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How Dangerous Is It To Be A Police Officer

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Common Myths About Law Enforcement Careersdebunked

How dangerous is being a cop?

Common Myths About Law Enforcement CareersDebunked!

When it comes to law enforcement stereotypes, there are plenty to go around. One of the more popular and innocuous ones is that police officers enjoy eating doughnuts while on the job. However, there are several myths about law enforcement careers that keep many well-intentioned and aspiring people from putting on the uniform and serving the nation.

Historically, the intersections of law enforcement, Hollywood, and popular culture are deeply enmeshed. According to The Washington Posts pop culture writer Alyssa Rosenberg, the portrayal of police work in popular media, including films, TV shows, and books, has a sensationalistic spin on it. There are no bad police shootings, for example. However, when you go further back to the early 1900s, police censorship worked to shape Hollywood as we know it.

This fraught history has led to several myths about law enforcement to be formed. In this piece, we go over some of them in detail and debunk them with facts.

You Can Climb The Police Ladder Soon If You Are Ambitious

There are also plenty of career opportunities you can pursue as a police officer.

If you do your job well and if you are really ambitious and do what it takes, you can pursue a demanding career and many doors will open to you.

Of course, to succeed in this regard, you also have to build a strong network over time.

Networks are crucial for promotions, not only as a police officer but also in the corporate world.

If you dont get any support from the right influential people, your chances of making it to the top will be almost zero.

Thus, if you have those ambitions, make sure that you connect to the right people and do your job extraordinarily well.

Myth #: Alcohol Abuse Is Common Among Law Enforcement Personnel

Again, pop culture has played a large role in promulgating the myth that alcohol and substance abuse is common among law enforcement officers. Yes, the occupational hazards that come with police work, including frequent exposure to traumatic incidents, do increase the risk of developing alcohol abuse problems among police officers. But the data doesnt support the claim that law enforcement personnel have higher rates of alcohol abuse.

In fact, according to data gathered by SAMHSA, the professions that experience the highest rates of alcohol abuse include lawyers, nurses and other healthcare professionals, mining, construction, hospitality and food services, arts and entertainment, management, real estate, finance and insurance and educational services.

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Con #: Most Police Officers Are Cynical

What makes us this way? We have come to an age where the public thinks the system and the police have a solution for their every problem. America has created its own monster. Our ethics and morals have been tossed out the window and replaced with disconnect and desensitized human shells. Cops are not immune to the changes in the divisiveness of society and the emotional drama associated with it. Its dreadful, really. So daily we are exposed to human misery and conflict which gives us a very narrow version of society.

Good Future Job Prospects

A Minneapolis Police Officer Opens Up About the Toxic Culture Inside ...

While many other jobs can be automized in the near future and many people will lose their jobs due to that, this will not be true for police officers.

In fact, most police officers are not replaceable with machines in the near future since the job as police officer just involves too much personal judgement to automize it.

In turn, you will have pretty good job prospects and dont have to fear losing your job due to automatization in the near future.

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What Are Some Preventive Measures For Police

  • Have extensive safety and skills training.
  • Exercise regularly to keep fit and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Wash your hands frequently and follow other protective hygiene measures to reduce the chance of infection.
  • Use personal protective equipment or other barriers for the task.
  • Follow precautions for first responders when opioids or related substances are suspected.
  • Learn safe lifting techniques.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and on the alert for dangerous people or situations.
  • Take breaks, as appropriate, from awkward positions or repetitive physical tasks.
  • Follow a recommended shift work pattern and protect yourself from the hazards associated with shift work.
  • Follow or establish safety procedures for working alone, or for avoiding working alone wherever possible.
  • Learn about stress and post-traumatic stress, and consider a debriefing session or counselling after a critical or traumatic event.
  • Have first aid training.

Years Of Potential Life Lost

To compute YPLL, the age-specific mortality data for U.S. white males and police officers were applied to a theoretical starting point population size of 100,000. The number of deaths for each age category was multiplied by the years of life lost to provide an age-specific YPLL. The age-specific total YPLL were then summed to obtain the total for each age group. A ratio of YPLL between U.S. and police males was calculated.

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Guidelines For Taking Vision Tests

During the process of becoming a police officer, you will be required to take a vision test in the majority of areas. Each city may vary on the passing requirements for their tests, but most cities will require a vision test. This is to help make sure that you can see properly while on the job.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when taking a vision test is that its always better to be completely honest and upfront. Lying or cheating on the vision test is never good in any situation. You would always rather have your potential supervisor know your vision level upfront than find out later in a negative situation. Police officers have the responsibility to keep the community safe. You never want to put anyone at risk

As we mentioned before, there is a chance that you may be allowed to wear color enhancing contacts while on the job and during the vision test . We recommend asking before the test if you can wear the contacts for the test. Some cities may not allow it, but there is a chance your city may be the exception and may allow the contacts. The contacts can make a difference when it comes to passing the test or not!

