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How To Become A Police Officer Washington State

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General Training And Hiring Requirements For Law Enforcement Jobs In Washington

Washington’s law enforcement prepare for new reform laws taking effect Sunday

Under the rules of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, all new hires for Washington state trooper, municipal police officer and county sheriffs deputy positions must complete at least 720 hours of basic training.

All agencies have their own standards, but the general qualifications that apply to most include:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have a valid state drivers license
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be able to read and write English
  • Have no record of felony convictions
  • Willing to relocate within county/municipality as required
  • Pass physical, written, psychological and polygraph tests
  • Pass background investigation

Becoming A Police Officer In Washington State

In 2013, there were approximately 8,160 police officers in the state of Washington, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . There are a number of police departments in all major cities of the state. If you wish to become a police officer in WA, you must meet the minimum educational and training requirements set by your local police recruitment agency/department. Before you apply for the position, it is essential you understand the career and find out how to become a police officer in WA. You should also know whether you have the desire or passion to serve your community. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Why do you want to become a police officer?
  • Are you ready to protect others?
  • Are you ready to use force to protect others and yourself?
  • Can you handle the emotional and physical stress that comes with job?
  • Are you ready to tackle dangerous situations that may possibly be life threatening?

According to another set of data published by O*NET OnLine in 2015, police officers in Washington earned a median annual income of $74,950. The job growth in this field in Washington is expected to take place at the rate of 11% from 2014 to 2024.

Job Title

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Want To Advance Your Career

We value our lateral hires and welcome new applicants. Lateral hires who transfer to the SPD bring a wealth of experience with them. They have learned by doing, understand the vital importance of connecting with the community, and have knowledge of the legal system. Benefits for lateral hires who come to Seattle:

  • A quick turnaround between your hire and start date.
  • Lateral hires take an abbreviated course through the Criminal Justice Training Commission , which is Washington state’s police academy.
  • Out-of-state hires will take a two-week equivalency training at CJTC. This training helps officers learn Washington laws and transfer over their certification to Washington State.
  • All lateral hires go through an abbreviated two-month field training phase before working alone.
  • Testing dates are at the top of this page, for more information, please .

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    Police Officer Jobs In Washington

    In 2018, FBI national crime statistics showed that serious crime throughout the state dropped very slightly over 2017. Most of that decline was due to dropping rates of property crimes, which went down by over three percent.

    Its not all good news coming from the latest FBI report, however, as criminal behavior like vandalism, vagrancy and public intoxication categorized as crimes against society increased by nearly seven percent. Paired with an only 26 percent clearance rate for such crimes, that leaves a lot of work to be done by city officers statewide.

    The municipal police departments serving Washingtons largest metro areas are:

    • Bellevue Police Department
    • Spokane City Police Department

    Additional Tests Once You Are Selected

    MPD may lose hiring control of security officers in DC schools ...

    Once applicants clear all the above mentioned tests, they will receive a conditional offer for employment. Another series of exams are scheduled before the academy training begins. These tests typically include:

  • Polygraph Test
  • This is also known as a lie-detector test and is used in many other law enforcement agencies as well. The test will detect abnormal variations in blood pressure, body motion, heart rate, etc. These variations can depict the level of truth and honesty.

  • Psychological Exam
  • A psychological exam is conducted to asses a candidates mental and emotional stability, neurological functioning, reasoning skills, and personality traits.

  • Pass a Medical Exam
  • Medical exams are a necessary part of the hiring process. Applicants will be tested for various medical conditions and disorders. Any applicant that suffers from a medical disorder that can affect his or her performance on the job will be disqualified.

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    Complete The Screening Process And Required Examinations

    Once you secure a position within a police department, you can complete a series of examinations and screenings to ensure that you’re an eligible recruit for training. While the specific examinations may vary among different police departments, most recruits complete a polygraph test, mental health evaluation and background check. You may also take part in an oral interview with a police chief, lieutenant or recruiting officer where they can ask you your purpose for becoming an officer, your moral character and your criminal background.

    Police Officer Degree Levels

    There are many degree options for prospective and current police who are interested in furthering their education. As previously mentioned, a successful policing career does not necessarily require a college degree, but pursuing a degree can benefit your career as a police officer not only by helping you get hired but also by putting you in a better position to be promoted and/or move into a supervisory position. Before we look at the degree majors available for those interested in police education, lets look at the police officer education levels available.

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    Conditioning Program For The Sit

    Determine exercise level by measuring how many sit-ups the subject can complete in 90 seconds.

    • If the subject’s total number is 15 or less, begin at level A.
    • If the subject’s total number is greater than 15, begin at level B.

