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What Is The National Police Association

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National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund: Honoring Law Enforcements Sacrifices

Toronto police have proven ‘incapable’ of protecting Black community: expert

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund was founded in 1984 by a former New York City Police Department officer, and member of Congress. Biaggi was a vocal advocate for law enforcement. He wanted to establish a memorial that would pay tribute to the work and service of law enforcement, while honoring those who had lost their lives in the line of duty.

Their impact and transparency ratings: The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund holds an Accountability and Transparency score of 97 out of 100 from Charity Navigator. It also has a Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

To tell the story of American law enforcement, honor the fallen, and make it safer for those who serve.

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

What they do: The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund stands as the nations symbol of remembrance for those who have lost their lives while serving in law enforcement. The organization also advocates for law enforcement through public campaigns, community outreach services, and educational programs.

Ways to contribute: You can contribute to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund by donating through the organizations website. You can also get involved by volunteering or participating in the organizations annual fundraising events.

Jcpd: National Police Association Donations Do Not Help Local Law Enforcement

JEFFERSON CITY A new scam is trying to solicit money from people while posing as The National Police Association.

The Jefferson City Police Department says they have received multiple inquiries regarding the company.

The company is located in Stafford, Texas and has reached out to multiple citizens in the Jefferson City and Cole County area requesting donations.

JCPD says although the organization is a registered 501 3 organization none of the funds collected help local law enforcement.

The donation form says Jefferson City Area Alert, but JCPD has not created that alert for the community through their agency.

JCPD says there are a number of worthy investigations in the Jefferson City/Cole County area and they urge residents to make a donation with a local charity.

To report an error or typo, email .

Q: Who Is The National Police Support Fund

A: The National Police Support Fund is a grassroots nonprofit political organization founded in 2017 under Section 527 of the IRS tax code. Our mission is to promote the interests of our nations police officers within our nations political and public policy process.

You can find more information about who is the National Police Support Fund here.

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Npa Launches National Effort To Show Appreciation To Local Law Enforcement

Its been a tough couple years for local law enforcement. Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have inspired people to assassinate cops on the street. Soft on Crime groups are targeting record numbers of individual law enforcement officers in law suits for police brutality. And cops are facing increasing disrespect on the streets as criminals have become emboldened by the wave of anti-cop rhetoric in the news media and by many politicians.

On its donate page, the NPA boasts of its work to preserve the American way of life and fight back against cop-haters.

In fact, as Ive previously , supporting law enforcement and supporting reform movements such as Black Lives Matter are not mutually exclusive. Promoting divisive rhetoric is detrimental to the public safety mission that requires any genuine law enforcement organization to be accountable to its constituents.

Other policies that the NPA promotes include aggressive stop-and-frisk tactics and broken windows policingstrategies that have resulted in unconstitutional practices that undermine civil liberties.

The NPAs immigration proposalAuthorizing local law enforcement officers to perform federal immigration law enforcement functionsis based on fear-mongering and a clear recipe for abuse and division. This policy has been repudiated by a significant number of law enforcement leaders, whose experience has led them to conclude that it would make their communities unsafe.

Surveys as Propaganda

How To Protect Yourself Against Scam Pacs


Some telemarketers who claim to be raising money for causes like homeless veterans and cancer victims work for political action committees , not charities, and keep much of the money they raise. Some tips for consumers:

⢠Listen carefully for the name of the organization. Legitimate charities can be checked on websites such as⢠Ask if the donation is tax-deductible. Gifts to actual charities are donations to PACs, which sometimes sound like charities, are not.⢠Never disclose personal information.⢠Or follow the simplest rule: âNever give to anyone over the phone,â said Margot Saunders, senior counsel for the National Consumer Law Center.

Joseph Tanfani

If the potential donors suspected they had given to the group before, the callers were instructed to say: âI have no way of knowing because we feel that donations are given from the heart, not the hand, so we keep all donation records confidential,â according to the FAQ.

ThePAC, organized by Zachary Bass, spent 90% of its take on fundraising, campaign filings show. It spent $103,700 on behalf of House candidates â about 3% of the total, and it has contributed nothing directly to veterans groups.

Bass, who set up several other super PACs, declined to comment.

Across the industry, calls are computer-generated before being routed to telemarketers, something Politicause and TPFE employees said allowed their firms to maximize the number of calls â and to pester people repeatedly.