Con #: Pandoras Box Is Closed

What its like to be a new police officer | The Recruits

Inside our minds are images, voices, screams, visions, smells, and dreams which have been influenced by our career. These are held in a tiny little space inside our heads often referred to as Pandoras box which complicates our moods and influences. There are occasions when our friends or family want us to share our darkest moments, but we usually leave them contained.

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Taxi Drivers And Chauffeurs

Fatal injuries in 2017: 10.5 per 100,000 workers Total: 62 fatal injuries, 2,640 nonfatal injuries Most common fatal accidents: Transportation incidents Median annual wage: $24,880

Believe it or not, getting into a car is one of the most dangerous things people do every day. And for those who drive professionally, risks can be especially high. Not surprisingly, vehicle accidents are the most common cause of fatalities for taxi drivers and chauffeurs.

However, a large share of fatalities, about 35 percent, are the result of violence by other people or animals. Taxi drivers often work late hours and are exposed to potentially dangerous people. They also have a homicide rate over 20 times that of the average worker, according to OSHA.

Fishers And Related Fishing Workers

Fatal injuries in 2017: 100.0 per 100,000 workers Total: 41 fatal injuries, 120 nonfatal injuries Most common fatal accidents: Transportation incidents Median annual wage: $28,310

Fishers and related fishing workers had the highest rates of fatal injury in 2017. Commercial fishing is largely physical work that involves fishing nets, gear and slippery decks. Fishers and related fishing workers can also be exposed to challenging environmental factors, such as extreme weather. In addition, workers may be out on the water or working from a remote area when an accident occurs, and easy access to a hospital or medical professional may not be readily available. The majority of fatalities among fishers and related fishing workers are due to drowning.

24/7 Wall Street is a USA TODAY content partner offering financial news and commentary. Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY.

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Driver/sales Workers And Truck Drivers

Fatal injuries in 2017: 26.9 per 100,000 workers Total: 987 fatal injuries, 77,470 nonfatal injuries Most common fatal accidents: Transportation incidents Median annual wage: $37,610

Most of the driver/sales workers and truck drivers are delivery drivers who spend much of their time on the road in both light and heavy trucks. Not surprisingly, the most common types of accidents to result in fatal injury are transportation-related, such as motor vehicle accidents. Many of these workers must also lift and move heavy objects, which can cause injury.

Painters Construction And Maintenance

Being a police officer is nowhere near as dangerous as they make it out ...

Fatal injuries in 2017: 8.9 per 100,000 workers Total: 44 fatal injuries, 4,200 nonfatal injuries Most common fatal accidents: Falls, slips, trips Median annual wage: $37,960

Construction and maintenance painters apply paint, stain, and other coatings to buildings and other structures. They often work in demanding or dangerous environments and can sustain injury from lifting heavy objects and exposure to chemicals and other irritants. The most common cause of fatal injury among professional painters is alls and trips while working on ladders or other elevated locations.

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Con #: For A Cop The Rose

Denying reality gets you killed. It is a curse and a blessing. We can no longer look at the world we live in the same way. We constantly scan our surroundings, look for exits, and keep alert. In any establishment, we choose the seat with our backs to the wall and a view of the entire place. We are selective of where we dine. We would be lost without our firearm and badged clipped to our waistbands. Everyone and everything is suspicious until proven otherwise.

Maintenance And Repair Workers General

Fatal injuries in 2017: 16.6 per 100,000 workers Total: 87 fatal injuries, 23,200 nonfatal injuries Most common fatal accidents: Falls, slips, trips Median annual wage: $37,670

General maintenance and repair workers are often engaged in multiple tasks throughout a single day which can include fixing mechanical equipment, repairing flooring, and working on plumbing, electrical, and air-conditioning systems. Repairers often work in uncomfortable and cramped positions, and they are at a greater than typical risk of suffering electrical shocks, cuts, and falls.

Falls, slips, and trips account for one third of all fatal injuries in the profession, the most of any type of accident. Nonfatal injuries, however, are far more common. General maintenance repair workers suffered 87 fatalities and 23,200 nonfatal injuries per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers in 2017, each among the most of any profession per capita.

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What Are Some Health And Safety Issues For Police

Police work is among the most dangerous and requires special training. The hazards of police work include:

  • Violent attacks.
  • Standing or sitting for long hours.
  • Exposure to contagious and infectious diseases from people, animals, needles, and other sources.
  • Exposure to various chemical or biological hazards.
  • Exposure to opioids or other substances.
  • Pain from physical overexertion and prolonged or awkward body postures.
  • Risk of injury from the various locations where police may be called to: fire, explosion, unstable structures and surfaces, falling objects or working at heights or near traffic, water, confined spaces, large crowds, violent situations, etc.
  • Danger of driving at high speeds, often in difficult traffic or weather conditions.
  • Workplace violence or harassment, and harassment from the public.

Police Officers Lose Their Delusions Of A Nice World Quite Soon

Former NYPD detective: It’s a dangerous time to be a police officer | The Count

Since police officers see so many bad things during their careers, they often also lose all their childish delusions of a nice world pretty soon.

