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What Is A Police Challenge Coin

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Law Enforcement Coins Continuing A Long Tradition

Police challenge coin sparks backlash in Louisville

There is no exact timeline recorded regarding the origin of law enforcement challenge coins.It is assumed that discharged members of the military who had received challenge coins beganjoining police forces around the country, sparking interest from other officers on theirshift. The same tenets and values surrounding the original challenge coin tradition strucktrue with law enforcement, and soon departments began designing and awarding their owncoins. This new tradition within the police community has grown exponentially over theyears, with nearly every department across the US beginning to mint their own lines ofchallenge coins.

Creates Bonds And Connections

The challenge coin tradition keeps members of the military connected to one another, even after they leave the service. Veterans frequently display coins from units they have served in, missions they have been on and leaders they have met. First responders receive coins for heroic efforts during times of tragedy.

Challenge coins pay tribute to events that members of an organization endured together and create a bond that will last a lifetime.

Phoenix Police ‘challenge Coins’ Depict Violent Act From 2017 Protest

After shooting a protester in the groin with a pepper ball at a protest in 2017, a team of Phoenix police officers allegedly created commemorative coins to celebrate the incident.

The challenge coins clearly depict the man being shot on the front and have the date of the protest on the back, according to an ABC 15 report.

The text on the coins reads Good Night, Left Nut on one side and Make America Great Again, One Nut at a Time on the other. The first phrase has drawn comparison to the neo-Nazi slogan Good Night, Left Side.

The coins were allegedly kept and shared by the Tactical Response Unit. Phoenix police denies any involvement.

The ACLU Arizona and Puente Human Rights filed a class-action suit against the Phoenix Police Department over its response to the protest.

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Why Do Law Enforcement Officers Use Police Challenge Coins

If you have friends or family members in the armed forces, you may have seen small medallions many of them carry around. Theyre called challenge coins and they usually have the emblem or insignia of their military unit etched into its surface.

Traditionally challenge coins are passed from person to person through a handshake, and often, only the giver and the receiver know that a coin has been awarded. For decades, challenge coins have been used as a sign of unity for those who serve in the military to protect our country and in recent years even the presidents of the United States have been known to award challenge coins to those who serve our country. The coins are often used to prove membership to a branch or unit and soldiers sometimes receive challenge coins from higher-ranking officers as recognition for special achievements. They consider receiving a challenge coin as a great honor and many even work to collect them.

Challenge Coins are said to have originated in World War 1, when a wealthy lieutenant had coins made for every member of his unit in order to raise pride and morale. While challenge coins initially came from the armed forces, the tradition of carrying a challenge coin has spread to many different organizations like Fire and Police departments. Challenge coins are now carried by people like law enforcement officers and firefighters to commemorate their service to the country.

Volusia County Sheriff Side 2

Protect And Serve Police Custom Engraved Challenge Coin ...

The copper plating of this Sheriff challenge coin gives the artwork a unique rustic appearance. Most of the police coins we help design are made with gold or silver plating, so choosing a different option is a great way to make your design stand out from the crowd.

Start a Police Challenge Coin Like This

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Police & Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

An innovative way to honor the bravery and dedication of those that protect and serve is springing up in the form of police department challenge coins. Such police challenge coins are given as tokens of appreciation and to identify the members of a certain unit, as well as boost morale.

They can vary widely in diameter and thickness, and are custom made per your departments specs. A typical pocket coin usually measures 38 mm by 3.0 mm, while a presentation coin or honorary medallion is normally 45 mm by 3.5 mm or more. Our custom police department challenge coins can be minted in all shapes and sizes, from square or oval to coins resembling dog tags. Even badge shaped coins are possible! The coin finishes include silver, gold, nickel, bronze or an antique finish. Colored enamel fills or a printed inset with an epoxy coating can add color and depth.The popularity of law enforcement challenge coins has increased to the point where some major municipal agencies have begun their own challenge coin program. In the Mint Hill, N.C. Police Department, an officer who has done a good deed and received two letters of recommendation receives a challenge coin. They are also used by the Utah Highway Patrol, the Duluth, MN Police Department, the Hartford County MD Sheriffs Office, the Florida Police Chiefs Association, the Colorado State Patrol, the Metropolitan Police of Nashville, and other law enforcement agencies.

Police Challenge Coins For Sale

Law enforcement agencies have adopted the use of Challenge Coins to show a sense of solidarity and brotherhood. From their humble beginnings over 100 years ago in the military, when military challenge coins came into play, to the cutting edge designs of today we recognize the commitment police officers make, the sacrifices that come with the role, and the hard work that goes into the line of duty. As a result, we are honored to design police challenge coins for the men and women in blue throughout the United States and many countries around the world.

