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How To Become Police Officer In Massachusetts

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Civil Service Exam & Fitness Test Requirements

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After passing the civil service test, candidates, if they havent already done so, should apply to be hired by a police department. Candidates who pass the test and have an offer of employment will then have to pass a Physical Abilities Test that is designed to mimic activities an officer might encounter on the job.

Candidates will have negotiate an obstacle course that simulates the inside and outside of a structure, pulling a weighted bag to the ground and simulate handcuffing. They will be given 7.1 seconds total to raise a handgun and squeeze the trigger six times with each hand.

They also will have to demonstrate crowd control ability by using a weighted bag and pulling it across a marked line and they will have to show they can drag a victim or suspect, this time by using a weighted dummy, dragging it over a straight course.

Candidates will have to pass a medical examination. Height, weight, cardiovascular, ears, eyes, nose, the respiratory system, visual and auditory acuity, pretty much everything involved in a comprehensive physical examination will be included. A basic mental status evaluation also will be made.

History Of Mass State Police

The Massachusetts State Police was created in 1865, which makes it the oldest statewide law enforcement agency in the nation. The State Police traces its origin to the year 1865 when it consisted of a Constable and thirty-three men. The early agency was rather obscure until 1921, when the uniformed branch was finally organized with a group of fifty men, whose duties were to police the rural communities of the Commonwealth, particularly where there was no protection.

The first training site for the State Police as it was known, was the old Framingham Poor Farm. This building was large enough to house the fifty men and their equipment, including the horses that were used in the winter in place of motorcycles.

Trooper John Burns, Class of 1948 On November 1, 1921 the first class graduated and set out to police rural Massachusetts. As time passed the Uniformed Branch increased its compliment. After several years of varied training locations, the State Police Training School settled on the site of the Old Muster Field at Framingham for seventy one years.

Cities And Police Departments Near Boston

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Boston-Cambridge-Nashua metro area has about 11,760 police and sheriffs patrol officers.6 Boston is the largest police department in this area, but prospective officers can find employment in numerous smaller departments that offer a variety of career opportunities and living amenities. The table below compares police department employment and crime rates for several cities in the Boston area.


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Training Institutions For Police Officers

Before exercising any police powers or performing duties, its mandatory for all police officers to complete the standard training program and receive certification. There are many Municipal Police Training Committee authorized training academies in Massachusetts, MA.

  • Municipal Police Training Committee
  • Offering entry-level police academy training, the center complies by the training standards of municipal. Recruit Officer Course is a 20-week course that covers important areas like ethics in decision making and fair, impartial policing. The academy training puts emphasis on academic classes and physical fitness, along with providing practical experience in defensive tactics and using firearms.

  • Municipal Police Institute MPI Training
  • The academy strives to keep Massachusetts Law Enforcement recruits up-to-date with the latest requirements and standard training process. During the training program, recruits learn about firearms, leadership, body cameras, report writing, handling evidence, field training, and forensics.

  • Mass State Police Academy
  • The Massachusetts State Police Academy focuses on providing advanced training to recruit candidates. Challenging the recruits, curriculum focuses on arresting techniques, drugs of abuse. Defensive tactics, firearms, physical fitness, officer safety and survival, and anti-terrorism.

  • Reading Police Academy
  • Boston Police Academy
  • Minimum Requirements To Become A Correctional Officer In Massachusetts

    Massachusetts Police Officer Civil Service Exam: Deadline to Apply Is ...

    According to the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 31, § 64, those who intend to apply to become a correctional officer in the state much fulfill the following requirements:

    • Applicants must have high school diploma or a GED, or an equivalency certificate issued by the Massachusetts Department of Education
    • This education requirement can be waived off if the candidate has served at least three years in the armed forces of the US, with an honorable discharge
    • Candidate must have a permit to carry firearms
    • Candidate must not have any prior criminal record

    In addition to these, you would also need to be a US citizen and fulfill the minimum age requirements set by your state.

