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How To File A Complaint Against A Police Department

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Filing police complaint not as easy as you think

A person who wishes to lodge a complaint against the RCMP about an infringement of their CVBR rights can do so by attending any RCMP detachment. Alternately, the person can contact the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP. If a complaint was lodged with the RCMP, and the person is unsatisfied with the RCMP response, a complaint about that response can be filed with the CRCC. The RCMP is responsible for CVBR complaints with regards to:

  • general information regarding the status and outcome of the investigation
  • accessibility to victim services and programs
  • information on the victims security, privacy and identity protection from public disclosure and
  • protection from intimidation and retaliation.

Illinois State Police Merit Board

The Illinois State Police Merit Board exercises jurisdiction over the certification for appointment, promotion, discipline, removal/termination, demotion, and suspension of those appointed as Illinois State Police officers. The Merit Board is comprised of five members appointed by the Governor.

When the Illinois State Police Director files a complaint with the Merit Board requesting discipline exceeding 30-days or discharge from the department, the Merit Board appoints a hearing officer to conduct a public hearing. The hearing officer will listen to testimony and review evidence regarding the specific complaint. The complainant and witnesses may be subpoenaed to testify at such a hearing. The hearing officer will forward the findings to the Merit Board for consideration in its decision which is based on a preponderance of the evidence.

How To Write A Harassment Complaint Letter To Police Commissioner

Harassment is a very heinous act that may cause very severe mental torture to the other person. Thus we all need to report this activity to the authorities. So that the required action can be taken against it.

If you face or witness an act of harassment with you or with any other person then it becomes your social responsibility to make the complaint to the police station as soon as possible against this act. If you are struggling to have the proper set of words in this regard. Then here we are attaching the sample letter which will guide in writing this complaint.

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Who Handles Citizen Complaints

Quality-Of-Service Complaints will be handled through the Citizen Complaint Resolution Process . Examples of these complaints are:

  • Discourtesy/unprofessional attitude
  • Lack of proper service
  • Improper procedure

Misconduct Allegations will be handled by the Internal Investigations Section and/or the judicial system. Examples of these complaints are:

  • Criminal conduct
  • Unnecessary pointing of firearms at persons
  • Serious misconduct
  • Improper searches and seizures
  • Discrimination

What If I Disagree With The Outcome

How To File A Complaint Against The Police Officer

The department strives to treat citizens and its employees with fundamental fairness. The majority of complaints are resolved amicably however, there are times when the departments response does not satisfy the complainant. Should that occur, the complainant may seek and follow the advice of legal counsel with regard to what remedy may exist of his or her particular situation.

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Report A Concern Or Complaint About Officer Conduct

The Calgary Police Service is committed to providing professional police services to the citizens of Calgary. If you believe that you were not treated properly by a police officer, you can report your concern to us or make a formal complaint, which requires a formal investigation as outlined in the Police Act.

When you contact us, an intake investigator will discuss your concern or complaint with you and explain the next steps.

You need to provide all the evidence you can that supports your complaint or concern early in the complaints process. Any available evidence that is not provided during the investigation will generally be omitted from consideration if you later decide to appeal.

The Office Of The Federal Ombudsman For Victims Of Crime

If a complainant has exhausted the internal complaints process of a federal department or agency, and they are not satisfied with the outcome of that process, the complainant may contact the Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime to express their concerns. The Ombudsman may be able to make recommendations to the department or agency in response to the issues raised within the complaint or regarding the complaint process, provide the complainant with information, or refer the complainant to victim services.

You may contact the Ombudsman at:

Telephone : 1-866-481-8429

Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime P.O. Box 55037

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When Should A Complaint Be Filed

Its possible for a citizen to complain about a police officer for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they failed to adequately identify themselves or used demeaning language. Police officers also are not allowed to discriminate against citizens for any reason whatsoever.

  • Harassment

These are examples of when a police officer complaint may be necessary.

Ways To Make A Complaint

What Happens When You Try to File a Complaint Against a Police Officer

There are three ways to make a complaint about police.


A complainant can go into a police station and simply have a conversation to clear up a question or complaint.

Local Resolution

A Local Resolution allows the police to solve, explain, clear up or settle a matter considered to be less serious directly with the complainant. The complaint must be dealt with in person at a police station by a senior officer designated by the police chief within 30 days of the incident.

Find out more about Local Resolution.

