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How Long Does A Dui Police Report Take

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Preliminary Alcohol Screen Device

Off Duty Police Officer Arrested for DWI on Camera

Usually after you have done some field sobriety tests after you got pulled over, the officer will bring out a handheld breath device that he will get you to blow into. This handheld breath machine is called a preliminary alcohol screening device . Under the law it is described as a field sobriety test which the officer can use to detect the presence of alcohol in you.

Under the law, blowing into this device is supposed to be optional the officer must tell you that you can refuse this test, unfortunately officers usually never tell you it is optional to blow into this device and they will make you blow into it. After you blow into it they almost always will not tell you your results.

Can You Depend On The Police Report

So, in virtually all cases, you can depend on the police report being the spine of the prosecution’s case at trial. Read more about how field sobriety tests are used in DUI cases. Once you see the prosecution’s case, you’ll need to address several basic questions: Do you have any reason to doubt the validity of the PAS, blood, urine, …

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    What Happens If You Are Not In Control Of Your Car When The Officer First Approached You

    If any of these circumstances apply to you, you may have an improved chance of success at trial: You were not in control of your car when the officer first approached you. This may have been because you knew you couldn’t drive and you pulled over and started walking toward your home, or a telephone, or a bar.

    Officer’s Observations Of Intoxication

    Garden Grove Police DUI checkpoint: Were out here for your safety ...

    In cases where a motorist is swerving or otherwise driving erratically, an officer might suspect intoxication prior to making face-to-face contact. But in many other cases, an officer comes to believe a motorist is under the influence based on observations made after the initial stop.

    Anything an officer notices that could indicate driver impairment is normally in the police report. For example, an officer might note that a driver smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, or had bloodshot eyes.

    The observations of impairment an officer records in the police report are important because they give an indication of how the officer would likely testify in court. In trying to prove the driver was under the influence, chances are the prosecution will be relying on the officer’s testimony related to these observations.

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    What A Police Report Stands For In Court

    A police report, such as a Traffic Collision Report or an Arrest Report, is merely a police officers documentation of his or her accident investigation. Unless the officer was physically present at the scene prior to the incident and actually witnessed what happened firsthand, then the report is at best his or her opinion regarding what happened based on an investigation. As such, the report is considered hearsay evidence and is not admissible in a court of law. The hearsay rule provides that out of court statements or documents may not be submitted as evidence in court in order to prove a case. But this doesnt mean the officers work and investigation is rendered completely useless. It still has certain limited uses.

    While the report cannot be submitted as evidence to prove or disprove a legal case, the investigating officer may be called as a witness in court to testify as to his or her investigation. As a witness in court, the officer would be expected to testify in like fashion with what is written in the report. In this respect, the report gives you and your personal injury lawyer a good indication of what the officer would be likely to say in court.

    What Are State Penalties For Driving Under The Influence

    A felony is a more serious charge than a misdemeanor. Some crimes can be considered both a misdemeanor and a felony depending on the severity. If you are convicted of a felony, you are subject to a fee the volume of which varies in each of the states. The severity of the sentence depends upon the severity of the charge.

    A third DUI conviction in most cases is considered a felony. Felonies are very serious crimes and naturally will trigger constitutional rights. Should you be convicted of a felony offense, you are under the risk to lose some of your rights, for instance the right to carry a gun. You can also lose the right to vote or the right to join the military.

    In each of the states, a misdemeanor includes driving under the influence. This can result in a revocation of your license. There are also sentencing options such as fines, jail time, and community service. If you get a third offense in a ten year period, it might increase the severity of the crime to a felony.

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    Provides Information About The Scene Of The Dwi Event

    There’s a lot happening at the scene of a DWI event. Whether its road conditions, weather, the behavior of all parties, among other conditions. These external and internal things can all play a role in what transpired, why it transpired, and how it transpired. It may or may not be important to your defense, but a good attorney will look into all aspects of your case for relevant, strategic information.

    How To Get The Police Report In Your Dui Case Directly From The Police Agency

    Watch A DUI Attorney Flawlessly Dismantle a [Suspected] Coached Police Officer for the Prosecution

    As you can see from the above, if you try to get a copy of your police report from the police agency, often they will state they cannot release that to you, citing the above laws. They may say that, as a pending court case, that you need to get any report through your attorney as part of the court case.

