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What Boots Do Police Wear

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Our Popular Police Boots & Duty Boots

How To Choose The Best Tactical Foot Gear [POLICE BOOTS]

Mens and Womens 5.11 Tactical Black 8 ATAC 2.0 Side Zip Boot– This boot was specifically designed for routine patrol shifts. It has lightweight construction, polished leather toe, oil and slip resistant outsole, moisture-wicking, YKK side zippers and even has a hidden pocket for storing a small knife or handcuff key. 5.11 boots are engineered for speed with feedback from the special operations community. These boots exceed boundaries in all types of footwear on the market, including high-end running shoes.

Galls 8 High Gloss Duty Boot– This high gloss duty boot, provides our police officers a boot that is packed with premium features at some of the lowest prices. It features Texon stability platform, Hi Gloss PVC and 900D nylon upper, classic molded midsole and outsole, Nylon shank and PU foam collar with gusseted tongue. This uni-sex boot comes in a variety of sizes and widths.

Mens and Womens Bates 8 Tactical Sport Zipper Boot– Enjoy the EVA shock-absorbing polyurethane heel and the forepart pads insert in this lightweight duty boot. Designed for urban and rural terrains, this sport boot features breathable PK mesh lining, leather and 1680 ballistic nylon upper, YKK side zipper, Ultra-Lites rubber outsole and a cushioned removable insert.

Do Police Wear Shoes Or Boots

Pairing police officer boots with the Class A formal uniform is pretty simple and will typically require high-shine poromeric footwear. Ideally, youll want a black shoe or boot with a more formal appearance, aka a shiny toe. You cant go wrong with an Oxford-style shoe or even a classic 8 boot with a polished toe.

What Kind Of Boots Do Police Wear

12 Best Tactical Boots for Police Duty Work1. Danner Mens Tachyon 8 Duty Boots. 2. Bates Mens Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot. 3. Under Armour Mens Stellar Tactical Boots. 4. 5. Rocky Duty Waterproof Modern Paraboot Insulated. Bates Mens Enforcer 5 Inch Nylon Leather Uniform Boot. Adidas Performance Mens GSG-9.2 Training Shoe.More items

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Smith & Wesson Mens Security Boot

Looking for all-day comfort? Smith & Wesson Mens Security Boot is the one to set your eyes on!

That is because it is chiefly intended and designed for your overall comfort.

It does contain a number of features and parts to make this dream a reality.

In particular, the pair has a reliable Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate material adorning its midsole.

If you want to know more about EVA midsoles and sockliners then check out this complete guide about sockliners in shoes.

Generally, this pair is extremely lightweight. For this reason, you will find it pretty easy to run around and walk in.

Throughout its exterior is some leather material.

Courtesy of this material, the pair lasts longer.

It also wards off an unwanted discomfort which several other shoes and boots impose on their wearers.


a. Reduces fatigue during those intense working sessions

b. Resistant to slip and is thus safe to walk and run around in

c. Budget-friendly and highly affordable

d. Slow to the common agents of wear and tear

e. Maximizes traction whenever you are treading pavements


a. Narrow bottom means limited stability

b. Demands significant care and maintenance

What Are The Best Military Boots For Running

Pin on Uniformes e Uniformizados

Check Top 12 Best Combat Boots for RunningDanner Mens Tachyon 8 Inch Coyote Military and Tactical Boot. Buy on Amazon. Smith & Wesson Mens Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots. Bates Mens GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Boot. FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Mens Tactical Military Combat Ankle Boots. Dr Martens Mens Combs Nylon Combat Boot.

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What Type Of Shoes Do Police Wear

What type of shoes do police officers wear? Ones that are comfortable, affordable, and which conform to uniform regulations. Generally, uniform regulations require black shoes or boots with other, agency specific requirements. My SO required black shoes or boots, but specifically prohibited cowboy boots.

