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How To Clear Your Police Record

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The Record Suspension Option

Expunction: How To Clear Your Criminal Record (2022)

Your police record is accessible to anyone it is a matter of public record. If a potential employer or even an organization you wish to volunteer with has a background check policy, they only need to be willing to pay a fee and use your ID details to run that check. Only the police record information will be available for them to view, nothing else. If it is a law enforcement organization, such as a police department in Canada, or even the CBP at the American border or an international airport, these groups have automatic access to this information if they decide to run a check on your identification.

If, however, you apply for and get a record suspension, your police record is sealed against this type of background check. Record suspensions used to be known as pardons, but the terminology changed to more properly reflect the actual administrative activity that was being carried out. Under ordinary circumstances, once your police record has been sealed by a record suspension, no one will see anything if they conduct a standard background check.

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To Exercise Your Right Of Access Follow These Steps:

Step 1

  • Identify where to send your request.
  • Think about what personal data you want to access.

Step 2

  • Make your request directly to the organisation.
  • State clearly what you want.

You might not want all the personal data that the organisation holds about you. It may respond more quickly if you explain this and identify the specific data you want.

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Petitioning For An Dui Expungement

If you determine that you meet your states requirements to expunge a DUI conviction from your criminal record, there are a few ways to request this. You must file a petition which includes an affidavit and a motion for relief, pay filing fees , and then inform the prosecuting attorneys office of your intent. When the prosecuting attorneys office receives notice of your request, they will have to file an answer and challenge your request.

The petition itself is subject to a review before a judge, even before it is officially upheld or denied. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the DUI and the sentencing you received, a judge may have to sign off on your petition for expungement before it can be submitted to a court.

The last step of the process is to request a final hearing in front of a judge. If you are granted the opportunity, you will have to show why you deserve to have your DUI conviction expunged. Your attorney will make the arguments on your behalf, but you may be called to give a statement to the court and answer questions from the judge.

Can I File A Dui Non

Should You Expunge Your Own Criminal Record?

Not qualifying for a DUI expungement doesnt have to be the end of the road. It might still be a good idea to talk with an attorney who specializes in expungements and DUI laws. You might have some options available to you that grant similar effects. For example, you could petition for DUI non-disclosure, whereby your criminal record is sealed from private agencies who may want to conduct a background check on you. However, the DUI will still remain on your criminal record, so it will turn up on a deeper criminal background check.

Texas is a state that allows for DUI non-disclosure petitions, but they are only available to first-time DUI offenders. Additionally, if a child was in the vehicle you were driving, you cannot petition for a non-disclosure of your DUI. Having a blood alcohol content level of 0.15% or higher will also disqualify you. Other restrictions apply, based on respective state and local laws, and if the nature of the DUI offense is such that a judge waives probation, then it is unlikely that you will be able to petition for a DUI non-disclosure.

If an expungement petition is granted, then the DUI is wiped from your record, as though the conviction never happened. An employer or landlord running a background check will not find any trace of itdepending on the severity of the original offense and the state where it happenedand your DUI might never again show up on your record.

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What Do I Have To Do To Get An Expungement

Generally, you fill out a Petition for Expungement of Records and file it with the court that heard your case. If it has been less than three years from the time your case was concluded, you will also need to file a General Waiver and Release. A filing fee of $30 may apply. This filing fee is not refundable. Learn more about how to file a petition for expungement.

Do I Even Need To Obtain A Copy Of My Criminal History/rap Sheet

For those who already know what is on their criminal record you may not even need to request a copy of your criminal history/rap sheet before applying for an expungement. If you are applying for an expungement, however, and you are unsure of exactly what your criminal record consists of, on the other hand, obtaining an accurate copy of your criminal history is the first step in the expungement process. Obtaining your complete criminal history before beginning the expungement process has two benefits for those who are unsure of exactly what is on their record:

1. It ensures that you are actually eligible for expungement before you pay an expungement lawyer to start working on your case.

Expungement eligibility will depend on the type and number of criminal convictions on your record. Most New Jersey expungement lawyers will review your criminal record free of charge in order to determine whether or not you are eligible for expungement. Thus, if you are not sure of what is on your record, before you hire a lawyer to expunge your record, you should obtain a copy of your arrest record. Once you receive your results, have a lawyer review them in order to determine whether you are even eligible for expungement.

2. It greatly reduces the chances of the County Prosecutor objecting to your expungement application.

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Where To Get Court And Police Records For Your Green Card Application

The U.S. government conducts background checks on all family-based and applicants. If youre a family member seeking a green card, youll need to provide records detailing every interaction youve ever had with law enforcement, both in your home country and in the United States.

In this guide, youll learn which court records and police reports to submit, where to obtain them, and how to proceed when those documents are unavailable.

In addition, be sure to read our detailed guides on the impact of past criminal history on a green card application if youre a sponsoring relative or a family member seeking a green card.

Do you have confidential questions about how a criminal record might affect your green card application? With Boundless, you get an independent immigration attorney who can help you understand your options. Learn more, or get started today.

How To Get Started

Non-Disclosure: How To Clear Your Criminal Record (2022)

The simplest way to get started is by filling out our eligibility evaluation. This will allow you to see what your options may be. If you have any questions, please call us or do an online chat with us for a confidential and free consultation. Our firm is enthusiastic about helping people, in situations like yours, start new lives. There is a reason why more than 13,000 people across the country have selected to have their criminal record cleared.

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How Long Does A Police Check Take

Australian National Character Check provides applicants with valid results of their Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check in as little as 24 to 48 hours upon completion of the online application form. The remaining checks that get referred for manual processing may take up to 15+ days.You can comfortably apply via a PC, Tablet or Mobile device connected to the internet. On average, people complete the online application in about 15 minutes .Paying the prescribed fee is also easy through any of our efficient payment platforms such as PayPal, MasterCard, Debit or Credit cards.

