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Where To Buy Old Police Cars

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Built On Quality Built For Performance

News 18 Investigates: what the law says about driving retired police cars

Police cars are manufactured with quality components such as brakes, shocks, fuel lines, and more, each enhanced for great performance and longevity before entering police service. Upgraded suspensions deliver a noticeably smoother ride.

Police vehicles are also designed for high-speed chases, so they come equipped with powerful engines. Old police cars will even have a higher level of performance at high speeds, enabling them to more easily overtake slower-moving vehicles with improved control and handling.

Where To Buy A Police Car

There are two options for attending government surplus auctions. Buyers either have a choice of bidding on vehicles in-person, or choosing to do so online. When choosing the latter, sites like Municibid help buyers find cars based on type, such as police vehicles, and even help them search for items based on their specific location.

Speaking of location, many municipalities advertise their public surplus through government websites. There you can find specific times, prices. contact information, and more.

Not all government surplus will be advertised publicly, as some police departments sell to other departments or sometimes privately to small businesses. One major buyer of police cars happens to be taxi companies who desire vehicles that share aesthetic uniformity and will have the same technical issues instead of multiple different problems. Sometimes dealerships also buy police cars in bulk.

When items are sold publicly, expect to see other everyday citizens, some small business owners, and maybe even a big-name movie producer who needs a police car for his latest flick.

Police Departments & Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Southgate Police Department
  • Lebanon Schools Police Department
  • Cherry County Sheriffs Department
  • City of Martinsville Fire Department

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We know police departments have high expectations when searching for the best in vehicles and equipment, and were happy to exceed those expectations every time you walk through our doors. We are the official dealership of the Indiana Sheriff Youth Ranch because we offer the men and women in law enforcement outstanding service, competitive pricing, and the latest models of police pursuit vehicles.

Sponsor of the Indiana Sheriffs Association

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Transporting Thenewly Purchased Car To Your Home

Vehicles that are seized by police are usually in good enough condition for you to simply buy it and drive it home. But in some cases, the car you just bought may have been sitting in the car impound for long enough so the battery is dead and it just wont start. If the car isnt in a condition to be driven, you can always sell it right away to the car junkyard or hire a transportation service.

When buying a vehicle at a car auction, you must be ready to take the car out of the premise right after your hands on the keys. If you plan to drive the car back to your home, going to an auction by yourself is not the best idea. Someone else will have to come with you so that you can transport the two vehicles at the same time. Most people come with a designated driver to drive the newly purchased car back home after the auction.

Another option is to hire a transport company. Using a freight delivery service will save you time and do not expose yourself to additional stress. The major drawback is that youll have to make the arrangement with the transport company beforehand, without even knowing if you will actually buy a vehicle that day.

Before you go to the police car auctions, arrange everything with the company in advance like the precise location where to pick up the car and where to deliver it. This is an excellent option if the auction is at a considerable distance from your place of residence or if you are using an online car auction service.

Ways To Buy A Car From Police Auctions

Cause Cops Care: Old Police Car in Kemah, Texas

Before taking any steps towards purchasing a vehicle you need to research all of the police car auctions and their locations. Keep in mind that theres is a lot of different car auctions and you could always get a better deal at the next auction. Dont be afraid to go take a look at a car auction first and learn how it works before making your final purchase. Like with pretty much any other situation in life, the experience will make you better with time. Regularly going to car auctions will definitely help learn the ins and outs of car bidding effectively and youll get the hang of it in no time.

There are generally two options for police car auctions: live auction or online auction. Both options are similar and open to the public. The auction starts with a starting bid price and the car will go to whoever wins the bidding. The main difference is that you dont have to be physically present for online auctions.

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You’re Gonna Need To Figure Out The History For Yourself

CARFAX can be somewhat valuable, but only if the agency had a dealership or an independent repair facility handle the maintenance needs — and larger cities are less likely to do that. Looking at the pictures online can help you quickly cross out the cars that look like they got into a fight and lost — so long as you’re reasonably sure the photos are of the right car. The remaining cars can all be inspected and verified for their condition by you or a mechanically inclined person. That takes a bit of planning.

Great Old Police Cars For Sale On Autotrader

Police cars are used as tools. Meant to withstand harsh treatment during chases, travel over rough surfaces and long running times, these vehicles tend to take a beating, which is why departments across the country rely on a small pool of only the toughest models for patrol car duty. After theyre done with them, they generally find their way into the hands of the public via auction, and its not hard to find a great deal on a well-used decommissioned police vehicle. Here are five of our favorites currently listed for sale on Autotrader.

