become A Ci For The Police

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About Crime Investigation Department Officer

Should You Work as a Police Confidential Informant? Defense Attorney Explains.

CID officer is one of a popular career choice among many aspirants who wish to make their career in the field of criminal justice. Criminal Investigation Department is a crime detection agency that comes under the Government of India. A CID officer investigates the specific cases that are entrusted by the government. To choose a career as a CID officer, one must be a problem solver with strong interpersonal skills and have well-developed reasoning and critical-thinking skills to solve matters pertaining to crime, investigation, prosecution and collection of criminal intelligence.

The job of CID officers includes investigation of major and complicated crimes like rape, murder, serious assault, communal riots, and frauds. They perform investigative duties such as gathering facts and collecting evidence for criminal cases and fraud, keeping detailed reports of the investigative process, attending autopsies, exchanging information and coordinating activities with other agencies and ensure that the investigation process is completed in a comprehensive and thorough manner, leaving no stone unturned.

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Being a confidential informant is not always like itâs portrayed in the movies. You probably will not need witness protection. The truth is, many people become informants as part of plea bargains every day. You may have your charges reduced or dropped for simply providing the police with names, dates, and locations related to criminal activity or helping to set up one sting operation. It is highly unlikely you will be nearby when any other person is arrested based on your information.

However, there are situations in which being an informant is risky and dangerous. It is not an agreement to enter into lightly. If you are approached about becoming a confidential informant, you should immediately speak with North Carolina criminal defense attorney Jonathan Breeden about the pros and cons of this situation. Your circumstances may lend themselves to a quick agreement, or you may prefer fighting for your rights the old-fashioned way â in court.

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Florida Correctional Officer Salaries

Federal Correctional Officers

Federal correctional officers may be rated GS-5.GS-6 or GS-7. In 2012, the salary ranges for these pay grades were

  • General Schedule 5: $31,315 $40,706
  • General Schedule 6: $34,907 $45,376
  • General Schedule 7: $38,790 $50,431

State Correctional Officers

Annual salaries for the position of correctional officer in Florida are:

  • Trainee officer $28,007.20
  • Certified officer $30,807.92 to $45,033.82 an additional $2,500 for those working in Broward, Dade, Monroe or Palm Beach counties an additional $1,200 for Okeechobee, Indian River or Martin counties.
  • $325 annual uniform/shoe allowance.
  • Incentive pay for continuing education.

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Baltimore Police Officer Requirements

There are several minimum requirements that must be met to be considered for a career in law enforcement with the BPD. Its important to note that the BPD emphasizes integrity in its officers, and candidates must be completely truthful throughout the hiring process, and their careers, or risk losing their position. To be considered for the recruiting process, candidates must:

  • Be a US citizen
  • Be at least 20 years and nine months of age by the hire date for becoming a trainee
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Hold a valid drivers license
  • Have a clean driving record with no more than three points and no DUI/DWI convictions within the last five years
  • Have an honorable discharge, if a military veteran
  • Not have any felony convictions any misdemeanor convictions must be expunged
  • Not have used drugs, including controlled substances, narcotics, or marijuana, within three years of hire

Candidates may begin the process of being considered for a position with the BPD by filling out an application qualified candidates will be invited to take the civil service test. Those who pass the written test may continue with the physical agility test followed by a preliminary interview. Candidates who qualify at this stage will then undergo a background investigation, a polygraph examination, psychological and medical examinations, and an interview. Accepted candidates will be invited to the police academy as BPD recruits.

Criminal Investigator Salary And Career Outlook

My Life as a Boston Cop!

According to the BLS, detectives and criminal investigators earn a median annual wage of $83,170. However, pay rates fluctuate based on factors like experience, education, and role. The BLS reports that police and detectives at the federal level earn a median annual wage of $88,060, while state and local police and detectives earn $68,610 and $63,410, respectively. The BLS projects 37,500 new police and detective positions between 2018-2028.

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How To Become A Police Officer In India

How to Become a Police Officer: Police officers wear many hats as they are responsible for public safety, upholding law and order, prevention of crime and enforcement of the law. In a nutshell, the main job of a police officer is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens. This is the reason a police officer should have good physical and mental health. A range of technology is used by police to shield individuals, discover the perpetrators and ensure prosecution against the violators. A team of police is appointed by every state to curb the rate of crime and maintain law and order in the state. If you are looking for a challenging career and want to serve the society, then this career is the best for you.

To become a police officer, one has to be 21 years of age and pass a competitive exam. Indian Government recruit the police officers in different departments through various examinations such as SSC Constable, Civil Services Exams and other state level recruitment exams. Lakhs of candidates appear in these examinations to be a Police Officer in India. Go through this article to know the salary, job description, basic requirement to become the police officer.

What exam a person has to take to become a police officer? What are the skills and the educational requirement to become the same? What kind of training one has to undergo? All these questions might be cropping up in your mind.

