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Who Makes La Police Gear Flashlights

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Opinions On These New Lapg Lights

LA Police Gear Twist Angle Flashlight – 750 Lumens

It’s all rebranded Fitorch stuff. The F4 26350 quad, for example is a Fitorch P25.

I have never heard of that brand before. Do they make good stuff?

The first one looks twice the length for a 16340.

And… What? ” F4 3,000 Lumen Flashlight is an everyday carry sized flashlight with 4 CREE XPG3 LEDs, powered by an included 263520 2,000 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.”

Customer Service Is Bad

Customer service is bad. I ordered from Amazon. Was sent a defective pair and was approved to be sent a replacement. 2 weeks later, no pants and the exchange was canceled without notice. Customer service is unprofessional to not answer emails to address the issue.

Date of experience:March 09, 2022

Great bag. Quality craftsmanship. Large size, several pockets, central divider and plenty of options to remain organized. Nice shoulder strap or option to hand carry. Would definitely recommend!

Date of experience:June 13, 2022

Category : Durability & Water Resistance

I did test it for water resistance as per SOP. With an IPx8 rating I expected no problems, and I got none. I let the light sit for 15 minutes, which I thought was fair considering its high rating. The light survived the water test with no problems at all.

After having only carried this light for 72 working hours I cant attest to its ultimate reliability, but overall I think its a very solid light. A little bit of the Cerakote has chipped off and the pocket clip is a little worn but the light still works and I imagine it will for a long time.

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Category : Power & Modes

Ive complained about the size but big flashlights come with big advantages. Smaller lights try to cram a ton of features into a very small space. Bigger lights have some room to work with, and can have some larger batteries. The power and modes on the F7 are truly impressive, at least to a guy used to working with much smaller lights.


I rarely have very much to say in this section other than what battery the light takes. I have quite a bit to say in this review. One of my favorite features of this light is the versatility in compatible batteries. The F7 can be powered by 1 18650, 2 CR123s, or 2 16340s. I used the light with the included 18650, but also verified that it worked with a pair of CR123s.

Im fairly new to rechargeable flashlights, but I might get more into them soon. Not only is this light flexible with the batteries it uses, but also in how you can charge them. To charge the light up you can either remove the 18650 for charging, or charge it directly through the lights built-in micro-USB port. This port serves another function that Ill mention later on in the review.

The ability to charge directly through the light is a pretty big deal. First, you dont have to take the light apart to keep your battery charged. Secondly, you can keep the light charging during downtime, like when youre sleeping. During the time I used this flashlight I kept it charging on my nightstand, beside my pistol and my phone, every evening as I went to bed.


Shop Top Brands From Lapg

LA Police Gear F7 1180 Lumen Flashlight Torture Test

At LA Police Gear, we bring you top brands at tough-to-beat prices. That includes Streamlight lights.

Many police departments, security guards, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts rely on the USA-made quality of Streamlight brand flashlights. This winning combination makes LA Police Gear proud to be an authorized dealer.

Heres the bottom line: you need lights that last throughout your entire shift, camping trip, or hunting expedition. You need a reliable flashlight that holds its charge and gives you the light you need. Thats Streamlight.

Check out our selection of Streamlight brand weapon lights and flashlights. Were positive youll find the perfect light that fits all your needs.

Dont forget to sign up for our Rewards Program to earn points and save money!

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Ohjust One More Thing About The Lapg F7

This is a feature that is completely unique to this light . The light comes with a USB adapter that lets you plug your phone into the light, allowing your phone to charge from the flashlights battery. I wouldnt want to get in the habit of charging my phone in this fashion, but that is a cool emergency feature. You do have to have the adapter on hand to use that function but then again, I wouldnt want a light with a regular USB 3.0 port in the side of it. I like when products have a hidden little feature like this.

Category : Form Factor

This is a big light. Ive talked about that already, but Ill mention it briefly again. I had some difficulty carrying it and wont be making it an everyday carry light. Its probably more appropriate for duty use, but if you want to carry it for EDC use you certainly can.

Size: At 5.64 long and 1 inch in diameter this is the largest light Ive carried.

Weight: At 5.1 ounces with a 18650 this is also the heaviest light Ive carried. Most of the lights Ive reviewed here have come in under half this weight.

Pocket Clip: The pocket clip isnt too bad. It is very stiff much stiffer than Id like on a smaller light. On this light I do feel it is appropriate, though. This clip does a very good job of holding the light in place, and its not obnoxiously large. I think the clip is very well executed.

The clip allows the light to sit fairly deep in the pocket, relative to its size. It does leave about an inch sticking out, but thats probably par for the course when youre carrying a light this large.