Choosing Police Work Boots

With so many options of police footwear on the market, it can be difficult to select which boots are appropriate and allowed for each line of police work. Although state and department policies may differ, there are a few characteristics to look for when matching public safety or police officer boots with uniform class.

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Magnum Mens Stealth Force 60 Sz Composite Toe Boot

If you are always putting your life at risk to save others, then you need comfortable boots to protect your feet. That incredible pair of tactical boots is none other than the Mens Stealth Force 6.0 by Magnum.

The rugged and tough boots come with a rubber outsole, an extremely comfortable EVA midsole, as well as a leather upper to ensure that your feet have ample support, comfort, and protection. The EVA midsole also conveys added underfoot smoothness, therefore ensuring that your feet do not feel the ground impact.

Other incredible features of these high gloss police boots include the YKK rounded zippers that allow for easy wear and removal of the boots and the composite shanks that offer support to your arches whilst preventing foot fatigue and strain. Also included on these boots are nylon mesh panels that promote ventilation as well as breathability.

The main thing that I particularly dislike about these boots is their narrow fit. Other than that they are a great pair.

  • These are durable as well as highly breathable tactical boots
  • Their high-traction rubber outsole is capable of handling all kinds of terrain
  • These shoes are water-resistant
  • The boots have a stiff and narrow fit

These Magnum boots will take proper care of your feet, thus leaving you with the peace of mind needed to effectively go about your daily duties.

Which Magnum Boots Are Best

Hilarious video of police dog struggling with new boots

Below is my top 6 from the MAGNUM range for a look at the full Magnum Boot Range go to > bottom of this page.BNWT MAGNUM COBRA SIDE ZIP WATER PROOF BOOTS.Magnum Leather CEN Tactical Uniform.Magnum Mach 2 8.0 Speed Series Boots.MAGNUM Viper Pro 8.0 EN Mens Boot.Magnum Elite Spider 8.1 Urban Boot.Nov 29, 2013

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Are 511 Boots Any Good

They dry really quickly thanks to the ventilation and drainage holes. Built using synthetic materials, they have sturdy outoles with really nice treads. Last but not least theyre really really comfortable even at day one. Now for a buy hold sell rating we give the 5.11 Tactical Boots a five out of five.

Can Cops Wear Tennis Shoes

Police Boots A boot offers the comfort and stability needed while on patrol, while also providing ankle support if running, climbing or kneeling is required. Patrol boots typically have a shaft of about 8 inches tall. Most modern duty boots weigh in under 25 ounces per boot, and often feel like a pair of running shoes.

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Forever Link Womens Round Toe Military Boots

Who said policewomen cant have stylish boots! These Forever Link womens military boots are a great choice for female law enforcers. You cannot go wrong with these remarkable pair of combat boots.

These female police boots are easy to put on and take off thanks to the slip-on design with an inner zipper and adjustable laces. In addition, the boots are made using high-quality leather material and fabric, which makes them highly durable.

Apart from being a functional pair of police boots for females, this footwear can also be used to complete your everyday casual look. The boots are trendy and have become a modern wardrobe must-have! They are perfect for both winter and summer. They are high rated winter police boots as well as summer police boots in this list.

What people love most about this pair is that it is constructed using vegan faux leather. This means that they are eco-friendly and you can purchase them guilt-free.

On the other hand, these boots tend to wear and tear quickly. They are somewhat low-quality boots.

  • They are a fashionable pair of tactical boots
  • The boots can be worn with your everyday outfits
  • They are eco-friendly they have been made using vegan faux leather
  • These boots easily wear and tear

Looking for an eco-friendly pair of tactical boots? Look no further than this gorgeous and stylish pair.

Danner Mens Tachyon 8 Gtx Duty Boot

Arrest me sir

This is one of the best police duty boots available on the market today. The boot is made using full-grain leather and it features a breathable Gore-Tex liner thats designed to ensure that your feet are always dry and comfortable even in unpleasant weather conditions.