    Subject should work toward reaching level C below.

    • Level A – 1 set 3 times a week for 1 week
    • Level B – 2 sets 3 times a week for 2 weeks
    • Level C – 3 sets 3 times a week until testing

    When training for sit-ups, be sure the subject continues until muscular failure occurs and then continues with his/her hands by the hips until muscular failure occurs again.

    Washington Dc Police Officer Job Description

    Police officers feel limited by new law enforcement reforms in Washington

    District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department police officers work hand-in-hand with community members and leaders to fight against crime in the nations capitol. The Districts police officers must be able to solve problems, enjoy being around people, and have a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. Newly-sworn DC police officers are typically assigned to regular patrols, including traffic patrol, and spend considerable time answering calls and completing follow-up paperwork.

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    Washington Police Academy Requirements

    Those looking to work in law enforcement in the state of Washington can rest assured in working in a rewarding career with plenty of career opportunities. Known for its famous space needle skyscraper, and the beautiful San Juan Islands, Washington state offers picturesque settings filled with beautiful and raw natural attractions.

    Police officers protect Washington residents in all jurisdictions and operate according to the standards that are set by a Washington commission that oversees police training and law enforcement professionals. Training programs and education for police recruits are also provided by Washington commission.

    So what are some of the minimum requirements set by the Washington commission to attend Washingtons police academy?

    • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age,
    • they must be U.S. citizens, and they also must hold a high school diploma or
    • GED. These requirements are pretty much
    • the same across the board from state to state.
    • Washington state police recruits also cannot be recreational drug users,
    • they cannot have any felonies or domestic violence convictions.

    Other attributes that make an applicant more appealing to work in law enforcement in Washington include, a college degree or education in law enforcement related field of study, military experience, and speaking multiple languages.

    After a pre-screening applicants for the basic requirements, applicants are given temporary employment by a law enforcement office in the state of Washington.

    Basic Skills You’ll Need To Be A Law Enforcement Officer

    • Am I able to speak clearly and listen to others well? Can I write a report with grammatically correct English?
    • Do I read and comprehend well to learn the laws and procedures of law enforcement in the academy?
    • Do I have a good memory to recall what I’ve learned and what I’ve witnessed in incidents?
    • Am I able to follow maps and find my way around?
    • Do I have excellent physical fitness?
    • Do I have basic computer skills?

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    Pass The Physical Agility Test

    Before entering the police academy, recruits can pass the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Fitness Ability Test. This allows your employer to identify your physical fitness and endurance levels. During the exam, you can complete squat thrusts, sit-ups and pull-ups within a specific amount of time to ensure you meet the minimum requirements to enter a training academy.

    Your California Privacy Rights

    New training helps Everett police officers identify problems in their ...

    If you are a California resident, you have the additional data rights listed below. You can exercise some of these rights by utilizing the prompts within messages we send you within your account settings, or within the privacy settings on our web pages. Otherwise, you are also able to exercise these rights by contacting our support team using the privacy support emails listed at the end of this Policy. Please note, if we cannot verify your identity we may deny certain data right requests. You can designate an authorized agent to submit requests on your behalf, but we require written proof of the agents permission and verify your identity directly.

    California Civil Code Section 1798.83 permits our visitors who are California customers to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal data to third parties for the third parties direct marketing purposes. To make such a request please send a letter to: Governmentjobs.com, Inc., 300 Continental Blvd. Suite 565, El Segundo, CA 90245 Attn: Privacy Department. Requests must include California Privacy Rights Request in the first line of the description and include your name, street address, city, state, and ZIP code. Please note Governmentjobs is not required to respond to requests made by means other than through the provided mail address.

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    Police Officer Job Growth

    Police officers are a vital component to maintaining a peaceful society. While still subject to cost cutting like any other private sector industry, the demand for police officers remains relatively steady for the foreseeable future. For more detailed job growth information, please see the below chart.

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    Check Out Our Virtual Physical Ability Test

    Your Washington State PAT completed on YOUR schedule – wherever and whenever works best for you!

    • No travel to a test site required
    • Fully proctored via our secure platform

    Candidates for the position of police officer/deputy sheriff/trooper must successfully complete the following Physical Ability Test . The PAT administered by PST is the same test that is required for entrance into the Basic Law Enforcement Academy.

    • You must successfully complete the minimum number of correct repetitions for each individual PAT event.
    • You must successfully pass each event. Failing one event will constitute a failure of the PAT.
    • There are no “maximum scores” for the events.
    Squat Thrusts – 3 minutes 35

    If you do not pass your PAT, you are eligible to retest all events on another day. For agencies that required the PAT to recieve your test scores, your PAT must be successfully completed within 90 days from your written exam date. A PAT retest fee will apply.

