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How To Report A False Police Report

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What Is The Punishment For Filing A False Police Report

Sacramento Police officer arrested, accused of filing false report

What is the punishment for filing a false police report?

Posted on May 9, 2022

The punishment for filing a false police report is usually up to a year in jail. However, not all states treat the offense as a misdemeanor. Some states treat it as a felony that carries more than a year in prison.

Falsely accusing someone could also lead to civil claims, such as defamation. Other charges may be filed, as well, such as auto insurance fraud.

Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

Following an arrest, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney to safeguard your rights and interests throughout the criminal proceedings. Essentially, an attorney will weigh your options and, at the same time, build a robust defense geared towards having the charges quashed.

Stated simply, an attorney will:

  • Gather all relevant written statements, including photographs and other documents
  • Identify flaws in the police officers investigation
  • Identify and invoke all possible legal defenses

Hire Qualified Criminal Defense Lawyers

At McElfresh Law, our experience has taught us that innocent people get charged and arrested all the time. Our job as San Diego defense attorneys is to tirelessly work to fight for the freedom of our clients facing criminal charges.

You can rely on our years of knowledge of the law and the criminal judicial system. Our commitment to you is to use both the human and physical resources available to us to help you win your case. Our records speak for itself and past clients with San Diego false report charges can attest to the high-quality legal service that we offer at McElfresh Law.

Call us at to learn how we can help.

Crimes Against the Police

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Fbi Involved In False Shooting Report Investigation At Beaufort High Other Sc Schools

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. – Law enforcement responded to a false shots-fired call at Beaufort High School on Wednesday.

The FBI is now investigating the false claim in Beaufort as well as several other false claims across South Carolina.

The Beaufort County Sheriffs Office, Beaufort Police Department and other emergency agencies responded to Beaufort High on Wednesday morning. The school was cleared just after 11 a.m. after first responders found no victims and no shooter.

Similar fake shooting calls were reported at at least 12 other schools across the state. No shooters or victims have been found at any school.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said some of the hoax calls could be coming from other countries. The South Carolina Attorney General tweeted about the false reports:

Active shooter situations are taken extremely serious by law enforcement. False claims arent a joke and prosecutors across the state will not treat them as jokes. I am disgusted by the recent numerous reports of false active shooter situations at South Carolina schools.

Alan Wilson

The Beaufort Police Department received the active shooter call just before 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. The chief of police says officers were inside the school within three minutes and at one time, there were over 40 officers inside Beaufort High.

Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner was asked how they can deter this kind of thing from happening moving forward.

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How Can The Prosecution Prove That You Made A False Police Report In Florida

Blank Police Report Templates

To sustain the primary charge of filing a false police report, the prosecution must prove four core elements beyond reasonable doubt.

Stated simply, the prosecution will need to prove that:

  • The defendant willfully provided false information or made a false police report to a law enforcement officer.
  • The defendant knew that the information provided or the report made was false.
  • The report was made to a law enforcement officer.
  • The defendant knew the officer was a law enforcement officer

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False Statements To A California Police Officer

Some dont realize that giving false statements to a police officer is a crime in California. Others believe giving police information that is just partially untruthful is just a minor issue with no consequences, but it could lead to harsh penalties

Seasoned police officers typically know if you are lying to them because they have extensive experience dealing with people giving them false information. They are very familiar with the common signs of lying.

For example, body language, emotions, details that dont make sense, changing stories, avoiding eye contact, and lying on minor stuff. They frequently develop reliable gut feeling for detecting a lie. Once a police officer has suspicion you are lying to them, you will get a closer examination.

There are several California statutes dealing with providing false information to law enforcement officers. Giving false information to police officer is typically a misdemeanor crime, but in some cases, the charges are more serious.

A conviction for proving false statements to police can have a long-term impact on your future opportunities.

To give readers a better understanding of the different laws on providing false information to a police officer, our criminal defense lawyers are providing an overview below.

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Filing False Police Reports In New York: Material Omissions

Filing a false police report usually isnt a simple case of whether or not an individual has lied. Of course, an outright lie in a statement to a police officer is covered by the laws weve mentioned above but many people charged with filing a false report have actually made an affirmative statement that turns out not to be true.

