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How Can I Get A Copy Of A Police Report

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How Do I Get a Copy Of My Police Report?

Under New Jerseys Division of Motor Vehicles law, if a driver is involved in a car accident, he or she is required to report it to law enforcement if the crash involved more than $500 of property damage. In other words, if youre ever in a car accident and it looks like the property damage is at least $500, you must report the crash to the police. Even a minor fender-bender may have more than $500 worth of property damage, so its always best to call the police to the scene.

If you or anyone is injured in an accident, you should immediately call 911 for medical treatment. Some injuries and symptoms after a car accident, like whiplash or concussion, can be slow to present themselves. Its always best to seek medical treatment as soon as you realize you may be injured. Or, you can choose to have yourself examined by medical professionals to detect any injury.

Because its hard to estimate property damage or assess physical harm at the scene of the accident, calling the police and filing a report are a fail-safe way to protect your best interests.

Can I Get A Copy Of A Police Report For Insurance Purposes

Yes. Your Police Acknowledgement Form will be emailed or posted to you.

If you reported online via you should receive your PAF within 24 hours of making the online report.

After you have made a report to Police and been given a reference number, you can use the Case / Report update form available at to:

  • provide additional information
  • request an update from Police about your case / report
  • withdraw your report.

How Can I Get A Copy Of A Police Crime Report

Effective August 8, 2022 all requests for police records should be submitted via the Police Departments Open Records Center.

You may call 408-277-4261 for any additional information regarding the process for obtaining police records or to follow up on the status of your request.

Crime reports cost 22 cents per page 277-4143 between 8:00 and 12:00 noon Monday through Friday if you have questions.

You will need to complete a pink report request form listing the following information: Your name, the case number, the type of crime, the date and time of the crime and how you are associated with the crime. You will need to present identification. You may pay by cash or personal check, money order or a cashier’s check made payable to “City of San Jose”.

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Collisions Investigated By Other Agencies

Police Accident Reports submitted to DMV by police departments other than the New York State Police may or may not be submitted electronically, therefore, these guidelines may not be applicable.

Motorists requesting a copy of an MV-104A submitted by a police department other than the New York State Police should follow the instructions contained in paragraph above entitled, For Collisions on all Other Roads or contact the investigating police agency directly.

Contact information for all police agencies in New York State is available online at:

What Is A Police Incident Report

How to access arrest record information for free

While the term police incident report sounds so straightforward you might think itâs self-explanatory, itâs actually just the entrance into a deep rabbit hole of law enforcement reporting jargon. Itâs absolutely necessary for police departments to maintain detailed logs of factual and eye-witness information pertaining to reported crimes, and alongside the police report, the incident report serves as one of the very first documents on that journey as told by the victim of the crime.

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What Exactly Is A Police Report

A police report is a form that is completed by a law enforcement officer after an accident. They are written to document an officers investigation subsequent to a motor vehicle collision or after an arrest is made. In the context of car accident cases, the precise name of the report is a Traffic Collision Report. However, people unfamiliar with these documents, or even attorneys who dont specialize in traffic accident matters, frequently refer to them simply as police reports. Personal injury lawyers specializing in motor vehicle accident cases refer to them by their correct name, Traffic Collision Reports, in order to differentiate them from arrest reports in criminal cases. In the event of a car accident involving a criminal charge of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, there will be a Traffic Collision Report as well as an Arrest Report.

Importance Of Police Reports

As previously stated, police departments in every city are there to provide aid to citizens who are responsible for reporting crime by way of filing police reports.

Police reports are a way to document incidents, both large and small. They help identify perpetrators of crimes so that officers can stop them and any further crimes. Reports help keep both citizens and the police department accountable for public safety.

For cases involving vehicles, accident police reports are helpful when filing insurance claims, identifying the party at fault and keeping city roads safe.

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Local Record Check Clearance Letter

A clearance letter may be required when going through a background check or investigation. This letter is only available to those who reside in the City of Redwood City, and only provides an arrest record check of our local records system. The fee for this letter is $12* . Walk-in requests are welcome during Lobby Hours from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please bring valid photo identification.

For information on obtaining a State of California criminal record , please visit the State of California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General website here.

When Should I Expect A Response

DUI Arrest: How to get a copy of the police report?