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What Is The Purpose Of Napo

Increasingly, the rights and interests of law enforcement officers have been the subject of legislative, executive and judicial action in the nations capital. From issues of federal funding of State law enforcement and anti-terrorism efforts to federal policy on employee health, pension and other benefits, the actions of Congress and the Administration significantly impact public safety interests. These interests must be vigorously protected in light of the vital role law enforcement officers play in maintaining the peace and security of American society. NAPO works to influence the course of national affairs where law enforcement interests are concerned.

Hen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation: Supporting The Nations First Responders

The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation was founded by Frank Siller in 2001, shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City. Frank Siller is the older brother of Stephen Siller, a New York firefighter, who heroically responded to the attacks. Frank Siller used his brothers story as the inspiration to start the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and honor other first responders who lost their lives or were affected by the 9/11 attacks.

Their impact and transparency ratings: The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation maintains an impressive 4-star rating, and an Accountability and Transparency score of 100 out of 100 from Charity Navigator. The organization also has a high Financial score of 97 out of 100, also from Charity Navigator. For example, in 2019, approximately 93% of the charitys income was spent on its programming and services.

To honor our military and first responders who continue to make the supreme sacrifice of life and limb for our country.

Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers

What they do: The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation honors first responders, such as members of law enforcement, who have died during their service. The organization also provides substantial support to the victims families by giving them mortgage-free homes, and by paying off any existing mortgages that could cause them insecurity or instability.

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National Butterfly Center Closes Indefinitely Citing Ongoing Threats From Far

The National Butterfly Center is located in Mission, Texas. (Sandra Sanchez/Border Report By Tuesday evening, the North American Butterfly Associations board of directors, which runs the facility, made the decision to shutter it to all and to


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National Police Foundation: Providing Opportunities For Innovation To Law Enforcement

Whats Next for Law Enforcement: Cryptocurrency and Public Protection

The National Police Foundation was founded in 1970 and was established through a grant administered by the Ford Foundation. McGeorge Bundy was the Ford Foundations president at the time, and he wanted to create a development fund that police could use to enhance their own local programs, test new operations, and improve the way they carried out their duties. After its formation, the National Police Foundation was initially led by a team of 13 members, which included state politicians, advocates, and businessmen.

Their impact and transparency ratings: The National Police Foundation holds a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar the highest rank possible. For example, in 2020, the organization spent nearly 77% of its income on its programming and services.

To advance policing through innovation and science.

National Police Foundation

What they do: The National Police Foundation strengthens law enforcement agencies by providing funding and support to their technology and innovation programs. Through the National Police Foundations aid, law enforcement agencies have the capacity to test new safety programs, carry out advanced training, and perform research to efficiently tackle localized crime.

Ways to contribute: You can contribute to the National Police Foundation by donating through the organizations website.

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Listed Vp Hadn’t Heard Of Organization

Fred Berns does not recall agreeing to become an officer for the National Police Association.

Berns, 79, a former boxing promoter, was listed as vice president in a July 2017 filing with the state. Berns told The Baltimore Sun he knew Hutchison, but was not familiar with his latest venture.

Hes always got something going like that, Berns told The Sun. Hes a pretty bright kid.

Hutchison said in a statement to IndyStar that he approached Berns about joining the organization in 2017, but soon after there were other events whereby it was determined it wasn’t for the best.

Berns did not respond to three IndyStar phone calls and one voicemail seeking comment.

Berns is among three names that show up in National Police Association documents and correspondence whose official roles with the organization could not be verified by IndyStar.

Until recently, the National Police Association listed a treasurer named Arnold Musungu, whose name is also spelled as Munsungu in some filings. Its press releases include a contact for Adam Colton, a name that has appeared on statements relating to Hutchisons businesses dating back to at least 2003, when he was listed as a media contact in a press release announcing the monthly winner of a USA Dream Girl model search.

IndyStar could not find records for anyone with Colton’s or Musungu’s names who might have a role with the National Police Association.

The National Police And Sheriff’s Coalition Political Action Committee Is Committed To Advancing The Working Conditions Of Law Enforcement Officers Through Improving Public Opinion And Promoting The Election Of Politicians That Support Our Nations Law Enforcement Officers

  • The passage fo H.R. 3735 Law Enforcement Suicide Data Collection Act Officers are suffering from Post Traumic Stress Disorder at an alarming rate, way to often leading to suicide. H.R. 3735 will help to start to understand and hopefully prevent Law Enforcement suicide.
  • The passage of H.R. 1325 Protect and Serve Act protect and serve act would establish a new criminal offense for knowingly assaulting a law enforcement officer.
  • The passage of H.R. 2812 Protecting Americas First Responders Act This bill will help the families of officers that perish in the line of duty, by expediting the process of claims to the PSOB.
  • The passage of H.R. 2560 Putting First Responders First Act This bill will lighten the load on our disabled officers by making their service-connected disability tax exempt. Officers disabled in the line-of-duty have already given enough to society without having to pay taxes on their far to often small disability check.