    However, police records departments are often used to giving out police reports for insurance or investigative purposes, especially in traffic collision cases. Licensing agencies and background investigation services also commonly order police reports. However, access to these records varies greatly from one police agency to another and depends mainly on their procedures and policies for records.

    As an Orange County DUI Attorney, I have had my clients tell me that they have had success in going directly to the police records department and obtaining their reports there. Most police agencies charge per page for copying police reports, so there is a charge.

    In Orange County, some of the police agencies that have policies releasing police reports are as follows:

    Anaheim DUI Police Reports

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    The Dui Officer Never Read Me My Rights What Does That Mean

    Many people are under the belief, that the cops must always read people their rights any time they make a DUI arrest. There is no automatic requirement that the DUI officer read you your rights as part of the DUI arrest. The Miranda rights are only required when both youve been placed under arrest for DUI and the DUI officer continues to interrogate you

    Criminal Court In Pennsylvania

    Assuming the magistrate decides that there is enough evidence to send your case to trial, the judge will schedule a formal arraignment in the Court of Common Pleas. At the time of the formal arraignment, the judge will be apprised of several things, such as whether there is the possibility of a plea agreement or whether there is a delay in the case.

    If your case is bound over for trial and no plea agreement is reached, you will then go to trial. It is possible to be convicted or to plead guilty. If you plead guilty at this stage, you may be wondering what comes now with a DUI conviction. The next steps are:

    • You will have to pay for an evaluation, which will show whether or not you have an alcohol abuse problem.
    • You will need to attend an alcohol highway safety school, which has a mandatory time of at least 12 hours.
    • After the evaluation, sentencing is scheduled. This includes the mandatory minimum fine as well as jail time for repeat offenders.
    • You will also have your license suspended.

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    How Long Does It Take To Get The Arrest Report And Charges Following A Dui

    • Posted on Oct 6, 2014

    There’s a pending criminal investigation. If the attorney doesn’t have access to the police report, neither do you.

    I am licensed attorney who focuses on Serious DUI Cases such a 2nd DUIs, 3rd DUIs, 4th DUIs, and Felony DUIs and DMV hearings. I also have much experience handling car accident cases. Although the information I provide is helpful, it is not legal advice. Although Avvo makes it clear to consumers that attorney answers to questions are for general purposes only and do not establish an attorney-client relationship, some attorneys prefer to add their own disclaimers to answers. You can set your custom disclaimer here and it will be automatically added to your answers. Do NOT include any direct solicitations or contact information.

    Myth 3 The Dui Police Report Accurately Presents The Facts Of The Dui Stop

    Driver with multiple DUI arrests still on street after deadly crash ...

    Fact This is not necessarily true. Thats because the police report will only present the perspective of police and, in doing so, can result in:

    • Failures to include certain facts or elements of the stop
    • Misrepresentations of certain facts, such as how the driver looked, what he said and/or how he performed on field sobriety testing.

    All of this means that its critical to review the details of these reports to determine where the facts described within them may fall short of the truth and/or may fail to present the whole picture.

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    Dui Breath Tests Take Less Time To Return Results

    A law enforcement officer must offer drivers the choice between completing a breath or blood test if they are arrested for a DUI. Breath tests are less invasive, and they generally return results much faster. However, drivers who complete a breath test:

    • Cannot get the sample re-tested in an independent laboratory
    • May get an inaccurate estimate of their BAC since the test measures alcohol in their breath, not in their blood

    In some cases, an officer may allow a driver to take a urine test, as well, but these tests are less common. Drivers must pick one of the tests after they are arrested for a DUI. Refusing to take a BAC test can result in legal penalties. Our firm can tell you more about options for BAC testing.

    Do I Need To Notify My Auto Insurance Company That I Got Arrested For Dui

    There is no need immediately to notify your car insurance company of the DUI arrest. Wait to see what happens with the case. If you can get the DUI charges dismissed and win the DMV hearing, which many of our clients do, you most likely will avoid hikes in your auto insurance premiums or cancellation of the policy.