Pay Scale/salary Of Crime Investigation Department Officer

As a CID officer gains experience, his or her responsibilities increase and the salary package also varies depending upon the post. Some of the relative salary figures for different job profiles of CID officer are listed below:

Job Profile

Note: The above figures are an estimate and may vary from individual to individual.

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Education Requirements For Criminal Investigators

Criminal investigators need at least a high school diploma, though some employers prefer to hire candidates with a degree in an area like criminal justice, forensic science, or a related field. Some degrees might offer criminal investigator internships, providing hands-on experience in the field.

CIs seeking specialized careers should look for degrees aligned with their interests and goals. For example, a CI who wants to investigate tax fraud benefits from earning a bachelors and masters degree in accounting or forensic accounting.

Qualifications For Beginning A Career As A Correctional Officer In Florida

So you want to become a Police Officer?

Federal Bureau of Prisons

The Federal Bureau of Prisons sponsors numerous correctional officers jobs in Florida at the GS-5 or GS-6 pay levels. In order to join the BOP at the GS-5 level, candidates must possess these attributes

  • Have no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions
  • Be free from any crippling financial debts
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Physically fit
  • Good moral character

Those whose applications are accepted will be fingerprinted and must successfully pass a drug screening, background investigation and medical examination. All new hires must satisfactorily complete an entry-level corrections officer training program administered by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

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Gain Experience As An Officer

Once trainees have graduated from the police academy, they can begin working for the police force on a conditional basis. New officers are placed on a 12-month probationary period in which they work as a police officer but receive continuous training from more experienced officers on a daily basis.

After their probationary period, they can take on a permanent position. Depending on the department they have chosen to work for, they may also be able to obtain additional training, acquire new skills and receive performance reviews that can help them advance their way into higher-ranking positions and police specialties.

Types Of Job Roles Crime Investigation Department Officer

To be in this profession, one can match his/her particular interests up with different federal law enforcement agencies. For CID officers there are a variety of job profiles that one can target on the basis of their interest areas. Some of the job profiles that can be opted are listed below:

Fraud Investigator: He/she investigates fraud by obtaining statements of fact, depositions or confessions from complainants, employers and witnesses. A fraud investigator also researches records and obtain, analyze, and appraise evidentiary data and oversee the development and implementation of fraud prevention, detection and resolution strategies.

Police Officer: Police officers respond to incidents and complaints, document interactions, and collect evidence. They arrest offenders and suspects, collect evidence, and testify about cases and deter criminal activity as well as monitor any threat to public safety.

Investigative Officer: The job of investigative officers is to conduct inquiries to discover who committed crimes and to gather evidence to prosecute and convict suspects. They write reports based on the findings and are often called upon to appear in court to explain the results of their investigations.

Criminologists: They conduct research, develop theories, investigate crime scenes, and compose reports. They use their analytical backgrounds to assist law enforcement in identifying and understanding criminal behavior.

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The Use Of Informants In California Criminal Cases

Informants are individuals who confidentially supply information about suspected criminal activity to the police.1

You may also hear informants referred to as informers2or by less flattering terms such as snitches, rats, or narcs .

Informants play a complex, and often ethically questionable, role in the California criminal court process.

Types of informants

The blanket term informant covers two distinct types of informers: citizen-informants, and police confidential informers.


Citizen-informants typically do not expect compensation for the information they supply.

Citizen-informants are people who just happen to witness or otherwise have knowledge about a crime, and who approach the police with that info without expecting anything in return.3

Example: Jerry is involved in a bar brawl in which someone is stabbed. Ben is present at the bar at the time of the fight but does not participate.

Immediately after the brawl, Ben contacts the police and tells them Jerry is the person who did the stabbing. He also tells them where Jerry went after he left the bar. The police use this information to get an arrest warrant for Jerry, who is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Ben is a citizen-informantalso known as an eyewitness-informant. He has knowledge of the crime only accidentally, because he was present on the scene. And he is offering this information to the police out of a sense of public duty rather than for compensation.4

2 Same.

How To Apply For A Job As Corrections Officer In Florida

How to get a police clearance certificate in Nigeria for ...

Federal correctional jobs in Florida may be found at The application must be submitted along with digital copies of supporting documents like transcripts, resumes, and military service forms.

The telephone number for information regarding jobs or internships with the Florida Department of Corrections is 1-866-JOB-FDOC. Interested men and women can also get more information, fill out a short e-mail application, or submit a detailed online application by going to the FDOC website and clicking on Contact Us.

Information and applications are also available at any Department of Corrections personnel office for those interested in finding out how to become a corrections officer in Florida. The addresses and telephone number of these offices in various cities can also be found on the FDOC website.

