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How To Join The Police Academy In Florida

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Florida Sheriff Deputy Requirements

Everything you MUST know BEFORE entering the POLICE ACADEMY | How to become a Police Officer in FL

Florida has 66 sheriffs, one for each of the states counties, except for Miami-Dade County, which has a countywide combined police and sheriffs department.* In Florida, sheriffs serve four-year terms. Requirements to become a sheriffs deputy in Florida can vary from county to county. The generally held requirements are that candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 to work as a deputy
  • Be a US citizen
  • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Possess a valid Florida drivers license
  • Pass a background investigation
  • Pass the vision, medical, psychological, and fitness evaluations and a polygraph test

*In a 2018 referendum, the state constitution was changed to require Miami-Dade County to reinstate the office and elect a sheriff in 2024.

How To Become A Police Officer In Tampa

Located in the Tampa Bay metropolitan area, Tampa, Florida has many attractions and natural resources. The city has 369,075 residents and lower violent and property crime rates than the average for similarly-sized cities and the US overall.1,2 To keep the city safe, the Tampa Police Department employs approximately 951 sworn officers and 261 civilian support staff.3 Continue reading to learn more about the application, selection, and training process required to join the Tampa Police Department.

Becoming A Police Officer In Tampa Florida

With more than 1,000 sworn officers, the Tampa Police Department is one of the largest in the state of Florida. The Tampa Police Department assigns officers to one of four districts throughout the city. Additionally, there is a special staff of officers that support all districts.

Becoming a police officer in Tampa requires completing a series of steps. Review these steps when considering how to become a cop by meeting police officer requirements in Tampa:

  • Step 1: Review qualifications
  • Step 6: Pass psychological, medical and drug screen examinations
  • Step 7: Enroll in training academy

Step 1. Review Qualifications

The first step is to review the basic qualifications and requirements for police jobs in Tampa. The requirements are as follows:

  • Must posses an Associates Degree or an equivalent two-year degree from an accredited school
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must have a valid drivers license
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be in good physical condition
  • Must be of good moral character
  • Must be available to work at any given moment
  • Must not have any felony convictions
  • Must not have any misdemeanors that are violent or aggressive in nature, or reflect poorly on your moral character

Step 2. Complete Application

Step 3. Pass Physical Capabilities Test

Step 4. Background Investigation

Step 5. Interview

Step 6. Pass Psychological, Medical and Drug Screen Examinations

Step 7: Enroll in the Training Academy

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Police Academy Required Criminal Background Check

The goal of the background check is to evaluate whether or not you have the moral, ethical and legal character essential to someone with the honor of carrying a weapon and badge. This means that the background checks given to applicants are extremely thorough. From the time the application is sent in, applicants are being judged. Academies are looking for those who are thorough and responsible therefore applications should be filled out accurately, completely, and in a timely fashion. Preliminary investigations will look into criminal history as well as: education, residential history, employment history, driving record, credit score. There is a chance that the police academy will question the applicants friends, family, past employers, and former teachers to gather information on work ethic and overall character.

Do You Get Paid To Go To The Police Academy

Police Explorer Program

Training is demanding. It requires long hours in the classroom and field, plus outside studying. Thankfully, officers typically receive their full starting salary during training. Its also common to receive a raise after successfully completing academy training. If you can make it through, youll deserve it.

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Law Enforcement Officer Certificate

To earn this career certificate, you must complete the FDLE curriculum. Along with earning the Law Enforcement Officer Certificate from Seminole State, students must take and pass the state certification exam to become certified to work as an officer in Florida. For additional program curriculum information,

Tampa Police Officer Requirements

The Tampa Police Department is continually recruiting for qualified officers. To join the TPD as a sworn law enforcement officer, candidates must:

  • Be 21 years of age
  • Be a US citizen
  • Hold an associates degree or meet another acceptable combination of education and experience
  • Not have any tattoos that would be visible wearing the standard long-sleeve uniform
  • Already be certified as a law enforcement officer in Florida or be currently enrolled in a basic training program approved by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission*

*Candidates must graduate from the basic training program within 30 days of submitting their application to TPD. There is no salary or stipend given to recruits while they complete the basic training program, but the department offers 12 to 15 scholarships per year. The scholarship process opens March 1 every year.

If an applicant meets all of the above qualifications, after applying to the department he or she will have to pass a physical abilities test and undergo polygraph, psychological, and medical examinations as well as a background check. From start to finish, the TPD hiring process takes about three to six months. Accepted officers will complete four weeks of field training with the department before being assigned to patrol.

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What Do Related Occupations Make

If youre interested in how to become a police officer, you might also be interested in related professions. Working as a correctional officer, EMT or paramedic, firefighter, probation officer, security guard, gaming surveillance officer, game warden or firefighter might be on your radar. If thats the case, you can peruse the list of related occupations below, which includes average salaries:

What you earn depends on where you live, including the region, state or city. To help determine what you can expect to make in your particular area, our handy salary comparison tool can help.

