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What To Study For Police Exam

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What Type Of Questions Will I Be Asked

When should you start studying for your police exam?

Many of the questions in the Police Sergeants and Inspectors Exam, will relate to specific pieces of legislation and law, which you will learn during your training and police inspector test revision. Most of the time, you will be given a passage detailing an incident, and then questioned on the offence that the individual in the passage has committed . Essentially, the test is designed to examine the candidates understanding of law. Every question in the examination is of exactly the same value. Remember that the examination is not designed to reflect the realities of working as a sergeant, or an inspector. Therefore, you should treat every question with the same respect and value, regardless of your personal belief towards the importance of the law.

The questions will take on a similar format to the below:

Officer Jennings is on his evening patrol. He is just about to finish for the day. As he walks down the street, he is approached by a man named Mark, who claims that he saw a man driving down a road not far from the location. Mark claims that he saw Steven drive into a cyclist, before driving off without stopping. Luckily, the cyclist was unharmed. The cyclist was named Kevin. Mark spoke to Kevin, and discovered that he is a 42 year old man, with a wife and two daughters.

Fifteen minutes later, Officer Jennings manages to stop the car being driven by Steven. He pulls him over to the side of the road, and orders him to step out of the car.


Rest Well Prior To The Written Test

The day and the night before the test are very important. We have already advised you against cramming, so ideally you are not going to spend it bent over the books. Go for a walk, meet with your friends and have a good night rest. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep, so that you dont feel tired during the exam. Have a healthy breakfast in the morning prior to the test. Include brain food proteins are good for stimulating brain activity.

If you are not familiar with the venue of the test, you should go and check it so that you dont lose time on the next day trying to figure out where you should go.

Improve Your Strongest Skills

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is not only to find what you are bad at but also to focus on what you are good at. If you are good at writing reports or in reading comprehension then it is worth spending sometime on that too. As we all know practice makes perfect. So instead of struggling with say math, you can focus on these parts of the test where you can score the highest result and compensate for the rest. Besides, knowing that you are good at some of the written test components will make you feel confident in your overall abilities. And being calm and confident at the test day is only a plus for any candidate.

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How To Become A Police Officer After 12th

Completed your Class 12 level of education and hoping to become a Police Officer? Well, congratulations because you are eligible to apply for some posts in the police force. Irrespective of your subject background in 10+2, once you have passed your examinations, you become eligible to apply for the post of Constable or Police Head Constable. Check out the table below to know more.

Name of the Post

Head Constable with at least 5-7 years of experience are often promoted as Assistant Sub-Inspector

State-Level Recruitment Exam or SSC

Mindset For Police Civil Service Exam

Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide

Approach the test with confidence and a desire to succeed. Get plenty of rest the night before the exam. Eat a good breakfast so you will have enough energy to sit through the exam and put forth your best mental and physical efforts.

Consistently eating a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol several days before the test may also boost performance.


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The Police Sergeants And Inspectors Exam

Before you take the Police Sergeants and Inspectors Exam, you will of course need to complete a period of training. The majority of the material that is studied by aspiring inspectors and sergeants on these training courses, is the same. The biggest difference in the training is that the inspector syllabus is slightly smaller than that of the sergeant syllabus, and excludes certain areas of the Road Policing Manual. Sergeants and Inspectors will study the exact same exam syllabus material from the Police Duties Manuals: including crimes, evidence, general police and procedure.

What Is The Njsacop Exam

The New Jersey Chiefs of Police Written Exam is the NCJOSI-2

The NCJOSI is a popular entry-level police written exam published by I/O Solutions and used by many police departments throughout the U.S. In addition to all the test topics described above for the NJ LEE, NCJOSI also includes:

  • Basic Math

  • Visualization and Spatial Orientation

The NCJOSI also includes non-cognitive assessment very similar to the Life Experience Survey and Work Styles Questionnaire found on the NJ LEE.

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What Is The Tsa Test

The TSA test includes several topics, such as an English language assessment, decoding, and analysis of images from various technological testing methods. These subjects are used to assess your suitability for the job position you want.

The exam to become a Transportation Security Officer is the same as the TSA test. Since the careers in Transportation Security Administration include security officers, it is most likely that you will need to take the TSA exam.

What Other People Say About Us

How to Pass the 2021 Police Exam | Police Test Study Guide

They are all very happy about using Police Revision.

