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How To Study For A Police Promotional Exam

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NJ Police Promotional Exam Review Course

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Whats Included?

  • Full access to all Sergeant Exam learning material including:
  • Community Based Strategic Policing in Canada 5th Edition Review
  • Supervision and Management Review 2nd edition
  • Federal Law Review of sections
  • Other Provincial Law Review of sections
  • Ontario Police Services Act Review of sections
  • Adequacy and Effectiveness Police Services Act Review
  • Policing Standards Manual Review
  • 3 Practice Police Sergeant Exams:
  • Detailed answers with links to sourced Provincial Acts.
  • Full Money Back Guarantee!
  • The only Sergeant Exam Course compatible to fit your Mobile Phone or tablet perfectly!

Do I still need to purchase the OPC books?

Yes, make sure to check the Terms of Service for details.Money Back Guarantee2021 Police Promotional Sergeant Exam Course

  • Money back guarantee applies to a mark that is issued by the Ontario Police College for an exam with a final mark less than 70%.

We will be happy to refund your full investment if you attempt and fail the 2021 OPC Police Promotional Exam for Constable to Sergeant, so long as:

Our online Police Sergeant Exam Course is designed to prepare you for all areas of the OPC Sergeant Exam. Due to the nature of the material, only confirmed Ontario Police Constables will benefit from the course material.

Police Sergeant Exam Formats

There’s no point in taking the police sergeant exam until you’ve met the other requirements for rising in the ranks. The Chicago Police Department, for example, requires that you have two years of full-time experience as a cop before you can take the exam and five years before the actual promotion. You also need 60 semester hours of college credit. The test includes a written multiple-choice exam and an oral assessment based on “what would you do” scenarios.

New Jersey offers another two-part test. One part involves multiple-choice police sergeant written test questions, followed by a video section. For example, you watch a video of two quarreling officers who want the same week off. You’re given a multiple choice answer:

  • Deny both requests.
  • Study department policy before you decide.

“Study department policy” is the correct answer.

A variation on multiple-choice police sergeant questions and answers is to note by each answer whether it’s a necessary or unnecessary element for you to resolve the issue. For the vacation question, the only necessary answer is to study department policy before making your decision.

Key Dates For The Promotional Exams

Application Opening: July 5, 2022Application Deadline: July 26, 2022Notice to Appear for Exam: September 3, 2022Examination Date: September 17, 2022 Education & Experience Application Deadline: September 24, 2022Score Release Date: TBDEducation & Experience Last Day to Appeal: TBDEligible List Establishment Date: TBD

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Read What Your Fellow Officers Have To Say About Studying With Our Police Promotion Exams And Flashcards

Since 1985 thousands of police officers around the nation have been promoted using our police promotional exams and assessments to prepare.

with any questions.

Current Exams, Alphabetical, by title:

Basic Handbook of Police Supervision: a Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Supervisors Corporal and Sergeant promotion exams, as well as Senior – Master Officer or Senior – Master Deputy exams.Briefs of Leading Cases in Law Enforcement –police sergeant promotion examsCalifornia Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook & California CodesChallenging the Law Enforcement Organization – Proactive Leadership StrategiesExcellent leadership title for use in Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain promotions. Character and Cops: Ethics in PolicingCivil Liability in Criminal JusticeCommon Sense Police SupervisionGreat choice for police sergeant examsExcellent choice for Corporal and Sergeant exams.Community Policing A Contemporary PerspectiveCommunity Policing Partnerships for Problem SolvingCommunity Policing Today: Issues, Controversies and Innovations – Parsons Community and Problem-Oriented Policing – Effectively Addressing Crime and DisorderCommunity Policing and Problem Solving – Strategies and PracticesConnecticut Law Enforcement Officer’s Field Manual – “The Red Book”

Police Departments Participating In The 2022 Promotional Exams

Police Promotion Test Guide  Pakistan Test Books

Note: Departments are listed on the specific poster or application for which they are participating in. Please locate the correct application that contains your department.

Definitions1YP = 1 year of eligibility required in the eligible title3YP = 3 years of eligibility required in the eligible title

Examination titles followed by: and : The examination weights are 80% written examination 20% Education & Experience.: The examination weights are: 50% written examination 40% Assessment Center 10% Education & Experience.: The examination weights are: 40% written examination 40% Assessment Center 20% Education & Experience.: The examination weights are: 40% written examination 50% Assessment Center 10% Education & Experience.: The examination weights are: 40% written examination 30% Assessment Center 30% Education & Experience.: The examination weights are: 40% written examination 40% Assessment Center 20% Education & Experience.

