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Are Police Scanner Apps Live

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Scanner Radio / Bbscanner

Best Police Scanner Apps (iOS/Android)

Scanner Radio/BBScanner allows you to listen to all of the scanners hosted by as well as those hosted by,, and Links to scanners hosted by other sites can be added to a “Custom scanners” area within the app.

Free Online Police Scanner Access On Your Pc Smartphone Or Tablet

By DoItYourselfRVLiving

Some people carry a portable police scanner. These standalone police scanner units can run from a reasonable $50 all the way up to north of $500.

But with these scanners, you can only access the frequencies local to your area.

If youre interested in listening in to departments outside of your area, perhaps a better solution is the free online police scanner tools available for your PC, smartphone, and tablet.

Patrol vehicles radio equipment in 1950. Sgt. Terry Blackwood featuredDeMers Investigations

It seems that with everyone and their brother carrying a mobile device, laptop, or PC around in their RV, it shouldnt be too surprising that programmers have made tools to turn your device into a free online police scanner.

After all we can email, take photos, surf the web, and find our GPS location, so why shouldnt we be able to scan radio communications as well?

The neat part about using a PC, smartphone or tablet as a free online police scanner is that you can monitor the radio traffic of different municipalities, cities, states, and even countries.

The Best Police Scanner Apps For Ios And Android

You dont have to be a crime reporter or a private eye in an old noir film to use a police scanner, nor must you splurge on a stand-alone device just to get the inside scoop. The right smartphone app will allow you to eavesdrop with ease and stay informed about whatevers going down in your neighborhood, including arrests, emergencies, and current road conditions. Weve rounded up some of the best police scanner apps for both platforms.

Did you land here looking for police radar detectors? Here are our picks for the best radar detectors you can buy.

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Police Move To Block The Public From Listening To Scanners

More police departments around the country are seeking to shield their live radio communications. Above, a radio in a police cruiser in Connecticut.

A report of a suspicious person crackled from John Messners RadioShack police scanner, one of two he keeps at his home in Knoxville, Tenn.

When an officer was heard yelling Shots fired! minutes later, Mr. Messner knew it was time to go. The 52-year-old construction worker and photographer grabbed his two cameras, his portable scanner, jumped in his 1999 Plymouth Voyager minivan, and raced to the scene 3 miles away, where a suspected burglar was shot by police.

Are Police Scanner Apps Legal

Live Police Radio

Before we begin, it’s worth mentioning that you should check the local laws in your area to make sure you’re using police radio scanners online legally. In the United States, for example, some states have certain stipulations, like you can’t listen to a police scanner while you’re driving.

So before you download an app and start using it, make sure you know all the laws involved.

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Listen To Police Scanners Online

Tim Fisher has more than 30 years’ of professional technology experience. He’s been writing about tech for more than two decades and serves as the VP and General Manager of Lifewire.

A police scanner app lets you listen to live broadcasts from law enforcement and fire department feeds. Unlike a traditional police scanner that requires a radio in close proximity, police scanners that access the internet are available for anyone with the right app or website link.

You can download a police scanner or radio scanner app for free to listen to emergency situations wherever you may be and for whatever reason. If you want to follow breaking news or are just curious about what’s going on in your neighborhood, you can do so with one of these apps that connect you directly to live police feeds.

The legality of these apps depend on where you live, or maybe more importantly, where you use it .

  • Finding the top 100 scanner feeds is easy.

  • Lets you browse for local feeds among all the others.

  • Police feeds can be added to your list of favorites for easy access again later.

  • Shows location-specific code meanings.

  • No Android app.

One way to get a free police scanner is with the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner app. While it does make you watch ads occasionally, it gives you access to lots of feeds all around the world and includes police scanner codes on the same screen as the feed.

This police scanner also includes access to online radio stations.

Scanner 911 Runner Up Best Overall


  • Built-in equalizer with amplifier effects
  • Includes a list of ten codes to understand the action nearby
  • Searches for scanners in every city or county
  • You can listen in the background while using other apps on the phone,
  • Lock screen controls and headset buttons

When it comes to reliable performance, Scanner 911 comes out on the prime ranks. It launches quickly and smoothly to show you a menu offering feeds, recording capabilities, popular channels, and other features youd want from the best police scanners.

Out of many radio scanner apps on Playstore and Appstore, Scanner 911 ranks as the best police scanner app of 2020. Thats an obvious edge, and its mainly because of the value and user experience it provides.