This generally means that the person has made a statement of fact that doesnt reflect the context of the incident in question.

Heres an example:

Lets say someone decides they can no longer afford their monthly car repayments. They think that by reporting the car stolen, the insurance company will settle any outstanding finance with the credit provider, and they walk away from the situation without any costs. So, they leave the car somewhere its likely to be stolen keys in the ignition, engine running. The next day, they call the missing car in.

Is the car stolen? Sure so a police report about a stolen car wouldnt be entirely untrue but saying your car was stolen from outside your home while you slept neglects to explain the full nature of the incident. Neglecting this kind of fact could be considered a material omission done so to create a false impression of whats really happened.

In a case like this, its easy to take a what they dont know wont hurt them kind of attitude but law enforcement officers can handle this kind of omission in the same way they would an outright lie.

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Orlando False Police Report Lawyer

Filing a police report is essential for instances like car accidents, violent crimes, and when you have an item stolen or vandalized. For many things, having a police report is a prerequisite before any action can be taken. For example, your insurance company will require a copy of the police report when deciding whether to accept your claim after a car accident. Having a police report can even result in discounts. Some phone companies offer discounts on replacement phones, and the DMV wont charge you for a replacement drivers license if you have a police report.

Seeing the benefits of having a police report can push one to file a false police report but doing so can result in serious legal repercussions. If you are facing criminal penalties for filing a false police report in Orlando, reach out to an experienced attorney. The criminal defense lawyers at The Umansky Law Firm are knowledgeable attorneys who have handled numerous cases like yours. We can evaluate the facts of your case, make you aware of your legal options, and serve as your legal representation moving forward.

How To Report False Allegations To The Police

Former D.A.: How to FIGHT BACK when cops make false reports

People who file false allegations with the police, also known as a false police report, face jail time and hefty fines. In many states, filing a false report is a class I misdemeanor. If you know of someone who has filed a false police report, it is important that you come forward as soon as possible. Investigating false allegations not only costs police time, but also taxpayers’ money.

Contact the police department where the report was filed. Ask to speak directly to the investigator in charge of the case. Explain the situation and possible motive for the false allegations. Offer to provide supporting evidence for your claims and give the investigator all your information for future reference.

Submit copies of any material evidence you may have supporting the claims that the allegations are false. Pictures, written statements or legal documents are all ideal evidence pertaining to cases such as these.

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Filing A False Police Report Is Unlawful

In Arizona, it is illegal to provide false information to a police officer. Under Arizona law, it is unlawful for a person to knowingly make to a law enforcement agency of either this state or a political subdivision of this state a false, fraudulent or unfounded report or statement or to knowingly misrepresent a fact for the purpose of interfering with the orderly operation of a law enforcement agency or misleading a police officer.

In many cases, individuals are charged with false reporting when a person provides a police officer with a false name. An example of this is when an individual with a fake ID presents false information to a police officer claiming to be the individual on the ID. Individuals in a domestic violence case can also open themselves to false reporting. During heated arguments, parties may get caught up in the moment and tell an officer embellished information. After the argument has calmed down, parties may change their original story. This situation can lead a prosecutor to file false reporting charges against the individual who made the statement.

Its All About You We Want To Help You Make The Right Legal Decisions

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Filing a false police report is a crime.

Filing a false police report can lead to multiple criminal consequences. Many states call this charge false report to a peace officer. It is one of the few types of speech that is not constitutionally protected. Lying to a police officer can result in a criminal conviction.

Depending on where the person lives and the extent of the deception, the criminal charge of filing a false police report can either be a misdemeanor or a felony. Cases that cause less inconvenience to police and other authorities tend to be classified as misdemeanors, while people who create greater confusion or harm by filing a false police report may face felony charges.

If you or a person you know is facing a charge for filing a false police report, finding an experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial. You can start your search for a criminal defense lawyer with our FREE search tool right now.

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Were The False Statements Made Knowingly And Intentionally

The key factor in determining whether or not the inaccurate or false police report constitutes police misconduct is to prove or disprove that the false statements provided in the report were knowingly and intentionally made false when writing the report.