Ive used various learning aids in the past for my promotion and detective qualifications, and I can honestly say Police Revision is the refreshingly clear and simple way to learn that was sorely needed. I found it very easy to use, its very flexible and affordable and gives you everything you need to feel comfortable walking into that exam. The tutors are very supportive and accessible for any questions. I used it in the car, at the gym and in my down time. Its such an easy way to learn and a very easy listen. I honestly never thought Id achieve the 5th highest score in the country in the Inspectors exam. I cant thank you enough.I used this site to study for the NIE, and it worked a treat. A simple way of learning that explained things clearly. If I can use it and pass anyone can.Ive not studied for a long time. I got hold of Blackstones and realised nothing was going in. I floundered about and resigned myself to failing the exam. I signed up to Police Revision in January and it gave me a structure and focus for study. The audio lectures were great I listened on my phone whenever I could. The questions are very good. the mocks on the site all came in very close to my actual mark. I wouldnt have passed without Police Revision.I passed the exam with 70% and being a person who speaks English as a second language, it is an amazing achievement for me.

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How To Prepare For The Police Written Exam


If you want to become a police officer, part of the application process will include a written exam.

The test will cover a variety of subject areas and may include multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions. Some questions may be general, others may relate specifically to the police department, community, or region in which you are applying to become a police officer.

The exam is designed to test your math proficiency, written skills, and logical reasoning, to see if you have the basic skills to become a police officer. You will not be asked about specific law enforcement techniques or terminologythats something you will be taught at the academy.

You should expect the test to cover things like:

  • Basic math like addition, subtraction, division, percentages, and fractions
  • Memory and observation
  • Grammar, vocabulary, and spelling

If you are serious about becoming a police officer, being well prepared for the police written test is essential. For most departments, a passing score is 70%. Follow these tips to make sure you can pass the written test and take the nest step toward becoming a police officer.

Research what will be on the test. If your police department does not offer its own test prep kit, several online sources offer general police exam prep kits and sample questions. Use these online sources to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that will be asked and practice on your own.

Police Exam test Prep Resources:

An Officer Comes Upon A Young Man With An Obvious Gunshot Wound The Man Says That He Accidentally Shot Himself While Cleaning His Gun What Should The Officer Do

  • Send the man to the hospital, accompanied by policeTell the man to be more careful next time
  • Tell the man to come to the station when he feels betterTell the man to see a doctor to attend to the wound.
  • The officer should help the man get medical attention but make sure he is accompanied by an officer who can question him later.

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    Prepare For The Written Test

    Now that you are familiar with structure of the police written exam, you have to start preparing for it. As we have already mentioned, your first source of information should be the department you are applying with. They will provide you with the details as to what type of test they use many states use the National Police Officer Selection Test . Some police agencies will use tests developed by third-party companies or develop their own tests. This information is of paramount importance for your prep process.

    The next thing to do is to find relevant test prep books, guides and sites that can help you ace the exam. There are also plenty of free prep materials so make good use of them too.

    How To Study For The Police Exam

    Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide

    By | Submitted On March 12, 2010

    The police exam has two major parts the police written exam and the police oral exam. When your career is on the line, as it usually is when you are taking an exam, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Therefore you need to learn as much about the test as possible so that you can prepare effectively.

    The number one secret to passing the police written exam is to become an effective test taker. This means that you need to learn beforehand what is required of you and what the test aims to assess. For example, the police written exam is designed to assess your capacity for inductive and deductive reasoning, verbal comprehension, visualization, spatial orientation and other aptitude skills.

    The police oral exam aims to assess your potential as a police officer as well as your dedication to the job. The life of a police officer is not an easy one and the pay doesn’t even partially cover the sacrifice required. That is why seasoned officers need to assess whether the candidates have the dedication and love of the job that is needed.

    Preparing for the police written exam is just like studying for any other exam. It requires a combination of long-term study and short term cramming to keep the information fresh in your mind.

    Copyright 2010 Donald Cirillo

    For more information about the police exam check out the Police Exam Digital Manual found at . It offers you police exam strategies & practice tests.

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    Top Recruiting Agencies For Police Officers

    The Central and State Government are the only authorities that can recruit police officers in India. No private agencies in India can recruit eligible candidates as police officers. The government is responsible for releasing the official notification for the recruitment of police officers for different designations. The recruitment notifications will either be published in newspapers, websites and/or on different verified news channels of India. Therefore, the aspirants must keep themselves updated with the latest notifications of the government through these mediums of communication.

