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What Do Police Use To Track Cell Phones

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Police Tracking By Cell Phone In Massachusetts

Tempe police using tech to track cell phones

Cell phones are amazing pieces of technology that not only allow us to connect with friends and family, but to use various toolslike GPS mapping toolsto navigate the world. Cell phones are a technology that most people fully depend on in 2021, and often store private data on as such. If police are able to tap into a cell phone to view its contents or track it, there could be incriminating information.

However, police are limited by the law when it comes to tracking cell phones and viewing phones contents. Heres what you should know about police tracking by cell phone in Massachusetts and your rights under the law

What Is A Stingray

Stingray is the generic name for an electronic surveillance tool that simulates a cell phone tower in order to force mobile phones and other devices to connect to it instead of to a legitimate cell tower. In doing so, the phone or other device reveals information about itself and its user to the operator of the stingray. Other common names for the tool are cell-site simulator and IMSI catcher.

How To Do Imei Number Tracking Online

mSpy is a London-based technology company that has been providing mobile monitoring and tracking services for over 11 years. Its a popular mobile and computer parental control tracking software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Macs.

You can now easily find someones phone by knowing how to track a phone using IMEI for free using the mSpy IMEI tracking software. You might think that the app doesnt offer certain benefits, but it has potential value in all respects.

Besides that, you will get:

  • SMS Tracking
SMS Tracking

The mSpy app is particularly composed to develop with an easy method message recorder system. By using the mSpy app, you can get every SMS detail at any time.

Track Location

Now, users can detect every location of the suspected phone using the mSpy tracking software program. The app uses the GPS satellite system in order to get the correct track position.


Geofencing has been developed as a location-based service that limits virtual boundaries around real-world geographical areas. The mSpy app offers a special geo-fencing area feature. Using the service, you can set a safe boundary for your beloved ones at any time, anywhere.

Additionally, with the mSpy app, you can set unlimited numbers to confine in your safe zone, monitor your preferred zone, get email notifications of every entrance and exit, and most importantly view theprevious history of the selective device.

Steps to Use mSpy IMEI Tracker Online for Lost Mobile

4. from a reliable source.

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Final Thoughts: Blocking Stingray Technology

Thats the end of our guide on how to protect yourself from surveillance carried out with StingRays and similar devices. Although there is legislation pending to limit the use of these devices, its currently a complete free-for-all, which means that its up to you to take steps to protect yourself.

At the end of the day, the best way to ensure youre protected is by using a VPN for any mobile data network you connect to. Another safety measure you can implement is to ditch traditional SMS messages in favor of encrypted messages with an app like Signal, Telegram or Wickr.

What did you think of our guide to cellular surveillance? Do you feel like you have a better understanding of how federal law enforcement, intelligence agencies and police departments monitor mobile devices? Is there some crucial detail you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

But What About Tracking Phones

Can police track my location?

The police need a warrant to start digging through cell phones. But what about tracking cell phones with data collected from cell towers?

The police cant go through your phone without a warrant. But when the police track phones using this data, they arent actually physically searching through your cell phone. The data isnt just held in your cell phone its held by your phone company, since your phone pings data to and from their cell towers any time your phone is on. The police wouldnt need your physical phone to track it they could just get the data from your phone company.

Even though using data from cell towers to track your phone isnt a physical search, keep in mind that anything that invades your reasonable expectation of privacy is considered a search under the Fourth Amendment, even if that invasion isnt done physically.

You probably dont have any expectation of privacy in your location if you are walking down a busy street everyone can see you, including the police. But what about your location over the course of days, weeks, or months?

So if the police want this data, they can get it, but they would probably have to get a warrant signed by a judge first. Before they get that warrant, they would need probable cause. In other words, they would have to have a reasonable basis to believe that this cell phone data shows evidence of some crime.

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Cell Phone Tracking By Police: 2 Key Court Decisions Explained

As this issue continues to evolve, do your best to keep informed on the latest developments

Recent Supreme Court decisions in two cases related to law enforcement and cell phones a 2012 case on tracking suspects with a GPS and a 2014 case on cell phone searches has left some police leaders and policy makers wondering what cops are actually allowed and empowered to do with regard to cell phone tracking. Here, we clear up some of that confusion.

In U.S. v. Jones , the Supreme Court decided 9-0 that police violated the Fourth Amendments protection against unreasonable search and seizures when they surreptitiously installed a GPS tracking device on a car driven by a suspected drug dealer. Police initially obtained a warrant but installed the device after the warrant expired. The government argued no warrant was required.

