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How To Get A Car From A Police Auction

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What Are Government And Police Auctions

Buying a Used Police Car from the Surplus Auction

Legally, government agencies must open any surplus or seized items for sale to the public. That means that whenever the police or customs has seized vehicles, whenever the military has surplus car parts, or whenever a home goes into foreclosure due to loan default, those items and properties are open to be bought at auction by you. Since they must be sold, you can often find quality items, like cars, trucks, and other vehicles, for way less than their usual market price.

Tow & Police Impound Car Auctions In Virginia

Find Cars for Sale in Virginia on your Phone or Tablet with the Free Used Car Auction App:

In addition to traditional public and dealer auctions in Virginia, another option for cheap used cars and trucks is to bid on seized vehicles in city and police auctions. While the inventory at these auctions tend to be a lot smaller, it is possible to get a really great deal at a government auction. Most of these are open to the public and do not require a special license or membership fee in order to bid and purchase. Just be sure to contact the auction location to verify when their next scheduled auction will be.

Most of the links below include pictures and descriptions of the cars for sale. However, these are not always updated constantly so you can contact the auction to inquire about more recent vehicles. You will be able to pay with cash or credit cards personal checks are typically not accepted. Also be sure to bring a current ID with you to purchase a vehicle and attend the auction.

City of Norfolk, Virginia Surplus Auto Auction810 Union St., Norfolk, VA 23510757-664-6510

What Is A Florida Car Auction License

Having a car auction license allows car dealers to buy and sell cars through a car auction. If you want to sell vehicles at an auto auction, then the type of license you need is the vehicle auction dealer license. This type of car dealer license allows an auto dealer to legally hold auctions at which vehicles sell to the highest bidder. Recreational vehicles can also be sold at car auctions with the auction dealer license.

Motor vehicle auctions typically feature used vehicles. Finance companies and fleet operators like to offload used and government cars through these auctions, such as decommissioned police cars.

Although bidders at auctions won’t usually win a vehicle with a warranty, they will find better bargains than purchasing the same car from an independent dealer.

In Florida, anyone who buys or sells more than three vehicles in a 12-month period needs to have a motor vehicle dealer license from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The process of obtaining the license is the same whether you decide on an independent motor vehicle dealer license or a motor vehicle auction dealer license.

Some important things to take into consideration:

The buyers at your auction need to be licensed motor vehicle dealers.If you intend to sell vehicles for retail price at your auto auction, you will need to obtain a VI license, as well.

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Insuring An Impounded Car

“I just got a new car and the quotes from other places were $250-$300 a month, some even as high as $500 a month. Jerry found me the same coverage for $150 a month and they canceled my old insurance for me so I wouldnât have to deal with it. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to save some money on insurance” â Satisfied Jerry User

Havenât shopped for insurance in the last six months? There might be hundreds $$$ in savings waiting for you.

Are Car Auctions A Good Place To Buy

Tips for Buying Police Seized Cars at Auto Auctions

That depends entirely on your mechanical knowledge, your willingness to do research and your luck. Auctioneer Steve Lang observes, “From a $200 Volkswagen to a $200,000 Ferrari, I have personally seen hundreds of thousands of deals come together to the future joy of one party or the long-term sorrow of another.”

With the right preparation and a discerning eye, you could drive home in the best steal of your life. Just be aware that for all the deals available at car auctions open to the public, many lemons could be lurking as well. So, make sure you’re covered with an affordable car insurance policy.

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The Type Of Car You Need

A repossessed car, just like any kind of vehicle in the used car market, comes in different brands and makes. Any buyer interested in repo vehicles needs to know what kind of car they need. For example, are you looking for a family vehicle? How many passengers do you expect to have on board at any given time? Which car is more suitable for your family? If it is a truck you need, consider the load you expect to carry and look at the various brands to determine which one offers the best strength to manage the weight.

Transport The Vehicle Home

Step 1: Tow the vehicle away. Because you arent fully aware of the vehicles operating condition yet and you dont have it titled or registered in your name, tow it home or to a repair shop.

It may be unsafe to drive it without performing safety-related repairs.

Have the contact information for a reputable tow company on hand to make arrangements easier.

Step 2: Have a complete vehicle inspection performed. Have a state safety inspection performed on the vehicle youve just bought. Each state has different requirements for state safety inspection and emissions inspection so find out what your state requires.

Perform the necessary repairs to operate the vehicle safely and to complete the certification.

