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What Kind Of Police Jobs Are There

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Types of Police Jobs

Educational institutions and community organizations frequently rely on public safety officers to patrol assigned areas, provide crowd or traffic control, answer questions from the public, and act as first responders in emergencies. Just like cops, public safety officers need good communication and conflict resolution skills to do their jobs. The goal is to maintain security.

Police Officer Duties & Responsibilities

A police officers duties vary by the type of law enforcement agency. Other than FBI agents, federal police officers stick to their niche. For example, federal air marshals stick to preventing crimes aboard commercial flights.

State police officers assist federal and local law enforcement in executing their duties. There are also specialized law enforcement groups such as the Texas Rangers that investigate particular types of crime.

Local police officers have a wide variety of duties including the following:

  • Patrolling areas by car, motorcycle, horse, or on foot
  • Directing traffic for special events, traffic signal malfunctions, and traffic accidents
  • Issuing traffic citations
  • Assisting detectives, crime scene investigators, and evidence technicians in processing crime scenes
  • Writing reports

Do not underestimate the proportion of time writing reports will take. Officers at all levels must report their activities to their superiors, fellow officers, and the public. In many cases, these reports become key pieces of evidence for prosecutors.

A common misconception about police officers is that they frequently use their guns. On television, this may be the case, but in real life officer rarely draw their sidearms, and most officers fire their weapons only a few times over their careers. To the greatest extent possible, police officers use words to diffuse tense situations.

Law Enforcement And Security :

This sector works for the security and well-being of the country/ community. One should have undying dedication to work in this sector. Followings are the jobs available in Law enforcement and security sector.

12.1 Armed Forces

12.2 Detective

12.3 Emergency planning/ management officer

12.4 Environmental health practitioner

12.6 Health and safety advisor

12.7 Health and safety inspector

12.8 Intelligence analyst

12.9 Occupational Hygienist

12.10 Paramedic:

A paramedic will deal with all life-threatening emergencies to minor illnesses. The job of a paramedic is to provide help when people deal 999 or111.

12.11 Police officer

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Police Community Support Officer

As a police community support officer you will be the eyes and ears of your force on the street. You’ll be dealing with an incredible range of challenges including, supporting victims of crime, helping with house-to-house enquiries, as well as tackling anti-social behaviour and protecting the public from security threats.

You will be in uniform, but you won’t generally have police powers although this can vary from one police force to another. This isn’t a job for the faint-hearted, but if you want variety in a challenging and worthwhile career, then this could be for you.

Are You Suited To Be A Police Officer

Police / Law Enforcement In The United Kingdom Wikipedia ...

Police officers have distinct personalities. They tend to be enterprising individuals, which means theyâre adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic. They are dominant, persuasive, and motivational. Some of them are also realistic, meaning theyâre independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical, and thrifty.

Does this sound like you? Take our free career test to find out if police officer is one of your top career matches.

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Energy And Utilities :

Jobs in areas like renewable energy, nuclear power, or oil and gas industries fall under this sector. This industry is crucial for both everyday life and economy of a country. Followings are the jobs available in for the graduates in this sector.

5.1 Drilling engineer:

Drilling engineer supervises the drilling of gas or oil well. This type of jobs involves works like selecting, designing, testing, completing and abandoning a location to find these energy sources.

5.2 Energy Manager:

The responsibilities of an energy manager are to plan, regulate and monitor energy use. Besides this, he/she will have to introduce new policies and changes to increase efficiency.

5.3 Energy engineer:

Energy engineers are employed to design and test machinery along with this, they also work to improve existing processes. Reducing environmental damage, decreasing emission, or researching for new methods to generate energy are also the part of an energy engineers work.

5.4 Engineering geologist:

Engineering geologist works to analyze natural conditions such as rock, groundwater, and soil. The purpose of analyzing is o deal with these natural factors.

5.5 Geochemist:

Geochemist studies the chemical content in rocks and minerals. This research is further used for toxic waste clean-up, oil exploration, and water clean up to improve its quality.

5.6 Environmental consultant:

5.7 Geoscientist:

5.8 Geophysicist:

5.9 Hydrographic surveyor:

5.10 Hydrogeologist:

5.11 Mining engineer:

Environment And Agriculture :

Environment and agriculture contribute a big part of the US economy. This sector contributes more than $300 billion to the USs economy. This sector provides a variety of career options such as animal care, animal technology, equine management, aquaculture, floristry, fisheries management, horticulture and landscaping, wildlife management, trees and timber, land-based engineering, and veterinary work.

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Working As A Police Officer

A police officer handles responsibilities like:

  • Documenting crime reports from victims and filing them in case files for further investigation
  • Arresting and processing criminals and carrying out stings in drugs and criminal dens
  • Patrolling assigned areas to ensure there is law and order and assisting residents needing help
  • Interrogating crime victims and potential suspects during investigations
  • Enforcing law and order on national borders and guarding government facilities like courts
  • Responding to domestic and public place disturbances and enforcing order
  • Taking charge of emergencies and disasters and helping out victims
  • Arresting drivers for traffic violations and issuing them tickets for fines
  • Reaching out to residents to improve police and community relations

Charity And Voluntary Work :

Which Federal Law Enforcement Jobs Require A College Degree (and which do not).