Police And Sheriff’s Patrol Officers

Orlando Gunman Was Rejected By Police Academy Due to ‘Bizarre’ Behavior: Reports

Salary Data

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL Metro Area Average

Florida Average

In-state residents: $4,000Out-of-state residents: $9,964.00Tuition is subject to change. In-state tuition rates only apply to those who can prove Florida residency for at least 12 consecutive months. As part of the admission process, you pay $250 for a background check. Uniforms cost approximately $275.

Covering your tuition

As a Law Enforcement Academy student, you are eligible for financial aid and can apply Florida Prepaid toward your tuition. You must pay your fees up front.

Assistance for veterans

Financial assistance is available to veterans who qualify. Contact the Veterans Services Office at 727-341-4271 for more information.

Law Enforcement Academy schedule and length

22 weeks7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.Monday through Friday

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Experienced Certified Law Enforcement Officers

Here are just some of the benefits we offer for our certified experienced law enforcement officers:

  • Pension buy-back for previous law enforcement or military experience
  • Take home car program
  • Retirement plan offers 85% at 25 years of service
  • 3% COLA annually, after the third year
  • 5-year DROP benefit available
  • 100% vested at 10 years
  • Eligible for all Investigations and Specialty Units upon completion of one-year probation
  • Sign on bonus for experienced officers
  • Up to $2,500 relocation incentive
  • Family friendly schedule
  • How A Post Certification Makes Police Job Search Easy

    Gaining a POST certificate can be a hectic process. But, once you have gained it, you will be behind your peers in the job search process. These days, most law enforcement agencies post job opportunities with a POST certificate requirement.

    In these applications, the preferred applicant will need to include a POST certificate. If you have gone through the process to gain your POST certificate, this will be your shining moment, and you will get hired faster.

    While you can still follow the old process to get hired with the police enforcement agency, you will gain a competitive edge if you have a POST certificate. Getting the POST certificate on your own will require initial time, money, and effort commitment.

    Also, before you will finally get sworn as a police officer, the law enforcement agency might provide some additional training and tests. But if youve learnt well at the academy, you will easily pass them. When you get recruited to work as a police officer in the shortest time of application, youll realize that the journey was long but worth it.

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    Police Departments In Indiana

    Candidates hoping to work in a local or city police department in Indiana have many to choose from. The three largest city police departments in Indiana alone employ thousands of full-time officers. Each department has its own hiring procedure and requirements. However, all new recruits must complete a state police academy within a year of being hired.

    Attend Criminal Justice Info Session

    Join the State Patrol

    There will be no in person information sessions until further notice. Please click on the link and view the power point presentation for information on the basic law enforcement academy. If you have any questions, please call 407.708.2187 or 407.708.2299.Application Deadline for Basic Law Enforcement Spring 2022 Day and Night Academies TBD.

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    Requirements For Southwest Florida Police Academy

    The aspiring candidates need to complete CJBAT or FBAT. This is a basic abilities test to determine your skills. The second primary requirement is to meet all the general requirements for becoming a police officer. This includes a background check, physical test, written examination, and interview. A detailed list of the requirements is provided below.

    · The candidate must be 19 years old and a citizen of the United States.

    · The candidate should have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate

    · The candidate must have a valid driving license in Florida with no DL suspension within the time frame of the last three years.

    · The candidate must not have a dishonorable discharge from any of the arm forces within the United States.

    · The candidate should not have been convicted of any felony

    · The candidate should have zero DUI convictions within the last five years.

    · The candidate shall not have consumed drugs for the last five years.

    Q: Can I Apply If I Have Been Arrested

    A: Yes. However, you Must NOT have been convicted of, pled guilty or nolo contendere to any felony offense. Also, you must NOT have been convicted of, pled guilty or nolo contendere to any misdemeanor offense involving perjury, making a false statement or domestic/family violence . NOTE: Your entire criminal history record will be reviewed to determine your eligibility

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    Are You Ready Heres What It Takes To Get Into The Police Academy

    June 12, 2019 By CJevolution

    When you want to start a criminal justice career, you may consider taking on a role as a police officer or a detective. Attending your states police academy plays a critical role in the process by giving you the training you need to handle the challenges of your career. By taking measures to prepare for your career options, you will be able to improve your chances of starting a career in law enforcement.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities within the police and law enforcement are growing at a rate that is average for the overall job market. It is similar to the growth of other fields and industries, so there are opportunities each year due to the increasing growth of the population. Roles within the police force also become available when older police officers decide to retire from their job.

    Exact job growth depends on locality and the needs of your community. In some locations, you may have more options available for your career. Other areas may have limited options for new recruits due to the size of the department or the limitations in the budget.

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    Requirements To Be Employed As An Officer In Florida

    Tampa Police Department Citizens Academy

    Below are the minimum requirements as per Florida State Statute, Florida Administrative Code and Daytona State College Criminal Justice Training Center.