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Repo Cars Cost Lower Than The Average Market Value

Lenders take most of the repossessed vehicles in the market after past owners fail to meet the payments as per the lending agreement. By the time the lender chooses to repossess a vehicle, the lender would have made some payments before defaulting. This is why lenders dont look for the entire market value of the car. They only want to recover their money. This is the primary reason repossessed vehicles tend to be cheaper than the average market value.

A Guide To Finding Repo Cars For Sale

How to find a cop car auction near you

A repo car dealer auction is where used car dealers go to buy a repossessed vehicle. This is one of the fastest ways that banks, leasing companies or other lenders can sell off repossessed cars and recover their money. Most of these facilities do not have enough space to store repo vehicles. By September 2019, about 2.4 million vehicles were repossessed in the United States. This was an increase of 600,000 units from 2017. In June 2019, 6.7 million car buyers had defaulted on their payments by more than 90 days. From SUVs to motorcycles, we will talk about how you can buy repo cars for sale in online auctions.

A repo car auction online allows dealerships to buy repossessed cars at a reasonable sale price. The financial institutions recover their money quickly, and dealers get more cars to sell at a profit. Repossessed cars cost 25-40% less than similar used cars in the market. The opportunity to increase profits attract used car dealers to these auctions. So do you as an individual, know how to find repo cars for sale online?

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How To Buy A Car

The first step is to find a reputable directory of police auto auctions. The details of the auction are often subject to change so you need accurate information. Police Auctions USA offers the premier directory with exclusive details surrounding the auction. Once an auction is selected, remember to arrive early and view as much as possible. Some auctions require registration simply show identification for a bidding card and number. Once the auction begins, the bidding wars begin. There are some auctions so large that dealerships attend and you will be bidding against them but remember, they need the price to be lower than you because they need to turn a profit.

Why Are Vehicles Sold At Government Auctions

Ex-government, ex-police and confiscated vehicles are sold at auction for the same reason any vehicles are sold at auction, which is convenience. Of course these vehicles could be sold for higher prices if they were sold on lots or through Autotrader, etc. The thing is, it would take huge resources and much more time and effort to sell each vehicle individually to retail buyers.

Even if they were sold for considerably more than they go for at auction, the extra costs involved with selling to retail would be higher than the extra money raised. This is why you get the chance to bag a bit of a bargain buying from an auction.

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Philadelphia Pa Police Auctions: Ex Gov Car Sales

Win That Economical Car Stress-Free At Police Car Auctions

To have a winning bid at the Philadelphia, PA Police Auctions would need you to get a hold of an inexpensive, cheap car that pays attention to your imperative needs. Take it easy!! You will easily get help. Law enforcement authorities take many vehicles into custody including airplanes, boats etc every month. Most of these vehicles are used cars, though how much depends from one to other. The number of such vehicles is increasing day by day. Maintaining these vehicles is very costly for the government, so they are usually in a hurry to sell them.Where to get appropriate information regarding the Police car auction

If you want to succeed at these Gov auctions or police auctions, appropriate groundwork is a must. If you have the right information, getting a good deal becomes very easy. All you need to do is a thorough internet search of places where such auctions take place. Information about live auctions is usually advertised in local newspapers of Philadelphia. For updated information, you need to register yourself with an auction house.

How to participate in the Police car auction of Philadelphia?

You can pay by cash, credit cards, bank checks or drafts. After complete payment, you can drive down your car from the auction location.

How Does The Bidding Process Work

How to Find a Police Car Auction in Your Area

The following steps will help you in online vehicle bidding:

Step 1: Login and go to the car detail page of the vehicle you want to place your bid on.

Step 2: Enter the amount of your bid. Type the amount or feel free to use the + and button. You cannot place your bid lower than the base price or starting price.

Step 3: Now you can choose your bidding method, you can bid stepwise or use a bidding agent. You can take the help of the auto-bid. All you need to do is to enter the maximum amount you are willing to bid.

Step 4: In online car bidding,you need to submit your bid but clicking the place bid option. Once you have submitted the bid, they cannot be canceled or removed.

Step 5: Place the best and final bid with Ultimo.

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Don’t Take The Listing At Face Value Though

Most agencies selling old cars absolutely suck at it. Sometimes the pictures online are for the wrong car, and the maintenance records are almost never listed online, even when they would boost the final sale price. For example, I once bought a vehicle for $700 that I later sold for over $7,000. The listing had the wrong pics, wrong miles, and featured a shockingly common phrase you see a lot at police auctions: “Working condition unknown. Mechanical condition unknown. Mileage unknown.”