The charity and voluntary work are also called third-sector. The motive of this sector is not to make profits, but to work for the well-being of society. There are various various kind of jobs in charity and voluntary sectors such as campaign assistant, advice worker, charity director, celebrity manager, charity fundraiser, charity officer, community arts worker, grant assistant, community education officer, housing officer, policy/research assistant, volunteer coordinator, and youth worker.

There is no need to have a specific degree to work for charity and volunteer work. A person should have passion and practical skills for charitys cause. Other than that, a person seeking a job in this sector should have skills like organizational skills, language and communication skills, creativity and innovation, commercial awareness, adaptability and flexibility, commitment and motivation, and negotiation and persuasion skills.

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Transit And Railroad Officers

Transit and railroad officers are probably not top-of-mind for most when it comes to law enforcement jobs. So what exactly do they do? These officers are responsible for patrolling public transportation areas like subways, commuter trains and freight railway stations. Officers in these roles are tasked with patrolling railyardsor other transportation hubsto prevent vandalism, trespassing, theft, smuggling or other crimes commonly found along our transportation network.

In order to become a transit and railroad officer, candidates must first go through training at a police academy like uniformed police officers. Some cities and states require prospective transit and railroad police to take specialized training courses as well.

Eligibility To Become Police Officer

How to Become a Police Officer?‘ is a question that is in every aspirants’ mind. But first, an aspirant must decide which designation she/ he is targeting. The eligibility and recruitment process of various designations under the police department. is different. If you are targeting SP/ ASP/ DSP, you must clear the IPS examination. Meanwhile, For other posts, state governments hold separate recruitment exams. The recruitment exam will comprise both a written and physical test. The candidates must meet the proper height and weight description, depending on the post. The details regarding physique will be specified in the recruitment notifications. Staff Selection Commission is another authority that conducts the recruitment exam for Sub-Inspector of Police in several states.

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Types Of Police Officers You Can Become Today

When theres danger, most people run in the opposite direction. Some, however, run to help. Those brave individuals who protect and serve on a daily basis are known as law enforcement or police officers.

As citizens, we know to honor our police, and we appreciate all that they do to keep us safe. Some of us may even desire to join the force and become a protector, too. Right now, you may be considering a career as a police officer. But did you know that there are many types of police officers in the field? Police officers work in all different settings, departments, and specialties all of which are important and respected roles. Before diving into your career, take time to explore these options.

Here are 10 types of police officers you can choose to become today.

  • Municipal uniformed police
  • Youre likely most familiar with this type of police officers. Uniformed police patrolling the streets of our towns and cities provide a large range of services. They respond to distress calls, patrol traffic, offer security for large events, detail construction work, and investigate criminal activity.

  • Detectives
  • Sheriffs
  • Sheriffs typically perform similar duties to that of police chiefs, except police sheriffs are elected to their position. Another key difference with sheriffs is that they operate on a county-level. So, they oversee operations of uniformed police officers of an entire county, not just one city or town.

  • State Troopers
  • Federal Investigators
  • Special Jurisdiction
  • Education Training & Certification

    Police Careers: What Jobs Are Available?

    There is no standard education requirement across law enforcement agencies, as education and experience requirements vary:

    • Academia: Some agencies require only a high school degree, while others require a bachelors degree. A bachelors degree is required to be a federal police officer. Advanced degrees are not necessary for entry-level police officer positions.
    • On-the-Job Training: Prior experience is not necessary to become a police officer. However, you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 21 years of age. In addition, the hiring agency will teach new hires everything they need to know.
    • Training program: Once new officers are hired, their employers send them through an extensive training program. Larger police departments conduct these training in-house, but most departments send their new recruits to state or regional training and certification programs. The training programs combine classroom instruction with practical application. These programs typically last several months. The curriculum covers a wide variety of topics including law, civil rights, investigation techniques, traffic control, emergency response, self-defense, first aid, and firearms. New officers should come out of the program with knowledge and skills they can apply immediately on the job. Their departments will likely have them paired with veteran officers until they are ready to perform their duties on their own.

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    What Transferable Skills Do Police Officers Possess

    A police department addresses crime and provides a feeling of security for residents in its jurisdiction. Fortunately, the qualities that make a good police officerâsuch as empathy, compassion, and integrityâcan serve you equally well in a wide range of civilian occupations. Indeed, many of the skills you deploy in police work can be assets in other fields.

    Here are some of the transferable skills that police officers have:

    Business Consulting And Management :

    The business sector provides a variety of careers. Graduates can expect high salaries and responsibilities in this sector. Employment opportunities in businesses can be divided into two categories such as business management and consultancy. It will be beneficial to study international business because companies around the world have become better connected. Business programmes provide knowledge of various management practices all around the world to the students and prepare them to work aboard or in organizations which are engaged in global scale businesses. Graduates have ample jobs opportunities to work in the business sector. They can take care of the responsibilities of a particular area of an organization such as human resource , marketing, information technology , and marketing.

