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What Is On The Police Exam

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How To Prepare For The Canadian Police Exam


The exact steps you take to prepare depend on which particular exam you need to take. However, there are strategies that will be of use regardless of the specific test. If you can, confirm ahead of time which test youll take.

You usually dont need prior knowledge of law enforcement to pass an entry-level police test. Familiarizing yourself with the characteristics police detachments look for in a candidate will help throughout the hiring process.

Online practice tests are an excellent way to ensure you have the knowledge you need and to feel confident on test day. There are practice tests designed to help you get ready for many of the exams aspiring police officers need to take. Look for a timed test, as it is very likely your actual assessment will be timed.

A high score on your exam will bring you one step closer to a new and exciting career. If you give yourself the opportunity to study and practice, youll be much more likely to succeed. Good luck!

Whatis The Police Polygraph Exam

Thepolygraph is the technical term for whats ordinarily called the lie detector.To become a police officer in the United States, you must pass the policepolygraph exam one of the most feared elements of the police test.

So,whats involved?

Theshort answer is, it depends. Each police department has its own proceduresand requirements. If you want to learn more about whats involved in your ownpolice polygraph exam, we encourage you to contact your local police departmentand find out what the standard procedure is.

Thatsaid, though, most polygraph examinations follow this format:

  • Pre-interview: here,you are asked questions before the polygraph exam has started. Often, candidatesare required to document these answers on forms.
  • Polygraph exam:then, candidates are hooked up to the polygraph equipment and subject to thesame questions. Often, the same question is asked more than one time, often upto 3-5 times, to ensure that the examiner has fully gauged the physiologicalresponse.
  • Post-polygraph phase:after the polygraph has ended, often examiners will talk to you about inconsistenciesthat came up. You may be asked to explain why some inconsistencies appear on2-3 questions.

How To Pass The Police Written Test

Passing the police written test doesnt need to be challenging.

All it requires is that you prepare in the weeks and months in advance. This means having all the required study materials and a long-term plan that ticks off this study in a constructive and productive anner.

If you have done neither of these acquiring the necessary study materials nor developing a workable, long-term plan we at Police Test Study Guide can assist you.

With over 600+ police exam questions, hundreds of flashcards, and 50+ core lessons that teach you the facts you need to know in ways you can remember we have successfully trained almost 40,000 police officers throughout the United States.

Incident report writing is an important part of your career. Prepare now, and it will yield benefits not just for the exam, but also for your future career prospects too.

If you have not yet registered, select your agency department below and get started today!

We have put together the most comprehensive and current range of police test materials that cover all aspects of the police written test:

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How To Prepare For The Police Polygraph Test

Police polygraph questions are not easy to prepare for.

Its understandable why police test candidates find the exam stressful. Often the days before the exam are more stressful than the exam itself. To prepare for the exam, though, you need to be mentally equipped for the exam. Try to relax in the weeks and days leading up to the exam.

Learn how to relax.

Of course, we recommend that you do not lie to your examiner. Always tell the truth. There may be cases in which you have committed a small misdemeanor. However, lying may be considered a far greater misdemeanor. Your best bet, then, is always to tell the truth.

Think about body language, too.

As we have discussed, the polygraph exam is an indicator of the truth.

Examiners will use other methods to determine whether you are lying. One of those methods is body language analysis. Try to control your body language and not to conceal nor exaggerate your body movements. Questions on polygraph exams are often yes or no in nature. You do not need to react more than whats required of you. Otherwise, it may raise unnecessary alarm bells.

Have confidence in your answers.

If you are still unsure about how to answer police polygraph questions, we at Police Test Study Guide have put together a comprehensive program to help you through this often-stressful process. We help guide you through the process, the questions asked, as well as detailed body language techniques that deliver the most optimum impression.

How To Prepare For The Polygraph Test

Physical Agility Test Administered for the Position of Police Officer ...

Because the polygraph is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, false positives are not uncommon. There is so much riding on this test that it is not unusual for it to appear that an applicant is not telling the truth, when in fact they are.

Therefore, it is important for anyone who will be taking a polygraph test to prepare for it. Mastering the Polygraph is an online course developed by Sgt. Godoy which as in-depth tutorials that will help you relax during the test and avoid false positives. There is also a simulated polygraph session that will help you prepare for the actual test.