While some people still believe in the best of people, police officers just have a hard time doing so since they experience so many bad things every day.

Consequently, it may also be hard for police officers to build trust with others and to make really good friends since they may always mistrust people right from the beginning.

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Emotional Burden Can Be Enormous

Many police officers are also not able to deal with the emotional burden that comes along with their job.

Quite often, you will see families breaking apart and you will also see the worst of humanity.

Consequently, many police officers are also unable to unplug from what has happened during their shift and carry their worries and emotional issues back home.

They Are Weak And Go Down Too Easily

I have touched upon this topic in several previous articles like Anything Women Can Do, Men Can Do Better and It Doesnt Matter If Women Win Gold Medals At The Rio Olympics. Women are, without any Marxist drivel or girl power rebuttal, substantially weaker than men and cannot absorb nearly as much physical punishment or brute force.

In the preceding video, we can see why society is dependent upon capable officers who are the total opposite of this badass lady cop. That is, those who can physically hold their own against the most commonly encountered wastes of oxygen and taxpayer dimes in any given country.

In the mean urban streets of the United States of America, that waste of oxygen is most likely going to be black, male, young, 6 feet tall, at least 180 pounds, brimming with testosterone and the tude , and packing a big pounds-per-square-inch punch or shove. 99% of women in the United States just cant handle that.

Meanwhile, while the comparatively far more peaceful New Zealand isnt particularly well known for having the most sensible women, they at least have the sense to send out a police officer who has the strength and physique to get the job done for the task at hand. Well done Kiwis, I guess that rugby culture comes in handy sometimes .

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Farmers Ranchers And Other Agricultural Managers

Fatal injuries in 2017: 24.0 per 100,000 workers Total: 258 fatal injuries, 180 nonfatal injuries Most common fatal accidents: Transportation incidents Median annual wage: $69,620

A large portion of fatal injuries among farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers result from incidents involving motorized vehicles. Tractors, tools, and other farm machinery also pose safety liabilities. The job is one of the few in which there were more fatal injuries than nonfatal in 2017. A surprising 58.9 percent of injuries resulted in death.

They Are Lazy Slow And Incompetent

There Is No Such Thing As Good Cops

There is a reason why you dont see many women in comparatively highly paid professions like petroleum engineering, Alaskan crab fishing, or mining. Its because most women, those who are even just slightly in touch with their natural feminine imperative, are not at all attracted to outdoorsy and physically intensive jobs with no guarantee of perfect weather.

They are naturally inclined to seek out temperature-regulated and comfortable-seating office jobs where gossip, Instagram, and Facebook can occupy half of the work day in their mostly vanity employment industry. Accordingly, this natural inclination for inherently lazy and slow-paced work means that being a police officer is not a suitable working environment for women either.

In an absolutely embarrassing video which was captured in New York City, not one but two female police officers are utterly incapable of bringing down a lone black male suspect, all while appearing to be putting in a snails effort to keep pace or chase. The man capturing the video finds this gross incompetence absolutely hysterical. Meanwhile , all we can do is make the face palm gesture.

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Does The Age Of The Law Enforcement Officer Affect The Rate Of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries were highest among the youngest officers . The cause for high rates among the youngest officers warrants further investigation. Factors may include the types of assignments that younger officers are given, relative lack of training, or relative lack of experience.

Police officers on patrol spotted a small Volkswagen peeling out of a casino parking lot. The Volkswagen darted out into a major intersection without stopping at the red light, turned right, and disappeared around the corner.

The officers turned on their lights and sped up to follow the Volkswagen around the corner. Another driver, apparently disorientated by the erratic driving of the Volkswagen and the sudden lights of the police car, turned without signaling. The disoriented driver sideswiped the police car and pushed the police car into a light pole. Both officers suffered concussions from the sudden stop.

Yes Policing Is Getting More Dangerous

Recent headlines give the impression that its dangerous to be a cop right now. In just the past six months, weve seen a Baltimore police officer ambushed and shot dead in her cruiser, a Houston cop shot by a serial felon during a routine traffic stop, an NYPD officer slashed with a machete, and dozens more attacks on law enforcement officials.

New data from the Fraternal Order of Police, a national law-enforcement union, suggest that these incidents are part of a larger trend. According to the FOP, 123 law-enforcement officers were shot in the line of duty this year through May 1, a 35 percent increase relative to the first five months of 2021. Nineteen of those officers died. The FOP believes that this year may turn out to be even worse than 2021, when 346 officers were shot and 63 killed by gunfire.

These figures offer just a snapshot of the past 18 months, but the long-run data also suggest that policing has indeed gotten more dangerous since 2020, reversing its dramatic decline after violent crime hit a peak in the 1990s.

A simple way to understand these trends is that they mirror the increase in violent crimeprincipally homicides and shootingsthat has gripped the country over the past two years. As violence on the streets increases, one would expect that cops would be more under threat.

Charles Fain Lehman is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal.

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