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Is There An App That Tells You Where Police Are

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The App That Tells You About Police Activity Nearby

Chicago Police search for man groping women from motorized skaeboard

Citizen alerts you so that you can run out and catch it on video for all to see.

The app is called Citizen, and for now it’s available only in New York City. Ruddy Roye, a photojournalist and former AP stringer, followed Citizen’s alerts for a week this summer and recorded the results for Popular Mechanics. His report:

This story appears in the October 2017 issue.

Shortcoming Of Waze: The Cons

The biggest downfall of Waze is that it relies heavily on other users, so drivers who are in areas where there may not be many Wazers might not get the value from this app that users in cities like New York or L.A. might. Another downfall is that there are no walking, biking or bus routes options. The app also can drain your battery a bit more than other traditional traffic apps as it continues to report data in the background even when not navigating.

Waze has also been bought by Google and many of their features have been added to the standard Google Maps interface, making the technology less unique. However, the premium features have stayed with Waze. Which leads us to our number two choice.

Whats Great About Apple Maps: The Pros

Being a newer app on the market, Apple Maps has surely had to move quick to catch up with competitors. Like the other two apps, Apple Maps provides navigation for its users and updates and reroutes as necessary if there is traffic present.

One of the unique Apple Maps features is its Flyover Mode which allows you to see a 3D rendering of the map and allows you to fly over the city or area you want like if you were in a helicopter.

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Now Gps Can Tell You Where The Cops Are

Flashing oncoming motorists with your high beams used to be an effective, if low-tech, way to warn them about speed traps up the road. But radar-gun wielding cops have increasingly given way to with a click of a shutter, and those can be hard to spot. The trend toward cameras has not only increased the number of busted speeders and red-light runners, it’s been a bonanza for municipal coffers.

But now the wonders of Web 2.0 and portable navigation systems can use motorists’ tips and Microsoft Virtual Earth to help keep you from appearing on your local police department’s version of candid camera. It’s a lot more effective than relying on a bleating radar detector.

Shannon Atkinson launched as a place for gearheads to shoot the breeze about anything and everything auto-related. It wasn’t long before he sensed a theme in the posts. One of the biggest topics on the site became speed traps and cameras, Atkinson told us. “People want to know about those whether theyre a truck driver, a road warrior or just someone who wants to drive without worrying about it.

So Atkinson added Speedtrap, a feature that combines drivers’ tips with Microsoft Virtual Earth to identify speed traps – either a real, live cop with a radar gun or one of those damned cameras – throughout the U.S. There’s even a few foreign cities, such as London, Toronto and Rome.

What Are The Terms And Conditions Of Use For The Nz Police App

Dubai Police app: Yesterday I got into an accident  10 minutes later I ...

NZ Polices website Terms and Conditions also apply to the information contained on the NZ Police app. Users may be prompted by NZ Police to add or download photos/images relating to news articles to their photo library . Users can choose to do this or not.

For full Terms and Conditions of use go to

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Top 10 Radar Detector Apps For Android And Ios

Going over the speed limit is a common thing people end up doing at some point in their lives. They can either do it on purpose for a fun experience or accidentally when they’re in a rush. But the police have their eye out for the speeding vehicle. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get a speeding ticket.

In that case, a handy application software like the radar detector is what you need. With this software installed in your vehicle, you can easily get away with speeding by knowing which places don’t have police cars waiting on the side of the road for speeding cars.

And in case the police are near, you can slow down your vehicle enough to not get suspected. But which radar detector is best suited to you? You can find that out by reading this review on the top 10 radar detector apps for Android and iOS.

Best School Safety News App For Students

From Eric Martin on September 04, 2015 :: 5:37 am

There are lot of safety apps are available for personal safety which are very useful and protective. These kind of safety apps are basically used for both emergency and non emergency alert system which is used for tracking the position. with the help of these alert systems we need to just press the button and we are immediately connected with our friends, parents and officials also. so we all are now fully protected and enjoy our life according we want

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Why Waze Traffic App Is Awesome: The Pros

Waze makes the list first for best traffic apps because it does two crucial traffic-related functions very well. It gives app users reliable driving directions while also delivering up-to-date traffic data. Waze records data about your drive how fast you are driving, your route, and more it then shares that data with other Waze users on the road as it shares their data with your app. Think crowdsourcing, but for traffic.

Not only did Waze create an app that gives users a way to work together to outsmart traffic, they gamified the navigation portion of driving. As a passenger, you can collect points for reporting traffic instances, from roadkill and hazards to weather conditions and police officers. You can even start chats with other users and customize your avatar.

