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How Do I Check My Police Record

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What Are Acceptable Types Of Identification

How Do I Clear My Criminal Record?

Applicants must supply a minimum of two types of acceptable identification from the list below with a minimum total of 100 points. Identification documents must include a photo ID, the applicant’s current residential address, signature and date of birth. Further information can be found on the application form.

Category A

Driver licence/Learner’s permit/Boat licence – 40Firearms/Private security licence – 40Current tertiary student identification card – 40WWC Check card/Key pass/Proof of age card – 40Certified current passport size photo – 40

Category B

Birth certificate – 70Birth card – 70Australian travel documents or current Australian Visa – 70Department of Veterans Affairs card – 40Centrelink card – 40Government employee ID – 40

How Long Is My Criminal Record Check Valid

A Criminal Record Check certificate can be used up as long as possible . It is one of those certificates that does not have a set expiry date. A Criminal Record can only become void if the requesting party deems it, following their internal risk mitigation policies.

However, most organisations/persons normally decline criminal record checks that are older than 3 months, depending on their discretion.

Although the State legislation or Constitution do not dictate how any organisation interprets an individualâs Check, it supervises related actions and policies. For certain roles or positions, it is compulsory to obtain a Criminal Record Check certificate. Some of these roles are

  • Roles that involve the care of children. Note that working with children checks and a criminal record check are two different kinds of checks.

  • Solicitors, welfare reps, and many others

  • Volunteers engaged in sensitive roles or with the vulnerable will generally require volunteer police checks.

Obtaining A Police Information Check

Visit a Calgary Police Service location and remember to bring:

  • Two valid pieces of government issued identification

  • Drivers Licence
  • Alberta Photo Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Payment for the Police Information Check.
  • For status of your police check please refer to the following website for current processing date. Once application is processed please allow an additional 2-3 business days for mail delivery, to receive, unless further follow-up is required of you to which you will be notified. You may also refer to this website to learn more about our online Police Information check process. The Police Information Check will not disclose to a third party any specific information will be disclosed to the applicant only.

    If you have previously resided in Calgary and now reside elsewhere in Alberta, in another Province or Out of Country and require a Calgary Police Service Police Information Check, please see Police information checks for people outside Calgary.

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    Where To Find Police Records

    First off, if you are or were a criminal and have a criminal record, you are entitled to a copy of that record thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. As stated earlier, police records are a matter of public record, therefore they are available for free access to the public. The Freedom of Information Act states that any person has the right to request access to federal agency records or information, except for exemptions that are listed. This means that anyone in the U.S. can request basic information that is considered public record, such as voter’s registration, property deeds, or criminal records.

    The U.S. system of recording and storing these police records isn’t always the easiest to navigate. Records can have issues crossing state lines, which is why it’s important to find a database that checks all states and compiles the findings. A lot of people say the U.S. should make it easier and have all records in one pool, but that’s just not how things are done.

    Police records are recorded in the states where such crimes occur, then are voluntarily submitted to federal databases for access. Not all crimes are recorded and submitted in this manner though, which is what leads to contrary records. With the CheckPeople search we are able to look through all sources of information quickly so you will be able to save a bunch of time on your search.

    • County Criminal Records: $5-$20
    • Federal criminal records: $8-$15
    • Sex offender status: $0-$10

    Criminal Record And Judicial Matters Check

    How to check my criminal records online for free

    This check is intended for people who require a criminal records check along with a search of outstanding entries and charges. Examples: Border crossing, Immigration, Taxi Licence, Employment .

    This check will show:

    • Every criminal offence of which the individual has been convicted for which a pardon has not been issued or granted
    • Every summary conviction if the request is made within 5 years after the date of the summary conviction
    • Every finding of guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act in respect of the individual during the applicable period of access under that Act
    • Any conviction for which a pardon has been granted if disclosure is authorized under the Criminal Records Act
    • Every criminal offence of which the individual has been found guilty and received an absolute discharge within 1 year after the date of the absolute discharge
    • Every criminal offence of which the individual has been found guilty and received an conditional discharge within 3 years after the date of the conditional discharge
    • Every criminal offence for which there is an outstanding charge or warrant to arrest in respect of the individual
    • Every court order made against the individual except: court orders made under the Mental Health Act or under Part XX.1 of the Criminal Code , court orders made in relation to a charge that has been withdrawn, restraining orders made against the individual under the Family Law Act, the Children’s Law Reform Act or the Child and Family Services Act



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    Are Police Records Public

    All police records are deemed public information unless they are ordered not to be by a judge. In some cases, records need to be hidden from public view in order to maintain the security of the nation. Public records also consist of:

    • Property records
    • Criminal convictions
    • Lawsuits

    The quickest way to find police records and other public records is to utilize the massive databases that SpyFly offers its users.

