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How To Join The Police Academy In Illinois

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Northwest Police Academy Law Enforcement Administrative Training

New law waives Bachelor’s Degree requirement to join Illinois State Police

3 days agoThe Northwest Police Academy was founded in the 1960s to provide basic training for law enforcement officers in the Northwest suburbs. The NWPA is dedicated to providing the best training and education possible for its members. Our membership consists of police executives from across northern Illinois.

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Macon County Law Enforcement Center

4 days agoOur CY 2022 Academy dates are now available under our “UPCOMING TRAINING” tab For any inquiries or Academy reservations, contact Commander Getz at or 217-330-9091, ext. 1603. WELCOME to the Macon County Law Enforcement Training Center in Decatur, Illinois.

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Iletsb Policy Statement Regarding Mandates

When determining minimum in-service training requirements that a police officer must satisfactorily complete, only Board-Certified courses that comply with Board approved guidelines will be considered.

Illinois Law Enforcement Training & StandardsBoard- Policy Adopted September 22, 2016

  • MTU 9 statement about In-Service Training Conducted by Agencies. The above policy statement means your in-service training will not be counted by the board as meeting a training requirement, unless the training was certified through a Mobile Team Unit , or the Executive Institute. Read more on the MTU9 webpage –Guidelines for mandated training topics board policy statement

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What Law Enforcement Looks For In New Recruits

Law enforcement agencies look for a few key traits in new recruits. The first is that you meet the standards for your age. You must be a U.S. citizen who is at least 21 years old when you graduate from the police academy to start your career. You are also required to have a valid drivers license and you must pass a background check. If you have been convicted of a crime, then you will not be accepted into the police academy.

The police agencies also require that you pass a psychological evaluation and that you have the legal ability to obtain a firearm. If you are not qualified to purchase a firearm, then you will not qualify for the law enforcement agency. The final consideration is the physical standards set by the police force. You must be able to pass the fitness test to qualify for your role as a police officer.

Illinois Police Academy Requirements

SWIC Police Academy graduates celebrate

The Illinois police academy requirements are similar to other states but unique in specific ways. Below you will find the full list of Indiana police academy requirements.

Academy Training- Illinois police officer candidates are required to complete 400 hours of hands on training at a police academy.

Age Requirement The applicant must be at least 21 years of age at time of employment. There is no upper age limit. Note: The on-line application asks if you are at least 21 years of age, or will be 21 within six months.

Residency and Citizenship Requirement Applicants are required to be residents of Illinois with a valid Illinois drivers license. Additionally, applicants must be citizens of the United States of America.

Educational Requirement Applicants must possess a high school diploma or General Equivalency Degree time of application. It is not a requirement that the diploma or GED be obtained within Illinois.

Applicant will be required to take a written/oral examination, psychological test, as well as a polygraph examination.

Automatic Disqualification Factors Applicants are advised that the Illinois State Police will automatically disqualify any applicant who does not meet the general requirements as detailed below. In addition, the following information is provided regarding our criteria for automatic disqualification:

Physical Readiness



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Illinois State Police Training Prerequisites And Educational Requirements

Candidates who have no prior military or law enforcement service are required to hold a bachelors degree with at least a C average. A combination of education and prior military or law enforcement experience are weighed when considering requirements. In addition to meeting the minimum requirements outlined above, applicants must pass a physical fitness test a written recruitment exam measuring character and fitness for duty as well as problem-solving and other basic skills an interview with the oral review board and medical and psychological evaluations.

Accepted recruits must then complete training at the Illinois State Police Academy. The ISP training academy is a rigorous 25-week program that is designed to provide all of the skills and knowledge that state troopers need to be effective law enforcement officers. Training includes courses in crash investigation, control and arrest tactics, first aid for first responders, criminal surveillance, and emergency vehicle operations, in addition to other investigation and enforcement skills.

How Long Is The Illinois Police Academy What Does A Typical Work Week Look Like

A typical police academy class lasts for 26 weeks, and classes are usually held from Monday through Friday. Studies show that a police officer spends about one-third of the work week on patrol duty, another third on administrative tasks such as interviewing witnesses or suspects in custody, and the remaining time on court appearances or other special assignments.

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Oak Brook Village Police Department

The Oak Brook Village Police Department is a community-oriented police department that strives to create a safe environment for the citizens of this town. The highest priority at the Oak Brook Village Police Department is providing quality service and protection while maintaining an atmosphere of respect, courtesy, cooperation and professionalism with all who come into contact with law enforcement officers on duty or in pursuit of their duties.

OakBrookPD also provides special services such as: SWAT Team Response Crisis Negotiation Teams hostage negotiators Bomb Squad Services Crime Scene Investigation Unit which consists of scenes where DNA evidence may be present from blood patterns, fingerprints etc. Municipal Court Liaison Officer Accident Reconstructionist Investigator .