These black leather police boots work boots feature an EVA midsole for added comfort as well as shock absorption purposes, which means that your feet will hardly feel those sudden hits that you might experience along the way. And for sufficient airflow, the boots have a polyurethane footbed.

One of the features that make this pair of work boots stand out is the speed lace-up system accompanied by the durable brass hardware, which offers you sufficient support whilst making it easy for you to quickly put on and take off your boots. In addition to these, the rubber outsole provides great surface contact and traction.

The only thing to dislike about this pair is its price it is really expensive.

  • The shoes are made using 100 percent leather which ensures their durability
  • The boots feature a waterproof design
  • The boots footbed offers great shock absorption
  • They are expensive
  • The boots do not have any side protection

These Danner work boots are one of the most flexible and lightest boots that one can get for combat training as well as daily use. In fact, they might be the top boots for academy in this list.

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Under Armour Mens Valsetz Rts Side

Theres a reason why nearly every top 10 list of the best Police boots will always feature the Under Armour Mens Valsetz RTS Side-Zip Tactical Boots. Whether its the sporty design or the massive amounts of technology in the boot, Under Armour must be doing something right.

Sports Design

Typically, you dont expect your police duty boots to look like sneakers, but this brand is simply light years ahead of the competition. The Under Armour Tactical Boots feel like something you would get if you crossed a work boot with a tennis shoe. This sporty design lets you achieve levels of flexibility and maneuverability that were only dreamed of before.

Packed with Modern Footwear Tech

The Valsetz Boots from Under Armour boast of some pretty impressive technologies. The UA ClutchFit tech wraps around your ankle like a second skin for a powerful, secure fit. Moreover, theres the foot-strike guidance that allows you to transit quickly from impact to propulsion. Simply put, no ones going to outrun you with these bad boys on.

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Bates Footwear Enforcer Ultra

The Bates Footwear Enforcer is another great police boot with a side zipper, so its easier to put on and take off. Theres a cushioned removable insert for added comfort. The EVA midsole is also cushioned and lightweight for better performance and flexibility.

The sole is slip-resistant so you stay on your feet with a stable grip. The cement construction provides a stable yet flexible platformand dont worry because its lightweight.

Bates crafted the Enforcer with durable leather and a nylon upper so its easy to polish and keep looking nice. The moisture-wicking lining helps keep your feet dry when youre sweating. The eight-inch height helps support your ankles.


Stay Dry Lining/waterproofing/water Resistance

NYPD officers have controversial response when asked to wear masks

There absolutely is nothing worse than having your feet get wet and then having to stay that way in your boot all day. Not to mention how bad your feet will smell when you take your boots off. It can make your day much more miserable than it needs to be but there are ways to minimize this.

This is where the Gore-Tex membranes really shine. Additionally, look for moisture-wicking antimicrobial boot liners, boot ventilation, and fast-drying materials to help keep moisture out of your combat boots as much as possible.

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Under Armour Mens Valsetz Rts Side Zip Military And Tactical Boot

Under Armour has done it again with this Mens Valsetz RTS side zip military and tactical boot. This particular design feels as if it is the hybrid of a work boot and tennis shoe. It is indeed an amazing piece of work!

This particular pair is perfect for obstacle courses or infantry use as it provides the foot-strike guidance as well as the flexibility that permits you to easily shift from impact to forward thrust. The boots also offer sufficient shock absorption as well as proper cushioning to the wearers feet.

My favorite part about this tactical boot is the EVA midsole. This midsole conforms to the wearers feet properly cushioning their feet, and this makes this pair the highest-quality boots for plantar fasciitis. In addition, the interior of the boot has an ortholite sock liner that provides additional cushioning as well.

The incredible features dont end there! This boot is water-resistant, which makes them suitable for use even in wet conditions. The pair also has an anti-slope rubber outsole that provides incredible traction across all surfaces.