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What Agencies Are Covered

Competition is tough. Fully qualified applicants may not get hired simply due to the limited number of openings. I strongly recommend that you apply to multiple agencies in parallel to increase your chances of being hired. For this reason, PoliceExam911 coversALL of the most popular police exam formats used in the U.S. including:

  • CPS HR Entry-Level Law Enforcement Exam

  • CWH Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Prep



  • Frontline National

  • LAPD

  • LEAB




  • NYPD Written Exam

  • PELLETB for most California Agencies

  • PO-EL

  • Writing Skills – Clarity, Spelling and Vocabulary

  • Police Report Writing

  • Logical Reasoning – Inductive and Deductive

  • Problem Solving and Judgement

  • Math Refresher for Police Officers

  • Memorization Skills – Visual and Written

  • Visualization Skills

Bonus Courses Cover the Entire Hiring Process

  • Managing your Job Search

  • Winning Inputs for Bio Data Surveys

  • Mastering the Psych Exam

What Does The Psychological Exam Include

The police psychological exam can vary somewhat from one law enforcement agency to the next. However, it generally includes three components:

  • Pre-test self-evaluation: The exam starts by having candidates complete a self-interview.

  • Multiple-choice tests: Next, the candidate is required to complete a series of surveys and multiple-choice tests.

  • In-person interview: In the final stage, candidates meet with a psychologist who asks them questions and evaluates whether they have the necessary strengths and traits to succeed in the role as a police officer.

During the psychological exam, candidates are asked a series of questions about their background, lifestyle, work history, problems that they may be experiencing and expectations that they have regarding the job, specifically. The candidate may be asked to complete anywhere from one to 12 different psychological tests, although in most cases between two and four standardized tests are administered.

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Spelling Grammar And Vocabulary

There are a few different question formats for these topics. For spelling and grammar, you may need to select the correct sentence from four options. You may need to identify the right punctuation mark for an example sentence, or the correct spelling of a word to fill in a blank in the given sentence.

For the vocabulary section, you may be asked to choose the best word to fill in a blank in a sentence or to identify the synonym or antonym of a word. You may read a passage and then identify a words definition in the context of the passage.

Learn How To Become A Police Officer In A Massachusetts Civil Service Department

What Questions will be Asked on Police Written Exam

Being a police officer is a meaningful way to serve a community. As a police officer, you will be a public servant responsible for responding to fires and other emergency situations in your community. You often respond to risky and physically demanding calls and work shifts that operate around the clock with your fellow police officers.

Please read the steps to becoming a police officer

First step is to take the . Check the exam schedule to find the next exam being offered. Requirement to take the exam is

You do not need to be a resident of Massachusetts to take the exam. More detailed information can be found on the exam poster.

After taking the written exam, your name will be placed on the eligible list. When a police department is ready to hire, they request the eligible list and the Civil Service Unit sends a list of names.

If your name is reached, the hiring process will begin and may include the following

  • complete an extensive employment packet
  • thorough background check
  • interview

If you are offered a job you can expect to first complete the following as part of the conditional offer of employment

Once you have successfully passed the medical exam and PAT as well as any additional requirements from the department, you will begin your new rewarding career as a police officer.

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What If You Fail

Dont view it as a failure but as an indication that working as a police officer may not be the best fit for you. Re-evaluate your passions and think about where you see yourself years from now. If you do conclude that law enforcement is what you want to do than you can always apply again, but you may not be allowed to for at least a year. This will give you a chance to work on any of the issues that prevented you from moving through the hiring process this time around.

What Is On The Test

Part 1 Police Analytical Thinking Inventory This section includes three areas:

  • Deductive Reasoning Logic Questions map reading questions.
  • Inductive Reasoning Classification and PictureSeries questions
  • Quantitative Reasoning Basic math and mathproblem solving questions.

Part II Written Communication Test

This section tests your ability to order and present information in a logical fashion. Students are typically given a short passage where the information may be scrambledchronologically and are asked to summarize.

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Arlington Heights Police Officer Written Exam

The primary police officer test used by the Arlington Heights Police Department is the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory . The NCJOSI is divided into two sections that will assess your basic skills and knowledge. Its important to note that there are two versions of the NCJOSI. Both sections are relatively similar to each other but do hold some differences. Check with your local police department to verify which version they use.

Canada Police Exam Preparation

Physical Agility Test Administered for the Position of Police Officer ...

In Canada there are four different types of police officers. There are the Provincial Police, the Independent Police agencies, First Nations and Transit police. The RCMP is the provincial police, and in each Province, there may be independent police agencies. In order to join the RCMP or an independent police agency, you need to take an exam.

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How Psychological Testing Is Used For Hiring

Being hired on to the police force is a long and multiple step process. There are many background checks and tests involved to make sure that you are properly suited for the position. These involve credit checks, fitness level and physical testing, full medical check, polygraph tests and general ability exams. In addition to all the above, there is also a psychological examination involved.