Senior Citizens Police Academy

Illinois State Police Recruitment Video 2019

What is the Senior Citizens Police Academy?The Senior Citizens Police Academy is a 7-week program designed to give participants an understanding of the Addison Police Department and its operations. The program consists of a series of classes, discussions, and tours held once a week and concludes with a graduation ceremony.

There is no cost to participate in the Senior Citizens Police Academy.

Each class will provide interesting information on the operations of the Addison Police Department and issues that affect law enforcement in the Village of Addison.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet and interact with several members of the Addison Police Department as police personnel share their areas of expertise.

What are the benefits of the Senior Citizens Police Academy?

  • Learning crime prevention strategies for protecting yourself from crime
  • Developing an understanding of the operations of the Addison Police Department
  • An understanding of Community Oriented Policing
  • Being able to share crime prevention strategies with other senior citizens
  • Learn the importance of crime scene protection and evidence collection in processing a crime
  • Meeting members of the Addison Police Department
  • Become a well-informed senior citizen
  • Who can attend the Senior Citizens Police Academy?What are the class topics?

    • Crimes Against Seniors

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    Illinois Police Academy Length

    1 week agoHow Long Is The PoliceAcademy In Il? Posted: The requirement for becoming a police officer in the state of Illinois is currently 480 hours. How long is the policeacademy training in Illinois? Academy Training- Illinoispolice officer candidates are required to complete 400 hours of hands on training at a

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    How To Become An Illinois State Police Officer

    To become an Illinois State Police officer, candidates must be 21 years of age and a citizen of the United States, have no felony convictions, possess a valid drivers license, and be willing to accept assignment anywhere in Illinois. Candidates must also have a bachelors degree or must have an associates degree with at least three years of service as a police officer or in active military duty. The education requirement may be waived for those with exceptional military service who have earned a qualifying service medal.

    After submitting an online application, qualified applicants will be contacted to take the written recruitment exam, which will be proctored at a local community college. Those who pass will next complete a physical fitness test and background investigation. Next, candidates will appear for a two-part interview. The first part consists of a formal panel interview. During the second part, candidates must complete a written assignment and give an oral presentation to a panel of ISP officers. Those who are still in consideration will then complete medical and psychological evaluations before moving on to training at the Illinois State Police Training Academy in Springfield.

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    Chicago Moves Forward With New Police Academy Project

    6 days agoNov 17, 2018 ·By John Byrne Chicago Tribune. CHICAGO Mayor Rahm Emanuel inched forward Friday with his new policeacademy, a project he pitched as a tangible symbol of his commitment to reforming the troubled department and an anchor for the West Side, but which has since become a flashpoint in the fight over how to improve the fractured relationship between

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    Physical Fitness Inventory Test Pfit

    UIPD News

    Once a Cadet Class has been scheduled, applicants will receive an e-mail invitation from the State Police Merit Board with a date, time, and location for the Physical Fitness Inventory Test .

    The PFIT is mandatory to continue in the Selection Process. Applicants who do not successfully complete the PFIT or fail to participate will be disqualified from the process and required to reapply.

    Practical exercise performance requirements are fitness activities related to law enforcement tasks. The following practical exercise performance requirements have been identified and must be satisfactorily performed for successful completion of the State Police Merit Board’s PFIT requirement.

    • Sit & Reach Test

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    Are Continuing Education Courses At College Of Dupage Submitted To The State Of Illinois For Apportionment

    No. Continuing Education courses at College of DuPage are focused on providing specific training to professionals in numerous occupations and do not receive apportionment from the state. The courses are aimed at providing community members with educational opportunities in a diverse range of courses.

    Cities And Police Departments Near Chicago

    The BLS estimates that there are about 24,500 police and sheriffs patrol officers working in the greater Chicago metropolitan corridor.5 Chicago is bordered by numerous suburbs that range from small to large that are consistently hiring police officers. The table below provides more information on police employment and crime rates in the greater Chicago area.


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    Illinois State Police Academy

    The primary purpose of the Illinois State Police Academy is to prepare new officers for a career in law enforcement. In keeping with ISP’s tradition of excellence, this goal is accomplished through innovative, quality training and educational practices. The academy also offers a multitude of continuing training and educational programs for ISP employees as well as offerings for other state, local and federal agencies.

    The Illinois State Police Academy provides training to cadets, in-service education to troopers and a basic curriculum to state, county and municipal agencies.

    The ISP Academy is proud of the national reputation it has earned and is looking forward to carrying this tradition into the 21st century. The Academy will continue to challenge itself — using the same philosophy as its focus: “How can we do, what we do, even better?”

    The contact number for the Division of the Academy and Training is .

    Background Investigation & Review

    Chicago Heights officer dies following physical altercation with suspect

    Applicants who successfully complete the PFIT will have a thorough, comprehensive background investigation conducted by the Illinois State Police.

    The background investigation may include but is not limited to, the following areas: education, personal, and employment reference check traffic, criminal, and credit history check and a personal interview conducted by one or more background investigators.

    Once all background information has been compiled, a Background Review Committee comprised of State Police Merit Board Members will meet to review the background investigation to determine whether an applicant advances to the Oral Interview Process.

