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How To Become A Police Explorer

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Ocala Police Department/explorer Post 962

How to Become a Police Explorer

Ocala, FL

The Ocala Police Department is entering their 51st year as an active Explorer Post. Many past and current Police Officers received their start with our Post. Explorers that successfully graduate our program are recommended for sponsorship into the local Police Academy. Police Chief Greg Graham has been very supportive of the program and continues to hire our Explorers once they enter the Academy. Post 962 conducts Explorer Bootcamps twice a year and invites other local police and sheriff agencies to participate. The Boot Camp is an intensive program much like a Army Bootcamp but geared towards police topics. At the end of the camp the Explorer Post compete against each other in several different law enforcement topics.

Training Institutions For Police Officers

Now that you know what options there are for becoming a police officer, its important to know where they are offered. There are many schools that exist to help you move into the law enforcement career of your choice. Here are the options:

Vocational/trade schools

These post-high school institutions focus their programs and curriculums on skill-oriented or hands-on training. This training can come in the form of what effectively amounts to an in-house police academy. Vocational and trade schools can provide the fastest way to obtain the training necessary to become a police officer and allow students to receive police academy training without attending the official police academy. Its also fairly affordable compared to earning a college degree. Keep in mind that graduation doesnt guarantee a job in law enforcement and may not result in an academic credential that provides opportunities for professional advancement.

Best for? Those confident in obtaining a job offer after graduation and want to serve as a police officer as quickly as possible.

Community colleges

Best for? Students who would like to earn a college degree along with their law enforcement training.


Best for? Those who love serving their country or community will benefit from the rewarding experience that can come from military service.

Four-year schools

Best for? Aspiring police officers who want an extra way to stand out from the pack of applicants, as well as those looking for federal work.

Mission Of Explorer Program

To educate and involve youth in Bexar County operations, to interest them in possible Law Enforcement careers and to build mutual understanding.

Through involvement, the Explorer program establishes an awareness of the complexities of Law Enforcement service. While Law Enforcement personnel remain the key to success, other reliable citizens can also become involved in the Exploring program.

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Interested In Becoming A Police Explorer

Culver City Police Department is accepting applications for the Police Explorer Program! The program is designed for young men and women, between the ages of 14-19, with a desire to build life skills, character, education and leadership experience to become a productive member of society in addition to having the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement.

Explorers attend bi-weekly meetings year-round that are designed to continue their development of life skills, character, education and leadership experience. Meetings consist of classroom lecture, demonstrations, physical training and teamwork activities. Explorers compete in various competitions against other Explorer programs where they get to display the knowledge and skills they are learning in the program.

Accepted applicants will attend a 12 week long Basic Explorer Academy.

For more information and to submit an application, please visit our website or email .


Police Explorers Post #133

Houston Police Explorers: 2017

The Corpus Christi Police Explorer Program offers training to young adults ages 14 20 who have an interest in the law enforcement profession. For more application information, contact Senior Officer Lillian Penick at .



The purpose of this organization is to afford an opportunity for young adults in this community to observe, participate, and learn about law enforcement. The Explorer program enhances self-confidence, motivation, civic-mindedness, and cultivates strong leadership traits. These characteristics help Explorers prepare for a career in law enforcement and to become future leaders.


Mission Statement

The Corpus Christi Police Explorer Program is part of Learning for Life. The mission of Learning for Life is to enable young people to become responsible individuals by teaching positive character traits, career development, leadership, and life skills so they can make ethical choices and achieve their full potential._______

“Our best today for a better tomorrow…”

_______How to Apply

Applicants must be of good moral character, be of good health, be in good physical condition, be in good mental condition and have a legitimate desire to enter law enforcement or some type of leadership career. If you are interested, then contact any explorer, visit us on Facebook or Instagram, or call Explorer Advisor, Senior Officer Lillian Penick, at or .




A Wide Variety of Training

Some of the training covers:

  • Rules and Regulations

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Get The Right Police Education & Training

There was a time when becoming a police officer was as simple as graduating high school or earning your GED, then attending a short training academy before diving into on-the-job training. And though those opportunities do still exist, especially in smaller departments, most departments have raised their standards of education to at least two years of post-secondary work. This means pursing an associate degree in law enforcement or a related field, such as criminal justice, criminology, or police science should be the first option to consider. The associate degree can then serve as a stepping stone to the bachelors degree, which then leads to graduate degree options.

However, other routes to the profession do exist. In addition to the on-the-job training after completing academy training, there is also the military option. Those who work as military police or in a similar capacity while serving their country can be perfectly suited to move into a police force after their military time is up. Lets take a look at the options.

