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How To Donate A Dog To The Police Department

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Selection Of Dog And Handler

A police dog that is all heart

Dual purpose dogs must possess a number of drives and character traits to be successful. An in-depth Selection Test of quality animals that possess these drives is essential to the workability of the dog and is usually done between the ages of 1-3 years. The dogs are tested and selected before training ever starts. Qualified personnel select a dog and it is then paired with a prospective handler. The State Patrol currently uses the Belgian Malinois breed for its Police Service Dog Teams. The Malinois has proven itself to be much more athletic and versatile breed to meet the needs of the Nebraska State Patrol. Both Dutch Shepherds and German Shepherds have also been used as a part of past Police Service Dog Teams. Almost all of the dogs come from Europe where breeding for police work has been going on since the late 1800s. The cost of a potential Police Service Dog is currently around $9,500 for a dog that has little or no training. This cost also does not include outfitting the dog with new gear should it be needed. A dog will then typically remain in service for approximately 5-7 years after which the dog will be retired. A retired PSD is usually adopted by its handler.

Jake Dual Purpose Narcotics German Shepherd

Jake was donated to the Alexander County Sheriffs Office, NC and was the first dog that Highland Canine Training, LLC donated back in 2006. Jake is handled by F/Sgt Jeff Sharpe of the Alexander County Sheriffs Office in Taylorsville, NC. He is a dual purpose narcotics detection dog and has been working in Alexander County since October 2006. Jake has had numerous felony arrests resulting from successful suspect tracks and narcotics searches.

Community Groups Partner To Donate Books Featuring Gloucester Police Dog To Students

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GLOUCESTER Gloucester Police Chief Edward Conley is pleased to share that kindergarten and first-grade students at Gloucester Public Schools each received a free book today about Ace, the citys community resource dog.

Ace, an English Golden Retriever, joined the Gloucester Police Department in November 2020. He works closely alongside his handler, School Resource Officer Peter Sutera, in the Gloucester Public Schools. Ace is trained to provide comfort and help de-escalate school-based conflicts and situations concerning children in need, primarily those with ADD, ADHD, who are on the autism spectrum or have other behavioral problems. Ace also is able to provide comfort to children who may be experiencing or have experienced trauma.

Approximately 550 books, titled Ace, the Community Resource Dog were delivered by the First R Foundation to Gloucesters public elementary schools today, where they were distributed to kindergarten and first-grade students. Books were distributed to each second, third, fourth and fifth-grade classroom, and each classroom in kindergarten through Grade 5 also received a stuffed Ace animal.

A video was also shared with students today, linked here, featuring Officer Sutera reading the book.

The book was written by School Resource Officer Mike Scola, and features facts about Ace, his daily routines and responsibilities as a community resource dog.

About the First R Foundation

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Support Your Local Police Department

Saint Michael, the German Shepherd Dog in this video, was purchased by the Newtown Police Department with the support of the Trap Falls Kennel Club and the AKC community.

From a previous survey, we learned that many AKC clubs are looking for a way to get more involved with their police department and their K-9 program.

Police K-9s are essential members of law enforcement and perform vital tasks that humans cannot, including pursuing and apprehending fugitives, detecting illegal substances and explosives, and searching for missing people.

Unfortunately, many police department K-9 units are suffering budget cuts due to the poor economy, and they are unable to solicit money due to town and municipality codes. As a result, some K-9 handlers forgo training or personally fund their dogs needs, and in some communities K-9s may not be replaced upon retirement due to budgetary restrictions. Costs are high, with dogs averaging $10,000.

For these reasons, many police K-9 units rely on donations to continue their mission. This is where AKC clubs can help! When a club raises money to donate directly to their local police department for the purchase of a new dog, AKC Reunite will provide matching funds to that police department to make their new K-9 a reality.

Reaching Out to Your Local Police Department

How to Get Started

Request an application from Grant Administrator Tessa Johnson at 919-816-3980 or .

The Foundation Depends On Donations To Fulfill The Mission Of Keeping Houston And The Officers Of Houston Police Department Safe And Prepared

Police Dog Donation

All personal information is securely retained as private information with the Houston Police Foundation as outline in our Privacy Policy.

You can also download IRS Tax Form 9-90. If you are not familiar with this form review the information provided on

Contact Houston Police Foundation: P O Box 346 Houston, TX 77001-0346 · 713-308-4680 ·

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Dog Training Group Donates K9 To Wyoming Police

WYOMING, Mich. A West Michigan-based dog training company recently donated a K9 to the Wyoming Department of Public Safety as part of the work they are doing through their nonprofit arm, WMK9 Foundation.

West Michigan K9 was started by Stephen Parent in 2013 to train dogs for all settings with a particular focus on training law enforcement and military dogs.

