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Can I Report Identity Theft To The Police

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IdentityTheft.gov Helps You Report and Recover from Identity Theft | Federal Trade Commission

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Victims of identity theft have a right to:

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How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

  • Be wary of unsolicited e-mails, text messages, telephone calls, or mail asking you for personal or financial information.
  • Check your credit reports, bank and credit card statements and report any irregularities.
  • Shred personal and financial documents before putting them in the garbage.
  • Retrieve your mail on a regular basis to limit possible mail theft.
  • When you move, notify the post office and your relevant financial institutions and service providers.

Review Your Credit Reports Carefully

When you receive your credit reports, read them carefully. Look for accounts you dont recognize. Look in the inquiries section for names of creditors from whom you havent requested credit. You may find some inquiries identified as promotional. These occur when a company has gotten your name and address from a credit bureau to send you an offer of credit. Promotional inquiries are not signs of fraud. Also, as a general precaution, look in the personal information section to verify your Social Security number, address and name.

If you find anything you dont understand, call the credit bureau at the telephone number listed on the report. Tell them you want to block, or remove, any information on the report that is the result of identity theft. For more on what to tell the credit bureaus, see the Privacy Rights Clearinghouses Identity Theft: What to Do When It Happens to You.

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How Does Identity Theft Occur

Your personally identifying information may be compromisedthrough a variety of methods.

  • Dumpster Diving – Looking through your garbage for bills or other paper with your personal information on it.

  • Skimming – Skimmers are small electronic devices that can be easily concealed in a pocket and when your credit card is swiped through it, the device reads all of the information encoded on the magnetic strip on your card.

  • Phishing – Phishing scams are electronic mails sent from what appears to be a legitimate financial institution. They are devised to trick you into sending them account and password information. A common scam would be an email advising you that due to a security issue your bank would like you to confirm or reset your password.

  • Address Change – Your bills are diverted to another address where they are read or your mail is stolen from your mail box.

  • Theft – Your personally identifiable information is acquired through the theft of a wallet, purse, home burglary or car burglary.

  • Pretexting – Your are called or receive a text message from what appears and sounds like a legitimate financial institution in an attempt to trick you into revealing personally identifiable information.

  • Additional information can be found at:

    Reporting To Law Enforcement

    10 Crime Incident Report Template

    File a police report with your local police department. Keep multiple copies for yourself, your creditors, and the three major credit agencies.

    While not all identity theft reports can be individually investigated, by reporting to law enforcement you make it possible for investigators to spot trends and patterns and help protect others from identity theft. The written police report will help you as you report identity theft to creditors and credit agencies.

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    How Filing A Report Helps Protect You

    Why is it important to report identity theft? If you are a victim of identity theft, it means someone has taken your personal information and used it to commit fraud in your name.

    Heres how filing a report helps:

    • It acts as a declaration of your innocence.
    • It helps start the investigation.

    A police report serves as sworn statement that you were not responsible for any crimes the thief committed using your name. If someone accuses you of a crime committed in your name, you can show them your sworn statement.

    Filing an Identity Theft Report at IdentityTheft.gov serves a similar function, in most cases. Its an official statement about the crime.

    Important to note: The FTC recommends filing an Identity Theft Report first, and including it when you file a police report.

    Keep in mind, with either report, youre legally obligated to tell the truth to the best of your knowledge. If you dont, you could face criminal penalties.

    Steps to take when reporting ID theft to the police

    If you decide you want to report identity theft to the police, here are steps you can take.

  • Go to your local police office, as well as to the police office where the fraud took place, with this information:
    • A copy of your FTC Identity Theft Report
    • A government-issued photo ID
    • Proof of your address, such as a mortgage statement or utilities bill
    • Any proof you have of the theft, such as credit card statements, IRS notices or collection notices

    Signs You May Be A Victim Of Identity Theft

    • Missing funds from your bank account, or unauthorized withdrawals.
    • Unauthorized charges on your credit or debit card.
    • You’re suddenly locked out of your email because someone hacked your inbox and changed your password.
    • You’ve noticed that one of your social media accounts â like Instagram or Snapchat â has been hacked.