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    What Is Featured In Dui Police Reports

    All DUI cases are different, but DUI police reports typically include the following information:

    • The reason you were pulled over by the arresting officer
    • Details about how the arresting officer came to believe that the defendant was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • The defendants performance on field sobriety tests
    • The results of any chemical tests conducted before or after the arrest was made

    If there are multiple officers on-site during a DUI arrest, the police report will typically include a separate description of events written by each individual officer who was involved. Therefore, if three officers participate in a DUI arrest, the police report will probably include three different narratives.

    Contact The Best Dwi Attorney For You In Harris County Tx

    HOUR LONG PURSUIT: LAPD takes DUI suspect in custody following slow chase (FNN)

    In DWI cases, police reports are important. They can provide significant information. They can corroborate stories. They can highlight areas that need further investigation. They can contradict police officers. They can identify officers who may be performing poorly. Whatever the case may be, Doug Murphy will review your police report thoroughly and act where action is needed. He has the skills and resources to do so. Contact Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C. today for a free initial consultation and learn more about how our legal team can help defend you against a DWI charge in Harris County or surrounding counties.

    Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you shortly.

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    So How Long Does A Dui Police Report Take To Receive In These Circumstances

    A DMV hearing also allows you to request your police report. In order to obtain a police report through the DMV hearing, your lawyer will ask for a copy of the discovery. The discovery in a DUI case can include:

    • Your police report
    • Lab reports on your blood alcohol content tests
    • Other legal information related to your case

    A criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles can help you handle a DMV hearing after a DUI arrest. Take steps to preserve your driving privileges and access your police report by calling the Simmrin Law Group at right now.

    our Criminal Defense Lawyers today

    This Is Where An Arizona Criminal / Dui Defense Attorney Can Make The Difference In The Outcome Of Yor Case

    The fact that a lawyer is hired may indicate that the defendant is taking matters seriously and is acting responsibly about the charges. An attorney will discuss with the court factors that may weigh in favor of the accused: lack of prior criminal history, outstanding community member, etc. Next, at an arraignment, the defendant is informed of the formal charges in open court. At this point, the defendent will enter a plea .


    A pretrial conference allows your attorney to negotiate with the prosecutor. The State may offer your attorney a deal. An experienced attorney will then discuss the deal with you, give you options, and recommend to you what to do- keeping in mind your best interests and best possible outcome.


    In a DUI case, most trials are tried to a jury. You have the right to a trial by jury. Your lawyer is an important part of the selection process. Picking the right jurors can obviously better your chances of a positive outcome for your case.

    At the trial, both the prosecutor and defense attorney gives an opening statement and previews the evidence to come later. The State presents its case, then the Defense may make a motion to dismiss based on the State failing to present evidence to convict. If the case is not dismissed, then the defendant presents a case. After closing arguments and case summation, a jury will deliberate, discuss the case, then render a verdict.


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    How Long Will The Arizona Dui Process Take

    This will depend on the situation. Is the DUI a first time offense? Was there an accident involved? What is the BAC ? Do you have an attorney to help represent you and speed up the process? Will there be a trial?

    If you do not understand your rights or the Arizona DUI law and process, you need to call My AZ Lawyers for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Let the experts in Arizona DUI law facilitate this process, which is confusing and somewhat complex if you are unfamiliar with these procedures.

    Once you are arrested for a crime, you are a defendant, an accused citizen. Basically, you are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. The DUI process in Arizona, a process in which to prove or disprove your innocence. It is also a formality governed by the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure. These rules set a structure in which your case will proceed through the courts.

    What Exactly Is A Police Report

    Garden Grove, CA

    A police report is a form that is completed by a law enforcement officer after an accident. They are written to document an officers investigation subsequent to a motor vehicle collision or after an arrest is made. In the context of car accident cases, the precise name of the report is a Traffic Collision Report. However, people unfamiliar with these documents, or even attorneys who dont specialize in traffic accident matters, frequently refer to them simply as police reports. Personal injury lawyers specializing in motor vehicle accident cases refer to them by their correct name, Traffic Collision Reports, in order to differentiate them from arrest reports in criminal cases. In the event of a car accident involving a criminal charge of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, there will be a Traffic Collision Report as well as an Arrest Report.

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