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How To Be A Police Officer In Tn

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Tennessee ranks as one of the worst states for police officers, study says

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How Much Does A Police Officer Make In Lebanon Tennessee

Police officers are one of the hardest working people. They literally lay down their lives as a part of their job. Yet, their salary isnt great when related to other professionals like physicians or Veterinarians. They do get a lot of benefits being a cop, though. A police officers income is determined by factors such as the location he is assigned to work in, what unit he is a part of, and his or her work hours. Let us look at the average salaries of different cops and see how one can earn more.

Career And Employment Outlook For Cops In Cookeville

Selecting a profession is a significant decision. One of the main things to consider while deliberating is the outlook of the occupation. The occupational outlook of every job is normally dispensed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The components that are taken into account while foreseeing this comprise of the necessity of that job in the future and the spending patterns of employers. Lets see what the career outlook of a cop look likes.

Back in 2014 cops, there were around 806,000 jobs occupied by law enforcement officers. This is projected to increase by around 4% in the coming decade. This rate of expansion is more lethargic than the median of other professions. This is understood to be that 33,000 fresh jobs will be generated for law enforcement officers. Seeing that law enforcement officers are for the most part hired by the legislature, their employment to a great extent relies on upon the political circumstance in a district. A few urban communities might choose to devote more money to law enforcement officers and at the same time others might desire to guide their financial plan to different types of development.

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Qualifying To Become A Detective With The In Knoxville Police Department

The first step to becoming a criminal investigator in Knoxville, Tennessee is to meet all five basic requirements that qualify police officer recruits. 1) All recruits must be at least twenty-one years old. 2) All recruits must be United States citizens. 3) All recruits must hold a valid drivers license. 4) All recruits must have a high school diploma or equivalent education. 5) All recruits must be free of any felony convictions.

Testing for New Recruits According to the Knoxville Police Department, job applicants that meet all basic job requirements can advance further into the hiring process to receive interviews and preliminary job orientations. New recruits are also subjected to an intense succession of tests to determine career compatibility. Example include:

  • Civil service written examination
  • Medical analysis
  • Review panel appraisal

Degrees for Criminal Investigators Criminal investigators are only required to have a high school diploma or equivalent level of education to work in Knoxville. However, this minimum requirement does not adequately reflect the current educational standards for this profession. In fact, studies conducted by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development reveal that among potential candidates for criminal investigation positions in the state, 75.68% hold a bachelors degree while 16.22% hold a masters degree. Examples of academic degrees for law enforcement students in Tennessee include:

  • Firearms
  • Arrest Procedures

Criminal Investigations Division Units Within The Knoxville Police Department

Tennessee police officer killed in head

According to the Knoxville Police Department, the Criminal Investigations Division houses the second largest staff in the department. Investigators work with specialists, technicians, supervisors and other law enforcement professionals promote the functionality of the CIDs five units:

  • Violent Crimes Unit: Detectives assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit are responsible for handling reported crimes involving incidents of murder, rape, kidnapping, suspicious deaths, suicide, assault and robbery.
  • Property Crimes Unit:Detectives assigned to the Property Crimes Unit have the authority over all criminal cases where property is a prominent factor.
  • Family Crimes Unit:Detectives assigned to the Family Crimes Unit focus on offenses pertaining to child abuse, domestic violence. Mistreatment of the elderly, runaways, missing persons, and sexual abuse of minors.
  • Organized Crime Unit:Detectives assigned to the Organized Crime Unit specialize in infiltrating organized crime groups that commit offenses such as drug trafficking, prostitution and gambling.
  • Forensics Unit:Detectives assigned to the Forensics Unit are charged with the scientific elements involved in crime solving. These elements include: crime scenes, photographing, fingerprinting, polygraphing and NIBNS.

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Tennessee Law Enforcement Certification Standards

The State of Tennessee has set down the application requirements for police officers in writing and on the Internet, and it is similar to those in other states. However, the police academy requirements in Tennessee may have some variations depending on which particular department you file your application. In general though:

  • You must be a US citizen
  • Have a valid Tennessee drivers license
  • Provide a criminal history disclosure and agree to release all pertinent records
  • Running around an obstacle course
  • Climbing fences or walls
  • Lift heavy objects

The training sessions and routines are dependent of age and gender so variations when it comes to the number of reps should be expected. Aside from an intensive physical training program, your training will include learning how to use weapons, simulate different crime situations and handle different scenarios that require a great deal of physical agility and endurance. Because the demands of the job are high, only those who pass all the tests will be accepted into the academy.

Do You Need A College Degree To Be A Cop In Tennessee

Prospective officers must satisfy state requirements and: Be at least 21 years of age. Have 60 credit hours of college study with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or have two years of full-time law enforcement or military experience or have a high school diploma plus five years of full-time responsible work experience.