Jones settled that police must get a warrant to install a GPS on a car. But, the unanimous decision contains a lot of disagreement that leaves unsettled whether police need a warrant to remotely track cell phones.

So lets examine the Jones decision, which is really three opinions in one.

Yes, all nine Justices concluded installing a GPS on a car without a warrant violated the Fourth Amendment.

But they based that decision on different rationales.

Its the two concurring opinions in Jones that delve into 21st century technology.

Protect Your Google Account

If you have a Google account, its important to check your location settings to ensure that you arent sharing your location with unwanted parties. If youve shared your location with someone in the past, they may still be able to access it through Google.

Google also has a feature that allows you to track all of your past movements even when you dont have a Google application running. This can be helpful if you want to see where youve been or remember how to get somewhere, but it also leaves you vulnerable if someone hacks your Google account.

To keep your Google account secure and protect your location information from attackers, remember to update your password and privacy settings regularly. You can also turn off Google location tracking or delete your movement history in your phones settings.

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Cellphone And Smart Device Location Data: Where Does It Come From

Cellphone and wireless service providers and tech companies store certain historical and real-time location data gleaned from cellphone connections with cell towers, GPS satellite tracking, and smart device applications and operating systems. Law enforcement can request this data using a court order or warrant. Some examples of this data include:

Historical CSLI. A typical cellphone produces a time-stamped record every time it connects to a cell site. This record is referred to as “cell-site location information” . With CSLI, police can get a really good idea of where someone’s phone has been, allowing them to piece together past eventsfor instance, connecting the dots as to a suspect’s location at the scene of a crime.

Real-time CSLI. To obtain real-time data, a service provider can either contemporaneously monitor a phone’s CSLI connections or “ping” a user’s cellphone and force it to reveal its location. This real-time data can provides police with information on a suspect’s current whereabouts.

GPS movements. A phone or car’s GPS system tracks its movements using satellite signals. This information might be stored on the phone or vehicle itself or transmitted to a repository. It can also be relayed to police in real time.

Use A Private Browser

How do the police track a mobile phone? (AKIO TV)

Popular internet browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox use your location to perform various tasks, from targeting ads to personalizing your search results. This can be helpful if youre looking for restaurants near you or things to do in your area, but it also means that the browser is constantly storing your location and other personal information.

To help prevent this, you can turn off location tracking in your browsers privacy settings or switch to a private browser. Private search engines like DuckDuckGo and MetaGer allow you to surf the web without collecting your IP address, location or search information. This reduces the risk of hackers accessing your location or other sensitive information through your online activity.

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This Isnt Your Fathers Cell Phone Surveillance

Anyone whos watched true-crime shows like Forensic Files or listened to the Serial podcast knows that cops can get cell phone location data and figure out at least to some extent where users were and when. Cops have been relying on this kind of technology at least since cell phones become popular in the late 1990s.

This kind of spying can be accomplished via something called a Tower Dump, according to USA Today: Cops can examine phone company data to figure out which cell phones were near specific cell towers at specific times. Then they could try to get more detailed information about individual phones.

The StingRay technology, by contrast, is live: It grabs signals from the airwaves in real time and provides cops with data about all cell phones that transmit in the area by tricking the phones into thinking the StingRay device is a cell tower.

The technology could potentially be used to track people as they move around with their cell phones, even inside private buildings. A device hidden in, say, a police van presumably would only be able to track cell phones in a small area, but U.S. marshals have reportedly deployed the technology in small planes to greatly expand the areas that can be monitored. At least five metro areas have been targeted, according to The Wall Street Journal.

You May Be Able To Detect Tracking

An app for Android phones released last week called SnoopSnitch promises to detect whether your phone is being tracked by StingRay-style cell phone surveillance technology. But, as Slate notes, they wont prevent the tracking from taking place. Youll need to turn off your cell phone to do that, and it might help to remove the battery too. Occupy.com, which warned about StingRay surveillance of Occupy protesters, offers some other strategies, such as privacy cases.

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Warrantless Searches Mobile Phones

Society is more connected now than ever before, but does that mean police should be allowed access to historical locational data from cell phones to make arrests or build evidence?

Should legislators or courts mandate police enforcement acquire a warrant before accessing any locational data gathered from cell phones?

Do you have concerns about government agencies using stingray devices to acquire information from mobile phone systems or how they utilize tracking location by cell phone technology?

