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Do Police Officers Get Discounts On Car Insurance

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What Is The Law Enforcement Insurance Discount

Attempted Insurance Fraud / Assaulted by Cop / Dash Cam saves the day!

The police officers discount is designed for law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and first responders.

Since police officers tend to have a keen understanding of traffic laws and safe driving requirements, theyre a great group for insurance providers to give a discount.

It falls into the affiliations and occupations type of insurance discount offered by many of the top providers.

Looking for more savings? Learn about other types of car insurance discounts you may qualify for.

Auto Insurance For Personal Vehicles Owned By Police Officers

When you are off duty and using your personal vehicles, you will need a car insurance policy that meets or exceeds your states minimum required limits, just like any other driver.

While there are not any insurance companies that sell insurance specifically for off-duty officers, there are several companies that offer discounts for law enforcement officers. Additionally, insurance companies may ask for your occupation when you ask for a quote. Police officers may be viewed as safer drivers, since insurance companies know that they understand the rules of the road and have had extensive driving training. When off-duty, this means officers may be less likely to cause accidents or file claims.

When you are shopping for coverage, ask companies if they offer law enforcement discounts on insurance. You may be able to save money simply by being a police officer.

Law Enforcement Officers Auto Insurance: The Bottom Line

Auto insurance companies dont specifically sell policies to police officers the way policies are sometimes sold to current and former members of the military. However, auto insurance quotes for law enforcement officers may be lower than for average drivers due to discounts, occupation-based rate adjustments, and more.

You are now an expert on finding affordable law enforcement officer auto insurance. Being a police officer is challenging, but it does have its perks. Saving on auto insurance can be a big one.

Which auto insurance company for law enforcement officers is for you? Find out now. Ready to find auto insurance rates for law enforcement officers so youre prepared to buy law enforcement auto insurance? To start comparing auto insurance rates for law enforcement officers, just enter your five-digit ZIP code into our free online quote tool.

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How Do Auto Insurance Companies Classify Law Enforcement Officers

Your occupation is sometimes factored into your auto insurance rates when police officers are buying standard insurance.

If you get coverage through a carrier with a law enforcement program, you know youre getting group rates because of what you do. But standard insurers do use an occupational classification rating system.

Insurance companies view each occupation differently in terms of risk. Some drivers could be stuck with a high-risk class code just because of what they do for a living. Others are in a low-risk field and pay less for coverage than the average person.

Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement officers are not considered high-risk when it comes to auto insurance. Even though you spend a lot of time in a car if youre a patrol officer, that doesnt relate to your personal auto insurance rates.

In fact, because you do most of your driving in a car thats insured through the police department, your personal vehicle may qualify for a lower rate. Lets explore that in a little more detail in the next section.

What Are Other Ways Law Enforcement Officers Can Save On Auto Insurance

Can Police Officers Get Car Insurance Discounts?

Weve already discussed the ways law enforcement officers can save, but there are other options available for savings as well. Other discounts and shopping around for coverage are two ways to save.

What other discounts should law enforcement officers be on the lookout for? Most major insurance companies offer several discounts police officers may qualify for. Take a look at this table for a list of primary discounts available from major insurers across the country.

Auto Insurance Discounts Available by Company


Availability and amount saved on these discounts vary by state. To determine whether you qualify for one or more of these discounts , speak to a licensed insurer.

Another way to save is to shop around. Comparing rates from at least three companies will help you find the best coverage and rates for your needs.

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Is There Auto Insurance Just For Law Enforcement Officers

While law enforcement is one of the most fulfilling fields to be in, reporting to the unknown every day can also be very stressful. You deserve to feel the same sense of security whenever you hit the road that you give the community you serve.

One way to get this sense of security is by purchasing auto insurance with a respected carrier. But as we discussed above, no specific law enforcement auto insurance company caters specifically to police officers. There is also no specific first responder auto insurance.

However, you may qualify for discounted rates specific for police officers that can lead to some substantial savings.

Some companies offer a discount just for being a law enforcement officer. Other providers offer police officers auto insurance discounts for being part of a specific association, like the Fraternal Order of Police, for example. These are referred to as affinity programs.

An affinity program is a discount some insurance companies offer to members of a specific group.

Affinity programs exist for a wide variety of groups and associations. Its worthwhile to check any of the associations youre a member of, including alumni associations for the college where you studied criminal justice, or fraternal orders like the one mentioned above.