Reversible Pocket Clip: Technically yes but really, no. The pocket clip can be popped off and reversed. However, this puts the clip at the very rear of the light where it is probably not usable. I also found that popping the clip off loosened the clip quite a bit and wouldnt recommend it.

Anti-Roll Flats: Yes, it has some.

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La Police Gear Recon Rechargeable Flashlight

  • 3 output modes, High, Medium, and Low.
  • Overall Length: 5.75
  • The LA Police Gear Recon Rechargeable Flashlight is USB rechargeable, insanely bright, and has a long runtime. It uses one USB rechargeable 18650 battery to produce a blinding 1,000 lumen output. Its brightness for its compact size will astound you, as will the price! LAPG lights keep getting better, and prices stay the same or even drop. The Recon Rechargeable features 3 output modes, High, Medium, and Low.Specifications:

    • 2 Hour Runtime on High
    • 1.5 Meter Impact Resistance
    • High – 1,000 Lumens / 2 Hours
    • Medium – 500 Lumens / 4 Hours
    • Low – 20 Lumens / 40 Hours
    • Charging Indicator: Red when charging, Green when fully charged

    Package Includes:

    Turbo, High, Medium, Low, Ultra-Low Turbo, High, Medium, Low Turbo, High, Medium, Low, Lowest, Moon, Strobe, Beacon, SOS High, Medium, Low, Strobe
    Compact, Tri-Output Light, Perfect For Use As A Back-Up Flashlight Or EDC Features a Portable Power Bank Function, Slide To Focus Beam, And Memory Function Features Two Illumination Modes, Countdown Timer, Memory Functions, And USB Charging Features a Portable Power Bank Function, USB Charging, And Battery Level Indicators Features Two Illumination Modes, Countdown Timer, Memory Functions, And USB Charging 90 Degree Adjustable Head, Magnetic Tailcap For Hands Free Use, Compatible With 3 Battery Configurations

    Rechargeable Battery

    Reviews For Mf Tactical Juno

    TORTURE TEST | LA Police Gear F7 Flashlight | Will It Survive?
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian Woods 02/27/2022

    Im sorry for my language in advance.

    I just ordered one of your flashlights and I just received it today I was debating between this and the more expensive equivalent and I have to say I made the right choice because HOLY F****** S*** that is an AWESOME god damn flashlight.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard Goranson 07/14/2021

    Made in the US was very important to me. This flashlight is very well made, sturdy, and practical. I love the battery level indicator lights.It is very compact and extremely bright, with dim options to save on battery. The USB charging was also necessary and very convenient for me.Well worth the money !!!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    guilbert7475 07/05/2021

    Excellent flashlight. Use it all night it doesnt get even warm. It has lumens you can actually use, like other companys flashlights minute and a half on turbo and thats it. JUNO-5 is the flashlight Im grabbing when I really need a light all night long.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Carl 04/25/2021

    I found out about MF because I work for a large defense contractor, and I was assigned an Echo model at work. I found that the MF flashlight is really a superior product, as it is clearly built with quality and durability in mind. So bought a Juno-5 for each of my cars, and now my whole family relies on them. If you appreciate quality, these lights are really worth the money.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike Z

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    Our Tactical Flashlight Features

    At LA Police Gear, we make sure we have flashlights built for any job you need. Check out flashlights with rechargeable batteries incompact sizes. Or, if youre in conditions where you need gear that can take a beating, take a look at our durable flashlights with drop resistance and water resistance. Going out into the wilderness? No problem get a flashlight with a long battery life and SOS strobing built into it.

    No matter that job youre on, we have the flashlight you need. Explore LAPGs flashlight lineup to get the one thats made for you.

    La Police Gear Operator Hil 1100 Lumens Bright Tactical Flashlight

    Was $69.99 – check current price

    Check Out LA Police Gear Operator HIL 1100 Lumens Bright Tactical Flashlight. See Great Survival Flashlights By LA Police Gear.

    Bestsurvivalknives editors select and review knives and gear independently. We may earn affiliate commissions from buying links, which help support our testing. Support us.