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Minimum Requirements To Be A Police Officer In Tennessee

  • Be at least eighteen years of age
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be a high school graduate or possess equivalence. No waivers will be granted for minimum education requirements
  • Not have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to or entered a plea of nolo contendere to any felony charge or to any violation of any federal or state laws or city ordinances relating to force, violence, theft, dishonesty, gambling, liquor or controlled substances
  • The agency must present a copy of any DD-214s, DD-215s and DD873s along with the application for certification.
  • The commission may consider a waiver from pre-employment requirements for a person who has been convicted of, or entered a plea of nolo contendere to any violation of any federal or state laws or city ordinances relating to force, violence, theft, dishonesty, gambling, liquor , or controlled substances when the offense was classed as a misdemeanor.
  • No waiver shall be granted while officer is under the jurisdiction of the court or considered on probation, whether supervised or unsupervised, and in the case of driving while intoxicated the officer shall have met all the requirements of the Tennessee Department of Safety and have been restored his/her permanent driving privileges under the laws of the State of Tennessee.
  • No waiver will be granted for felony convictions or a narcotics violation that could result in a felony charge.
  • Have his fingerprints on file with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

    Police Training Academies In Tennessee

    Become a Police Officer in Nashville

    All prospective law enforcement officers in Tennessee must complete a training course at a POST-approved law enforcement academy, typically the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy . Approved Tennessee police academies include:

    • Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy Nashville, TN
    • Cleveland State Community College Basic Police Academy Cleveland, TN
    • Memphis Police Academy Memphis, TN
    • Knoxville Police Department Training Division Knoxville, TN
    • Metro Nashville Police Academy, Nashville TN

    Prospective police trainees must typically be formally hired by a police department to attend a police academy. However, the academy will consider college seniors studying criminal justice with a recommendation from a counselor on a case-by-case basis. For more information about Tennessee police academies, visit the TLETA website.

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    Becoming A Police Officer In Memphis Tennessee

    The Memphis Police Department is a multifaceted agency that supports jobs for more than 2,500 sworn personnel and 441 civilian personnel. In 2010 alone, the Uniform Patrol Division of this massive law enforcement agency responded to more than 950,000 calls.

    Here you will find information on how to become a police officer in Memphis in just nine steps:

  • Meet the Minimum Requirements and Submit Your Application
  • Complete the 1-1/2-mile Run
  • Final Approval
  • Step 1. Meet the Minimum Requirements and Submit Your Application

    The Memphis Police Department recently reinstated college credit requirements for police recruits. In order to be considered for available jobs with the Memphis Police Department, you must meet the following police officer requirements:

    • Completion of a minimum of 54 semester hours of college credit through an accredited school
    • Or 2 years continuous military service with honorable discharge
    • Or 3 years employment as an officer working in a police department with at least 20 officers
  • Be at least 21 years old by the time you would complete the Police Basic Training Program
  • You must not have any prior felony convictions nor any violations of laws at the federal, state, or city level
  • A valid drivers license at the time of application but obtain a Tennessee drivers license upon hire
  • You will have 6 months to obtain residency within Shelby County if hired
  • No history of drug and/or alcohol addiction
  • Submit your application here.

    A Free Service Provided To The Senior Citizens Of Nashville

    1. Telephone Reassurance Program Nashville residents that are interested should be elderly or handicapped and have the need to be checked on periodically. A police officer will contact the person regularly to check on the welfare of the person. If the person is unable to be contacted, then a family member or friend will be contacted to make sure the person is okay. If necessary, the officer will go to the residence and check on the person. This program is designed so that if a resident does not have family here in Nashville, we can help check on you or your loved one and their welfare.2. Alzheimer / Dementia Program The person with Alzheimer/Dementia will be provided with a metal bracelet to wear. This bracelet will have the person’s identification and the phone number for the Nashville Police Department. The police department will have the person’s family and contact information on file to aid in getting a lost or disoriented person back where they are supposed to be.

    If you are interested in either of these programs, please contact the Nashville Police Departmentat during business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm.

    On New Year’s Eve, if I have had too much to drink and am afraid to drive will an officer escort me home?


    Does the City of Nashville have a curfew?

    At midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, and

    10:00pm on all other nights.

    Exceptions to the juvenile curfew would include:

    When accompanied by a parent of such minor.

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    Memphis Police Department Information

    The Memphis Police Department has five divisions: administrative, investigative services, uniform patrol I and II, special operations, and information technology. For patrol, the MPD has nine precincts across the city. Each precinct is broken down into wards where police patrol. After earning patrol experience during the probationary period, law enforcement officers can apply to work in specialized crime prevention and investigation units including harbor patrol, the bomb unit, homeland security, and air support.