In many cases, police officers may misrepresent certain details of an accident or incident based on misperception or inaccurate recollection of memories. Many police reports are written by cops hours or even days after witnessing or investigating a certain criminal or personal injury crime.

If a mistake in a police report was made unintentionally, accidentally and unknowingly, the police officer may not be held liable for police misconduct. If an officer is lying or providing false information with an intent to deceive, he or she may be prosecuted under California perjury laws.

If a police officerâs story differs from that of you or your family member, seek the immediate legal advice of an Anaheim police misconduct attorney at the JML Law. Only an experienced lawyer can poke holes in the police report and determine whether or not the statements provided by the officer were knowingly and intentionally false. Call our offices at or complete this contact form.

Man Falsely Claims To Have Chased Notorious North Carolina Clown

Fake Police Report Template (1)

In a recent example, a man received charges of filing a false police report after he told Winston-Salem authorities that a clown knocked on his window and he chased it, reported WHIO News. Over the past few weeks, people from several North Carolina communities have been reporting disturbing sightings of clowns, only for law enforcement to find no leads. In Greenville, some residents claimed that people dressed as clowns were attempting to lure children into the woods. The man who claimed to have been approached by a clown later admitted the story had been false, and he was arrested. The reasons he fabricated the story were unclear. Authorities say that false reports make it more difficult to understand what actually happened and to distinguish between which claims are credible and which are not.

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Filing A False Police Report: Ny Law Explained

When you go on record with New York law enforcement even for something that feels like a very minor incident your words will be very carefully scrutinized. If something you say in a police report is found to be false, you could face serious charges.

Falsely reporting an incident is a crime, and depending on why someone lies, its an issue that could lead to further charges.

Here, well look at the law that surrounds falsely reporting an incident, the potential consequences you could face, and why its essential that you work with an experienced defense attorney if youve been charged with this type of crime.

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How To Improve The Accuracy Of Your Police Report

A lots going on after a car accident and your focus probably isnt necessarily on the responding officer and whatever notes theyre jotting down in their notepad. However, once your safe, its important to approach the officer and provide them with as much detailed information as possible so the officer can include it in their report.

If there is a specific piece of information you believe should be in the report , its okay to politely ask the officer to add it to the report. Similarly, if theres something you think the officer missed , you should bring it to the officers attention and ask that it be added to the report. However, its important to avoid being pushy or arguing with the officer.

The bottom line is that its much easier to contribute to the police report while its being written than it is to change what the report says down the road.

Have you had any good or bad experiences trying to get a police report changed? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Penalties For Filing A False Report

Filing a false or misleading police report in North Carolina can result in misdemeanor charges. It is a felony to file a false report if it pertains to a child victim or a child disappearance case.

Many times, people may tell a fabricated story without realizing the full scope of the consequences they face. They may feel like they face more trouble if the truth is known, instead of making up a cover story. Some enjoy the thrill of playing a prank and do not understand that lying to an officer can get them in serious trouble. Those who are facing criminal charges may need to speak with an experienced defense attorney in Charlotte.

What Can I Do If Someone Has Filed A False Police Report Against Me

Former La Mesa officer on trial for filing false police report

Lawyers from our extensive network are ready to answer your question.

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Consequences Of False Reporting And Possible Defenses

False reporting is considered a class 1 misdemeanor, which carries the stiffest punishment of all misdemeanor crimes. A class 1 misdemeanor ranges from probation with no jail time to a maximum sentence of six months in jail. Generally, there are fines associated with a class 1 misdemeanor. The maximum fine is $2,500 which also carries an 84% surcharge the defendant must pay. Facing a charge of false reporting can lead to difficult repercussions. If convicted, the charge can be used against you in a future lawsuit or a child custody proceeding

There are defenses an individual can present while disputing a false reporting claim. The key elements that can be disputed in a false reporting case are whether the defendant had the intent and knowledge to provide a law enforcement official with false information. This is why it is crucial to have an attorney begin focusing on defenses as soon as possible.

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