The Mega List Of Law Enforcement Discounts

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Some of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliate links.

*Disclaimer: Companies change their discounts frequently. This post will be updated as soon as we are aware of any changes. I only list discounts for those companies that have such discounts listed on their website. I am also not affiliated with any of the companies listed in any way. I am simply sharing discounts offered.

I will say that as a law enforcement family, we NEVER expect a discount of any kind. We truly appreciate any discounts or rewards programs that are available and this is a post to share that appreciation with our law enforcement community. Companies work very hard to put these types of discounts and programs into place and they want them to be used.

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Cover That Goes Further For The Police Family

  • Unlike most other insurers, we let you spread the annual cost into monthly payments at no extra cost, letting you budget over the long term
  • Things change. Thats why we wont penalise you with administration charges if you need to fine-tune your policy mid-term**
  • Well pay cancellation fees up to the value of £125 from your existing insurer, so you can switch at any time
  • We can cover you whilst driving on official Police business and whilst carrying your Police kit if you’re a Serving Officer
  • 2 Years New Car Replacement
  • Insurance thats independently rated as Five-Star by Moneyfacts

Take out a new Car Insurance policy to drive away with our introductory offer.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please see ‘The small print’ section for details.

  • Police Mutual provides:
  • Pay monthly, at no extra cost
  • Switch at any time, with cancellation fees of up to £125 paid, when you switch to us
  • 10% multi-car discount so every driver in the family can enjoy the benefits
  • Cover for:
  • Uninsured driver cover to keep your No Claims Discount safe
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs when your repair is carried out by a recommended repairer
  • Lifetime No Claims Discount, subject to eligibility
  • Temporary hire car following an accident or theft to keep you on the road
  • European cover for up to 180 days a year, for more relaxing holidays

What Benefits Does Usaa Offer To Law Enforcement Officials

Off Duty Police Officer Arrested for DWI on Camera

USAA has plenty of offerings that are thoughtfully designed to match the specific needs of those who work in law enforcement. One of USAAs best offerings for law enforcement is its liability coverage that financially protects you when you are found liable for damaging a government-owned vehicle. This, as well as its auto overseas coverage, ensures that you are protected at all costs. In addition, USAA offers a variety of exclusive services to its policyholders, such as car loan counseling, vehicle storage assistance, and roadside assistance. Additional perks include 24/7 support for credit card fraud, free tools to file your taxes, discounts on home security and travel, and the ability to set your billing date in accordance with your pay schedule.

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Car Insurance Discounts For Police Officers

Auto insurance rates, even for law enforcement officers, vary greatly from one provider to the next. However, the rates are still low compared to those of professionals in other occupations. Why is that?

First of all, law enforcement officers undergo rigorous training programs and are highly disciplined. Their job is to enforce the law, and they, themselves, are more likely to observe the same laws they are charged with enforcing, including traffic rules.

Besides their extensive knowledge of the traffic rules and regulations, law enforcement officers are also skilled drivers. Their training includes a defensive driving course.

A police officer is a better driver than an average citizen and is less likely to cause an accident.

After considering all these factors, auto insurance providers place law enforcement officers under the low risk driver category hence attracting lucrative discounts.

How Much Can I Save

The amount you can save as a police officer is going to vary significantly depending on what company you go to for car insurance. Some companies offer large discounts as much as 10 percent, while others only offer two or three percent off. However, you can combine this discount with other discounts to save even more money. For example, many police officers have very safe driving habits, which makes them eligible for a safe driver discount. If you have a clean driving record, you can save a very significant percentage of money on your insurance. You can also use telematics tracking programs to save even more money. These new programs use an app on your smartphone or a separate tracking device to monitor your driving habits. The safer a driver you are, the better a discount you can earn. For police officers that already drive safely, this is a very easy way to lower your premiums even further.

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Why Do Law Enforcement Officers Get Cheaper Auto Insurance Rates

Do cops get cheaper auto insurance rates than other drivers on the road? Why do car insurance companies offer discounts to police officers? Rates for every driver, not just officers, are based on various factors, so not all law enforcement officers will see a lower rate.

That said, your law enforcement auto insurance rates could be lower than average because of your perceived risk. To auto insurance companies, there are certain types of people who are likely to get into accidents, and then there are some people who arent very likely at all.

According to some statistics, police officers are very low-risk drivers. They get in fewer accidents and file fewer claims than people in other occupations.