    LA Police Gear Operator HIL 1100 Lumens Bright Tactical Flashlight

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    Top 10 Rated La Police Gear Flashlight In 2022 Comparison Table

    • BRIGHT – The S2000 is GearLight’s biggest and brightest flashlight. Its ultra-wide beam effortlessly illuminates an entire backyard, and has double the lumen output as other tactical flashlights.
    • DURABLE – This high-powered flash light is virtually indestructible. Made from military-grade aluminum, it’s also water-resistant and strong enough to survive a 10-foot drop.
    • MID-SIZE – These flash lights are big on power, but still compact enough to fit in your backpack, survival bag, or glove compartment. Ideal for outdoor adventures and preparedness.
    • VALUE – This emergency light comes with S2000 flashlight, AA battery holder , lanyard, and user manual.
    • SIZE – Measuring 7.5 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches, this heavy duty tactical flashlight works great as a hiking or camping flashlight. They’re also great flashlights for emergencies outdoors or at home.

    top 10 rated la police gear flashlight49,957

    Product Description

    Great Site For All Your Needs

    LA Police Gear Spec Keychain Flashlight

    I have always been very able to navigate this site. So far I have never needed to get the help of costumer service so cant comment on that part items Ive ordered have came to my in good shape and in a quick time frame. There products have not disappointed have always matched there sites outline. This is the only place I shop for this kind of goods anymore its easy affordable and quick the friends told me I would be happy with the site and they were correct please dont change a thing.

    Date of experience:December 22, 2021

    I have bought several products from LAPG. Most recently their tactical jeansI like them so much I bought back-up pairs for me and one for my Son. These are not really Jean type denim. They are lighter and have stretch. They are very comfortable to wear all day. Their best benefit is that they have pockets for a cell phone and whatever .This is breakthrough design. The cell phone pocket is hidden at belt level on both sides. I can sit down and not sit on my phone!Ordering and shipping have been exactly as told. I will be a long term customer.

    Date of experience:December 21, 2021

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    La Police Gear Operator L1 800 Lumens Flashlight


    The new LA Police Gear Operator L1 Flashlight brings new meaning to bang for your buck. Your initial reaction to this flashlight might be skepticism because of the insanely low price but dont doubt the quality and brightness of this flashlight. This thing packs a high mode of a blistering 800 lumens and also has a Medium, Low, and Strobe setting. Now typically such a bright light would not last long at that level, but this light can run for 2.3 hours on its high mode and 70 hours on its low mode. Combine that with the unique twist to program capability, and you have an amazing flashlight at an amazing price backed by LAPG, the best in the industry. If that wasnt enough, this flashlight also includes CR123 batteries and a nylon belt/molle holster.

    Try it out, we know youll love it as much as we do!

    Totally Predictable Tactical Mode

    Non-Tactical Working Mode

    This mode of operation is accessed by loosening the head of either light a few degrees. In this mode the light has three outputs. High, Medium and Low accessed in that order through tail switch taps. When in the Non-Tactical Mode, both lights have a memory that start the light out in the last used output level. When in this mode, tightening the head immediately returns the light to the Tactical Mode High/Strobe Output.


    49 in stock

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    La Police Gear Operator Hil Flashlight

    The new LA Police Gear Operator Tactical HIL Flashlight brings power and versatility to our operator line of tactical flashlights. With 1,100 lumen maximum output, the HIL battery tube design allows versatility in operating on either three CR123A, four CR123A or two 18650 batteries. Easy operation, duty-quality materials and the LA Police Gear name mean confidence under all conditions. The flashlight includes a battery extension tube to convert from a 3 cell design to a 4 cell design which allows a longer runtime.Features:

    • High Output: 1100 Lumens
    • Medium Output: 200 Lumens
    • Low Output: 22 Lumens
    • ANSI/NEMA FL1 Rated
    • Body Diameter: 1″
    • Weight: 0.6 Pounds
    • Batteries: Three CR123A batteries , four CR123A batteries , or two 18650 rechargeable batteries
    • Package includes: CR123A batteries , battery extension tube, holster, lanyard, spare “O” ring, removable pocket clip, spare tail switch rubber boot, and user manual.

    Warranty Information: LA Police Gear warrants our products to be free of defects for one full year. We will repair or replace, at our option, any lighting product that does not work as a result of a manufacturing defect. This limited warranty excludes abuse and normal wear and tear.

    Closing Thoughts On The Lapg F7

    LA Police Gear Ultra EDC Flashlight – 1100 Lumens – Rechargeable

    When I first pulled this light out of the package I was a tad disappointed at its size. However, Ive come to appreciate all the features it brings to the table. It packs a wallop with 1,180 lumens and the other modes are pretty good, too. The features are thoughtful and well executed. The ability to charge and check battery power without removing the batteries is amazing. Overall, this is an outstanding flashlight if the size works for you.

    The LAPG F7 goes for just $40. Thats a really good value for such a full-featured, powerful light. In fact, several of the very compact, AA-powered lights Ive reviewed here have cost more than that. As a matter of fact, it costs less than what I paid for a replacement LED to upgrade my old Surefire, which doesnt have 1/10th the functionality of this light. If youre looking for a handheld light thats loaded with features and doesnt cost a fortune, you should definitely check out the LAPG F7. Unfortunately the LAPG F7 is out-of-stock at the time of publication, but keep your eye out.

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