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Eligibility To Become Crime Investigation Department Officer

There are many posts available for candidates in the CID. To become a CID officer one should require to have at least two years experience as a uniformed officer. After that, you can apply for the transfer to CID office post where you will be trained. The minimum qualifications required for a candidate who wishes to join the crime investigation department are mentioned below:

Subject Combination
  • Interview

Daytona Beach Florida Corrections Officer Job Description

Daytona Beach, Florida, located in Volusia County, is home to the Tomoka Correctional Institution and was established in 1981. This complex is under the management of the Florida Department of Corrections and also includes:

  • The Tomoka Work Camp
  • The Daytona Beach Work Release Center
  • The Reality House

As of 2013, this complex had a staff of 383 and a maximum inmate capacity of 1,263. This all-male correctional facility has six open bay housing units and two cell housing units that house inmates of close, medium, minimum, and community custody grades.

Becoming a Florida State Correctional Officer at the Tomoka Correctional Institution

All candidates for Florida State corrections officer jobs must:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Possess a valid drivers license
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be able to complete a basic abilities test
  • Be able to pass a medical examination
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Have no felony convictions or misdemeanor perjury convictions
  • Pass the State Officer Certification exam
  • Complete basic recruit training

Many candidates for Florida State correctional officer jobs complete a post-secondary degree program. Whether pursuing an associate or bachelors degree, candidates with their career goals set on becoming a correctional officer often earn a degree in one of the following areas:

  • Criminal justice
  • Mail post

Correctional Officer Job Duties at the Tomoka Correctional Institution

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How Do You Become A Confidential Informant

The decision to inform or not to inform should be based on the advantages and disadvantages of each option. If you have been arrested, but have no prior convictions, you may be eligible for probation. Some law enforcement agencies will frame probation as an advantage, but you should realize that many states have automatic probation provisions for first time drug offenders. If you have had a prior felony conviction, you may be subject to a mandatory enhanced sentence. Understanding the punishment you face will help you determine whether or not you are being offered a good deal for informing.

How To Become A Police Officer After 10th

MOS 35L Counterintelligence (CI) Special Agent

Being proactive, agile and good in shape are the important attributes in police officers as they have to be fast on their feet. Students who have completed their class 10 from CBSE, RBSE or West Bengal or any other recognized education board and wish to pursue a career as a police officer can opt for any stream- Science, Commerce and Humanities in their 10+2. The stream doesnt make any difference to candidates who aspire to pursue a career as a police officer. Participating in sports and physical education classes, however, can prepare one to fulfil the physical requirement for the job of a police officer. In addition, developing interpersonal skills is a plus as you always have to interact with the public. Candidates can apply for police constable after completing 12th provided they clear the competitive exam.

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Sumterville Florida Corrections Officer Job Description

Sumterville is a small town in Central Florida that has made a name for itself due to the location of a Florida State correctional center and a large federal correctional complex. The Federal Bureau of Prison manages the Coleman Federal Prison complex located here, which consists of:

  • FCI Coleman Low: A low-security federal correctional institution 1,811 total inmates
  • FCI Coleman Medium: A medium-security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp 2,095 total inmates
  • USP Coleman I: A high-security U.S. penitentiary 1,525 inmates
  • USP Coleman II: A high-security U.S. penitentiary 1,425 total inmates

How to Become a Federal Corrections Officer in Sumterville, Florida

Candidates seeking correctional officer jobs with the Federal Bureau of Prisons so as to serve at the Coleman complex in Sumterville must be United States citizens between the ages of 21 and 36 at the time of appointment.

They must also be able to meet the requirements of the GS-5 federal level, the minimum level at which they hire BOP correctional officers. Individuals may meet this requirement through either education or experience:

Meeting the GS-5 requirement through education: Candidates for federal correctional officer jobs may meet the requirements of the GS-5 level if they possess a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university, in any area.

  • Teacher
  • Re-entry program

How to Become a Florida State Corrections Officer in Sumterville

Once You Become A Confidential Informant The Police Own You

When you become a confidential informant, you say goodbye to your identity. Many of your freedoms and most of your constitutional rights have now been compromised. You are issued a CI number to hide your identity. You know who else the police identify by number instead of name? Prisoners. And for all intents and purposes, that’s what you’ll be. You will have a cell phone and a number of an officer that you will call daily. If he calls you, you must call him back immediately. You are no longer free from unreasonable searches and seizures which means that, if that officer at any point suspects something is amiss, he will find you, arrest you, search you, and interrogate you.

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Top Recruiting Agencies For Police Officers

The Central and State Government are the only authorities that can recruit police officers in India. No private agencies in India can recruit eligible candidates as police officers. The government is responsible for releasing the official notification for the recruitment of police officers for different designations. The recruitment notifications will either be published in newspapers, websites and/or on different verified news channels of India. Therefore, the aspirants must keep themselves updated with the latest notifications of the government through these mediums of communication.

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