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    Detectives Serving The City Of Boston

    In May 2014 detectives with the Boston Police Departments Drug Control Unit implemented two search warrants that led to arrests in connection with an illegal drug operation. By executing the search warrants, detectives were able to discover the following items of evidence:

    • Approximately 60 grams of heroin
    • 2 plastic bags of marijuana
    • Over $2,800 in cash
    • Drug paraphernalia

    The Drug Control Unit is just one unit in the Police Departments Bureau of Investigative Services charged with eliminating criminal activities on the streets of Boston.

    Community Disorders Unit In the Community Disorders Unit, detectives specialize in handling cases of civil rights infringement that involve acts of violence, threats or harassment.

    Investigative Planning Unit According to the Boston Police Department, detectives that work in the Investigative Planning Unit are responsible for providing operational and administrative logistical support to the Bureau Chief.

    Major Case Division Detectives in the Major Case Division investigate individuals or groups involved in criminal activity. The unit is organized into several sub-units, including: Family Justice Group, Special Investigations Unit, Drug Control Unit, Financial Evidence Unit, and DEA Task Force Unit. This division also houses several support units, including: Fire Investigation Unit, Auto Theft Unit, DAs Office Unit, Crime Stoppers Unit, Licensed Premises Unit, and Sex Offender Registry Information Unit.

    How To Become An Environmental Police Officer

    Environmental Police Officer to the rescue!

    If you love the outdoors and have an interest in activities like hunting and fishing, , there is a career option that may be perfect for you. A Massachusetts Environmental Police Officer enforces all general laws of the Commonwealth that pertaining to the protection of natural resources, wetlands, waterways and both commercial and recreational outdoor activities.

    The MA Environmental Police force is divided into six bureaus, including Coastal Enforcement, Inland Enforcement, Boat/RV/Snowmobile Registration, Boat and Recreation Vehicle Safety, Marine Theft and Environmental Crimes. All bureaus keep current with changes in law and policies, investigate accidents, perform search and rescue operations and operate enforcement tools, among other things.

    One of the first steps to becoming an Environmental Police Officer is taking the Civil Service Exam. This exam is part of a merit system in the Commonwealth, under which state and municipal employees may be hired and promoted. The following link will guide you to instructions and schedules of the Civil Service Exam:

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    S To Become A Sheriff In Massachusetts

    Even though the exact process of applying, campaigning and getting elected would vary from county to county, the following steps would give you a good general idea.

    Being in a leadership position in law enforcement, a sheriff has to take care of a lot of security related tasks. For this purpose, training as a police officer is considered necessary. Some counties might have their own training programs, but most would require you to have finished a formal police training academy course. Upon the completion of this training, you should be able to use firearms, control rowdy crowds, drive at high speeds, understand constitutional law, etc.

    Most counties would require you to have at least 1 year of experience working as a police officer. Some might even need more before you can be eligible to apply for the office of sheriff.

    While the minimum education criterion is a high school diploma, having a college degree can be a big plus point for you. Not only will this add to your existing knowledge regarding criminal justice and law enforcement, but it would also increase the voters confidence in you. Voters are likely to consider you as a more formidable candidate with the ability to lead their county, in comparison to other candidates who do not have college degrees.

    Once your entire application package is complete, you will need to submit it at your local courthouse, or wherever specified by your county. Make sure all the requirements have been met before you submit it.

    Entering The Police Force In Massachusetts

    Girlfriend of Boston police officer to face manslaughter charge

    Once you have met all the basic requirements to become a police officer in Massachusetts, you can apply to enter the police force, during the official hiring period. After clearing all the relevant physical, psychological, health and criminal background checks, you will have to enroll in a police training academy. All police recruits in Massachusetts are required to graduate from one of the municipal police academies, six regional academies for police training, or the Massachusetts State Police Academy. All training academies in the state are in accordance with the principles set forth by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council.