The law requires that an agency respond to any Public Record Act request in 10 days, acknowledging the request, giving a timeline for a full response and informing the requestor if they are claiming any exemptions.11 An agency can ask for a 14-day extension to respond to the request. The more extensive the request, or if it may require a lot of redactions to keep certain information confidential, the longer it may take to respond. While agencies are supposed to respond promptly, many agencies often take a long time. If you havenât heard from them, follow-up reminding them that you are still awaiting a response, and document every contact with the agency.

Also, if you are seeking information about a relatively-recent serious use of force, an agency has the right but is not required to temporarily withhold the relevant documents if there is an ongoing criminal or administrative investigation that could be harmed by the release of these documents.12 How long the agency can withhold depends on whether investigation is criminal or just administrative, but in most cases it cannot withhold longer than 18 months after the incident occurred. If criminal charges are filed, the material can be withheld until the criminal case has ended.13

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Who May Request A Copy Of A Police Report

Crime and Incident Reports

  • Insurance carrier against which a claim has been made and/or might be made
  • Person suffering bodily injury, property damage or loss

Not released:

  • If the disclosure would endanger the safety of a witness or other involved party
  • If disclosure could endanger the successful completion of an investigation and/or related investigation
  • Name and address of a victim of certain specified crimes will not be disclosed
  • If the Department is prohibited by law from releasing the report

Traffic Collision Reports

  • Drivers involved in the collision
  • Registered owners of vehicles involved
  • Parents of a minor driver involved
  • Passengers involved listed in the report
  • Insurance companies
  • Those incurring property damage as a result of the accident
  • Those who may incur civil liability as a result of the accident
  • Any attorney who declares under penalty of perjury that he or she represents any of the above persons

Juvenile Reports

Released to:

  • Parents of a juvenile may receive a copy of certain types of reports if their child is the only juvenile identified in the report.

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Certificate Of Conduct And Non


Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to limit the number of people gathered in one place, ALL fingerprinting services will now require an appointment. Walk-ins WILL NOT be accepted.

Only individuals with appointments may visit the office. Appointments can be scheduled by clicking on the following link then click services and follow the instructions Please review all information listed below carefully to ensure that you have the correct documents to schedule an appointment. Once scheduled, please arrive on time. If not, your appointment will be rescheduled based on availability. Bring all required documents and payment to the appointment.

All applicants will be fingerprinted and/or photographed to obtain Certificates of Conduct or Non-Criminal Fingerprint Cards.In order to decrease the spread of illnesses, face masks must be worn inside of the building. Applicants will be required to take a temperature reading upon entering the building. To allow for social distancing, do not bring additional people to your appointment. Translation services will be provided, if necessary. When planning your travel time, include extra time to pass through two security checks.

All Certificates of Conduct will be mailed via United States Postal Service after the completion of processing. Processing and mailing should occur within ten business days.

Certificate of Conduct and Non-Criminal Fingerprint Section

Location and Contact Information

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How To Request Records Contained In A Major Collision File

Major Collision Bureau investigates all Motor Vehicle Collisions resulting in a fatality or serious personal injury that occur in the Region of Peel.

  • Company letter or personal/company email requesting the records, including date, time, location, occurrence number, officer in charge of the collision. How you are involved or your relationship to the involved party.
  • Clients signed consent or two copies of your government issued identification and your contact information.
  • Our office will advise you in writing regarding the status of the case or any known court dates.
  • If you are NOTthe Involved Party to the Collision

    You must provide proof of relationship to the involved party and a signed consent on behalf of the involved individual.

    If the Involved Individual is Deceased

    You are required to provide an authorization from the legal representative or power of attorney with supporting documents.

    ***Do Not Send Payment Until You Have Been Invoiced***

    Contact Information

    Please contact Martine Renwick, Information and Privacy Unit at or email at for additional assistance.

    Getting A Accident Or Incident Report From The Service Counter

    Police Department

    For the foreseeable future, to obtain an accident or incident report from our Records Management, please follow the below steps:

    • To have a copy of an accident report or incident report emailed to you or sent via United States Postal Service
    • Email or depending on which report you need
    • Include in your email, the report number, if you have it your name name of involved, if not yourself, and your relationship to them date occurred and location occurred.
    • A copy of the report will be sent to you if located. If not located, you will be notified of additional information needed or reason report cannot be released.
  • You can also call 502-574-6857 for help.
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    Apply For A Copy Of Your Police Abridged Incident Report

    This report is commonly used to assist with the recovery of loss .