    How Do I Find Police Records

    If you want to find police records quickly and easily, the fastest way to do so is to do a search on SpyFly. You can have access to some of the largest databases in the country that are filled with public information. Other ways that you could find police records are to:

    • File a request with the local police department
    • File a request with your county recorders office
    • File a request with the state department that you live in

    Sometimes you can get access to records within a couple of months, and sometimes it can take years, depending on where you are searching for them.

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    More Than One Offence Convictions And Fines

    Basia is 50. She was convicted and fined £100 for common assault in 2005. In 2006 she was convicted and fined £100 for shoplifting. She didn’t serve prison time or get a suspended sentence for either offence.

    These convictions will be filtered as they are both over 11 years old and the offences are not on the specified list.

    Different Levels Of Check And Disclosures

    How To Check My Criminal Record For Free –

    An AccessNI check is a criminal history record check which provides different levels of information about you. There are three levels of check:

    • a basic check contains details of all convictions considered to be unspent
    • a standard check contains details of all spent and unspent convictions, informed warnings, cautions and diversionary youth conferences
    • an enhanced check contains the same information as a standard check and police records held locally. To work with children and vulnerable adults, the check may include information held by the Disclosure and Barring Service
    Level of check
    • a fine for not having a TV licence

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    The Customer Service Desk At 2670 Queensview Drive Is Closed For All Walk

    Any request for a background check can be submitted online.

    Any questions or concerns related to your Record Check should be directed to . This email is monitored during normal business hours between 7:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

    Our offices at our Queensview location continue to provide service by appointment only, in accordance with provincial and Ottawa Public Health guidelines for physical distancing. We do not currently offer any walk-in service.

    If you require employees or volunteers to complete a Police Records Check, please note there may be a delay in completing the records check if an in-person visit is required. In accordance with public health guidelines, our lobby capacity is limited.

    Did you know that organizations can request self-declaration of criminal convictions? This can be used as a temporary measure until the background check can be completed. Background checks are only one of the tools available for screening potential employees or volunteers, in addition to interviews, reference checks, accreditations, permits and certifications and, in some cases, more extensive checks. antecedents.

    If you require your staff or volunteers to undergo a background check, please continue to submit your background check requests online.

    How To Request Your New York State Criminal History

    An individual may request a Personal Record Review to obtain:

    • A copy of his or her New York State criminal history record, commonly called a rap sheet.
    • A no record response indicating that he or she has no New York State criminal history record.

    Note:An individual cannot request a criminal history record for another person to determine if that person has a criminal history.

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    How Do I Check My Criminal Record Online In Australia

    Applying for your criminal record online is the fastest, easiest and a secure means of obtaining it. The online police check application form remains one of the most popular and quickest ways to apply for the Criminal Record Check.

    The online application can be completed from the comfort of your home using a PC, tablet or mobile device. As long as your device is connected to a stable internet source, the application will take less than 5 minutes.

    All completed and successful applications will receive an email of their criminal record certificate within 24 and 48 hours. The remaining that get referred automatically for manual processing will take between 3 to 15 days. Instant SMS updates will also be sent via the phone number provided.

    If you want the hardcopy of your criminal record clearance, you can request it through the link, but for an additional fee.

    Submit Your Criminal Record Check

    The Criminal Record Check Process  Tapas Forever

    You can submit this application online or in person:

    To submit online you must:

    • Be a current resident of the City of London
    • Be 18 years or older, unless you are applying to a government organization

    In Person

    We are currently not accepting walk-in applications. You must apply for your record check online . If you are unable to apply online please call 519-661-5515 ext. 4788 for more information and assistance.

    • Employment or unpaid student placement $45
    • Volunteer $15

    In person or online, the fee is payable by:

    • Debit
    • We do not accept cash or provide refunds after commencement of process.

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    I Have A Criminal Record Can I Use This Criminal Record Check Service

    No. This Criminal Record Check service was designed for individuals who do not have a criminal record and wish to prove they do not have a criminal record. If you have a criminal record, your only option is a different service: a criminal record check with digital fingerprints. You will need to appear in person. For your convenience, Commissionaires offers a criminal record check with digital fingerprints service at locations across Canada. The service is offered in a confidential setting where your individual rights and privacy are assured. Please visit the Commissionaires office nearest you and well help you apply.

    What Happens During A Criminal Case

    When an individual is accused of a crime, it is the prosecutions duty to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that that person is guilty. This is settled in trial courts and hearings. Criminal trials are conducted for both misdemeanors and felonies A state level trial for a felony will differ from a state or county level trial for the same. The general process of a criminal trial proceeds as follows.