So in case you were wondering which is the best police scanner app according to Playstore and Appstore, its Scanner 911.

Beyond the basics, this is well designed. It offers police codes within a given stream and shows the popularity of each radio feed within your county. Users can also customize their skin to increase readability or visual appeal. Plus, it comes with Material Design and equalizer.

However, our favorite feature is the Scanner 911s map integration. Once you open up a stream, your iPhone reveals a map that shows the feeds coverage area. In our tests, this feature is one thats easy to use.

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The 5 Best Police Scanner Apps For Android

With these free police scanner apps you can use your Android phone to listen in on the police and other emergency services.

Police scanner apps let you listen in to public radio feeds on your phone for police, fire, and other emergency departments. You can stay up to date with any crimes or emergencies going on in your area. Or you can listen to live radio feeds from other cities or even other countries just for fun.

Here’s our list of the best free police scanner apps for Android.

Keep An Eye On The Cops: The Best Police Scanner Apps

Free Police Scanner App

Whether youre following protests or just wondering why theres a helicopter hovering over your neighborhood, police scanner apps help you stay informed on what the cops are up to.

During the recent George Floyd protests, police scanner app downloads have skyrocketed. If you’re hoping to avoid a confrontation with local law enforcement while peacefully protesting or you just want to know what’s going on in your areawhat’s that siren for? Why is there a police helicopter hovering over my neighborhood?A police scanner app can help out. As an added perk, most of these mobile apps can play fire department and weather radio, too.

These radio-scanning apps save you from buying a pricey hardware scanner: You can simply install an iPhone app or Android app on your smartphone. Both app stores are well stocked with options. Some are free, but there are features in some that make them worth paying forthe last thing you want is a video ad right when you’re trying to get crucial info. If you just want to sit at home or in a café and watch police activity, there are several scanner apps available on the app stores for macOS and Windows. You could also simply point your web browser to Broadcastify, which is the feed source for many of these apps.

Police Scanner: Best for Clear Interface and Walkie-Talkie Feature

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Police Scanner Apps Are Surging In Popularity One Developer Is Donating His Proceeds

As thousands of people across the U.S. protest against police brutality, police-scanner apps have surged in popularity.

One such app, 5-0 Radio Police Scanner, shot up the charts to become the most popular paid app in the Apple App store over the weekend, in both paid and free categories. Some half a million people downloaded the app in the past several days, its developer, Allen Wong, told CBS News.

Rival apps like Police Scanner Radio & Fire and Citizen also rose to be in the top-10 list on both Google Play and the Apple App store. They have since fallen but remain in the top 30.

Police scanners, which tap into particular frequencies used by law enforcement and emergency response services, cost several hundred dollars, making them inaccessible to many people. Scanner apps and websites like Broadcastify, use public feeds connected to such apps. Many are free or cost a few dollars.

Wong, who created 5-0 Radio Police Scanner more than 10 years ago, initially started listening to police scanners because he wanted to be a cop as a kid and was curious about their work. He told CBS MoneyWatch that he hoped the app would grow the community of people who listen to police, as well as increase understanding between police and the public.

On Monday, Wong announced that he would donate proceeds from the app to antiracist groups, including the Equal Justice Initiative.

Upgrade To Broadcastify For Even More Options

Broadcastify is the main platform Police Scanner Radio & Fire uses to source its content, but the full-fledged app is also worth a look. For $2.99, you get an ad-free listening experience with even more channels, as well as aviation, weather and amateur broadcasters.

And yes, you can still subscribe to push-notifications just like with the free app.

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Police Radio Scanner For Australian Uk Usa And Canada

The police radar app is presented in the biggest app stores in a huge range of options for everyoneâs taste. Here anyone can find many quality options with no fee for its functions. Application performance equals the opportunities of conventional equipment, and even better.

So, letâs discover the best police scanner app for Android or iOS?

Everyone can see a list of options below. These are options reliable for working in the areas of English-speaking territories. And also they are chosen due to Android & iPhone police scanner app reviews.

From The Radioreference Wiki

The 4 Best Free Police Scanner Apps

The following mobile device software applications are available to listen to and Live Audio Streams. Most Mobile Devices support native MP3 audio streaming from the existing free mobile RadioReference interface. Please list only licensed applications on this page.

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Scanner Radio: Get Alerts When Something Big Is Happening

  • Get alerts when a certain number of people are listening to a police scanner of your choice.

  • Get alerts when Broadcastify reveals that there’s an alert on the scanner.

  • The police scanner can turn off automatically with a sleep timer.