Why Cocofinder Is The Best Imei Tracking App

Researchers to track technology, find best tool to aid police ...

CocoFinder is the go-to application wherever a phone is lost due to the many features it offers that dull out other tracking applications. It is not only reliable but also one that comes under an affordable price tag. Additional utilities of the service include, background checking, searching addresses and people in general.

Moreover, the user can also download the info for their convenience. Moreover, there are no legal issues when using CocoFinder since most of the data it uses is already available to the public.

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend going with CocoFinder to track a device using IMEI.

  • Extensive Database with Fast Results

The problem with other tracking applications is that when a search is conducted, the results come back with no data claiming it doesnt exist in their database. Whereas CocoFinder has access to a vast database, enabling the user to find information on almost anyone.

Moreover, the information is easy to obtain through the user-friendly UI, which resembles that of Google, a site all are well acquainted within their daily routine.

  • No Tracking of Data

Another great feature that CocoFinder offers is anonymity. The user can search for anyone by phone number through CocoFinder without revealing their identity. The target has no way of finding out about the users searches on them.

  • Accurate Information

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Police Can Track Your Cell Phone Location History Without A Warrant

Ruling means that only a court order is needed

You don’t really need that cell phone or own the location data that comes with using such a device, reasoned a federal appeals court this week.

This resulted in a 2-1 decision by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Texas which found that law enforcement isn’t required to obtain search warrant to access your cell phone records, noted the AP.

Instead, police need a less stringent court order in which they only need to demonstrate “reasonable grounds” to access cell site tower location information.

It overturns a previous ruling out of Houston in which a federal judge maintained that this form of cell phone data is constitutionally protected from search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment.

Is It Safe To Give Your Imei Number To Anyone

IMEI number can potentially be misused, which is why you should only share it with those you trust, e.g. your mobile operator, law enforcement authorities, your employer etc. There may be occasions when your mobile operator may request the IMEI number of your device for enabling/disabling services.

For example, you need your IMEI number if you want to unlock a mobile phone. If your IMEI gets into the wrong hands, it can potentially be misused. Even though the IMEI number is unique and stays with the mobile device for its lifecycle, it is technically possible for someone to alter it. Making any modification to the IMEI number is called unblocking, a criminal offence under UK laws. If someone with bad intentions gets hold of your IMEI number, and if they have access to specialised tools, they can potentially use your IMEI on any other mobile phone. If that phone then gets used for any illegal activities, your IMEI number can be at the risk of becoming a scapegoat.

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What Else Will Spyic Do For Me

Spyics functionality isnt just limited to location tracking. With its high end features, it has so much more to offer.

  • Keylogger:

  • Spyic has a unique keylogger feature that records all the keystrokes that the user has typed. You will know everything from their search history to their typed messages, usernames, and passwords.

    Spyics call monitor feature keeps a track of all the calls that are made or received by the user. You will see all call details like call duration, caller identity, time stamps, etc. You can even record the phone calls to know what they are talking about.

  • Social Media Monitor:

  • Social media monitor has dedicated modules for Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. You will see all the chats of the user in this section. You will know the messages that they are sending and receiving. You will even see the messages that the user has deleted.

  • Website Monitor:

  • Website monitor shows you whatever the user browses on the internet. You can see the entire browser history of the user. You can even block access to any specific websites if you wish.

    This is just a glimpse into the wonderful world of Spyic. To know all of its features, head over here and check out for yourself.

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    App To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing

    How do police track phones without a warrant?

    There arent many mobile phone location tracking solutions as stealthy as Spyic:

    1. You can set up Spyic without getting caught

    Setting up Spyic takes only a few minutes. You wont need to root or jailbreak the target device. For iOS devices, you can set up Spyic remotely without touching them.

    If youre installing Spyic on an Android device, you only have to access it physically for 3 minutes. Afterward, you can download and install the Spyic app on it. Afterward, you can hide the app. Then you never have to touch it again.

    2. Spyic works in secret

    Spyic can track the target cell phone without the owners awareness. The iOS version of Spyic is a web-based app that works without software. As a result, it cant be detected. The Android version is a hidden app that works in the background.

    3. Spyic is a reliable and safe cell phone tracker

    Finally, you can trust Spyic. The app has a good reputation. Its been verified by countless users. Your personal data is also safe and never stored on the apps server. You can use Spyic to monitor the phones movements at no risk to yourself.

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