    The MPD has several community programs, including Neighborhood Watch and National Night Out, and hosts regular events across the city to increase community awareness about cops. The department offers a Citizens Police Academy to provide community members with a better understanding of police operations. The Citizens Police Academy is a nine-week course designed to familiarize citizens with police policies and the daily duties of cops that also aims to help participants reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime. While in the CPA, participants may ride-along with active police officers. The CPA also teaches citizens how to file a police report. One of the CPAs supporting goals is to enable more citizens to serve as liaisons between the community and the MPD.

    Tennessee Sheriff Deputy Requirements

    A Clarksville, TN Police officer takes a accident report ...

    Each Tennessee county sheriffs office sets its own hiring process for taking on new sheriffs deputies, though deputies must meet state minimums for sworn law enforcement. These deputies work in the management of county jails, serve civil warrants, and perform other important law enforcement duties. POSTs minimum requirements apply to future deputy sheriffs, but each county can include further requirements and additional testing in its hiring procedures.

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    Kpd Deputy Chief Placed On Administrative Leave For More Than A Month Internal Investigation Underway

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn FRIDAY UPDATE: In mid-August, the Knoxville Police Department inexplicably placed one of its highest-ranking officers on administrative leave with pay.

    More than a month later, KPD said Deputy Chief Ron Green still hasnât returned to work because of an ongoing internal affairs investigation.

    A KPD spokesperson said he âcannot elaborate on the nature of the internal investigation or offer additional comment while that investigation is still ongoing.â

    10News is continuing to ask questions regarding the nature of this investigation.

    Here is what we know as of Friday:

    On August 13, KPD Chief Eve Thomas sent Green a letter informing him that he would be placed on administrative leave for five working days with pay.

    Text messages obtained by 10News show Chief Thomas extended Greenâs administrative leave multiple times because the internal affairs unit had not interviewed him.

    Green is not allowed to work any extra jobs while on administrative leave, according to the text messages.

    Thomas texted Green âit is not good for you or the Dept to be on extended admin leave.â

    Green texted Thomas he still has âno idea what any of this is about anyway.â


    We also donât know, so we asked for Greenâs personnel file. Twenty-seven years of documents revealed how he rose from through the departmentâs ranks from recruit to deputy chief.

    Becoming A Police Officer In Chattanooga Tennessee

    The Chattanooga Police Department is a multidivisional, CALEA-accredited organization serving the 4th largest city in Tennessee and its more than 170,000 residents. The Uniformed Services Division alone supports jobs for nearly 350 sworn and civilian personnel.

  • Meet Minimum Qualifications/Complete Application
  • Step 1. Meet Minimum Qualifications/Complete Application

    The Chattanooga Police Department defines the following minimum qualifications for police officer positions:

    General Qualifications

    • Be 21 years of age but less than 40
    • High school diploma/GED
    • Be a United States citizen
    • Birth certificate/Tennessee state drivers license
    • Copy of DD214 if you have military experience
    • No prior felony convictions or serious misdemeanors
    • Be a Tennessee resident
    • Meet all requirements of Police Officer I
    • 3 years of law enforcement experience
    • Training in 6 specialty areas
    • Previous training in supervision/leadership

    Step 6. Field Training Program

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    Maximum Age Requirements For Law Enforcement Candidates

    It may come as a surprise that most agencies do not a maximum age requirement for their candidates. It is also interesting that the reason some agencies have a maximum age limit does not have to do with a candidates ability to pass the physical ability test but rather they want to make certain that a newly hired candidate can retire with full benefits. An agency may have a maximum age for someone starting out because that is the latest someone could start with their agency and still retire with full benefits when they reach the threshold for mandatory retirement in that agency.

    For states that do have a maximum age limit, the age at which you can start your law enforcement career, It is generally around 34-37 years of age.

    Exceptions are made for military veterans. In the New York Police Department, for example, the maximum age to sit the initial exam is 35. If you have had active military service, you can deduct six years from that age or in other words you can apply for the job at the age of 41.

    A Columbia Police Officer:

    What does it take to be a Brentwood Police Officer?
    • Contributes to the team effort of maintaining a presence in the community that helps to deter crime and provide support to citizens
    • Collaborates in building strong relationships with community members, upholding best practices of Community Oriented Policing
    • Acts as a police presence at major public events to ensure public safety
    • Identifies potential criminal activity or other hazardous situations and takes proper actions to protect citizens and property
    • Helps to secure crime scenes and process evidence
    • Responds to calls for service Observes violations makes arrests and citations when necessary
    • Conducts criminal investigations by gathering evidence and interviewing victims and witnesses
    • Documents observations and actions by radioing information completing reports
    • Fulfills court orders by testifying in court regarding criminal investigations and citations
    • Maintains safe traffic conditions by monitoring and directing traffic enforces laws and ordinances investigates collisions.

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