  • Police codes are included but they’re not local to the feed.

  • Runs on mobile devices only .

One thing that sets the Scanner Radio app apart from the other police scanners in this list is that you can set up mobile alerts to get notified when lots of people are listening to a specific feed, which usually indicates increased activity on the scanner.

Feeds in this police radio app can be browsed by ones near you, the top 50, location, and source .

The Scanner Radio app runs on Android and iOS devices:

  • Feed archives and no ads are only available through a premium account.

  • Shortcodes used by police are not displayed in the app.

More than 6,500 live audio streams are available at Broadcastify, with feeds not only from police radios but also public safety, aircraft, rail, and marine live audio streams.

Live broadcasts are categorized into sections like Top 50 Live Audio Feeds, Latest 50 Feed Additions, and Official Feeds so that you can easily navigate to what you might be looking for. There’s also a Browse by Location page to find local police scanners.

Broadcastify also includes these features:

  • Uses have the opportunity to broadcast their own stream.
  • There are several ways to listen, like through iTunes, a phone, or your web browser.

What Does It Mean When Police Go Digital

These devices let you listen in on local police transmissions, helping you stay aware of whats going on nearby. These devices let you listen in on local police transmissions, helping you stay aware of whats going on nearby. This can help you monitor your area for crime so that you can keep your own home safe.

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The Best Police Scanner Apps

You dont need to be a rookie burglar trying to live out GTA heist fantasies to take an interest in police scanner apps. These let you tune in to police scanner radio feeds of your local police, fire and other vital departments, putting you live in on the action as these services go about their vital work.

We say almost because for obvious security reasons theres usually a delay between the original broadcast and what you receive in the app. Its not great for criminals, but enthusiasts and reporters should appreciate it!

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Platforms: iOS

This iPhone app is possibly the most polished police scanner out there, giving some credence to the view that the App Store is far more selective about what it allows into its hallowed halls than the Play Store.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner lets you set up alerts and listen to feeds in the background while using other apps. Its focused around feeds in the US, Canada and Australia, but really you can listen to live feeds worldwide. You can see the exact location of broadcasts and even chat with other listeners on the same broadcasts as you, creating a cool, covert little community.

Sources That Stream Live Police Scanner Feeds Online

ðPolice Radio Scannerð¨Live – Learn to Make Andromo Apps

There are several good reasons why you would want to listen to live police scanner chatter. Its entertaining for one, and it also keeps you informed on various police investigations. Fortunately, you can take advantage of free police scanner resources online so that you dont have to pay for the privilege.

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Action Scanner Radio Pro

Know its time about all the conversations of fire and other situations nearby using this programmable scanner app for iPhone. It provides each ordinary person a function to refuse to get this kind of tool and performs all the necessary functions on more than 6 thousand channels in any place. A person may scan several channels simultaneously to capture information as efficiently as possible. This is an exclusive feature of the application, which costs a small fee for its purchase. Also, it works in a minimized view. Channel sorting tools are very convenient and visual, adding the entire user interface as a whole. This is a reliable option of police scanner for iPad.

Will Police Scanners Become Obsolete

Scanning isnt obsolete. Like mentioned above with many people using a scanner/scanner cell phone apps being available to be used to commit crimes, many PDs are reverting to encryption, usually AES encryption. Companies are too not selling the proprietary rights for some of their system voices to be scanned.

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Scanner Radio Fire And Police Scanner

Scanner Radio has a full set of outstanding functions of other similar applications, but weâre talking about something unique that will force each person to stop the choice here. It is reliable as, for example, UK police scanner app . For example, everyone can create alerts about activity on the desired channel when people hear it . So a person is able to detect the presence of cops or firefighters with this mobile police scanner app. The sound is clean in almost all situations . Also, a person can see the nearest scanners and user activity feed. A person can find a lot of inaccessible frequencies, but in general, the user has access to several thousand publicly available options, which provides a person the necessary info about areas nearby. The developers have taken care of the optimization, and the search for waves is fast. This police scanner app can be installed on all iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

Start Using Your Phone To Listen And Talk On Live Channels

Police Scanner App, live radio by Md Jasim Uddin

Whether you’re using a police scanner app for entertainment or to stay up to date with emergencies and crime in your area, it can be a great, easily accessible resource.

If the idea of live radio feeds intrigues you, you should check out walkie talkie apps for your smartphone. You can use an app on your phone to mimic a walkie talkie and set channels for you and your friends to talk on. How cool is that!

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