    Polygraph testing may be required at this, or any other stage of the Selection Process.

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    What Is The Typical Chicago Police Officer Salary

    New CPD recruits start at a salary of approximately $47,000 per year. After graduating from the police academy and completing 13 months as a probationary officer, the entry-level Chicago police officer salary is $72,510. Officers can earn more based on overtime and other pay incentives, and also receive periodic step increases tied to their time in service.


    How To Be A Police Officer In Illinois

    4 days agoNov 27, 2021 ·Cadets currently earn $3,300/monthly while attending the Illinois State Police Academy. Upon successful completion of the Academy, the Troopers salary is increased to $5,390 per month. … From research, the cost of enrolling in Police academy is usually total less than $5,000, and some police departments will reimburse a percentage of that …

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    Summary Of Minimum Qualifications/requirements:

    AgeMust be 21 years of age by date of the written exam or 20 years of age for applicants who have successfully completed 2 years hours of law enforcement studies at an accredited college. Cannot have attained the age 36 by date of entrance into eligibility pool. Exceptions are made for candidates with prior municipal police or active duty military experience. Contact the Human Resources Department for additional information.

    EducationGraduation from high school or GED equivalent Prefer candidates with Associates Degree or hours toward Bachelors Degree.

    GeneralMust have U.S. Citizenship, valid drivers license, and no felony conviction. Must be able to perform essential functions of the position and pass the physical agility exam.

    Vision-HearingMust meet minimum standards for vision and hearing and cannot be color-blind. Applicants who wear eye glasses or contact lenses must meet minimum standards of visual acuity. Vision with corrective lenses should not be less than 20/20 in the better eye, 20/40 in the worst eye, and 20/20 with both eyes open. Uncorrected vision should not be less than 20/200 in either eye. Further details/requirements are available through the Human Services Department.

    OtherU.S. Citizenship valid drivers license physical condition to perform the essential functions of the position and pass physical agility exam no felony conviction.

    For further information regarding the testing process, contact Human Resources at: 309/494-8578 or email:

    Chicago Police Training Division 1300 W Jackson Blvd Chicago Il

    SWIC graduates attended part

    4 days agoGet directions, reviews and information for ChicagoPolice Training Division in Chicago, IL. ChicagoPolice Training Division 1300 W Jackson Blvd Chicago IL 60607 746-8310 Website. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability …

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    Park Forest Il Police Department

    Park Forest, IL police department is a tight-knit group of individuals who come to work with the highest levels of dedication and pride.

    Officers are at the forefront in providing public safety for this diverse community. They take great pride in their service while maintaining an atmosphere where people always feel welcome.

    The Park Forest Police Department offers many opportunities for advancement, including being promoted from within based on merit, or lateral transfers between departments when possible .

    Its also no secret that theyre one of Illinoishighest paying police jobs!

    Three: Officer Field Training

    Once an officer returns from Basic Law Enforcement Officer Training, they begin 20+ weeks of Officer Field Training. Our Field Training Officers are specially selected to instruct, guide, and nurture new recruits to ensure full understanding of our University, policies, procedures, and values. Field training allows new officers to live the day-to-day experiences of our department while also building relationships with our community, undergoing intensive scenario-based training for even the rarest of situations, and completing tests to ensure understanding of training content. During this time, officers cycle through shifts and train with multiple Field Training Officers so that trainees can work through and become familiar with as many scenarios as possible.

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    Expand/collapse On This Page

    The two-year program was developed jointly by the Chicago Public Schools Department of Career and Technical Education , the Chicago Police Department , the Chicago Fire Department , and the City Colleges of Chicago . The program recruits and trains up to 125 public and non-public high school students each year. One of the immediate goals is to provide a pool of qualified applicants for the citys police and fire academies.

    The CPFTA program fulfills the two career education or elective credits that all CPS high school students need in order to graduate. The CPFTA curriculum allows juniors and seniors who are city residents to progress seamlessly from high school directly into any City College of Chicago to complete their associates degree.

    In addition to high school and college training, students have the opportunity to participate in a paid summer internship between junior and senior year to promote a better understanding of all aspects of careers in public safety. After completion of the two years in high school and two years at a city college, students will have met the minimum educational requirements to take the Chicago Police and Fire Department examinations for entry into their respective academies.

    Recruitment events are held at high schools, City Colleges of Chicago, and the Chicago Police and Chicago Fire Academies during the months of February and March. Interested sophomores can apply online each year beginning in February.

    Illinois State Police Salary And Job Outlook

    Springfield Police Department sees big drop in officer recruits

    The starting salary for Illinois State Police cadets is $2,673 per month.1 Upon graduation from the academy, officers earn a starting salary of $57,708 per year.1 Benefits include health and dental insurance and a competitive pension plan. Officers are also eligible for tuition reimbursement and merit and longevity pay, as well as rank differentials based on promotion. Officers who wish to pursue promotion must have at least a bachelors degree with a C or better average earned from a regionally accredited school.

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