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How To Get A Police Report From Another State

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If Your Mail Was Stolen Or Your Address Changed By An Identity Thief

Police fired from one department can get rehired in another department

Notify the Postal Inspector if you think an identity thief has stolen your mail or filed a change of address request in your name. To find the nearest Postal Inspector, look in the white pages of the telephone book for the Post Office listing under United States Government. Or go to the Postal Inspection Services Web site at

What Is The Police Clearance Certificate

Police clearance certificate certificate is an official document issued by the Police as a background check on those who are immigrating to another country.

Police character clearance is done to check whether an applicant has criminal record.

This document is to guaranty the host country that you are not wanted by law in the country you are coming from.

Simply put, police certificate is document is to show the country you are immigrating to that you are of good character, who maintains a clean slate.

What Is A Police Welfare Check

If you have a family member, friend, or neighbor that you are concerned about, it may be time to contact the police to do a welfare check. Whether it is an elderly person that may have passed away in their home, a person having suicidal thoughts, or a neighbor that appears to be in danger, a wellness check can be a lifesaver. In this article, we will discuss what a welfare check is, when it is appropriate to request one, and how to ask the police for one.

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Whats Available Online Sample Incident Logs

Some police departments put their incident or report logs online.

Here are some examples:

To see San Francisco Bay Area traffic incidents, click on the Communication Centers drop-down menu at the top left and select Golden Gate. To decipher abbreviations used in the incident logs, in the drop-down menu under Resources in the upper right select Glossary.

Berkeley Police Department

Posted daily in pdf format.

Posted daily in pdf format.

Palo Alto Police Department

Posted daily in pdf format.

Davis Police Department

Combines log of arrests and incident log.

Do I Have To File A Police Report

New Middletown police chief getting down to work

You can avoid filing a police report if the other driver agrees. You will want to get the persons contact information, insurance, and license plate number. You wont need anything else to file a claim with your insurance company.

If the accident was something that was your fault, you may wish to avoid filing a police report. If you rear-ended the other driver, the police officer may issue you a citation.

It is against the law to flee the scene of the accident. You will want to make sure you are on the same page with the other driver if you are going to leave without filing a police report.

You will have to wait longer for your claim to be processed, but in this case, it may be worth it to avoid having a fine to pay and a traffic ticket on your driving record.

As long as no drivers have prematurely left the scene and there are no injuries to report, it may be acceptable to avoid filing a police report.

Get your free auto insurance quote by entering your ZIP code below.

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How To Get Police Clearance Certificate In Nigeria

Before you begin the application process, we urge you to get an idea of how much it cost to get police clearance certificate in Nigeria.Nigerian police havent been specific about the actual amount of the report though.

If you are in Nigeria, you can apply in person at the Central Criminal Registry in Lagos, the address is as follows:

Central Criminal Registry Force C.I.D. AnnexAlagbon Close IkoyiLagos, Nigeria.

Use the above address if youre in Lagos. You can also apply in other 36 Nigerian police state command offices .

Direction to Criminal registry Office, Alagbon, Lagos:

If you are within Lagos, board a commercial bus going to Obalende, from there ask for further direction, it is not far from Obalende motor park. If it were when Okara were operating within that area, you could easily pick a bike to drop you at Central Criminal Registry Force C.I.D., Ikoyi.

If you are coming from other states like Oyo, you can get Obalende bus at Berger bus stop .

Step 1:

At the criminal registry office, Alagbon, Lagos, or other state command headquarters, tell the officer in charge you want to get Police Character Clearance certificate you will be directed to the appropriate office.

Step 2:

Pay the charge fee, and collect the application form. You can fill with either black or blue pen, and attach your passport photograph.

Step 3:

To get it from other state, visit Nigeria Police Command in your state capital .

How Recent Must Each Police Clearance Certificate Be

Each police clearance certificate must be less than two years old. If all of the following conditions are true at the time of your green card interview, you must obtain a new police certificate:

  • Your police clearance certificate is more than two years old.
  • You still live in, or have returned to, the country where the certificate was issued.
  • Youre older than 16.

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Amending Factual Errors In The Police Report

An error of fact is a mistake involving objective information. An error of fact can occur in a police report if the officer preparing the police report transposes digits in a social security number or telephone number, or confuses the make, model, and/or color of a vehicle that was involved in the accident.