  • Initial Appearance: Happens in most cases within 48 hours of an arrest. The judge will make a decision on whether the alleged criminal can be allowed probation or parole, appoint a lawyer if one is not hired by the accused, announce the expected charges, and set a bail amount if applicable.
  • Indictment: A formal charge will be rendered as the prosecution presents evidence to the judge to hear the case. In a case where a grand jury is involved, they will decide instead of the judge if the evidence suggests probable cause. Indictments must be returned within 30 days of the arrest or 14 days from when the defense was interned at a detainment facility.
  • Arraignment: This is the part of the process where official charges are rendered. The accused may either plead guilty or not guilty.
  • Sentencing: If a guilty verdict is rendered, the judge will assign a punishment. This includes jail or prison time, community service, fines, restitution, and any allowances such as parole or probation.
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    When You Need To Visit An Office

    If you do not answer the questions about your credit history to satisfy eIV requirements, you will be required to present your identification in person at one of our offices or a participating Canada Post outlet.

    Likewise, if a name and date of birth check matches another individual after you complete your online application, fingerprints will be required. We can help.

    If you are working or residing outside of Canada and require a certified criminal record check with fingerprints, we offer an international fingerprinting service with digital conversion of ink fingerprints and a courier service.

    Although it is rarely requested, we can also assist with basic criminal record checks as an international service but the application must be done through one of our agents. Please email us at or call 613-231-6462, ext. 366.

    How Do I Check For Outstanding Local Warrants

    How do I get my Criminal Records Check and Fingerprints Authenticated by FAITC?

    Anyone can check for an outstanding local warrant using the following steps:

  • You can check your local courts website if you know the location or original county of the arrest.
  • Go to the local courts website.
  • Type the name of the person if the court website has a search feature.
  • It is important to know as much information about the person you are searching for an outstanding warrant so that they can be properly identified in the public records when dealing with a specific court.
  • If you cant find this information, then a phone call to the local court directly will be necessary.
  • Ask the court clerk if there is an outstanding warrant for the individual.
  • Again, have as much information as possible about the individual, such as the individuals birth date and any relevant case numbers or arrest records.
  • If you do not have all this information or find the court difficult to work with you can easily use SpyFlys Outstanding Warrant Search tool. This also may be less cumbersome than dealing with a local court and their public record systems. Additionally SpyFly will search all warrants for the entire state, which is helpful if you do not know the court where the specific warrant is being held.
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    How Do I Get Police Records

    The fastest and most convenient way to get police records is to do a search through the SpyFly search platform. All you have to do is type in some basic information, then be prepared to get tons of information. Other ways that you might be able to obtain police records is to:

    • Request the records from the police station
    • File for record information through the county court
    • Request the federal government for police records

    Any time you request information from a government facility, they will have you fill out paperwork and pay the requested fees. It can take months, even years, to get the information.

    Apply For A Police Record Check

    A police record check provides a summary of your offender history in Australia.

    It is usually requested by organisations as part of their recruitment process for staff and volunteers.

    Police checks for volunteers who work with vulnerable groups are provided free of charge by South Australia Police to organisations who have a Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number.

    Police record checks are also called National Police Certificates .

    Department of Human Services screening for working with children

    Please note that SA legislation requires you to apply for a Working With Children Check through DHS if you are engaging in employment or volunteer work with children, with limited exceptions.

    Screening checks by DHS involve a specific risk assessment pertinent to engaging with children. There is no such risk assessment with the National Police Certificate, which is simply a record of an applicants proven court outcome history.

    It is recommended that applicants confirm the screening requirements of their role with their organisation.

    If you require a DHS clearance, visit

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    Make A Fingerprint Appointment Online

    Victoria Police provides fingerprinting services at various locations throughout Victoria. We provide two types of fingerprinting services Ink and Livescan. Please ensure you select the appropriate service for the fingerprints you require – we are unable to accommodate incorrectly booked services.


    Livescan is the taking of fingerprints electronically for the purpose of a national name and fingerprint check. Copies of fingerprints will not be provided with this appointment.

    Once the check is completed, a Victoria Police issued National Name and Fingerprint certificate will be provided. Common purposes that require a Livescan appointment include:

    • Victorian Security Licence
    • Victorian Armed Guard/Cash In Transit
    • Victoria Police Contractor

    Victoria Police can provide set/s of Ink fingerprints for the following purposes:

    • Immigration/Visa/Passport
    • Employment/Other

    Please check with the agency requesting your ink fingerprints whether they require the prints to be taken on a specific form. While fingerprints can be taken on a Victoria Police fingerprinting card, we will be unable to offer any refunds if the fingerprints are rejected due to the form being incorrect. We do not keep other countries/agencies forms on hand.

    Each applicant will require their own appointment. The number of sets in a booking is for one applicant. If you are booking for more than one person, please ensure they are booked separately.

    311 Spencer StreetDocklands VIC 3008

    Regional Victoria

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