The purpose of the psychological examination is to prove youve got the psychological strength to deal with all the pressures of working in law enforcement.

There are multiple elements involved in the testing. A self-evaluation starts out the exam, followed by answered in multiple choice. Once those tests are complete there will be a one-on-one meeting with an experienced public safety psychologist.

The psychologist will then take the results of all 3 elements and make a decision as to whether they think the candidate is an appropriate fit for a career in law enforcement. The candidate will be ranked either low, medium, high risk or acceptable, marginal or unacceptable.

Police Officer Tests In Alberta

All major municipal police departments in Alberta require candidates to write one or more aptitude tests as part of the application process. These tests are designed to measure aptitudes and qualities deemed necessary to be successful police officers. Candidates are ranked based on the results of the tests, with the resulting ranking often used to determine who continues in the application process.

The tests are designed by professional testing and assessment agencies, and the results of the test are shown to correlate to success in police training and job performance. In other words, doing good on the police officer recruitment / selection test means you should do good in training and working as a police officer in Alberta.

This guide contains chapters on all the common subjects found on the APCAT and ACT.

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An Officer Comes Upon A Young Man With An Obvious Gunshot Wound The Man Says That He Accidentally Shot Himself While Cleaning His Gun What Should The Officer Do

  • Send the man to the hospital, accompanied by policeTell the man to be more careful next time
  • Tell the man to come to the station when he feels betterTell the man to see a doctor to attend to the wound.
  • The officer should help the man get medical attention but make sure he is accompanied by an officer who can question him later.

    What Is The Police Written Exam

    Victoria Police Entrance Exam – Abstract Reasoning

    The written portion of the police testing process is meant to determine if the applicant possesses the foundational skills necessary to perform the work of a police officer. The police academy will provide training in search and seizure, probable cause, and reasonable suspicion. However, there is not enough time in the academy to teach basic skills such as math, spelling, grammar, and reading comprehension. It is expected that applicants bring these basic skills with them. A police officer who has such poor spelling that they cannot write a legible police report will find it difficult to do the job. Therefore, a police department says come to us with basic skills and we will teach you the rest.

    Police written tests are not unlike college entrance exams such as an ACT or SAT. In general, police written exams cover reading comprehension, spelling, math, grammar, and analytical skills. The written test can also include a report writing test. Generally, a passing score is 70% or better. A higher result will place you better in the following stages of the selection criteria. Therefore, it is advisable to invest some time and money in your proper preparation. Many departments have a study guide that can be beneficial as a starting point. Below, you will find more ideas on how to prepare, including how to Pass the Police Exam.

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    Addison Police Officer Written Exam

    The primary police test used by the Addison Police Department is the National Police Officer Selection Test, or NPOST. The NPOST has a time limit of 1 hour and 15 minutes and is divided into four sections. The first three sections will include multiple-choice questions as well as true or false questions. The fourth section requires you to use complete sentences to answer questions. The NPOST is divided into the four sections mentioned below:

    • Arithmetic Test: This test section includes 20 questions revolving around basic mathematical concepts. This multiple-choice section has a completion time limit of 20 minutes. Please keep in mind that calculators are not permitted.
    • Grammar Test: This test section includes 25 questions revolving around spotting grammatical errors. This multiple-choice section has a completion time limit of 15 minutes.
    • Reading Comprehension Test: This test section includes a combination of 25 questions that can either be multiple-choice or true or false. Questions may require you to complete an incomplete sentence or answer questions regarding a written passage. This section has a completion time limit of 25 minutes.
    • Incident Report Writing Test: This test section includes ten questions requiring you to write in complete sentences. Sentences should be free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. This test section has a completion time limit of 15 minutes.

    Why Students Love This Course

    Exceeded my expectations by a mile! Passed on first try. Best purchase of my life!Sean, CA, April 4, 2020

    PoliceExam911 has earned a 5-star Customer Rating. Features that set it apart from the competition include:

    • Covers entire Police Hiring Process

    • Covers most common Police Exams in U.S.

    • Insightful, Video-based Tutorials for each Topic

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    • Online Access – Self-paced Learning

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    • Bonus Courses for Psych, Poly and Interview

    • Mobile Friendly and Always Up to Date

    • Proven Success with 1000’s Satisfied Users

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    Study The Police Officer Curriculum

    Before you go scouring the internet for state police exam study guides, remember this: there is no substitution for actually reading and comprehending the curriculum. True, the police exam is long and there’s a lot of material to cover, but the questions on the test aren’t going to come from your training officers’ lectures.

    Test questions are going to come straight from the books. The most important thing you can do to be ready for test day is to become familiar with the curriculum by reading ahead of your daily lessons.

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