About two years ago they were able to grow their work by starting WMK9 Foundation, with the goal of donating dogs to those in need who couldn’t necessarily afford them.

They donated their tenth K9 this year to the Wyoming Department of Public Safety.

Purchasing green canines for our program, we do spend a significant amount of money on it, so to have someone be willing to just donate something like that. It’s huge, said canine handler Officer Adam Sherman.

Sherman has already begun working with Max, the 1-and-a-half-year-old German Shepherd, donated by WMK9.

They have about two weeks left of training before they will be certified to hit the streets of Wyoming to begin working as a team.

“It’s been three weeks today of doing actual training, but he’s been with me just over a month-and-a-half. We do a two-week period, which is bonding, he gets to live on the couch and be the pup that gets to hang in the house and have fun, Sherman explained.

Max will be stepping into his new role as a police dog after another one of Wyoming’s K9 officers retired.

You can find more info about their training services on their website.

How To Donate German Shepherd To Police

There are many reasons why a person would donate German Shepherds to the police. These dogs are one of the most popular choices when it comes to pet adoptions because they are very gentle with children and are very much likable dogs, so it is not hard for potential owners to give German Shepherds to the police and get their approval. But there are other reasons to consider, as well.

First, these dogs are part of the police force and that means that they are also working to help find criminals and other people that might be committing crimes. This can mean that the dogs are able to find and capture more criminals and people, which are great for the police and the community. Another reason to donate German Shepherds to the police department is that this breed is very good with children. They are great with kids because they are very loving and cuddly, and also because they have a strong bond with their masters, so the dog is a member of their family.

Some people decide to donate German Shepherds to the police because they are worried about the breeds reputation. This is a good idea because some people worry that this is a vicious dog, so it is important that people consider the personality and training of the dog before deciding to buy one. But these dogs are also very easy to train because of their intelligent nature.

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Star Single Purpose Malinois/gsd

Donated to the Vail Police Department , CO, Star was rescued and brought to us from the Iredell Humane Society. She entered our Second Chance Program and was trained as a single purpose narcotics dog with tracking. She was handled by Ryan Millbern of the Vail Police Department. Star had a successful large seizure of marijuana and cash after only a few days on the job and had a distinguished career working interdiction along I-70 as well as meeting school children across Colorado and Wyoming. She is now happily retired living with her handler.

How To Give Your Dog To The Police Force

Police Department therapy dog Ben Franklin snatching holiday toy donations for Santa Foundation.

by Austin Campion / in Family

Before attempting to donate your dog to a police force, be aware that not all dogs will be suitable for K9 work. Many trainers work only with certain breeds and will not take on a dog that seems less than ideal.

  • Before attempting to donate your dog to a police force, be aware that not all dogs will be suitable for K9 work.

Most police forces do not train their own K9 dogs. Private, DEA-licensed companies purchase and train dogs to be sold to K9 units at various precincts. These same companies are also employed by police stations and individual officers to train K9 unit officers to work with the dogs.

Find a K9 training centre in your area. Contact them with questions and offer your dog as a potential K9. The representative will probably be able to tell you over the phone whether your dog is a likely candidate.

Offer to bring your puppy in for an evaluation. If the training organisation is interested and accepting puppy donations, they will tell you how to proceed.

Bring your dog in for an evaluation. If the results are promising, the training company will provide you with the necessary paperwork to donate your dog.


Though K9 training companies often offer training for dogs of all ages, most will not accept an older dog intended for lifelong K9 preparation. Puppies and very young, only moderately trained dogs are most desirable.



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Donating A Dog To Police Or Security For Working Training

Firstly we want to be clear that Debbie Connolly, our founder has worked alongside Police, Security and other working handlers for many years. We have helped lots of dogs make a safe transition into or out of working homes. To this end, after years of doing this, we created Bravo Working Dog Rescue this year to formalise this work. Whilst a few companies have supported this work, many, including Police have continued dangerous rehoming practises.

There have been several cases in just the last 3 months that concern us. A firearms support dog retiring, given to a lurcher rescue for rehoming after the force in question saw them fundraising outside a supermarket. Yes, thats how they chose them to rehome THREE retiring dogs at once. Despite a serious incident when a dog was with the rescue, they have all continued with this, even though I drew the forces attention to my rescue. The RSPCA are interested in looking into this.

Another has an entire 3 year old dog who is retiring due to injury. The force has rehomed him twice already, he is not castrated and even though this force knows we have a retired handler looking for a pet dog, has refused to hand over the dog or get him castrated.

A third is a security company retiring a Springer aged 9. He is still a lively dog, has never lived indoors, has already been passed on twice and still they wont let us have the dog as they preferred to sell him.