    The training requirements are determined by the Municipal Police Training Committee . There are five MPTC Training Academies in the state that offer the MPTC-designed basic training program. These include the following:

    • Boylston Police Academy Boylston, MA
    • Plymouth Police Academy Plymouth, MA
    • Reading Police Academy Reading, MA
    • Randolph Police Academy Randolph, MA
    • Western Mass Police Academy Springfield, MA

    After being hired, recruits are required to complete around 20 weeks of intensive physical and academic training at a police academy within the state. The program is very challenging and rigorous. Therefore, the candidates are discouraged from holding any outside employment during training.

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following numbers for Police and Detectives hold true, across the US:

    2016 Median Pay

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    Boston Police Officer Job Description

    Boston police officers work to serve and protect the residents of Boston. Job duties are varied as officers are responsible for many tasks, including responding to service calls, patrolling the streets, and aiding residents during emergencies. Additionally, there are many specialized divisions in the Boston Police Department where officers work in specific areas of law enforcement, such as homicide or narcotics.

    How To Become A Boston Massachusetts Police Officer

    The Boston Police Department hiring process is quite involved and can be broken into three parts: Part one is applying for and taking the Mass State Civil Service Exam. The exam is only offered once every two years and requires a fee of $100 for on-time registration. Candidates who pass the exam may move forward in the hiring process and apply to the Boston Police Department during an open police recruiting period.

    In part two of the hiring process, eligible candidates who are contacted by the department after submitting an application will complete physical, medical, and psychological exams, as well as a background check and drug test. Those who remain in the selection pool after these steps may be conditionally hired as police recruits and invited to complete the third part of the selection process, attending training at the Boston Police Academy.

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    Training To Be A Police Officer In Ma

    The basic requirements you must meet in Massachusetts to be eligible to take the Civil Service Exam are that you are 21 years old, have a valid Massachusetts state drivers license, are a legal citizen of the US, and have graduated with a high school diploma or achieved an equivalent level of education or served in the US armed forces for at least 3 years. Also, you will be subjected to a criminal background check and need to have lived where you want to apply for at least a year prior to taking the Civil Service Exam. As stated above, in order to apply for police work, one must pass the Civil Service Exam prior to applying. This exam includes a written ability test, a life experience survey and a work style questionnaire. How you do on this exam will dictate if you will be permitted to continue in the process of applying for police jobs in Massachusetts.

    Learn How To Become A Police Officer In A Massachusetts Civil Service Department

    MA Police Officer Buys Groceries for Women Suspected of Shoplifting

    Being a police officer is a meaningful way to serve a community. As a police officer, you will be a public servant responsible for responding to fires and other emergency situations in your community. You often respond to risky and physically demanding calls and work shifts that operate around the clock with your fellow police officers.

    Please read the steps to becoming a police officer

    First step is to take the . Check the exam schedule to find the next exam being offered. Requirement to take the exam is

    You do not need to be a resident of Massachusetts to take the exam. More detailed information can be found on the exam poster.

    After taking the written exam, your name will be placed on the eligible list. When a police department is ready to hire, they request the eligible list and the Civil Service Unit sends a list of names.

    If your name is reached, the hiring process will begin and may include the following

    • complete an extensive employment packet
    • thorough background check
    • interview

    If you are offered a job you can expect to first complete the following as part of the conditional offer of employment

    Once you have successfully passed the medical exam and PAT as well as any additional requirements from the department, you will begin your new rewarding career as a police officer.

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    Incentives For Higher Education

    The Massachusetts Department of Corrections currently provides individuals that currently hold higher education degree with annual incentive pay. The amount of incentive pay that you could receive is based solely on the level of the degree the person currently possesses.

    For more information, please visit the Massachusetts Department of Corrections website at , or call 1-866-WRK-4DOC.