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Determining If The Complaint Meets The Basic Criteria Of The Cvbr

If the complaint does notmeet the basic criteria of the CVBR, a written response will be sent to you within three business days of the receipt of the completed complaint form to inform you that your complaint does not meet the criteria to be treated as a formal CVBR complaint.

If your complaint meets the basic criteria of the CVBR, a written response will be sent to you within three business days of the receipt of the completed complaint form to inform you that your complaint meets the criteria to be treated as a formal CVBR complaint.

File A Restraining Order

If you’re in an emergency situation, call 911.

If you’ve been a victim of domestic abuse and want to take legal action, you may be able to file for a protective order. Protective orders are also known as restraining orders or injunctions.

The process for obtaining a protective order differs from state-to-state. Your local police and court can help you get the process started. Contact your state, county, or municipal court for more information.

Generally, you have to fill out paperwork and submit it to the county courthouse. If you need protection right away, a judge may issue a temporary restraining order. To get a longer-term order, your judge may require a full court hearing and/or your abuser’s presence.

A protective order can be enforced by police. If necessary, the order can include special provisions like:

  • Custody of children

  • Forcing the abuser to leave a home

In some states, a protective order requires the abuser to surrender all firearms.

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How Do I Report Police Misconduct

If you feel that police have violated your rights, or youve witnessed police misconduct against someone else, do not panic. Its normal to feel intimidated. But responding to misconduct is an essential step towards protecting yourself and your community from future police abuse.

There are several steps to the process of combating police misconduct. You must approach them in a calm and organized manner.

Step 1: Write everything down

This step is extremely important and must be done as soon as possible after the incident. Its easy to forget small details over time, and theres no way to know which facts will make a difference later on.

In your own words describe everything that happened from the very start of the police encounter to the end. When quoting yourself or the officer try to use exact words. Be specific about the location, time of day, etc. Replay the events slowly in your head to help remember as many details as possible.

Also include witness names and contact information and the officers names, physical descriptions, car number, and badge numbers. If necessary, return to the scene of the incident to talk to possible witnesses. This might also help jog your memory about other important details.

Only include facts that youre sure about. Be very careful to avoid inaccuracies. These can easily damage your credibility and undermine your important work.

Step 2: Consult with an attorney

This step is essential if you were arrested following the incident.

Get Help After A Sexual Assault

Police Commissioner Complaint Letter

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How To Make A Complaint To The Department Of Justice Canada

The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights defines a victim as an individual who has suffered physical or emotional harm, economic loss or property damage as a result of a crime committed in Canada. All victims may exercise their rights under the CVBR while they are in Canada. Canadian citizens or permanent residents may exercise these rights even if they are outside of Canada, as long as the crime took place in Canada.

A victim may file a complaint if they are of the opinion that their rights under the CVBR have been infringed or denied by a federal agency or department during their interaction with the Canadian criminal justice system. For example, a victim may be of the opinion that their right to information was not respected because the information they requested from a federal office was not provided and may decide to file a complaint through that federal offices complaint process.

The criminal justice system refers to the particular processes involved in the investigation and prosecution of offences in Canada, the corrections and conditional release process in Canada, and the proceedings of Canadian courts and Review Boards in respect of accused who are found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder or unfit to stand trial.

Passport Lost Complaint Letter To Police

A passport is a significant document that is mandatory for any person who wants to travel from one country to the other. This document proves the nationality of the person which is very much relevant when the person is outside his/her own country.

If the person loses out passport then it may bring some serious suffering to the person and the person must immediately lodge a complaint to the police station for it. If you are looking for the appropriate template for this purpose then you can get it from here.

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Complaints Filed Prior To October 19 2009

Complaints filed prior to October 19, 2009 were made to the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services. The Commission will continue to deal with these complaints until they are concluded. Although current complaints will be made to the OIPRD, if you wish to file a complaint for events occurring before October 19, 2009, you must file with the Commission or with the chief of police of the police service involved. If you file with the Commission, it will forward your complaint to the chief of police of the police service involved for review and investigation.

Limitations Of The Cvbr

Never File a Complaint at a Police Department – Sheriffs Office

CVBR rights must be applied in a reasonable manner so that they are not likely to interfere with investigations or prosecutions, endanger someones life or safety, or injure national interests such as national security.

The CVBR does not grant victims:

  • the right of standing in a criminal court
  • a cause of action
  • a right to damages or
  • a right of appeal from any decision or order .