    The information disclosed on the report varies based on the nature of the offence but may include the:

    • incident report number
    • time, date and location of the offence
    • description of the offence

    A printable version of the online form can be downloaded.

    Applications will only be accepted from victims or their representatives. Applications from representatives must be supported by documentary proof of representation.

    Payments made by cheque or money order must made be payable to the Commissioner of Police. Electronic money order vouchers cannot be accepted and will be returned.

    Additional information, including edited copies of investigation files may be available through Freedom of Information. For assistance with your application, please contact Public Access on 61 8 6229 5900 or via email on .

    The CheckMyCrime online service allows members of the public who were the victim of a property related incident to view the status of their investigation and to print a report, at no cost, which details the items recorded as stolen, damaged or lost.

    To Get A Police Check

    A police or criminal history check is a document that lists all court outcomes and pending charges for an individual. The information is collected from the databases of all Australian police jurisdictions. You may need a police check when you start a new job, adopt a child or work overseas.

    If you live in this state or territory

    Ask your local police for

    Australian Capital Territory

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    What Happens After I File A Report Online

    • You will be given a temporary police report number.
    • Your report will be reviewed, and when approved, a Case Number will be assigned to your report.
    • If further investigation is necessary, you will be contacted via email or telephone. If contacted, you will have seven days to reply.
    • You will be provided a copy of the police report to keep for your records.

    How To Get A Police Report

    How to File a Police Report Online

    By law, certain police records and violation reports prepared and maintained by the Police Department are accessible to the general public.

    If you need to get a copy of a police report, do this. First, begin by researching the requirements of the police department responsible for the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred. Then, follow the departments exact protocol for requesting and receiving those records. Start by checking the police departments website. Expand your search to the city website if you dont find anything on the police departments website.

    Obtain and Fill Out Request Forms

    Some departments may require that you complete a request form, sometimes called a request for public records. This may also be known as a request for open records. When you check the department website, look to see if you can download the request form from their site. If so, fill out the request form and submit it according to the directions.

    Most request forms will require you to provide the first and last name of at least one of the involved parties. In addition, youll need the location, date, and time of the incident, and in some cases, the incident or case number.

    Submitting the Request Form

    Important Notes Regarding Submitting Requests for Police Reports

    • It may take a few days or more to obtain the official documents
    • Charges for obtaining copies of the documents may vary by city or jurisdiction
    • Very few departments allow access to records online

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    Requesting A Police Report In Person

    1. Gather the required materials.

    Bring with you a form of identification like a drivers license or passport. If you are making the request on behalf of someone else, you will need to have a notarized letter with you. Most agencies require a small request fee. If you were directly involved in the incident whether as a victim, witness, or defendant you may receive a verification slip from the authorities to let you know that a police report has been filed. Bring this slip with you to exchange for the police report.

    2. Visit the Records and Identification Division of the police department.

    The Records and Identification Division may have exclusive hours throughout the day that are not your typical business hours, so be sure to verify online. They will ask you for your information, as well as basic information about the case. Then, they will take your payment to cover the request fee.

    3. Retrieve the copy of your police report.

    In some areas, you may have to pick up a copy of the police report in person, but some agencies may mail it directly to you. Either way, expect to pay a per-page fee for the copy of the report. Reports typically cost a total of $50 to $150.

    What Is A General Offense Report

    A General Offense Report is the standard format for initial crime reports that are written up by a police officer responding to an incident. Many of these will be responses to 9-1-1 calls. Others will be on-view incidents, which is an incident an officer sees and responds to, without being called to the scene.

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    When To Call 311

    Other reports can be made online using the 311 Customer Service Centers self-service options, which then get routed to the appropriate servicing agency . Staff can assist you in over 175+ languages:

    • Graffiti : Report buildings, public property, and other objects that have been vandalized with graffiti.
    • Abandoned Vehicle: Report a vehicle that is suspected to be abandoned, or has been parked in the same space for more than 72 hours.
    • Encampments or Homeless Concerns
    • You can not report the following lost or stolen online: Passports, Consular ID cards, Social Security cards, firearms, license plates or motor vehicles. Call 311 for information on having an officer make a report.
    • Do you know WHO the suspect is or have a description of the suspect? You cannot file your report online. Call 311 for information on having an officer make a report.
    • If you do not have an email address you may call the 311 center and have an online report made for you.

    Note: Upon completion, a service request number will be assigned and routed to the appropriate servicing agency. Information of these reports is shared with the San Francisco Police Department.

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