    Boston Police Officer Training Prerequisites And Education Requirements

    In order to become a police officer in Boston, candidates must meet certain qualifications. The first qualification is to have established residency in Boston for at least one year prior to taking the Mass State Civil Service Exam. To be hired as a police officer, candidates must be US citizens between the ages of 21 and 38, have a high school diploma or GED, and be licensed to drive in Massachusetts. Each applicant must also meet physical fitness standards. Candidates who have college credits or an associates or bachelors degree may have a greater chance of being hired, are paid higher salaries with the departments education bonuses, and may be positioned to advance through the ranks more quickly. Military veterans are also given hiring preference.

    After being hired, recruits complete approximately 20 weeks of intensive physical and academic training at the Boston Police Academy. The program is rigorous and recruits are discouraged from holding outside employment during training.

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    What Does A Watertown Police Officer Do

    People swiftly voice their unpleasant opinions about law enforcement officers. But little do they know how much work a cop must do. Law enforcement officers go through thorough training to reach where they are presently. The obligations of a law enforcement officer mainly depend on the area in which they are based. It also depends on their specialization. Nevertheless, lower frequencies of lawbreaking in areas outside urban centres means that there are few opportunities for someone to specialize in one field. Let us look at a few of the responsibilities of a cop.

    Norfolk Massachusetts Corrections Officer Job Description

    Becoming a Police Officer in Massachusetts

    Operating out of Norfolk, the Massachusetts Department of Correction has three state prisons in this suburban Boston town:

    MCI-Norfolk, the largest state prison in Massachusetts, was founded in 1927. It houses about 1,500 male inmates in a medium-security environment and has a maximum-security unit for about 100 men. MCI-Norfolk inmates can participate in an alternatives to violence program, a chess club, a poetry group, and a number of 12-step programs including Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Gamblers Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous.

    Bay State Correctional Center, another medium-security state prison, was founded in 1977 and houses around 300 male inmates. Available programs include anger management classes, self-help groups, a Braille production shop that designs materials to help blind people, a gardening project, and a weekly Scrabble group.

    Pondville Correctional Center, a minimum-security state prison, holds approximately 200 men and employs 58 people. Self-help groups are available along with the National Education for Assistant Dog Services-Puppy Program. That program allows inmates to work as animal handlers preparing puppies to become service dogs for people with special needs.

    Professional experience in a field related to rehabilitation is required of candidates interested in becoming correctional officers in Massachusetts.

    Meeting Requirements for CO Jobs with the Massachusetts Department of Correction

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    Becoming A Police Officer In Springfield Massachusetts

    Jobs with the Springfield Police Department in Massachusetts involve using the latest technology to keep the city safe and secure for residents to live and work. The Springfield Police Department has recently begun taking crime tips anonymously via text with its unique Text-A-Tip program.

    Becoming a police officer in Springfield may take a while to achieve, but the rewards of the job will be well worth the time spent.

    Use this information if you wish to find out how to become a police officer in Springfield:

  • Verify you meet the prerequisites
  • Pass a written Civil Service examination
  • Pass the background and interview process
  • Pass physical fitness, medical, psychological and drug tests
  • Complete Springfield Police Officer training
  • Step 1. Meet the Prerequisites for Springfield Police Officer Candidacy

    You need to meet some basic prerequisites to become a police officer in Springfield:

    • Be 21 or older when you take the Civil Service exam
    • Be a U.S. citizen
    • Have a high school diploma or GED certificate
    • Have a valid Massachusetts drivers license
    • Have no felony convictions
    • Preference is given to Springfield city residents

    If you meet these prerequisites, apply online to take the next scheduled Civil Service exam. They are offered every two years.

    Step 2. Pass a Written Civil Service Exam

    Step 3. Pass the Background and Interview Process

    Step 4. Pass a Physical Fitness Test, Medical Exam, Psychological Assessment and Drug Test

    Step 5. Complete Springfield Police Officer Training

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