Associate Degree in Law Enforcement

Bestfor? Those who want to stand outagainst the competition, or need a basic college degree to apply fora particular job opening.

Bachelors Degree in Law Enforcement

Best for? Those who have the time and financial resources to earn a four-year degree, want to work in federal law enforcement, or anticipate future professional advancement.

Masters Degree in Law Enforcement

Military experience in lieu of a degree

Persons Who Meet The Requirements For Membership May Fill Out The Post Approved Applications Here: Print Application And Instructions Form

The application forms are to be fully completed and all the information in the application is to be factual. Any falsification or misrepresentation of any information in the application is immediate grounds for disqualification or termination from Post 433.

Once the application is completed, turn it in at the Miami Township Police Department, 2660 Lyons Road, Miamisburg, OH, 45342. Leave the application with a records clerk at the front desk in a 9 x 12 manila envelope addressed to Ofc. Hupp. You may also return it to the West Carrollton PD, 300 E. Central Avenue for Ofc. Selmon.

Police Department office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.


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How Important Is Accreditation

Accreditation refers to an outside organization reviewing a particular school or program to ensure it meets certain standards of quality. Accreditation is important for police training programs because it serves as a mark of quality graduates who complete their education and training can be confident that what they have earned will be accepted by future employers and peers. The specific entities that offer accreditation will vary depending on the program. For instance, many associate or bachelors degree programs will not be accredited at the program level, but the school offering the degree will be accredited. This will usually be a regional or national accrediting organization recognized by the US Department of Education.

As for the accreditation of police training academies, the most prominent is the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies, or CALEA.

Step 3

Pass The Post Exam & Become A Police Officer

What Are Police EXPLORERS??

In order to work as a police officer, aspiring applicants must pass the Peace Officer Standards and Training or Police Officer Standards and Training exam. Commonly known as the POST exam, this is required for each state except Hawaii . Each state has subtle differences in their testing procedure, requirements, and the test itself, so its important to do in-depth research on the test your particular state requires.

Examsfor police officers include not only the POST written examination which includes an evaluation of grammar, reading comprehension, andwriting but other points as well, such as physical agility,medical health, psychological fitness, background review, and an oralinterview. Some states might add other requirements, such as apolygraph test. Once these tests are satisfactorily passed, graduatesare ready to work as police officers. The procedure it takes to getfrom passing the tests to wearing the badge depends on the state andin some cases, the department itself.

Step 6

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Kpd Explorers Mission Statement

The young men and women of the Kennesaw Police Department Explorers Post consist of youth from many area high schools who have come together to establish and build relationships with the Kennesaw Police Department.

It is the mission of the Kennesaw Police Department Law Enforcement Explorers Program to introduce, educate, and involve the youth of our community in all aspects of police operations, and to create an interest in law enforcement.

Are You Interested In Exploring A Career In Law Enforcement

The Explorer program is a program offered by the Colton Police Department through the Boy Scouts of America. The program is open to youth between the ages of 14-21 who are interested in a career such as Police Officer, Detective, Border Patrol, Coroner, Emergency Dispatcher and many more. The Explorer program is designed to give students an inside look into the exciting and challenging career of Law Enforcement. Explorers participate in police and public safety dispatch related training as well as participate in explorer competitions, ride-a-longs with police personnel, firearms training, community service events, physical fitness and field trips. Explorers are exposed to the importance of ethics, discipline, and teamwork which gives them the leadership skills and confidence they can use for the rest of their life.

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What Is The Explorers Program

Exploring is an interactive, hands-on, career education program sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America and the Kennesaw Police Department. Participants in the program are called Explorers. The program serves young men and women who are 14 through 21 years old. Exploring units have a specialized focus on a single career field, our program has a specific focus on Law Enforcement and Community Relationships. The Explorers is a youth-based community outreach program where our future leaders learn life skills and what it would be like to become a police officer.

The Kennesaw Police Department will offer classroom discussion learning environments. Topics will include Police Policy & Practices, Criminal Procedure, Case Law Precedence, Current Events, Georgia State Law, U. S. Constitutional Law, and The Bill of Rights. Explorers will understand how these topics guide police officers in their daily functions and duties while remaining within the boundaries of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Exploring classroom environment is designed to encourage open discussion while promoting the learning experience. The Kennesaw Police Department will provide real-world training scenarios in conjunction with the classroom experience. By combining classroom learning along with real-world police training scenarios, an Explorer will not only learn about specific police-related topics, but they will also learn how to apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Phoenix Police Department Explorer Post 2906

Exploring the life of law enforcement

Phoenix, AZ

Explorer Post 2906 is sponsored by the Phoenix Police Department as a community-based policing program. This successful program is designed to educate and involve young men and women in police operations and to interest them in law enforcement functions whether they enter the law enforcement field or not.

