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How To Get A Pa State Police Criminal Record Check

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Criminal Data Service Bureau Cdsb

Background Checks and Criminal Records

Criminal Data Service Bureau CDSB

The Criminal data Services Bureau is one of the specialized units at the CID Headquarters. It is made up of the Fingerprint Bureau, Singles Fingerprint and the Criminal Records Office.

Functions of the CDSB

The CDSB undertakes the following functions:

  • The unit receives the fingerprints and crime details of suspects and convicted criminals from the various police stations for classification and preparation of criminal records.
  • Publication of wanted persons, missing persons, stolen property and recovered/found property in the Police Gazette.
  • Examination of disputed fingerprints of documents.
  • Visiting of crime scenes to lift latent fingerprints for analysis in order to identify suspects.
  • Vetting or criminal background check for prospective travelers and job seekers.

Automation of the Processes at the CDSB

Fingerprints and criminal records stored at the CDSB date back to the nineteen twenties as part of the initiative to automate the processes and procedures at the CID Headquarters, the automated criminal records database was implemented in May 2001. An automated fingerprint identification system was also implemented in September 2011.


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Do Confessions Show Up In Criminal Background Checks Are They Publicly Accessible In Pa

No, confessions dont appear on criminal background checks.

The criminal record will include the arrest date, charges, case information, conviction date, and sentence.

Recorded confessions might be available through PATCH, but only employees in the legal system would access them.

Employers requesting a criminal background check for a potential hire wouldnt see any confessions.

What Is The Pennsylvania Sex Offender Registry

Pennsylvania holds online sex offender registries of people who are convicted of crimes that are of a sexual nature. These lists were developed after Megans Law was introduced as nationwide legislation. The purpose of these lists is to aid local residents in being able to identify Pennsylvania sex offenders or be notified when a sex offender is nearby. The lists feature the names, addresses, and crimes of such offenders.

Sex offender registries in Pennsylvania offer electronic notifications to interested citizens. This system allows a user to receive notification by email when a registered sex offender changes residence, employment, or school district to a designated radius of the users address. They also offer tools to track a specific sex offender.

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Are Criminal Records Public In Pennsylvania

Yes. Criminal records in Pennsylvania are open to the public under the Right To Know Law. The Pennsylvania State Police is the record custodian of these records, and public requests to view and obtain criminal records go to this agency. Interested persons may obtain Pennsylvania criminal records in one of three ways viz-a-viz online search, in-person requests, and mail requests.

Criminal records, considered public in the United States, are made available through some third-party aggregate sites. Searching with third-party websites is often easier as the information is not limited to geographic record availability. Information found on third-party websites can serve as a jumping off point for parties searching for a specific record or multiple records. Typically, requesters must provide the following information to gain access to these records:

  • The record subjects name, unless the subject is a juvenile.
  • The record subjects last known location, including cities, counties, and states.

Third-party websites offer these search services, but they are not government sponsored. Availability of records may vary.

What Are Conviction Records In Pennsylvania


Conviction Records in Pennsylvania are official documents that are generated in the event of a criminal conviction. This includes when a person is found guilty, pleads guilty, or pleads nolo contendere in any civilian or military court. A conviction also occurs when a person is judged as a delinquent. These records indicate when a subject has been judged, what they were sentenced to, and often the details of their imprisonment, parole, or probation. They are often found online through the website of the court that performed the hearing or trial. These are technically classified as court records.

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What Do Criminal Background Checks Look For

Nearly all background checks include a criminal-history check, based on information supplied by the candidate, including their Social Security number. Criminal background checks will reveal felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions, any pending criminal cases, and any history of incarceration as an adult.

Determining Your Pa Expungement Eligibility

Expungement is primarily for low-level convictions or arrests that didn’t result in a conviction. Those convicted of Summary Offenses may have their records expunged so long as five years have elapsed since the disposition of their last case. In some cases, a person will have a criminal record related to drug or alcohol offenses. Sometimes these cases don’t result in a conviction because the defendant completes an Accelerative Rehabilitative Disposition program in lieu of conviction. ARD expungements are often successful.

Certain types of crimes are not eligible for expungement, and they include crimes of a more violent or serious nature. The types of crimes that won’t be eligible for expungement include rape, murder, arson, and other such convictions.

While some eligibility requirements may seem fairly straightforward, it’s important to know that the law is always changing. For example, a new PA expungement law went into effect that provides automatic expungement for individuals who received a full acquittal, even if they still owed the court fines or fees. The bottom line is: It’s always best to speak to an attorney to determine your expungement eligibility. Doing so ensures a more efficient and effective process, and even when expungement isn’t on the table for you, you may still have options through record sealing that your attorney can advise you on.

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Current & Previous Contact Details

Your background check report will also include details such as current and previous addresses, current and previous email addresses, active and inactive social media profiles, current phone number and much more!

People frequently relocate or change their contact information. While this is generally harmless behavior, it can also be an indication of criminal activity. For example, maybe a person claims to live at a certain address to avoid taxes or commit crimes in an unknown location. However, if someone tells you that they live at a certain address, CheckPeople can give you the information to help you determine if they are telling the truth.

Some people seem perfectly normal and harmless on their known social media accounts, but they may have other hidden accounts that reveal another person entirely. These hidden accounts are often invisible to free background check platforms, but our search tool is able to dig them up. Social media has become one of the easiest ways for people to assume a false identity, so finding hidden accounts can let you know if someone is leading a double life online.

Question: Are Registered Sex Offenders Allowed To Live Or Go Near Places Frequented By Children Such As Schools And Playgrounds

Expungement in PA

Answer: The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program itself does not prohibit registered sex offenders from living or going near places frequented by children. However, Texas community supervision and parole laws, as well as city ordinances, may require the imposition of a âchild safety zone. A âchild safety zoneâ prohibits certain individuals from going in, on, or within a specified distance of a premise where children commonly gather . A violation of the âchild safety zoneâ can result in the revocation of the offenders probation or parole, or a citation.