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Challenge Coin History And Tradition

The story I like the best out of all the ones floating around out there, dates back to WWII when the OSS was deployed to Nazi held France. Their coins were simply a local coin that acted as a bona fides during meetings to verify identity and authenticity of an OSS agent.

Specifics on the coin were examined by each party that would identify friend from foe, which prevented infiltration by a spy who might have advance knowledge of the meeting time, place and even what coin was to be presented. This helped prevent infiltration into the meeting by a spy who might have to have advance knowledge of the meeting time, place and even what coin was to be presented.

The first military unit known to have a coin was the oldest Special Forces unit in the Army, the 10th Special Forces Group. Green Berets were the only known units to have coins prior to the creation of the United States Special Operations Command in 1987. Since then, the Challenge Coin tradition has spread far and wide in both the military and the private sector.

There probably isnt a US President, or government official, today without one. I think the coolest coins I have in my collection were given to me by a Rear Admiral for getting selected as Honor Recruit in Navy Boot Camp and one given to me by Texas Governor Rick Perry at SHOT Show a few years back.

Experts Discuss Horrible Phoenix Police Challenge Coin

Phoenix mayor supports investigation of possible hate speech on police commemorative coin

PHOENIX A controversial challenge coin owned, shared, and sold by Phoenix officers raises serious concerns about the culture inside the citys police department and a lack of accountability by top leaders, according to a handful of experts interviewed by ABC15.

The coins commemorate the moment when a protester was shot in the groin by a pepper ball in August 2017.

In addition to celebrating violence against a protester, the coins language mimics hate speech, which prompted the city to hire an outside law firm to investigate.

ABC15 also discovered Phoenix police leaders, including Chief Jeri Williams, were informed about the coin multiple times in recent years. But no officers were officially investigated or disciplined.

The law firm, Ballard Spahr, is tasked with investigating the origin of and subsequent circulation and knowledge of challenge coins by Phoenix Police Department, according to a contract obtained by ABC15.

ABC15 interviewed the following experts on policing and extremism:

  • Mike German: A fellow at the Brennan Center at NYU, and a retired FBI special agent who spent time undercover with right-win extremists.
  • Heather Taylor: A retired St. Louis Police Department homicide supervisor, who now helps run the Ethical Society of Police. Taylor testified before Congress about policing and far-right extremism in 2020.
  • Carolyn Gallaher: A professor at American University, who researches right-wing extremism in the United States.



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How We Can Help

We offer high-quality, prestigious and custom-made coins for your organization. We are confident you will not find better craftsmanship anywhere else.

Our designers can use your emblems and colors to highlight the achievements and occasion you are interested in recognizing. Then, you’ll be able to review a proof showing you how your coin will look. If you see anything you don’t like, you can easily make the necessary changes to get your coin perfect.

You can expect your newly minted coins to show every detail of your design. And all of our products are individually packaged and shipped at no cost.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the challenge coin and how we can deliver the perfect custom coins to you this year. Just fill out the price quote below to begin the process for your next custom challenge coin!

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

Given the clear connection between the military and law enforcement, not only in similar duties but also with veterans who become police officers, you would expect to see lots of challenge coins as well. Although this is true, it is much more common among larger police departments and Federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, Customs and Border Protection, Secret Service, and Homeland Security.

Among police departments, challenge coins are typically a big deal and are expected to be highly professional looking, often to be used for award ceremonies, important events, or informal awards. However, this is one of the few areas where challenge coins have still been slower to catch on with.

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Federal Government law enforcement organizations love to make challenge coins, and given that they use them quite differently than anyone else does, they arguably come out looking among the most funny and interesting of all challenge coins. A homeland security officer once created a gold coin with planes flying over bridges and into San Francisco airport, while others have even been too graphic for us to discuss what was on them.

Finally, one the most impressive challenge coins we have even done was a Secret Service coin in the shape of a shield badge. On the back was a wheel, the wheel of misfortune. A metal arrow pointed to wherever the wheel stopped, with the wheels labels being jokes about the worst Secret Service assignments one could get.

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Challenge Coins The Tradition

Traditionally, challenge coins are passed from one person to the other via a handshake, with the coin in the palm of the hand.

It is intended to not be seen, following with the idea that the challenge coin is an informal tradition and award, not something that is even officially recognized by the military or other organizations.