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What Else Does Napo Do To Improve The Welfare Of The Law Enforcement Community

NAPO not only works to influence the course of national affairs where law enforcement interests are concerned, but we also work hard to maintain the welfare of our members in the law enforcement community.

NAPO will continue to diligently work to improve the laws and policies of the United States for the benefit of our members and the public at large. What happens in Washington, D.C. can have a very real and direct impact on the line officer in every department in this country. NAPO works to ensure that law enforcement will continue to have a seat at the table when the important decisions of our towns, our counties, our states, and our nation are made.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at or 1-800-322-NAPO.

Academy Sports + Outdoors Contributes Over $100000 To Local Communities On National First Responders Day

National Police Association: Charity of The Month

Donations to impact National Police Athletic/Activities Leagues chapters and first responder organizations across the U.S.

KATY,TEXAS Academy, Ltd. d/b/a Academy Sports + Outdoors is commemorating National First Responders Day by making a contribution of more than $100,000 to nine first responder organizations and 11 different local chapters of the National Police Athletic/Activities Leagues, Inc. . This is the third straight year that Academy has celebrated National First Responder Day by giving back to first responder organizations in its communities. Additionally, now through Nov. 14, Academy is offering first responders, active-duty military, and veterans a 10 percent discount on their entire purchase in-store and online.

Academy is proud to commit over $100,000 worth of donations across our footprint in honor of National First Responders Day. We are extremely grateful for the hard work first responders do every day to keep our communities safe, said Lawrence Lobpries, Academy Sports + Outdoors senior vice president of marketing. We hope this contribution helps celebrate our first responders, foster positive community relationships and empower communities to have fun together.

Academy regularly contributes to first responders and safety-related initiatives to promote responsibility and safety through events, programs, and organizations making a positive impact.

About Academy Sports + Outdoors

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National Police And Troopers Association

A special program within the International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO.Speaking With One Voice, Moving With One Purpose.

The I.U.P.A. proudly complies with state regulations and required disclosures. If you require additional information, then call us 1-800-247-4872 or email us at:

Your contribution is very much appreciated and although the International Union of Police Association is recognized as a non-profit by the IRS, due to its particular status 5), donations are not tax deductible pursuant to IRC §170(c.

A copy of our latest financial report may be obtained by writing to: The International Union of Police Associations, 5632 Bee Ridge Road, Suite 200 Sarasota, FL .

The International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO was formed in 1979 to collectively represent those in law enforcement that are active or retired law enforcement officers to fight to improve, protect, and remember the lives of officers and their families in law enforcement the organization also works to improve legislation that protects and affects public safety officers, as well as representing the needs of law enforcement officers and support personnel, whether that be for better equipment, more staff or a fair wage.

Registration with any of these state agencies does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by any state.

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How Can You Best Support These Charities

After youve made your decision, its time for you to decide on how youd like to help the charities youve chosen. Check how you can help each charity runs specific programs that have unique aims. Find out what the aim of such programs is and whether they are right for you.

Here are a few ways you can help your chosen charity:

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State Police Association Of Massachusetts

The State Police Association of Massachusetts supports its members and their families while they face the challenges of one of the toughest careers in America: law enforcement. While Troopers are helping the public, the Association is helping its members cope with death, injuries, illness, and the daily dangers of the job. The Association provides emergency relief funds, scholarships, and grants to Troopers, their families and to members of the community. The Association also gives generously to various school and community programs across the Commonwealth.

The Irs Is Not The Answer

Breaking News Chhattisgarh : Police Chhattisgarh Kranti Sena ??? Amit Baghel

When a solicitor for one of these groups calls a prospective donor the pitch will include the truthful statement that they are a nonprofit organization. Nonprofit however does not mean they are a charity. It only means they do not seek to make a profit on their activities. A profit according to is revenue that exceeds expenses. The IRS has pretty broad rules for being a nonprofit organization. A charity is only one type of nonprofit.

Trade groups like those that represent the fast food or soft drink producers operate as nonprofits. Political organizations including both the Democratic and Republican parties are nonprofits. Lots of different special interest groups are nonprofits, including some private businesses that pay their executives quite well.

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