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    Is A Career In Law Enforcement In Your Future

    Whether youre looking for adrenaline, consistency or just a meaningful career, its hard to go wrong in the law enforcement field. The types of law enforcement jobs youll find are varied and demand for these positions tends to remain steadyas long as laws exist there will be a need for someone to enforce them. If youre looking for a way to jumpstart your law enforcement career in Minnesota, the Rasmussen University Law Enforcement programs might just provide the boost you need.1

    1Professional Peace Officer Education : This program meets standards established by the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board for persons who seek employment in Minnesota as a peace officer. Graduates of this program may need to successfully complete additional academic coursework, training, practical/skills, and fitness standards before becoming eligible to sit for the MN Peace Officer Licensing Exam.The Law Enforcement programs are not aligned to the standards of any professional licensing body other than the MN POST and are not intended to satisfy professional licensure requirements of any professional licensing agency in any other state.EDITORS NOTE: This article was originally published in 2017. It has since been updated to include information relevant to 2019.

    Overview Of The Top Law Enforcement Jobs

    What its like to be a new police officer | The Recruits

    There are several jobs you can do if you love enforcing law and order and an adventure-packed career. Law enforcement careers offer job security, and they can also be full of action and adventure. So, if job security is one of your most significant concerns, consider a career in law enforcement. We provide a list of law enforcement jobs, their duties, and salary expectations in this article.

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    Books & Study Material To Become Police Officer

    Here are some of the important books that a person can refer to clear police officer recruitment exam: –

    • Police Exam Preparation Book by Norman Hall
    • SSC Sub-Inspector Recruitment Exam by Disha Publications
    • Kirans SSC Constable Exam
    • SSC Delhi Police Executive Recruitment Exam by R. Gupta
    • Haryana Police Constable Recruitment Exam by R. Gupta
    • Vijetha Competitions Andhra Pradesh Police Recruitment Exam
    • Kirans Kolkata Police Constable Recruitment Exam Practice Book
    • SSC Constable Recruitment Exam by VVK Subburaj

    Apart from the above, students need to refer state-level police recruitment exam books. Several publications have made these books available in local languages.

    Crime And Intelligence Analysts

    Intelligence officers tend to work in one of two jobs within the police department. At the micro level, you have civilian crime analysts who collect, collate and analyze all the information related to a crime. For example, they might collate all the paperwork, police reports, video surveillance and witness evidence, and highlight any lines of inquiry. Intelligence analysts work at the macro level. They look at the bigger picture related to crime and criminal behavior and use their analysis to make strategic decisions such as whether the department needs more resources in certain areas. Military veterans with prior intelligence experience are suited to this role.

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    Followings Are The Best Different And Various Careers:

    these are from the sector of business job categories.

    2.1 Business adviser:

    A business adviser provides information, support, guidance and coaching to business people and individuals who are starting their own business. A successful business adviser has a financial degree in any discipline like human resource, recruitment, finance, banking or accountancy and also have experience of running their own business.

    2.2 Economist:

    An economist uses knowledge and theories to provide specialist advice by studying data and statics and applying economic relationships to discover trends. An economist provides advice to banks, financial institution, consultancies, and investment groups. One should have a degree in economics combined with any subjects like finance, law, management studies, mathematics, politics, and economics.

    2.3 Business Development Manager:

    this type of job is concerned with growing and improving a business. A business development manager makes and develops a relationship with suppliers, customers, and other partners. In addition to this, a business development manager works on to improve the profitability of an organization by strategic planning. To become a successful business development manager, one should have excellent communication skills, initiative skills, networking skills, and skill to reason strategically.

    2.4 Ergonomist:

    2.5 Environmental Consultant:

    2.6 Hotel manager:

    2.7 Health service manager:

    2.8 Office manager:

    2.9 Internal auditor:

    How Much Do Detectives Make

    Law Enforcement Jobs

    Detectives make a national average salary of $47,018 per year. Keep in mind that your own salary in this profession can vary depending on your experience level and your geographic location. No matter the type of detective you want to become, you can expect a continual demand for this profession thanks to the need for public safety.

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    What Is The Workplace Of A Police Officer Like

    Police officers rarely work a regular, 40-hour week. Officers work late at night, on the weekends, and even on holidays. Most police officers work outdoors while on patrol, and are subjected to all types of weather conditions. Police work is also mentally gruelling. Officers often witness terrible crimes or become the focus of a criminal’s rage and abuse. Police officers must handle the stress brought on by these situations while remaining calm and collected.

    Working as a police officer can bring on a range of emotions. It can leave you feeling satisfied, sad, rewarded, disgruntled, lonely and fulfilled, all within the same shift. A police officer needs to be a warrior, an information booth, a social worker, a guardian angel, a marriage counselor, and an arbitrator . The mental challenges are far more rigorous than all of the physical challenges put together.

    Police officers carry the power of life and death on their hips, and are empowered to do things that, were they done by civilians, would get those civilians arrested. They can control traffic, take and imprison people against their will, and seize property. However, they are constantly reminded of the constraints that they must work under in order to exercise that power lawfully and fairly.

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