One of the more interesting traditions related challenge coins is going out drinking with colleagues. At a bar, when someone presents their challenge coin, anyone at the table also has to present their challenge coin, preferably one from the same command or organization. If everyone presents their coin, the challenger has to buy a round of beers, while if anyone that is challenged doesnt have their, they must buy a round. This is just one of many traditions around challenge coins, and we actively encourage our customers to start their own and share it with us!

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Challenge Coin Etiquette Note

Protect and Serve Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

Its an honor to be given a challenge coin. Thats why its important to know the etiquette surrounding these important mementos. When you use challenge coins the right way, youre contributing to a time-tested tradition that puts camaraderie and membership on the table. Here are the twelve essential rules youve got to follow if you want to play the challenge coin game.

The bottom line is that a challenge coin is a thing of honor, and you should treat it like one. At Cristaux, were proud to make only the best challenge coins. Thats why we love celebrating and supporting the traditions surrounding these remarkable coins.

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Challenge Coin Etiquette: The Rules Of The Game

Lauren Deegan

Challenge coins have a rich history that some say dates back to an elite flying squadron of World War I. Their use during that time might have been minimal, but the concept took off during the Vietnam War, and challenge coins are still popular today. While theyre often associated with the military, other organizations give out challenge coins too.

To the outsider, a challenge coin might look like nothing more than a fancy collectible. Its true that these coins are collectors items, but theyre also shrouded in real tradition. Challenge coins indicate membership in something important, and there are rules that govern them. Playing the game by throwing down a challenge with a coin is something with which every coin owner should be familiar.

Captain Duane Eastmond Coin

The laurel wreath framing the entire edge of the front of this coin gives the coin a very unique look and feel. It only appears on the front, but when you look at the back, you can see how the shape affects the entire coin. Badge and shields are some of the most common custom shapes we see in challenge coins.

Start a Police Challenge Coin Like This

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The Different Challenge Coin Styles

As mentioned the traditional challenge coin is a round shaped coin that is about 1.75 or 2 in diameter.

However, as challenge coins have gotten increasingly popular over time, people have had to differentiate their coins by getting increasingly creative in their designs. Now, coins feature any number of different shapes, from the recognizable to the non recognizable. Some coins also feature cutouts, which are holes within the coin that go clear through to the other side.

Another way people are making new challenge coins is by turning them into bottle openers, and thus keeping going the proud military tradition of drinking beer. We can fit bottle openers into a variety of different shapes and placements in order to get creative as well.

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Policechallenge Coins To Honor Our Men And Women In Blue

Challenge coin fallout: What will MCAO do with protest cases?

We honor the commitment and sacrifice that police officers make every day on the job, andour custom police challenge coins are an ideal way to recognize that noble dedication. Likethe challenge coins carried by military members for over a century, police coins have becomeextremely popular over the past few decades. Do you have a pre-existing design you want tohave remade? Not a problem! Have a brand new idea for a coin you want to be minted? We canhelp! Click below to get started.

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Unique Police Challenge Coins Every Officer Will Love

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Read our full disclosure here.

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Searching for challenge coins to add to your officers collection? Here are some awesome options for police challenge coins!

I didnt really understand the concept of challenge coins at first.

I mean, I hadnt really even heard of them before my husband showed me his small collection. My first thought was, Cool! How did you get them?

He said some were from his dad, and some he bought.

What? I assumed there was a challenge involved in the acquisition.

I still dont necessarily understand the name, but in any case, I think theyre really cool. Not only are they a great way to commemorate accomplishments, but theyre also durable and long lasting, so they can be passed down

If youre looking for police challenge coins to help build your officers collection, these are a few awesome options!

Custom Challenge Coin Anatomy: What Does A Challenge Coin Look Like

Traditional challenge coins are round, and they feature custom artwork of a teamâs emblem. Some other popular additions are team mottos, important locations, and the dates of special events.

Gold and silver are the most popular metal plating options, but there are several other metal finishes available including copper, nickel, black metal and iridescent metal . Soft enamel paint is added to recessed sections of the artwork by hand to recreate emblems and logos.

While this is the traditional anatomy of a challenge coin, there are plenty of custom options available that can result in something that looks remarkably different.

Custom shaped challenge coins oftentimes include functional bottle openers. Bottle opener coins are most popular in the military, but theyâre also an excellent option for fundraisers and volunteering events.

Combining two or more challenge coin plating options creates a beautiful contrast in a design. Gold and silver are always a good pair. We also love combining copper and nickel plating.

For the most depth and detail, 3D artwork is your best option. While traditional 2D challenge coins offer plenty of room for intricate artwork, a 3D design allows for realistic detail.

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