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    Should You Report Identity Theft

    Identity theft is a serious criminal offense that can lead to several financial losses. It is because identity thieves steal your personal information and can manipulate this information to harm you and the others around you.

    You may even land in legal trouble if these thieves use your personal information for immoral or illegal activities.

    However, reporting identity theft to the police, , and other important departments can benefit you in the long run. For example, any illegal activities from your info will not be credited to your name if you report them to the police.

    Similarly, the credit providers will deactivate your card and your account, saving you from further financial losses.

    However, learning how to report identity theft also matters. Therefore, we are going to mention the best approach for reporting identity theft ahead.

    Tips When Filing A Police Report

    New and easier way to report tax identity theft

    With luck, filing a police report will go smoothly. You can then concentrate on taking steps to recover from identity theft.

    But some police departments may not be fully prepared to take your report. For instance, officers may be preoccupied with other crimes or unfamiliar with how to handle identity theft cases.

    Here are some tips that can help.

    • Be firm, but calm when seeking to file a police report.
    • Try to remain flexible. The police may send you to a website to fill out a form, instead of taking your information in person.
    • Contact your state attorney generals office if the police are unable or unwilling to take your report. States may have different processes for filing a report. An attorney generals office or website may be able to provide the details.
    • Be specific. When you make a police report, give detailed information about the identity theft, such as dates accounts were opened in your name or who might have committed the fraud.
    • Make copies of your identity theft police report and your FTC complaint. Youll need these to resolve any disputes with companies where the identity thief used your name.

    Bottom line: Reporting identity theft to the police or the FTC is a smart step to take. It could save time and money as you recover from identity theft.

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    What Is The Number To The Irs Identity Theft

    If you did not receive an IRS notice but believe youve been the victim of identity theft, contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 800-908-4490 right away so we can take steps to secure your tax account and match your SSN or ITIN. Also, fill out the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit, Form 14039 PDF.

    Can I File A Police Report Online For Identity Theft

    Yes, you can file an identity theft police report online. You can do this by going to the website of your local law enforcement agency and filling out the form.

    You will need to provide your name, address, phone number, and email address. You will also need to provide a description of what happened and when it happened.

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    What Can I Do If I Am A Victim Of Identity Theft

    Report the identity theft to the police.

    Get a copy of the police report so that you can share it with your financial institutions, credit card issuers, the credit reporting agencies, and any other companies.

    Tell the financial institutions, credit card issuers, or companies that are involved.

    You may need to change your account numbers, your PINs, and get new debit and credit cards.

    Report the identity theft to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre .

    They provide advice and assistance to victims. Call 1-888-495-8501 or visit www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca.

    Cancel any missing or stolen identification documents.

    Immediately cancel government-issued documents like your driver’s licence, passport, birth certificate, or health card and get new ones as soon as possible.

    Contact Service Ontario at 416-326-1234 or toll-free at 1-800-267-8097.

    Contact Equifax and TransUnion.

    They are the two main credit reporting agencies in Canada. Ask both agencies for a copy of your credit reports. They must send you a free copy of your report in the mail if you ask them to. Review your credit reports and let them know if you want to dispute a debt. Ask if a “fraud alert” should be placed in your file.

    Contact Equifax at 1-800-465-7166 or www.equifax.ca. Contact TransUnion at 1-800-663-9980 or www.transunion.ca.

    You may need legal help for some situations.

    Call Pro Bono Ontario’s help line at 1-855-255-7256.

    Use The Id Theft Affidavit

    Identity theft Police Report Example

    Creditors may ask you to fill out fraud affidavits. The Federal Trade Commissions ID Theft Affidavit is accepted by the credit bureaus and by most major creditors. Send copies of the completed form to creditors where the thief opened accounts in your name. Also send copies to creditors where the thief made charges on your account, to the credit bureaus, and to the police. The form is available on the FTC Web site at ww.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/resources/forms/affidavit.pdf. File a complaint of identity theft with the FTC. See their Web site at www.consumer.gov/idtheft The FTC keeps a database of identity theft cases that is used by many law enforcement agencies.