According to the listing, this Crown Vic was used by a federal government agency, and based on the mileage and condition, it doesnt strike us as an example thats seen the typical abuse experienced by most police cars. The iconic Ford Crown Victoria was discontinued after the 2012 model year, meaning that this is one of the last Crown Vics to be made. Its police-spec white on the outside with a gray interior with fabric seats. Power comes from a stout 4.6-liter V8 putting out 250 horsepower and paired with a 4-speed, column-shifted automatic transmission. It isnt the most efficient powertrain in the world, but it can sure take a beating, as can the Crown Vic itself, thanks to its old-school body-on-frame architecture and solid rear axle. Its located in Melrose Park, IL with just over 19,000 miles on the odometer. Find a Ford Crown Victoria for sale

Where You Can Buy

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Most Used Police Cars Come With High Mileage

One of the reasons why cop cars are so cheap is high mileage. Police cars are used day-in and day-out in many ways from slow, meandering neighbourhood patrols to the stop-start driving cops do when responding to calls throughout the day.

But mile count doesnt really paint much of a picture regarding how its driver handled and maintained it. Even if you can score a car with low mileage, you wont really know how hard it was pushed until the police department retired.

Tip: When buying used cars, always bring a mechanic along to perform a detailed inspection. This will help you identify potential problem areas and money pits.

How Much Do Police Auction Cars Sell For

Heres Why You Should Buy a Used Police Car

The prices of auction cars at police auctions can vary greatly. The range is large, from under $2000 up to $20k++ for later model cars and boats. The point of a police auction though is that the cars are going to be sold cheap because they want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. That situation is to your advantage, as a car buyer.

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Conduct Your Own Forensic Investigation

Has the transmission been recently replaced? Has the engine received recent repair work? What about the suspension? These are the three big expense components of most police vehicles, and to figure them out, you need to contact the official who posted the online listing. Or, if the government agency in question isn’t online quite yet — yes, that still happens — contact the maintenance department and find out who keeps these records.

Either way, ask the official when you can come by and see the records in person, and whether there is a specific time of day when you can inspect the vehicle. Every place has rules and policies that are set in stone.

Police Vehicles Are Generally Kept In Good Condition

Dont assume that just because police work is so intensive that the used cop cars that are up for sale are all beat-up clunkers.

Because vehicles are so essential to the job, cop cars are usually well maintained. After all, you wouldnt want to be in hot pursuit of a criminal, only to have them slip away because your engine overheated.

Take it from Josh Bailey of the Canadian Black Book: Typically, the vehicles that are retired from heavy-duty service like police work, are generally, perhaps wrongly, viewed as being heavily abused. In fact, theyre probably highly maintained vehicles.

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Buying From A Specialist Ex

As well as chancing your arm at a police vehicle auction, you can purchase ex-police cars from a specialist dealer. The advantage of pursuing the dealer route is theyre likely to have addressed some of the issues youll find at auction filling in holes, and refitting audio equipment for example.

Gareth Brooks runs, which buys vehicles at specialist auctions, refurbishes them and sells them on. We dont include a warranty in the price, although buyers can pay extra for one, says Brooks. Our cars have also covered more miles than those youll find on other forecourts and theyre less likely to be pristine drivers seat wear isnt unusual. But we do slot in a radio, MoT them, replace any missing trim and if necessary well refurbish the alloys.

Most importantly, these cars will be on the button mechanically and the bodywork will be very tidy, so if youre looking for honest and cheap transport, an ex-police car can provide excellent value for money.

Another specialist dealer is the Ex-Police Car Centre in Brierley Hill, W Mids. The companys Nicola Finney tells us: The amount you save varies significantly it comes down to what we pay for the car. We dont look at trade guides we simply buy the car, refurbish it, then sell it on.

According to Finney, many customers buy ex-police cars for peace of mind. Most cars have had one owner and come with a full history, she says. There are no concerns on finance, yet you still make big savings.

Exterior Graphics For New Police Vehicles

Old Police Cars For Sale Cheap

In addition to being a leading police car up-fitter near me, we are a leading installers for police car exterior graphics as well. We offer a wide selection of police pursuit vehicles from Chevrolet, RAM and Dodge and we can up-fit your vehicle with custom graphics.