    You are highly encouraged to watch the below demonstration video PRIOR to taking the PAT.

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    Specialty Positions & Rank Structure

    Specialty Positions:The Washington State Patrol offers a variety of specialty assignments, which are available to all commissioned officers.

    Non-probationary commissioned officers with four years of experience can compete for detective assignments in the following specialties:

    • Traffic Accident Investigation
    • Chief

    Is It Hard To Get Into Police Academy

    WATCH: Washington State Patrol provides update on investigation into Seattle officerâs death

    Is the Police Academy harder than basic training? The short answer to this question is that it depends. Most police academies are known to be more difficult than basic training, but it can depend on where you study. Basic training teaches the core skills and knowledge to succeed in a military environment.

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    Law Enforcement Salaries In Washington

    The average salary of police officers in Washington state is around 67,000 a year. This is higher than many surrounding states, which is good news for those working in Washington however, living in Washington also means an increased cost of living when compared to many other US sates. This is however, simply an average salary. This means that some officers in Washington make less and some make more. Often how much an officer makes depends greatly on experience as police officer. Education is also another factor, those with higher degree make more than those with simply a high school diploma. Officers who are employed in more populous cities usually make more money than those employed by rural departments. For officers who gain promotions in rank their pay can greatly increase. For example: state detectives and Washington criminal investigators make, on average, 86,000 per year.

    Schools in Washington State with Law Enforcement Degrees

    Seattle PD requires applicants to have a college degree. Other cities do not have this requirement. No matter where you are applying, it may be most advantageous to obtain a degree with a criminal justice major, or the like, prior to applying for a police officer job in Washington. The below Washington schools have law enforcement related programs.

    • Bellevue College

    How To Become A Police Officer In Washington State

    Washington offers several law enforcement opportunities at the local and state levels. If you want a career that involves serving your community and keeping the public safe, becoming a police officer may be a rewarding job for you. Learning how to become a police officer in Washington may help you complete the application and hiring process efficiently.

    In this article, we share how to become a police officer in Washington and answer several frequently asked questions about this role.

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    Requirements To Become A Police Officer In Washington

    Before becoming a police officer, it’s important to check that you meet your state’s minimum requirements to pursue a law enforcement career. The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission establishes the police officer requirements for Washington. Here are the requirements to become a police officer in Washington:

    • Be at least 18 years of age

    • Have a high school diploma or GED

    • Have no criminal record

    • Possess a valid Washington driver’s license


    Becoming A Police Officer


    Whether you are a veteran officer or a new recruit, making a difference every day in the community is reason to wear the uniform. At MPD, you will partner with and learn from some of the finest officers in the nation, while having a direct impact on the nations capital.

    As one of the 10 largest police departments in the United States, we are dedicated to giving our officers the ongoing training and tools they need for a long and fulfilling law enforcement career. We work to maintain a highly trained, technically advanced, professional force where respect, teamwork and camaraderie are our culture.

    To connect with an MPD recruiter directly, please email Officer Leake at .

    Candidates must meet the following qualifications and be able to provide the following documentation:

    • Be a US citizen, by birth or naturalization, at the time of application.
    • Must be 21 years old when appointed to officer.
    • Possess a valid drivers license at the time of application.
    • Successful completion of a comprehensive background investigation.
    • Successful completion of a polygraph exam.
    • Successful completion of a medical and psychological evaluation.
    • Be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, or be approved by MPD for a religious or medical exemption.
    • Possess at least 20/100 vision, correctable to 20/30 in both eyes.
    • Contacts are permitted if they have been worn for six months prior to examination, or if vision correction surgery has occurred at least six weeks prior to examination.
  • Pay & Benefits
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    Become A Wdfw Officer

    Let your career lead you into the mountains, along the banks of a winding river, or deep into the woods. Whether you are just entering the world of law enforcement or a seasoned officer looking for a new assignment, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police are looking for candidates with a passion for protecting our natural resources.

    More Info On How To Become A Cop

    While the above information is extensive on the process of becoming a cop, it does not contain everything. It is vital that any person wishing to work towards becoming an officer of the law needs to equip themselves with knowledge of the requirements of their state and region that they are looking to be employed in. Check out the state pages on this sight to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the state in which you reside. Then go further and contact local law enforcement offices for further information, or local law enforcement education programs. All of these resources are a great way to get started in mapping out your future to achieve the goal of becoming an officer of the law.

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