As an Explorer, young adults have the opportunity to assist the Phoenix Police Department. Explorers can broaden their understanding and firsthand knowledge of the challenges and job skills that make up their communitys police service. In addition to gaining a working knowledge of police work, the participants have the opportunity to give of themselves to their community. Although Post 2906 is law enforcement oriented, Explorers are volunteers and do not serve as police employees, sworn or civilian

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Cost And Required Items For Police Explorer Training

Like training, the cost and required item to participate in the program vary from one academy to another. It depends on the training program.

For the Denver Police Department Explorer program, students have to pay $90.00 when they join and then $55.00 every December after that. It is a self-funded organization that is why they charge to cover the costs of operating the program. The department provides the uniform however, Denver police explorers have to bring their duty boots and BDU pants. Likewise, every department decides its uniform and equipment themselves.

Greenfield Police Explorers Post 306

Greenfield, CA

Explorer POST 306 consists of over 15 young people who donate their time to help the local community and who want to learn about careers in law enforcement. They attend the Police Explorer Academy, in San Diego, CA and In-Service training. The raise money by working special events in our area, such as the races at Laguna Seca. The Police Explorers also help with local special events, such as the Day of the Field Worker, 4th of July, Harvest Festival, and more.

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Kpd Explorers Community Outreach & Volunteer Efforts

The Law Enforcement Explorers Program brings the Explorers into direct contact with the public and members of the community on a regular basis. The Explorers augment the Kennesaw Police Department Mission by acting as liaisons between members of our community and the Kennesaw Police Department, especially with members of their own age group. The Explorers are called upon to assist the Kennesaw Police Department by volunteering during city functions to include Pigs & Peaches, Salute to America 4th of July Festival, Taste of Kennesaw, and A Day With Santa Parade. A Kennesaw Police Explorer can obtain upwards of over 100 volunteer community service hours in a period of one year.

Continuing Education And Career Advancement

So You Wanna Be A Cop: Police Explorers

Once you have completed all of these steps to becoming a police officer, you will still have plenty to learn. Nothing beats on-the-job experience to show you all of the specialized areas police officers might want or need to learn more about. The best officers are never done learning.

Similar to other industries, officers must meet continuing education requirements in order to renew their license. For example, Minnesota police officer requirements mandate a minimum of 48 hours of continuing education within the three-year licensing period in order to maintain their license.

In addition, active officers are required to train annually in use of force and once every five years in emergency vehicle operations/pursuit driving. Specialized training may also be directed by your police department based on federal and local needs. Departments might also incentivize other education opportunities to encourage their officers forward. Additional training or credentials may be required for those looking to climb the police ranks.

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Becoming A Police Explorer

  • Must be between 14 and 21 years of age
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Must be able to speak fluent English
  • Maintain a “C” average if still in school
  • Attend bi-weekly trainings and meetings
  • Be willing to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours per month
  • Must be willing to volunteer time for mandatory events
  • Applicant does not have any felony or class A misdemeanor convictions
  • Must be able to pass a background investigation and an oral interview

Getting Started

If you would like more information about our police explorer program please view our brochure

If you would like to get started with becoming an Explorer with the Central Point Police Department please click

For all other information, please contact Lt. Chadd Griffin at 541-664-5578.

How To Become A Transit Police Officer

Education and experience guidelines depend on the employer, but most transit police officer jobs only require a high school diploma or equivalent. Many transit companies want applicants to be at least 21 years of age with a requirement that the candidate holds a valid drivers license. The applicants must take and pass a written exam, pass a very thorough background check, a psychiatric evaluation, and in some cases, a lie detector test before being considered for a position as an officer.

Candidates for this job should be in good physical shape to be able to withstand the often gruelling physical aspects of the job. In the case that a criminal must be apprehended on foot, an officer may have to run long distances, and they may have to restrain a suspect while waiting for backup. A candidate should not only be fit to run long distances, they must also have a good deal of strength.

Candidates must also be able to wield a certain amount of authority and be prepared to exert that authority in necessary situations. Like any other police officer, they must be able to take charge in stressful environments while still keeping their cool to do the job correctly and without unnecessary aggression.

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How To Become A Police Cadet Or Explorer

Police explorer and youth cadet programs are perfect for young people interested in law enforcement here’s what you need to know

Joining a police cadet or explorer program is a great idea if you aspire to become a cop. While the specifics of each program may vary between departments, the goal of both is the same: to introduce young people to a potential career in law enforcement.

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