We have an in house graphic artist who has knowledge of every cop car brand on our lot. They consult with you to decide which exterior graphics will look and work best for your pursuit vehicle fleet.

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What You Really Want Is An Off

Off-duty cars have all the ingredients that make a cop car worth driving, but they also feature nicer, more conventional cloth seats, instead of the industrial-grade vinyl a police cruiser will tend to have. A chosen few even come with leather seats, but those are rare and generally given to county commissioners, chiefs of the fire and police departments, and other bigwigs. Not too coincidentally, these vehicles also have the highest frequency of diligent maintenance.

How I Copped A Bargain

Roger Hotchkiss from Telford, Shrops, bought his third ex-police car – a 137,000-mile Volvo V70 that follows in the footsteps of two Ford Focuses – from the Ex-Police Car Centre in Brierley Hill, W Mids.

I bought the Volvo to tow my caravan as the Focus wasnt up to it, says Roger. So far Im very impressed with the V70, even though it isnt pristine. The interior has been cut about a bit. Still, the bodywork and paint are in very good condition, and I paid over £2,000 less than youd expect to pay from a regular trader although for that youd get a car thats cosmetically better.

What matters is that these cars are maintained regardless of cost and they come with a full history to prove it. The file supplied with mine shows the car has needed nothing more than routine servicing its been completely reliable despite the mileage.

These cars are also only driven by highly skilled professionals, which is why Id take one of these over a car thats done 30,000 miles around town with a normal driver.

Have you ever owned an ex-police car? Give us your verdict in the comments section below…

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Used Police Cars Come With A Bunch Of Unique Features

Generally, there are three types of police vehicles: pursuit cars, patrol cars, and suspect transportation vehicles.

Pursuit cars are the most common types of police vehicles, so youre most likely to see these in a used car auction or listing. These cars are made for high-speed chases, carrying loads of weaponry, transporting passengers, and basically just handling a lot of strain on a day-to-day basis. Theyre souped-up to keep up!

Here are some of the cool features you might find on a used cop car:

  • High-performance engines, usually either V6 or V8 engines
  • Upgraded radiators and fans to regulate heat more effectively
  • Upgraded alternators to accommodate the kind of power required to keep roof-mounted lights, emergency vehicle lights, radios, and sirens running all at once.
  • Run lock ignition, which keeps the engine on even when the key is taken out of the ignition. This system also protects the vehicle from being stolen once the parking brake is disengaged, the system kills the engine automatically.
  • Push bumpers or grille guards
  • Rear window bars or rear cages
  • Sirens and spotlights
  • Heavy-duty suspension and enhanced brake pads to accommodate the extra weight of all the equipment
  • Bullet-proof doors
  • Police pursuit tires

If you get a Ford Police Interceptor, it also comes with built-in steel intrusion plates in the front seats for added protection.

Police Auction Cars: Police Impound Auto Auctions In The United States

Old Police Cars Too Easy To Buy For Fake Cops

Police Auctions

Many of the vehicles bought and sold at police auto auctions are amazing values theyre often everyday drivers taken directly from the road to the auction block. Some are older cars needing a bit of work while others are nearly new and still under warranty. If youve never been to a police auto auction, be sure to read our Police Auctions FAQ

Police auctions for cars are a great way to get a used car for very cheap. Many locations offer police auctions online to the public for easier online bidding. Police auctions for motorcycles are a bit more rare, but you will occasionally see motorcycles listed in addition to cars and trucks, boats, SUVs, RVs, and ATVs. One will occasionally find used police cars for sale at police auctions. Auctions also include government surplus auctions from various federal, state, and local governments.

Choose a state to find police auctions, tow impound auctions, government surplus auctions, and also dealer and public auto auctions:

Unbelievably Low Prices

Police and government surplus auto auctions offer cars for sale ranging from just a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the vehicle and the buyers present. The quality of the cars for sale can vary greatly, but thats what makes these auctions so interesting.

Many auctions are open to the public again and allow bidding in person. However, there are also many online car auctions that allow viewing and bidding on auction cars online.

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Everything To Know Before Buying A Used Police Car

Have you ever wondered what happens to police cars once a department no longer needs them? The answer many police cars get a second life as civilian cars after serving a minimum number of years or reaching a certain mileage. Once a significant portion of police cars reach this milestone, the department sells their cars and invests in a whole new fleet.

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