While Waze can help you quickly reroute to beat the traffic, it can now even help you find where to park and schedule reminders to tell you when its time to leave. The app can seamlessly pull information from your calendar, pick a route and alert you when to go.

Top 10 Best Apps For Law Enforcement

How to report accidents with the Dubai Police app

We rarely go anywhere without our phones. We use it to communicate, connect with others, and entertain ourselves. But how about using it as a tool to help us in our jobs? From using our cell phones as a Miranda warning reference to a first aid guide, apps are constantly in development to provide digital resources for law enforcement.

Weve compiled the best 10 apps to assist law enforcement, both on and off duty. The apps are suitable for both iOS and Android, and the best part is most of them are free!

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Whats Wrong With Apple Maps: The Cons

The biggest downside to Apple Maps is that it is an iOS product only. If you are an Android or Windows user, you wont be able to access this product.

Another con is that Apple Maps is still a new software and does not provide the transit option varieties that Google Maps does like biking, walking, and public transportation. It also is still a bit plagued with mapping inaccuracies, especially in smaller cities and rural areas, but it has certainly improved from the first release.

What Can Radar Detectors Do

Radar detectors offer drivers convenient protection in an affordable manner that can prevent speeding tickets and other driving hazards.

They work by sensing particular signal frequencies and they alert you when such frequencies are present. They cannot precisely detect law enforcement vehicles or officers, but only the signals coming from the devices the officers often use to track car speeds.

Some radar detectors are so advanced that they can track speed cameras that are responsible for detecting drivers going above the speed limit.

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Whats Missing From Google Maps: The Cons

If you compared Waze directly to Google Maps, youll immediately notice that the police warnings are gone, which a lot of customers appreciate. And while Google Maps has implemented some of the Waze technology of updating the routes for you, they havent quite caught up to Wazes superior crowdsourcing abilities.

Broadcastify Best Radio Scanner App Overall

St. Petersburg Police Debut New Human Trafficking App


  • Compatible with desktop and mobile
  • Tracks police frequencies
  • Global Feed Catalog

Broadcastify has a huge collection of channels that are sorted based on the users county and metro locale. The channels are stable, especially the ones that focus on EMS and fire services. Based on our tests, this is among the most decent EMS scanners today.

The application has a nice appearance design-wise. We found the interface appealing and intuitive, making it easy to use.

Broadcastify also has a website, meaning that you can listen to police scans on your desktop computer. You can also download it on your iPad if you want to free your smartphone for more tasks.

With this app, you can discover over 6,000 streams. This includes local feeds from police radios, aircraft, public safety, rail, and marine live audio. Like most apps on this list, Broadcastify gives you many signal options available for listening.

When we tried out this scanner app, the way the broadcasts are organized is intuitive and easy to understand. Youll find sections such as Official Feeds, Latest Feed Additions, and Top 50 Live Audio Feeds. To make it even easier, the app also has a Browse By Location feature so you can listen to the police in your area.

When it comes to the price, this app has free and pro version options, where the latter offers no ads and feed archives. We do recommend starting with the free version of Broadcastify first and upgrade once you think the perks are worth paying extra.

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Radar Detector Apps For Android And Ios

First, let’s talk about this application software for smartphones. Normal radar detectors are losing their popularity more ever since it came out in a mobile software form. This software is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. And since it’s free and portable on your phone, it has encouraged more people to download it.

Basically, what these radar detectors do, is give you an alert of police officers in a location near you. This way, youll know you can’t speed up. This information is shared by other drivers using the same app.

There are some radar detectors that can be hidden in your vehicle and still stay connected to your smartphone. In general, the connection happens through Bluetooth. You don’t need to touch your detector because you get all your information on your phone screen.

Given below are the top 10 radar detector apps you should check out for your Android or iOS:

Cops And Robbers : App Tells You Where Police Are

An new police app takes the game of cops and robbers to a different level: concerned citizens plus hooligans, miscreants and various and sundry in Surrey, U.K. can now see where the police are.

The free Surrey Police app, rated suitable for ages 12+, provides live updates the officers who are part of the Safer Neighbourhood teams as they investigate various incidents from suspicious activities to traffic accidents.

It currently only covers the Runnymede area of Surrey but there are plans expand it nationwide.

Not much emphasis is placed on reporting crimes meaning youd likely need another app like the snitch ones weve reported on.

Wonder if the app has them check in à la Foursquare when theyre on breaks so you can see how often and where they stop off for a spot of tea.