The major downsides, however, to this boot are that it is expensive and that it ages badly.

  • This is a lightweight and waterproof pair of tactical boots
  • The outsole is made using rubber thus offering incredible traction across most surfaces
  • The shoes are comfortable to wear
  • These are an expensive pair of tactical boots
  • The boots age badly they wear over time

Smith & Wesson Mens Breach 20 Tactical Size Zip Boots

All police officers know the value of having good boots. That said, if you are in search of durable yet comfortable boots, look no further than these incredible pair by Smith and Wesson who are one of the most trusted brands of tactical boots.

This particular footwear is made using leather and nylon. Together, these materials offer complete protection to the wearers feet without compromising on their comfort. Featured inside the boot is an EVA midsole that provides cradled and lightweight comfort. And for more even more support, the boot has a steel shank.

The best part about this tactical boot is the rubber outsole. It has been specially designed to reduce traction loss thanks to its inventive pattern that grips hard on waxed surfaces, slippery grounds, dirt, and even fences.

The only thing that most people complain about regarding these boots is that they are not breathable. This causes the boots interior to heat up especially after long hours of wear.

  • Compared to other work boots, these boots have one of the most solid and durable construction
  • The boot is slip-resistant thanks to its rubber sole that greatly reduces traction loss
  • The boot is comfortable to wear even for long hours thanks to the EVA midsole
  • This high-quality tactical boot is available at an affordable price
  • They are not breathable and this makes their interior to heat up after a while

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Duty Boots Police Boots & Tactical Boots

Black police boots or other types of uniform duty boots are essential for law enforcement professionals. They are designed to handle the rough and tumble of grueling police work. Whether it is springing into pursuit, working a crime scene, or standing for long periods of time, the best duty boots give you an edge to meet any challenge.

Because if your feet arent protected, supported and comfortable, you cant serve to your full potential. Galls carries a huge selection of patrol boots for men and women that can reinforce any foot type and assist with any shift assignment.

Finding the best law enforcement boots can be difficult. Picking the best police boots is dependent of a few shoe fit factors including: foot type- flat, body weight, time on patrol, and shift assignment such as patrol, covert or tactical assignments.

After you have decided on the fit you need, whether its a womens tactical boot or mens duty boot, there are certain features that the best police boots have:

  • Construction material- leather vs nylon
  • Height of boot cut- low-cut, mid-cut, and high top
  • Style of eye lets- plastic/metal hook or loop
  • Outer soles- slip and oil resistant, Vibram outsoles
  • Steel toes or composite toe
  • Side zipper
  • Waterproof, Thinsulate insulation, moisture wicking .

Galls has a large selection of Nike tactical boots, Oakley combat boots, and many other brands that offer police approved boot styles.

Belleville Tr960z Tactical Research Khyber Black Side

Pin von Love Leather Pants auf motorcycle cop ...

Remember when I said that even cops have some slow days? Well, most of the other days are super fast paced. There are times when you will be faced with what seems like weeks of hard action policing duty that involves fighting, chasing, retreating and of course, subduing an attacker. Its not police brutality if its self defense or suspect pacification. And with the Belleville TR960Z Tactical Research Khyber boots, Police work never looked so damn gorgeous.

Tank Armor Uppers

The Belleville TR960Z Boots are made with the toughest and most durable leather known to man. Forget pig skin or goad hide Im talking about full-out, full-on, full grain cowhide leather that is engineered to last multiple lifetimes. And just like a tank, you still need some moveable areas for maneuverability. The rock hard leather uppers incorporate a little nylon fabric here and there for just the right amount of flexibility.

Meets Safety Standards

Im not saying that these are not some of the most common compounds that policemen find themselves battling, but youd be surprised just how many different types of chemicals coppers run into. Fortunately, the Belleville TR960Z Tactical Boots are ASTM rated and certified as oil, petrol, and lubricant resistant.

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