There are a few reasons why law enforcement officers get into fewer accidents than the average driver in their personal vehicles. First off, most if not all officers will receive behind-the-wheel training. This additional training makes police officers exceptional drivers.

A good driving record is also a condition for police employment, making many officers think before driving irresponsibly. While police officers often do get into auto-related accidents on the job, they are better drivers when off-duty.

Heres a quick look at average annual rates based on driving records.

Law Enforcement Officer Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates Based on Driving Record

Driving Record Summary

National Peace Officers Memorial Service

What to Do if You Get Pulled Over by a Cop

This solemn event, held every year on the U.S. Capitol Lawn in Washington, D.C., on May 15 during National Police Week, honors those who have given their lives in the line of duty and seeks to assuage the grief of families who have lost a loved one. Open to the public, it brings together the expanded law enforcement family: the survivors, officers and friends whom these heroes have left behind. Our national leaders including the president of the United States, cabinet members, members of Congress and heads of various enforcement agencies along with major recording artists join tens of thousands of officers to pay tribute to the fallen and to offer words of comfort to their surviving family members.

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If I Respond To A Situation While Off

Employers will likely handle this situation differently. Talk to your employer to see how your work insurance would respond. You may also want to check with your personal insurance company. If you respond to a situation in your personal vehicle, your company may consider that to be business use and deny coverage.

Bundle Your Home And Auto Policies

One of the bigger discounts you can receive is by bundling your home and auto. All that means is you get your insurance from the same company.

Here are the average savings for bundling your auto with other types of polices:

  • Bundling with home — 11.4%

Those are just averages. You can find insurance companies that often even higher bundling discounts.

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Which Auto Insurance Companies Offer Discounts To Law Enforcement Officers

If youre a police officer shopping the market for your personal auto insurance, the first place to look is companies that offer discounts or affinity programs for all types of law enforcement and corrections officers.

While there are smaller companies in each state with their own rates, the most popular insurers that offer car insurance discounts for police officers include:

  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Farmers
  • Travelers

These auto insurance companies are well known across the U.S., however, its always best to double-check which providers are active in your state. For example, California Casualty insurance company only operates in 44 states.

Youll note that the affinity discount varies significantly from company-to-company, but that doesnt mean the biggest police car insurance discount equals the lowest rate. The Allstate law enforcement discount is larger than the GEICO law enforcement discount, but GEICOs overall rate is often still lower for police officers.

Does USAA cover law enforcement as well as military personnel? No. Unfortunately, to qualify for USAA coverage, you must be a current or former member of the military or have a close relative with a USAA membership.

Law enforcement is not part of the USAA membership list. However, many police officers have also served in the military. If youre a veteran, USAA might be a good option for you and your family.

Law Enforcement Officer Affiliation Discount on Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Company

Insurance Companies

What Other Insurance Discounts Can Law Enforcement Officers Get

Can the Police tell if I have car insurance?

As we noted earlier, when we discussed discounts in greater detail, its always wise to ask your insurance company what discount on auto insurance is available. Not every discount will be publicly advertised by every auto insurance provider.

Some companies will offer discounts on home insurance for law enforcement as well, and of course, bundling is always a good option.

What about medical coverage? Do police officers pay for health insurance? Most officers do put a portion of their salary toward their health insurance, which is subsidized by the police department.

Costs and coverage will vary from place-to-place.

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Getting The Best Car Insurance Rates For Police Officers

While many major insurance providers across the United States offer car insurance discounts for law enforcement, it is still important to shop around in order to find the best rates for your needs. Since the amount of your insurance premium is strongly affected by the coverage levels and state laws, you will benefit most from talking with an agent who is licensed in your state. Not only will they be able to assist you with finding the best premium and discounts for your car insurance, they can help you bundle additional coverage and services particularly useful to police officers, such as off-duty firearm storage, home security, and identity theft protection.

Defensive Driving Course Discount

Depending on where you live, taking a driver safety course may help you get car insurance discounts. These classes can teach you skills like how to navigate weather and traffic situations to avoid accidents. Drivers who take these courses may be eligible for a 10% to 15% discount on coverages. Ask your local State Farm agent for a list of qualifying courses and requirements.

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Ready To Save Compare Quotes From The Best Providers For Free

Do you think you might qualify for the police officers discount? Start quote shopping and save money today using our free quote tool.

Remember, insurance discounts may vary by state and provider and may be capped at a certain limit. Contact the insurance company where youre getting a quote or your current policy provider for details specific to your circumstances.

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