What Is Police Data

Police data is information the police hold on you. Depending on the circumstances, it might include:

  • video footage from CCTV, body worn cameras
  • criminal justice records, such as court documents, notes, records of convictions
  • computer records, including notes and statements made by police officers
  • mobile phone images, text messages, emails, app data

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How To Check My Information In Pnc

Since 2006, police can keep details of all recordable offences of a person until they reach 100 years of age. Under the old weeding rules, the police could remove qualifying records prior to 2006. A person can request to erase eligible records. But in some cases, PNC erases suitable records automatically. However, there was no systematic procedure. Therefore, many documents that were eligible for clearance were not clear and were there in the record.

According to the Data Protection Act 1998, everyone has the right to see the data that anyone holds against them. The Subject Access Request of the DPA 1998 gives the right to have a copy of any personal data held about them.

You can ask your local police for this information directly. Most police departments have application forms to apply for the information you need. These forms can be helpful, but you have no obligations to use them you can call, email, or write in your request instead.

Additionally, you must contact ACRO to see your record on national police databases like the PNC. You can receive a certificate from ACRO. This certificate may:

  • Certify that no information about you is there on the national computer of the police force
  • Provide details of convictions, whether they are spent or not, intelligence issues. For example, guilty verdicts, cautions, final warnings, additional action decisions and penalty notices.

How To Expunge Your Criminal Records

Clear Criminal Records Online

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Your criminal record can make it more difficult to get a job or rent an apartment. Employers and landlords may inquire about your criminal history. But, if you expunge your criminal records, you can honestly say that your record is clean. The process of having your criminal records expunged is different in every state. This means the first step is to find out more about the process in your jurisdiction. That said, there are many elements of the process that are similar from one state to the next.

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What Everyone Should Know About Deleting Police Data

There is something you should know before you spend time and money trying to clear your police criminal record data. Its this:

Deleting police data is discretionary.

Not everyone can get their police data and PNC record removed. If you were lawfully and correctly convicted it is highly unlikely the police will agree to removing it. Even if you were not convicted, if the police lawfully took and/ or made data with your details they might refuse.

Requests to check criminal records have to be filed using the correct procedure, which varies depending on the police force. But all applications are considered by a senior police officer for approval.

The police have to consider each case carefully on its merits. They must balance public law principles, including the need to protect the public and act reasonably, with an individual applicants right to privacy. Its a difficult exercise which takes time and experience on the part of both the applicant and the police officer.

Senior officers are busy people. Considering a data deletion request is time-consuming. As a result, these matters can take many months before being resolved.

Here Is How We Help People

  • It is with humility and profound gratitude that I accept this pardon. I feel like a new person because I am able to visit my family in the United States and not have to worry. For so many years this has been a burden on my shoulders. That has now been lifted, thanks to your generosity and help.

    DUI conviction in BC

  • First offTHANK YOU! Oh gosh, I dont think there are enough words or ways to show how happy and grateful I am for helping me with my record suspension. There are so many doors open for me now. The day I received the brown envelope, I cried for joy, in the lobby of my building.

    Petty Theft in ON

  • To whom it may concern, This letter is to say thank you for your big help. Getting this pardon is a big lift off my shoulders. Its a dream come true. Now, my wife and I can travel to the USA without being worried getting denied.

    Uttering Forged Documents

  • I will tell others if I get the opportunity about your excellent work. While it has been a long process, it was worth it. Thank you for the hard work and expertise behind this careful process.

    Fraud Over $5000

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Are There Situations Where You Cannot File For Expungement

Yes, there are certain cases where you generally cannot get records expunged.

  • If you received a PBJ, and you were later convicted of a new crime within 3 years of the PBJ, you cannot get the PBJ case expunged.
  • You cannot file for expungement of any records if you currently have criminal proceedings pending against you.
  • If you are convicted of a crime during the waiting period, you are not eligible for expungement unless the subsequent conviction becomes eligible for expungement.
  • You cannot get a PBJ expunged if the PBJ was for certain alcohol related driving offenses.
  • A court has no authority to expunge aliases or grant an expungement in cases of identity theft.

Do Deferred Prosecution Cases Qualify For Expunction

How Do I Clear My Criminal Record?

Deferred prosecution refers to a pre-trial diversion program. Deferred prosecution is only available through a plea bargain and results in a dismissal. If you successfully complete the program and your case is dismissed, then you usually qualify for expunction, but it depends on the specific program. Deferred prosecution is entirely different from deferred adjudication. Deferred adjudication is a type of probation.

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How To Obtain A Police Record

Persons who require a police record/certificate should visit any Inland Revenue Department Offices and pay for the document to be processed. The receipt must be in the name of the applicant.

The fees are:

JA$3,000.00 Regular Service- 21 working days

JA$6,000.00 Express Service 5 working days

JA$8,000.00 Next Day Service

The receipt and the items listed below should be submitted to the Technical Services Division , 56 Duke Street, Kingston. Applications may also be done at the Summit Police Station and Area 2 Police Headquarters, Pompano Bay on Monday to Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Next day service is NOT available at these locations.

1. Taxpayer Registration Number

2. Two passport-sized photographs .

3. One of the following three pieces of VALID identification Passport, National Identification Card, Drivers License).

4. If the police record is for overseas/travelling purposes, a VALID passport must be presented.

A letter of authorization must be provided if the police record will be collected by someone other than the applicant. The bearer must have identification.


1. Fingerprints

2. Two passport-sized photographs

3. Front bio-data page of passport

4. Bank draft/ International money order made payable to The Commissioner of Police Currencies US, Pound, Canadian, Jamaican

5. Reason for applying

JA$8,000.00 Next Day Service

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