Police Sergeant City/Town: Agawam, Bellingham, Belmont, Billerica, Bourne, Gloucester, Ludlow, Medfield, Melrose, Middleborough, Milton, Randolph, Winchester

Police Sergeant City/Town: Beverly, Danvers, Dartmouth, Dedham, Marblehead, Needham

Police Sergeant

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Police Sgt Promotional Exam Course

Police Sgt. Promotional Exam Course

Constable to Sergeant Promotional Exam Course content includes all recommended areas of study as indicated by the Ontario Police College.

This course material has been developed and assembled to ensure you will be equipped to pass the promotional exam this year. Due to the nature of the content, only currently service Constables in Ontario will benefit from this course.

Review The Right Learning Materials

Leverage a variety of learning materials as part of your exam prep. Textbooks can be helpful, but they may be out of date. So, you may want to pursue a police promotional exam training program that provides access to a wide range of up-to-date learning materials. This program lets you use learning materials produced by police officers, for police officers. Plus, program materials can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet, so you can study from virtually anywhere.

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Reasons To Use Ios Promotional Testing

Legally Defensible

Each IOS exam has been developed to meticulous specifications and is supported by validity evidence. Nonetheless, the legal system tends to favor local validity evidence. IOS is concerned about legally supporting all our exams and offers assistance with both local validation and transport validity evidence for our promotional testing. Through these methods and the generalized evidence of validity we gather during development and ongoing research and development efforts, our exams have a never been legally challenged successfully.

Validity Evidence

As a testing and consulting firm, it is our mission to make sure that our promotional testing is supported by robust validity evidence. Validity evidence is among the most important aspects to demonstrate in selection. Our Research and Development Division is devoted to continually seek further evidence that our exams measure intended job constructs, knowledge, skills or abilities. Having quality validity in testing ensures that your agency will be able to choose the best person to promote.

Job Related


Learn More About IOS Public Safety Exam Development and Research

The following catalog of IOS white papers is authored by IOS Consulting and R& D teams. Each paper was written as an educational piece to share IOS expertise. Please use these papers as a means to better understand these various topics, as well as to gain insights on

Meet With Top Performers

Online Police Promotion Exams and Flashcards

Take a look at last years police promotional list in your city or town. This list highlights top Mass police promotional exam performers. Thus, you can use the list to identify the police officers who received the top scores in your precinct. You can then meet with these officers to ask them about their exam experiences. These officers may be able to provide tips and recommendations to help you craft a winning strategy for the test. They may also offer support, so you can perform your best on the day of your exam.

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Thoughts On A Recent Oral Board

I recently put together a panel to sit on an oral examination board for the position of police sergeant. All of the candidates were fine officers and did their best to answer the questions from the panel. However, as is usually the case, most candidates couldnt demonstrate in their answers to the panelists that they were thinking at the sergeant not the officer level. Time and again candidates recommended referral of a subordinate to training or Employee Assistance counseling when the matter clearly called for negative discipline. When taking an examination for the next level, always remember to think what would be best for the city of town, the police organization, and then the employee. This weighing of these three variables in the candidates answer is what the panel is looking for.

Build A Winning Strategy For The Massachusetts Police Promotional Exam

With a winning strategy, you can earn a high score on the Mass police promotional exam.

The Massachusetts police promotional exam can seem daunting, regardless of how many years youve spent on the force. But, if you build a winning strategy, you can prepare for all aspects of the test. The result: your strategy can help you feel calm and confident, so you can earn a high score on the exam.

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Take Regular Study Breaks

Resist the temptation to study for an extended period of time. If you feel tired or find yourself struggling to stay focused on your study materials, take a 5- to 10-minute break. At this point, you can grab a snack or drink, get some fresh air, and do whats necessary to recharge your body and mind.

What Other People Say About Us


They are all very happy about using Police Revision.

Ive used various learning aids in the past for my promotion and detective qualifications, and I can honestly say Police Revision is the refreshingly clear and simple way to learn that was sorely needed. I found it very easy to use, its very flexible and affordable and gives you everything you need to feel comfortable walking into that exam. The tutors are very supportive and accessible for any questions. I used it in the car, at the gym and in my down time. Its such an easy way to learn and a very easy listen. I honestly never thought Id achieve the 5th highest score in the country in the Inspectors exam. I cant thank you enough.I used this site to study for the NIE, and it worked a treat. A simple way of learning that explained things clearly. If I can use it and pass anyone can.Ive not studied for a long time. I got hold of Blackstones and realised nothing was going in. I floundered about and resigned myself to failing the exam. I signed up to Police Revision in January and it gave me a structure and focus for study. The audio lectures were great I listened on my phone whenever I could. The questions are very good. the mocks on the site all came in very close to my actual mark. I wouldnt have passed without Police Revision.I passed the exam with 70% and being a person who speaks English as a second language, it is an amazing achievement for me.