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Early Bird Alarm Clock

Its a known fact that police work irregular hours and their shifts can change without much notice. A good alarm clock can make a difference for those getting used to a newer shift. This app has various tricks to help you wake up. For example, you can set alternate alarms, so you dont get used to one alarm. Or, little puzzles that force you to turn the alarm off.

Privacy/data Mining Of These Apps

âIncelâ Is Attacking Women With Pepper Spray: Cops

From Arielle on July 15, 2016 :: 1:56 pm

Great apps that Ive been wishing existed since smartphones were born.

However, as these are free apps, I cant help but wonder how the companies make their money. What are the nitty-gritty details and differences of their ToS/privacy/data mining/etc.? How is their security? Could these apps be used by stalkers and others with untoward intentions?

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The App Doesnt Work Because Of Federal Law

The reason why the app doesnt work is because most states have statutes and the federal government have on the books laws that prevent GPS tracking of law-enforcement. The reason for this is because live GPS tracking of law-enforcement would make it harder for law-enforcement to stop criminals from committing crime as criminals would just be able to locate the GPS location of law enforcement before they commit the crime. This is why these apps are only allowed to report static locations or locations that cops were once at hours before, because they dont have access to the actual GPS locations of cops. Think of it if there was an app that reported all the locations of cops around the US wouldnt be able to arrest anyone because criminals would be using that app to commit their crimes and avoid the cops.

Best Personal Safety App

From Sandi on July 01, 2015 :: 12:28 am

EmergenSee Personal Safety App streams live video and gps directly to professional security operators. Precautionary escort, pre-set auto start timer, report crimes anonymously and so much more Free version sends to pre-set personal safety contacts.

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Policing The Police: The Apps That Let You Spy On The Cops

Something like OpenWatch could help solve a major problem for investigative reporting in an age when newsrooms are shrinking

Something like OpenWatch could help solve a major problem for investigative reporting in an age when newsrooms are shrinking

After the recent Vancouver riots, it became clear that the world is surveiling itself at an unprecedented scale. Angry citizens gave police one million photos and 1,000 hours of video footage to help them track down the rioters. If we aren’t living in a surveillance state run by the government, we’re certainly conducting a huge surveillance experiment on each other.

Which is what makes two new apps, CopRecorder and OpenWatch, and their Web component,, so interesting. They are the brainchildren of Rich Jones, a 23-year-old Boston University graduate who describes himself as “pretty much a hacker to the core.” Flush with cash and time from a few successful forays into the app market, nine months ago Jones decided to devote some of his time to developing what he calls “a global participatory counter-surveillance project which uses cellular phones as a way of monitoring authority figures.”

“It’s a new kind of journalism. When people think citizen media, right now they think amateur journalism … I don’t think that’s revolutionary,” Jones told me. “I don’t think that’s what the ’90s cyberutopianists were dreaming of. I think the real value of citizen media will be collecting data.”

* * *


Can Google Maps Tell You Where Police Are

5 best police scanner apps for Android

Google Maps Speed trap feature If you fall into this category, you might be wholly unaware that Google Maps has a feature that alerts you when a speed trap is on your route. A speed trap, as a quick primer, is an area alongside a highway where police sit conspicuously and monitor how fast people are going.

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Mobile Phone App Allows Road Users To Alert Other Drivers Of Police Stops And Speed Camera Traps But Police Minister Says They Could Be Breaking The Law When Using It

Waze, a navigation app for phones, helps road users avoid congestion – and avoid contributing to it – by providing alternate routes for traffic to follow.

It also allows users to log accidents, road works, police stops and other potential road stops by tapping on the screen.

The app, owned by , is much the same as any maps software with live traffic data , but Western Australia Police Minister Michelle Roberts told Nine News that while the app is legal, users could be breaking the law when using it.

“If you’re entering any information, if you’re touching the screen for example, then you are breaking the law,” Roberts said.

“How would you feel if you hit a pedestrian, or a kid on a bike, because you were distracted because you were using an app like this.

“Using it to avoid police is just stupid, it’s putting your life at risk, but more importantly it’s putting other road user’s lives at risk.”

Though the use of a phone is illegal in most circumstances, GPS apps can be used if the phone is in a secure cradle. According to Western Australian law:

It is an offence to create, send or look at a text message, video message, email or similar

communication while driving. The GPS function of a mobile phone may be used by a driver only if the phone is secured in a mounting and the driver does not touch the phone at any time .

This rules out touching the screen to input the location of a car accident that might bring a freeway to a halt, or if police have setup a road stop.

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