Usually, an error of fact can be corrected by simply producing proof of the correct information, typically through documentation. If you notice an error of fact in a police report, you can typically just contact the officer who prepared the report, and provide proof of the correct information — vehicle registration records, your driver’s license, insurance forms, etc. The police officer can easily attach an addendum to the report explaining the error, or may actually change the error on the report itself, depending on departmental policy.

Information Needed For A Police Report

Pennsylvania State Police Shill for Animal Abusers

A party should provide as much information as possible to request a police report. Relevant information includes: the time and date of the incident what offense occurred the number of the police report the name of the victim the victims date of birth the place at which the incident occurred the name and badge number of the police officer called to the address the name of the suspect the suspects date of birth and the date and location of the suspects arrest.

A party should also provide the insurance policy number or claim number whether or not the requesting party is an insurance company a release from the victim if the request is from an attorney and proof of relationship if the requesting party is a parent of a minor victim or the spouse or relative of a deceased victim. Read More:How to Get a Police Report

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Obtain A Public Police Report Copy

After filing a public police report you are able to obtain a copy for yourself any time. Unless you received one from a dispatched officer on the scene, you most likely will have to pay a fee to obtain a copy.

Most police reports are public record so anyone who wants to see their own or someone elses report is able to do so. Reports that are under investigation though are usually restricted to the police department and investigating parties, however.

What’s In A Police Report

At the scene of the car accident, if you pay close attention you may notice the investigating officer inspecting vehicles, talking to people, measuring distances, writing notes, and taking photographs. The officer is taking some or all of these steps in preparation for drafting the police report. In short, the police report is a summary of the police officer’s investigation of the accident. The report will often contain some or all of the following information:

  • approximate date, time, and location of the collision
  • identifying information for parties involved in the car accident, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information
  • identifying information for witnesses
  • statements from the parties and witnesses
  • citations and/or violations of law, and
  • opinions as to cause of the collision and/or a fault determination.

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Write To The Credit Bureaus

Write a letter to each credit bureau. Repeat what you said in your telephone call . Send copies of your police report and completed ID Theft Affidavit. Remind the credit bureaus that they must block or remove any information that you, as an identity theft victim, say is a result of the theft. Send your letters by certified mail, return receipt requested. Keep a copy of each letter. See the Sample Letter to Credit Bureaus on page 7.


P.O. Box 2000Chester, PA 19016

As an alternative, you may dispute items with the credit bureaus online. Look for “dispute” on their websites:,, and

Persons May Obtain An Official Copy Of A Police Report In Three Ways:

Delano Police Department
  • You may make your request through the mail. You must first contact the Central Records Unit to check on the availability of the report and the amount of the fees associated with obtaining the report. Then you must download a Report Request Form. Complete the form and mail it with any applicable fees . Please include a self-addressed, stamped, business-sized envelope with your request and payment. Requests for reports should not be submitted until seven days after the incident date. An official copy of the report will be mailed to you.
  • You may also obtain a copy of a police report in person at the Central Records Unit during regular business hours . Please call prior to your arrival to check on the availability of the report and the associated fees. Please wait at least seven days after the date of the incident before calling. All fees must be paid by check or money order at time of receipt. An official copy of the report will be provided to you.
  • You may also make your request electronically via email. Please provide as much information as possible about the report you are requesting in your email or you may use the Report Request Form. Documents will be provided in Adobe® PDF format to the email address provided. All electronic police report requests will be provided to you free of cost. Requests for reports should not be submitted until seven days after the incident date.
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    Are Police Reports Admissible In Court

    While police reports are commonly used in car insurance settlement negotiations, admitting a police report as evidence when you file a car accident lawsuit is not quite as clear cut.

    In small claims courts, litigants are usually permitted to use police reports as evidence in their car accident case. You will not be expected to know all the rules of evidence, so judges typically will allow plaintiffs and defendants to use the police report in explaining what happened.

    If your car accident case goes to trial in your state’s court of general jurisdiction , you should know that parties in these cases are held to the rules of evidence and must contend with whether the police report falls within the rule against “hearsay” evidence, which keeps out many out-of-court statementsby definition, any assertion made in a police report is a statement that was made out of court. In some jurisdictions, the police report may fall within the “public records” or “business records” exception for admissibility. In other jurisdictions, different exceptions to the hearsay rule may apply and allow you to admit some or all of the police report as evidence.

    If the police report isn’t helpful to your position, or if there are early signs that the other side is digging in for a fight, having an attorney on your side can be critical. Learn more about how a car accident attorney can help, and get tips on finding the right injury lawyer for you and your case.