The CVBR doesnt affect rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Filing A Complaint With Oig

OIG looks at SPD systems for areas that need improvement. OIG also investigates complaints of misconduct when a conflict of interest prevents OPA from doing so.

Please note that when submitting a complaint to OIG, OIG may forward your complaint to an agency that can better handle your concern, unless you request otherwise. In all cases, OIG will follow up with you regarding the handling of your complaint.

The OIG complaint form can be downloaded here. Please be aware that Washington State has very broad public disclosure laws that require City agencies to disclose many documents. You may contact OIG without providing your name.

For general questions or comments, or if you have questions about how to file a complaint, here are various ways to contact OIG. Someone will attempt to contact you within two business days :

  • Email:
  • Send a message using the Web form below.
  • When Does The Independent Office For Police Conduct Investigate A Complaint

    The Independent Office for Police Conduct investigates the most serious complaints against the police. Such as:

    • death,
    • serious injury, or
    • claims that officers have done something wrong.

    Your police force must pass your complaint to the IOPC if you have made a serious complaint about the police. Your police force must also pass information to the IOPC about serious concerns, even if you havent made a complaint.

    The IOPC has different levels of investigation. How they investigate will depend on how complicated or serious your complaint is.

    For more information about the IPOC please see the previous section.

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    Making A Complaint About Infringement Or Denial Of A Victims Right

    The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights defines a victim as an individual who has suffered physical or emotional harm, economic loss or property damage as a result of a crime committed in Canada. All victims may exercise their rights under the CVBR while they are in Canada. Canadian citizens or permanent residents may exercise these rights even if they are outside of Canada, as long as the crime took place in Canada.

    The CVBR gives victims of crime the right:

    • to information
    • to protection
    • to participate in the criminal justice process and
    • to seek restitution .

    For more information about each of these CVBR rights, visit

    A victim may file a complaint if they are of the opinion that their rights under the CVBR have been infringed or denied by a federal agency or department during their interaction with the Canadian criminal justice system. When it is a federal government department or agency about which a victim would like to complain, they should use the internal complaint system of that department or agency. If a victim has a complaint about a provincial or territorial department or agency, including police, prosecutors, or victim services, they may file a complaint under the laws of the province or territory.

    When And Where May A Complaint Be Filed

    How To File A Complaint Against The Police Officer

    A complaint may be filed at any time, however, those filed in close proximity to the time of an incident improve the investigators chance of gathering factual information. Complaints may be filed at any state police district, the headquarters operations desk or the Executive Office. District facilities and headquarters operations desk are available 24 hours a day. Hours of the Executive Office are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To file a complaint by mail, please address your complaint to .

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    Can Anyone Help Me To Complain

    A friend or relative can help you to complain.

    If you are in prison, you could ask your Personal Officer, another member of prison staff or another inmate for help.


    There may be community advocacy services that can help you to make a complaint. They are sometimes called generic advocates. But they wont exist in all areas of England.

    Advocacy services are independent to the police. They should be free to use.

    If you cant find an advocate to help you, talk to the police. If you have extra needs because of your mental illness or anther disability the police might need to help you find an advocate. If they do not do this they might be discriminating against you.

    You can find more information about Discrimination by clicking here.

    How do I find an advocacy service?

    • Use an internet search engine. Use search terms like advocacy Leicestershire or community mental health advocacy Devon.
    • Ask a support worker or key worker, if you have one.
    • Ask a friend or family member to help you.

    Member of Parliament

    You could ask your local MP to help you make a complaint.

    You can find out who your local MP is by going to the website

    Or you can contact the House of Commons Information Office on 020 7219 4272.

    Citizens Advice

    Your local Citizens Advice may be able to help you complain.

    You can find your local office at or call 08444 111 444.

    Inform The Business Of Your Complaint

    You should advise the business of your complaint by letter, email, or by phone before filing a complaint with us. We recommend writing to the business before you file a complaint with us.

    Make sure your letter or email includes:

    • the name of the business
    • how your rights were violated
    • if youve reached out to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

    If you advise the business by phone, make sure to note the date and details of the conversation.

    In some cases, you can also include one of the provinces consumer complaint notices to help get a response from certain businesses. There are complaint notices regarding:

    If the business does not resolve your complaint after the business receives your letter, email, or phone call, you can file a complaint with us.

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