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    Instructions And Help About Blotter Report For Theft

    so today were going to be talking about report writing and to ease the discussion along Im going to be using as reference material my video entitled note-taking for police and security part 1 and take a seat look look were nearly starting with the orientation at the car here but we got calls from Barry and we got to get to them so were all like were gonna have to learn on the way alright today what note-taking for police and security part 1 gives you is the outline and notes that would be taken on scene from a very normal very typical very dare I say routine call that a lot of police officers and some security people get called to on a pretty regular basis so we are going to use those notes about someones mailbox getting hit and damaged and a officer coming to do a criminal damage to property report about that incident and were going to use it as the basis for the report writing video now its important to note that report writing can take months to learn and to even get the bas

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    How Do I Report Illegal Activity Anonymously

    Crime Stoppers is an effective national program that collects anonymous crime tips. Anyone who wants to report drug activity can contact Crime Stoppers via phone or online. A national tip line is available 24/7, and the program also operates out of local offices.

  • To report immediate threats or emergencies, call 911.
  • To report anonymous tips or information, text to 50411.
  • To report suspicious activity or behavior, call 727-9099.
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    Quick Guide On How To Complete Arrest Report Example

    Forget about scanning and printing out forms. Use our detailed instructions to fill out and eSign your documents online.

    SignNows web-based application is specifically created to simplify the arrangement of workflow and optimize the whole process of proficient document management. Use this step-by-step guide to fill out the Police blotter sample theft form swiftly and with perfect precision.

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    Important Steps To Take If You Notice Any Red Flags

    How to Create an Identity Theft Report. ID theft Tips
    • Request a free credit report.
    • Visit AnnualCreditReport.com which has data from the major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.
    • File an Identity Theft Report with the FTC.
    • Report the Identity Theft to the Credit Bureaus.
    • Consider a credit freeze.
    • Notify your cellular carrier to prevent SIM swapping.
    • Consider canceling all your bank accounts and credit cards.
    • Immediately change the usernames and passwords to your online accounts.

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    Next Steps For Filing A Police Report For Identity Theft Online If You Can’t Do It Yourself

    Identity theft can sometimes involve a stolen phone in addition to credit or debit cards in a stolen wallet. Accordingly, some people may find it difficult to even call police, let alone file a report for identity fraud. Others are so shook up they have trouble articulating what actually happened. If you are having problems reporting identity theft, DoNotPay offers a safe, efficient solution that’s virtually hassle free.

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    Notify The Ftc Submit A Claim Online

    As a federal law enforcement agency, the FTC supersedes your local police department. If youâre a victim of identity theft, head over to www.identitytheft.gov

    Because identity theft has become so common, reporting it has become much easier. The FTC makes the process of filing an Identity Theft Report very easy.

    Their intuitive online tools will help you complete the forms for your report automatically. When youâre done, your FTC report becomes an official statement about the crime. Then, other law enforcement agencies can access this report during their own investigations.

    Report The Crime To The Police

    Identity Theft Package

    Under California law, you can report identity theft to your local police department.1 Ask the police to issue a police report of identity theft. Give the police as much information on the theft as possible. One way to do this is to provide copies of your credit reports showing the items related to identity theft. Black out other items not related to identity theft. Give the police any new evidence you collect to add to your report. Be sure to get a copy of your police report. You will need to give copies to creditors and the credit bureaus. For more information, see Organizing Your Identity Theft Case” by the Identity Theft Resource Center, available at

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    Filing A Police Report On Identity Theft

    While filing a police report is not always necessary, there are situations where it will expedite the resolution of your case and help to get your name cleared:

    • If you know the identity of the thief
    • If a criminal activity was committed in your name
    • If a business wants proof that fraud was committed in your name

    Should I Report Identity Theft To The Police

    Your first thought may be to go straight to the police. But unfortunately, while it is a good idea to know how to report identity theft to police, there is often not much they can do about it. Therefore, reporting to the FTC should be the first thing you do, and they will offer suggestions as to when you should file a police report.

    Filing a police report is easier if you can offer the following information:

    • If you can identify the person using your identity fraudulently
    • If you have specific information that can help the police in their investigation
    • If the fraudster used your identity in the presence of a police officer

    If you are filing police reports, there are several things you will need. Make sure you have all of them with you when you go. Write down the number on the police report because your creditors may ask for it and have at hand:

    • Copies of the collection notices or bills

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