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  • How To Apply For Your Police Clearance Certificate Abroad Through Nigerian Embassy And Through A Third Party Service

    This last option is for those who will be applying from their host country . You have two ways to obtain this if you are in Canada.

    Method 1: Through Nigerian embassy :

    If you are in Canada, you can apply by mail to the Commissioner of Police

    You should apply by mail to addressed to the Commissioner of Police with the following requirements:

    • A pre-paid return courier envelope
    • Three photocopies of your international passport bio-data page with necessary visa stamps
    • Three copies of a properly filled application form
    • A set of fingerprints taken and certified by a recognized police authority or the Nigerian embassy or consulate
    • An international money order payable to the Nigerian Police Force, CID.

    The certificate can be certified at the nearest Nigerian embassy or consulate for a fee


    For Canadian Express Entry Immigration application, you will definitely need to provide it if you are Invited to Apply for Permanent Residence, which you will need to upload in your Electronic Application for Permanent Residence . Police certificate sent by mail for Express Entry applications isnt accepted by Canadian Immigration Office.

    Method 2: Through a third party service

    No. 1 method is do it yourself, but if you want to use a third party service, then call our office. we provide a concierge service where someone will be assigned to guide you via a whatsapp call throughout the entire process.

    Please make the following information available:

    • Name :
    • Address:

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    Police Wellness Checks In The News

    If youve never requested a welfare check or experienced one yourself, you may have seen this topic covered on the news in recent years. Last year, one of the most broadcasted police wellness checks was done at actor and comedian Pete Davidsons home. Most people know Davidson for his time on Saturday Night Live, as well as his short engagement to Ariana Grande. Following their split last winter, Davidson shared some disturbing thoughts via Instagram, prompting someone in his life to call the police and ask them to check on him. Davidson posted the following cryptic message:

    I really dont want to be on this earth anymore, Im doing my best to stay here for you but I actually dont know how much longer I can last. All Ive ever tried to do was help people. Just remember I told you so. Fortunately, an officer from the New York Police Department did a wellness check and later reported that Davidson was out of harms way.

    Another welfare check that made the news recently didnt end as well as Davidsons. According to CNN, a wellness check went deadly when police went to check on 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson in her home after a neighbor requested a welfare check for her. Upon arriving at her home, an officer shot and killed Jefferson.

    To learn more about violence and police officers, heres a look at our latest article, What Is Police Brutality?

    If Someone Uses Your Social Security Number To Claim Unemployment Benefits Or To Work

    Another Metro State Police Impersonator? Meet Yunus Gardee.

    If you suspect that someone else has claimed unemployment benefits using your Social Security number, call the California Employment Development Departments toll-free Fraud Hotline at 1-800-229-6297. For more information, see their Web site at Search on the site for “fraud.” Sometimes, an identity thief will use someone elses Social Security number to be eligible to work. Its a good idea to check your Social Security earnings record to see if income earned by a thief is being posted to your account. You can get a copy of your earnings record by calling 1-800-772-1213. Or get a Request for Social Security Statement at If you believe a thief is using your Social Security number to work or claim Social Security benefits, call the Social Security Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271. Or report Social Security benefits fraud online at

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    Review Your Credit Reports Carefully

    When you receive your credit reports, read them carefully. Look for accounts you dont recognize. Look in the inquiries section for names of creditors from whom you havent requested credit. You may find some inquiries identified as promotional. These occur when a company has gotten your name and address from a credit bureau to send you an offer of credit. Promotional inquiries are not signs of fraud. Also, as a general precaution, look in the personal information section to verify your Social Security number, address and name.

    If you find anything you dont understand, call the credit bureau at the telephone number listed on the report. Tell them you want to block, or remove, any information on the report that is the result of identity theft. For more on what to tell the credit bureaus, see the Privacy Rights Clearinghouses Identity Theft: What to Do When It Happens to

    Report The Fraud To The Three Major Credit Bureaus

    You can report the identity theft to all three of the major credit bureaus by calling any one of the toll-free fraud numbers below. You will reach an automated telephone system and you will not be able to speak to anyone at this time. The system will ask you to enter your Social Security number and other information to identify yourself. The automated system allows you to flag your file with a fraud alert at all three bureaus. This helps stop a thief from opening new accounts in your name. The alert stays on for 90 days. Each of the credit bureaus will send you a letter confirming your fraud alert and giving instructions on how to get a copy of your credit report. As a victim of identity theft, you will not be charged for these reports. Each report you receive will contain a telephone number you can call to speak to someone in the credit bureaus fraud department.

    Experian 1-888-397-3742

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