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Winning Strategies For Police Promotional Exams

One of the keys to winning that promotion is to prepare now for the test that hasn’t even been scheduled yet

Consider this hypothetical situation: In your line-up today youre told that a promotional examination for the rank above yours is set on the calendar for several months from now. Depending on the size of your department and its turnover rate, it may be many years before another promotional examination is given again. There is a lot at stake: pay, prestige, time in rank for the next position, retirement income at a higher rate, and what-have-you. As you stand there, you contemplate making a run at that goal. Regardless of the type of examination process whether its written, essay, oral, assessment center, or some combination of these you know you would have to score extremely high to have a chance of being promoted.

Are you ready to make the commitment in time and effort necessary to come out number one? Are you willing to put everything else aside and focus on nothing else but studying for several months? Have you discussed this with your significant other? Is he or she on board? Do you really want the job?

The Ultimate Promotional Exam Courses

$369.00 -The ultimate Sgt Exam course. Constable to Sergeant. Includes unlimited access for 6 months to all sections of recommended areas of study as indicated by the Ontario Police College. Provincial and Federal statutes, as well as multiple practice quizzes and 3 fully timed and graded practice exams. All questions and answers include links to source material. Have confidence knowing you will be studying exactly what you need to know to be successful.

$369.00 -The ultimate Staff Sgt Exam course. NEW for 2021 Sergeant to Staff Sergeant course. Includes unlimited access for 6 months to all sections of recommended areas of study as indicated by the Ontario Police College. All questions and answers include links to source material. Have confidence knowing you will be studying exactly what you need to know to be successful.

Use Promo Code: EXAM2022 and save 20%

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Massachusetts Police Promotional Exam Prep: 5 Study Tips You Need To Know

Here are five tips to help you get the most value out of your Massachusetts police promotional exam prep time.

The Massachusetts police promotional exam provides an opportunity to grow your career. With good study habits, youre well-equipped to get the best-possible score on the exam and take the next step forward in your career.

Getting ready for the Mass police promotional exam may seem daunting. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to maximize the value of your study time, such as:

Take Your Mass Police Promotional Exam Prep To The Next Level

When should you start studying for your police exam?

BeLed is here to help police officers earn high marks on the Mass police promotional exam. We provide police promotional exam training program study tips and support that ensure police officers are well-prepared for the test. To learn more about our training program, please contact us online. Or, . Please mention this blog post when you contact us.

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How To Answer Questions At A Police Sergeant Exam


Unlike some careers, you won’t get a promotion to police sergeant just by stellar work at a lower rank. You have to meet the requirements for a sergeant’s position, and then you must pass the police sergeant exam. The form varies among states. You may have to answer police sergeant written test questions, oral questions or a combination of the two.


Start studying the test material well in advance. On test day, answer the easy questions first, leaving the toughest ones until the end. Don’t waste time searching for answers you don’t have.

Regardless Of The Route To Advancement Preparation Proves Vitally Important

Individuals may have to conduct an in-basket exercise, portfolio project, or staff study or submit a memorandum on a personnel issue or operations plan as part of the testing process. Administrators grade documents for content, organization, and writing proficiency.

Officers education levels have evolved along with the policing profession. Those struggling with professional writing must prepare well in advance of the testing process. For candidates who lack higher education, a community college writing class can boost confidence and ability.

Some agencies, cities, or counties have a trained public information officer. Such individuals can share their experience with candidates to help them improve their verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills.

4) Become a student of the assessment center and testing process.

Candidates should know that free, easy-to-access resources exist that can give them an advantage by helping them understand the process and what assessors may look for. Surprisingly, YouTube serves as a beneficialand perhaps overlookedtool for preparation. It features excellent educational videos that cover assessment centers, promotional tests, and interviews, to include explanations of their origins and purposes. Further, YouTube provides both superior and inferior examples of employee coaching techniques, disciplinary counseling scenarios, and Employee Assistance Program practicesall common exercises in many promotional assessments.

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Who Am I And Why Am I Writing This

I am Lt. Paul Patti . I was in law enforcement for 27 years, retiring as third-in-command of a 145-person law enforcement agency.Since 1985 I have been owner and Director of Police Career and Promotion Services, LLC.This site represents the biography of not only my police career, but also my own personal involvement in this business.

As a police officer, one of my early assignments was as Training Officer and then later on I returned as Training Sergeant. One of my specialties was in writing exams – I wrote the first police entry exam for my agency to use in hiring. That written exam was affirmed as valid and as having no adverse minority impact. I was then placed in charge of all police entrance exams, all other pre-employment testing and all department training programs. I picked the best candidates for employment in my agency. If you are interested, here is a quick read about my police career, accomplishments and background.

I went on from there to take department exams for sergeant and then lieutenant, both times ending up at the top of the list.

I knew that if I could show others how to use my study system, they could do the same – end up at the top of the list. This company was born from that simple idea, and has been my mission statement ever since.

I have published and made available this study system absolutely free, and I am proud that it has been used by tens of thousands of candidates. They have thanked me withhundreds oftestimonials.

Stay safe!

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