  • Be at least 19 years of age for law enforcement and correctional probation.

  • Be at least 18 years of age for corrections.

  • Be a citizen of the United States.

  • Have earned a high school graduate or equivalent .

  • Have not been convicted of any felony or of any misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement.

  • Any person who, after July 1, 1981, pleads guilty or nolo contendere to, or is found guilty of any felony or of a misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement, shall not be eligible for employment or appointment as an officer, not-withstanding suspension of sentence or withholding of adjudication.

  • Have never received a dishonorable discharge from any of the Armed Forces of the United States.

  • Have good moral character.

  • Have passed a Commission approved Basic Abilities Test, if not certified and attending a Florida Basic Recruit Training Program. A BAT is not required for correctional probation.

  • Have successfully completed the Florida Basic Recruit Training Program for the respective discipline or completed the Equivalency of Training process.

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    Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Academy Requirements

    • Be at least 19 years of age by the time of academy completion.
    • Be a citizen of the United States.
    • Have graduated from High School or have obtained a state-issued GED® certificate or equivalent, as determined acceptable by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.
    • Possess a valid driver license. The applicant must have a valid Florida Driver License at the time of the academy entry.
    • Be of good moral character, as defined in the Selection Center Policy Manual.
    • Not have been convicted of ANY felony, or of a misdemeanor involving perjury or false statements as the terms are defined by law, regardless of whether or not adjudication has been withheld.
    • Not have been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States.
    • Not have falsified their application or personal history forms.
    • Not have used marijuana for two years prior to application. This must have been a casual use .
    • Not have ever used, transported, grown, manufactured or sold any illegal substance other than the marijuana exception as previously noted.
    • Not have had a suspended driver license for three years prior to application.
    • Other eligibility requirements are defined in greater depth in the Selection Center Policy Manual.
    • Successfully pass the Basic Abilities Test and Physical Abilities Test .

    GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education and administered exclusively by GED Testing Service LLC under license.

    Tampa Police Department Information

    The Tampa Police Department has three patrol districts, each with their own District Latent Investigation Squad , rapid offender control officers , a crime prevention unit that works with community and business leaders, and school resource officers assigned to schools within the district. The departments budget provides funding for patrol, operations and other specialty areas in the TPD which include the Criminal Investigations Unit, Major Crimes Bureau, and Special Support Division.

    The TPD Citizens Police Academy provides operational and procedural information regarding the police department to citizens. Through the Academy, citizens can ride-along with police officers, interact with the K-9 team, and learn about the daily duties of cops. Applicants must submit to a criminal background check. Citizens interested in volunteering with the TPD can also apply to the Civilian Volunteers Assisting Police program.

    For youth, the TPD offers organized sports, after-school care, and summer programs through the Police Athletic League . College students ages 18 and older can apply to the College Intern Program. The four-month program provides law enforcement experience to undergraduate or graduate college students and exposes them to the different units and bureaus of the department.

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    Additional Requirements For Entrance Into The Southwest Florida Public Service Academy

    • Complete a CJBAT or FBAT. .
    • Meet the minimum qualifications .
    • Minimum requirements and steps to attend the Law Enforcement Basic Academy
    • Be minimum 19 years of age.
    • Be a citizen of the United States.
    • Be a high school graduate or equivalent.
    • Have a Florida Drivers License. With no DL suspension within the last 3 years.
    • Have not had any excessive traffic citations. Three in the last two years.
    • Not have a dishonorable discharge from any of the armed forces of the United States.
    • Not have been convicted of any felony or of a misdemeanor involving perjury or false statement.
    • No misdemeanor convictions in the last 5 years.
    • No DUI conviction in the last 5 years.
    • Drug Free Minimum 3-5 years prior, depending on substance use.
    • Not have used, possessed or cultivated any illegal controlled substance within the past 5 years.
    • No history of drug sales.
    • No LSD./Methamphetamine use at any time.

    Why Law Enforcement Agencies Enjoy Hiring Applicants With Post Certificate

    56 New State Troopers Graduate from FHP Academy ...

    There are several reasons law enforcement agencies enjoy hiring applicants with their POST certificate. Herere are some of them:

    • Enrollment Savings: The agencies foot the bills to train qualified applicants to become a police officer. They pay their fees and also support their stay in the police academy. If you already have a POST certificate, why should the agency take you through the process again? They make huge savings on the high-cost enrollment.
    • Allowance Savings: Applicants put into the police academy by the law enforcement agency needs ongoing financial support. This comes in the form of monthly allowances, which are part of their future earnings. The recruits use these monies to cater for themselves while training at the academy. When you apply with your POST certificate, the agency saves this money and they dont have to deduct it from your pay again.
    • Lost Expenses on Dropout Recruits: The fact is that not all recruits at the police academy will complete. The training is so rigorous and hectic that many applicants even quiet before the due time for graduation. When this happens, the agency loses money on those who quit. But they eliminate this risk when the applicant already has his POST Certificate.

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