Us Customs And Border Protection Vehicles

If there is one category of vehicle you have to be more careful with than any other its vehicles offered for sale by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. These can be a rich source of genuine bargains, but theyre definitely not for the faint-hearted or the inexperienced auction buyer.

The website states: These vehicles are for sale as is and may need extensive repairs. They must be towed from the site. They should not be considered safe for driving until checked by a licensed mechanic.

If that statement doesnt set the alarm bells ringing in your head I dont know what will, but if you know what youre doing you could pick up a vehicle for very little money that could end up being worth a whole lot more after a little work. Or in some cases, a lot of work!

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How Do I Find Car Auctions

Government and police auctions happen all across the continent, at many different times, and by many different methods. That being said, you do not need to pay to get access to auction listings. Federal, state, and local governments list all their auction information online for free. lists auctions from federal agencies. You can find a list of every states surplus site here, and you can do a search for auction information on your local government or police departments website, or contact them directly. Some of these auctions happen online, others you can call in for, and others still you have to be physically present for.

Despite The Rise Of Online Auction Sites Government Car Auctions Still Have Many Of The Best Used Car Deals Learn How A Government Car Auction Works

A Police auction is a public auto auction where you can find some good deals

It is important to have realistic expectations when attending a government car auction. While you can find some good bargains, you are not going to find a brand new BMW for $100.00. Government auctions sell both fleet cars and vehicles that have been impounded by government agencies. The conditions of these vehicles can range from great to not running. Set your expectations and budget realistically.

To find a government auction in your local area, there are government sites that can help you find an auction for free, and private sites that charge a fee for the information. Depending on your needs both types of sites can provide quality information. The following list contains resources and information for each type of government auction:

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Types Of Dealer Licenses

Florida has 10 types of dealer licensing, each with different auto dealer license requirements and dealer license application forms. The licenses are listed below. You can find further details for each license on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles FLHSMV official website.

  • License Type VI: Vehicle Independent Dealer
  • License Type SD: Salvage Dealer
  • License Type VF: Vehicle Franchise Dealer.
  • License Type SF: Service Facility
  • License Type VA: Vehicle Auction Dealer
  • License Type VW: Vehicle Wholesale Dealer
  • License Type DH: Mobile Home Dealer
  • License Type BH: Mobile Home Broker
  • License Type RV: Recreational Motor Vehicle Dealer
  • License Type RU: Recreational Used Motor Vehicle Dealer

Anyone who wants to sell automotive vehicles at an auction in the state of Florida needs to be appropriately licensed by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or DHSMV. While there are six different types of motor vehicle dealer licenses in Florida, only the licenses below allow a dealer to sell their motor vehicles through an auction process:

  • License Type VW: This allows the dealer or licensee to buy and sell wholesale with other dealers or through auto auctions.

  • License Type VA: This license is specifically for dealers who buy and sell cars at an auction, however, not on a retail basis.

Police Car Auctions Near Me

Are you ready to attend a police car auction? Well, to make your life a little easier, weve decided to list the top police car auctions. Our team scoured the internet for many hours to find you the best, easiest auctions, and to save you precious time.

Here they are! Simply click on the link to the left, and find out more about the police car auctions in your state or city.

  • Police Car Auctions New York The public is invited to attend live and online auctions hosted by the New York City Police Department. The NYPD uses an outside auctioneer to auction a variety of high-end items, including vehicles, branded clothing, consumer electronics, rare coins, jewelry, and more.
  • New Jersey Police Car Auctions These auctions feature some exceptional seized vehicles at unbeatable prices, as well as well-maintained vehicles from the police fleet, which are fitted with awesome accessories.
  • Law enforcement auctions PA The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania invites the public as well as dealers to attend their regular seized and used vehicle auctions at the Manheim Keystone Pennsylvania Auto Auction in Grantville.
  • Police Car Auctions Michigan The MiBid website offers a 24/7 live online auction.
  • Police Car Auctions Florida Bidera lists all upcoming auctions taking place in Florida.
  • Police Car Auctions Texas The City of Dallas Auto Pound holds an auction of abandoned vehicles every other Monday, or, if Monday falls on a public holiday, it will be held on Tuesday.
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    You’re Gonna Need To Figure Out The History For Yourself

    CARFAX can be somewhat valuable, but only if the agency had a dealership or an independent repair facility handle the maintenance needs — and larger cities are less likely to do that. Looking at the pictures online can help you quickly cross out the cars that look like they got into a fight and lost — so long as you’re reasonably sure the photos are of the right car. The remaining cars can all be inspected and verified for their condition by you or a mechanically inclined person. That takes a bit of planning.

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