    Mp Police Constable Exam Preparation Tips

    • Set a goal for each day and plan ahead of time.
    • Try to accomplish the goal every day, but not at the cost of your understanding.
    • Make a habit of keeping track of what you know and what you donât.
    • Maintain a notebook and note down important points.
    • Donât forget to take notes on everything you have learned.
    • Make sure to study each and every detail regarding the state of Madhya Pradesh at all times.
    • Manage time effectively. To crack MP Police Constable Exam easily.
    • Mock tests are essential to analyze your practice.
    • Practicing previous question papers is a must. So, try to include in your daily study schedule

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    How To Prepare For The Nj Police Written Exams

    Best NJ Police Test Prep Course

    Here is a test prep course that covers all three variations of police written exams found in New Jersey. Based upon over 500 5-star reviews on ShopperApproved , the best Police Test Prep course for New Jersey is by Sgt. George Godoy. Reasons students rate NJ Police Test Prep Combo so highly include:

    • All LEE test topics are covered in detail
    • All test topics found on the NCJOSI exam
    • Stimulating, video-based tutorials teach you how to score high
    • Hundreds of practice questions with insightful answers
    • In-depth Tutorials and Practice for the:
      • Work Styles Questionnaire
    • Lifetime access for a one-time fee
    • Mobile-friendly
    • Personal support from a veteran cop and police recruiter
    • Bonus material available:
      • How to Not Fail the Polygraph
      • Best Practices for the Psych Exam
      • How to Impress at the Oral Interview

    How To Pass The Civil Test For Police Officers

    Police Officer Exam 2019 Study Guide | Questions & Answers


    Many law enforcement agencies use the National Police Officer Selection Test as part of their hiring process. This two-part police civil service exam evaluates physical fitness and the basic skills required to perform as a police officer. The test assesses job-related reading comprehension, math fundamentals, grammar and incident report writing ability. The first part consists of a physical agility test that evaluates fitness level. The second part is a written exam that asks 10 to 25 questions that must be answered within 15 to 25 minutes.

    According to Stanard & Associates, Inc., test takers who are required to take the POST need passing scores to move forward in the civil service hiring process. Aspiring police officers must also meet eligibility standards for licensing in their state, which may involve different or additional physical, medical and psychological testing, for example.

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    Math Is A Critical Part Of The Police Written Exam

    Candidates are expected to have a thorough knowledge of the following subject areas:

    Arithmetic addition, subtraction, division, multiplication skills

    Fractions how to interpret fractions and how to convert to ratios

    Ratios for instance: 5:3 and how to use ratios statistically

    Percentages understanding how to critically apply percentages

    Speed, distance, and time and how to work out problems between each

    Texas Police Written Exams

    Police written exams used in Texas vary from agency to agency. The two most common exams are the NPOST and LEVEL which was formerly recommended by TCOLE Today, there is no state-wide standard as the list below will make clear. Fortunately, there is a special test prep course that will prepare you for both the NPOST and LEVEL. See Texas Police Test Prep.

    ATTENTION Texas State Trooper applicants: Prepare for the 2020/2021 Texas DPS Fast Track Testing process with PoliceExam911 by Sgt. Godoy as it covers the written exam topics plus great preparation for the Polygraph exam and the Psychological Interview.

    Applicants still need to double check when they apply to confirm this. Click on the exam link below to learn how best to prepare.

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    How To Pass The Police Written Test

    Passing the police written test doesnt need to be challenging.

    All it requires is that you prepare in the weeks and months in advance. This means having all the required study materials and a long-term plan that ticks off this study in a constructive and productive anner.

    If you have done neither of these acquiring the necessary study materials nor developing a workable, long-term plan we at Police Test Study Guide can assist you.

    With over 600+ police exam questions, hundreds of flashcards, and 50+ core lessons that teach you the facts you need to know in ways you can remember we have successfully trained almost 40,000 police officers throughout the United States.

    Incident report writing is an important part of your career. Prepare now, and it will yield benefits not just for the exam, but also for your future career prospects too.

    If you have not yet registered, select your agency department below and get started today!

    We have put together the most comprehensive and current range of police test materials that cover all aspects of the police written test:

    How To Pass The Saee And Come One Step Closer To Your Desired Sa Job

    Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide

    Each of the SAEE test sections has a different passing score. Problem is, no one knows what it is.

    And thats why its important not to neglect preparing for any of the sections during your preparation process.

    To ensure you get a good grasp of each of the topics, we created a thorough SAEE test prep for you.

    This is by far the most complete SAEE online practice and it includes everything you need to pass the test. You get:

    • 70+ SAEE practice tests covering all five sections of the Secret Service test.
    • Realistic SAEE practice questions closely matching the actual test sections.
    • Step-by-step explanations for every question allowing you to quickly learn from your mistakes.
    • Dedicated study guides to brush up on your grammar skills and sharpen your memory and recall skills.

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