Bravo Working Dog Rescue

Hawk Dual Purpose Narcotics Belgian Malinois

Donated to the Thomasville Police Department, NC, Hawk is a Dual Purpose Narcotics/Patrol dog. He was donated in partnership with the National Criminal Enforcement Agency in 2008 at their National Conference. Hawk is trained to find Marijuana, Methamphetamines, Cocaine and Heroin and has had numerous successful seizures since being placed with the Thomasville, NC Police Department.

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Rogue Narcotics Detection & Trailing German Shepherd

Rogue was donated to the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Rogue, a branch of State Bureau of Investigation. She is a German Shepherd that is trained in Narcotics, Trailing, as well as on/off leash obedience. Rogue came to us from the Iredell County Animal Control and Services where she was left and slated for euthanasia due to her high level of activity. She came to our kennels through our Second Chance Program where her training as a drug detection dog soon began.

Apply For A Police Dog Donation

Beaver Dam Police K9 Unit Gets Dog Vests Donation

In order to be eligible for our Police Dog Donation Program, departments must:

  • Provide a letter, on department letterhead, from the agency head requesting the donation. The letter should explain the need for a police dog and list any resources available or to be required for maintaining the dog.
  • Have the handler attend a FREE three-week course of instruction at Highland Canine Training, LLC in Harmony, NC
  • Be responsible for travel, meals, and equipment for the handler during the course. Lodging for the handler is FREE.
  • Agencies must complete the survey found at this link.

If you have questions about our police dog donation program, feel free to call 704.500-8367 or contact us today!

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Officer Nick Place And Major

How does the K9 program benefit the community? Like most areas around the country, Manitowoc has experienced an increase in drug use and other crimes associated with an increase in drug dependent individuals seeking to support their habit. To help combat this epidemic, the most common deployment for our K9 Unit is narcotics sniffs. Our K9 teams routinely conduct vehicle sniffs during traffic stops, and also assist local schools and businesses with narcotics sniffs upon request to assist those organizations to keep a drug free environment.

Our police working dogs are considered dual purpose, and can be used to locate people and evidence in addition to narcotics. Our K9 teams frequently track suspects, conduct building searches, search for evidence at crime scenes, and perform area searches for suspects and lost people. By using the dogs keen sense of smell, our K9 teams are able to locate people and items much faster than a human.

The Manitowoc Police Department’s K9 program currently has two police working dogs a four year old Belgian Malinois named Major, and a two year old German Shepard named Neko. The average working life of a police working dog is approximately five to seven years. Our program has two retired police working dogs, Aik and Ully. The Manitowoc Police Department offers the K9 handler to buy the dog for $1 upon the dogs retirement.

Thank you in advance for your generous contributions to our program.


You Make The Difference

Without individuals and businesses like you, we cant provide K9s to the departments who are in need.

These K9s provide a valuable service to our direct community. They help keep drugs off our streets and out of our childrens hands.

They visit area schools to help present anti-drug messages. They help find missing individuals of all ages.

They also help protect their handler, our police officers who dedicate their lives to serve and protect us.

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K9 Officers Success Depends Solely On Donations From Concerned Citizens Just Like You

K9 Officers is a 501c organization and we accept both private and corporate donations. We welcome all sizes of donations and your donations are tax deductible.

Even small donations add up to make a difference. Ask your company if they have a donation matching program. We are a 501c organization.

Give back to your community and join your friends and neighbors in honoring the officers and K-9 heroes.

Total Police K9 Solutions

Watch Live: K9s for Warriors donating dogs to 3 First Coast police departments

As one of the most diversified dog training companies in the world, we are able to offer training and educational programs like no other. Our quality training and expert instructors give us a clear advantage in offering K9 training and educational programs that are unmatched in the industry. Whether you are an agency starting a new K9 program or an agency looking for advanced training and other programs to hone existing skills, we have solutions that are proven to work.

Our rigorous and in-depth canine selection processes allow us to provide some of the best working dogs available. Our experience has allowed us to develop proven, systematic processes to develop some of the best detection and patrol dogs available. Our commitment to K9 research and development allow us the knowledge to create better police dogs and resulting in more effective K9 teams. We offer affordable, quality solutions for police, military and non-governmental agencies throughout the world.

Our commitment to customer service and support continue to set us apart from the competition and make us a leader in the Police and Military K9 industry. Contact us to learn more and see the difference!

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Jett Single Purpose Narcotics Labrador Retriever

Donated to the Policia Seguridad Vial in Zarate, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jett was also a Labrador that came through our Second Chance Program. He was donated in partnership with the 911 Fund, based out of New York, to assist the local police departments in Argentina. Jett has had several successful seizures since he began serving on the police department in Argentina.

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