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What Are Inmate Records In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Inmate records are documents that contain information on the convicted criminals that have punishments of jail time. They document the various internment facilities that house these inmates, as well as specific information on the inmates themselves. They are created and maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and members of the public can perform an inmate search on the inmate lookup database. Information in these records include:

  • The full name and any known aliases of the inmate
  • Details on the convicted offense
  • Personal data on the inmate including their birth date, gender, height, weight, and more
  • Documented identification information such as fingerprints and a mugshot
  • The date of incarceration and the expected date of release
  • The location and security level of the facility where they are housed
  • Past convictions and sentences served
  • Bail and bond conditions, if any

What Does A Pa Criminal Background Check Show

Summary offenses typically include minor convictions such as harassment, loitering, or disorderly conduct. Summary offenses are still considered criminal history, so they may show up on a Pennsylvania background check. Candidates should disclose these offenses if asked about criminal history on job applications.

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Breaking Down The Barriers To Access

You deserve to know the truth about the people you interact with, or those who spend time with people you care about. Criminal background checks are no longer only for police, attorneys, and employers. You now have the power to conduct online criminal background checks on anyone you want. We have leveraged the power of the internet and modern technology to save you time and money when you need to find public information.

Citizens also have the right to access public records so they can hold their elected officials accountable. This kind of transparency is essential in a Democratic society. Unfortunately, some privacy laws have made some public information more difficult to access. There are fees associated with obtaining information in many jurisdictions, and you may need to go to your local courthouse to fill out forms or collect documents. But what if that information is across the country? What if you cant afford to pay for individual background checks on a large number of people? When you have important concerns, like the safety of your children, you may not have the resources to pay for background checks on dozens of neighbors or family acquaintances. to search each of your neighbors to keep your children safe?

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Where To Obtain Parole Information In Pennsylvania

Can I Get a Pennsylvania Real Estate License with a Criminal Record?

Parole is a term to reference the supervised freedom usually offered to convicted criminals after serving a certain amount of a jail sentence. This is usually offered to criminals as part of a plea deal or in exchange for good behavior while incarcerated. Parole is usually associated with felony crimes as felony crimes typically have jail time as a default punishment. The information on parole is handled by Pennsylvanias Department of Corrections, which also provides conditions of parole should it be granted to an inmate.

Probation is usually either supervised, unsupervised or intensive depending on the severity of the crime or the behavior of the inmate. Conditions may also change depending on these factors.

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Mailing In A Request For Your Criminal History Record

Persons who do not have a credit card or do not wish to file online are invited to file using a paper application, which can be found here.

A copy of that form, along with a $10 check, should be sent to:Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository – 1641800 Elmerton AvenueHarrisburg, PA 17110-9758

The results of this search will be mailed to the requester within three weeks of the request’s receipt by the state, and the specific return date cannot be predicted with any accuracy. A record requested in this manner will be identical to one provided with the PATCH system and the same options for notarization are available.

Fbi Criminal Background Check Pa

An FBI clearance is a step above the PA state clearance.

You have to go get fingerprinted in person so the FBI can run your prints.

You go to a third-party location where a professional takes your fingerprints and submits them to the FBI.

Youll get an outcome letter that deems you either Eligible or Ineligible for the job youve applied for.

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Are Police Records Public In Pennsylvania

Yes. Police records are public records in Pennsylvania and can be obtained by any United States resident. Police records are all documents developed or maintained by state/local law enforcement agencies in the execution of their duties. These records include arrest logs, incident/crime reports, coroner reports, conviction and non-conviction records, mugshots, traffic collision reports, audio and video recordings, investigation reports, complaints, crime statistics, and other related records.

Per Pennsylvania’s Right-To-Know Law, individuals can access police records upon request. However, certain information or documents are exempt from public inspection. These exemptions are usually associated with security, confidentiality, and privacy issues. The following Pennsylvania police records are exempt from public access under Section 708:

  • Personally identifiable information of record owners
  • Identifying information about persons acting undercover or involved in covert law enforcement activities
  • Information that jeopardizes the safety of a victim or witness
  • Intelligence gathering and analysis, such as investigative notes, correspondence, videos, and reports
  • Information that may deny a person a fair trial, hamper the police’s ability to locate a defendant or codefendant, or prevent the police from securing an arrest, prosecution, or conviction

The Right To Know Law does not apply to police video and audio recordings. Access to such recordings is regulated under Act 22 of 2017 .

Peake V Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Et Al 216 Md 2015

How to obtain a criminal background check?

In 1987, Pennsylvania that states that any caregiver for older adults must submit a criminal background check.

Criminal convictions were categorized by severity and resulted in either banning the caregiver from employment for life or for 10 years.

Though the government intended to use the act to protect the elderly, it was preventing many ex-offenders from reentering the workforce.

In 2015, the state overturned the act and gave each facility the freedom to evaluate applicants.

Criminal background checks are still required for the job, but it doesnt automatically rule anyone out as they did in the past.

This change lets each facility manager decide if the potential employee is a fit for the job.

People who committed crimes in their youth but have been on good behavior for years now have a chance at making an honest living in Pennsylvania.

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How To File A Police Report With Pennsylvania Law Enforcement

To file a police report in Pennsylvania, individuals can call or visit the police department serving the jurisdiction where the crime or incident occurred. However, some cities within the state provide online crime reporting options. For instance, the Bureau of Police in the City of Harrisburg has an online reporting system with which victims or witnesses of crimes can submit police reports remotely and print temporary copies for free.

Notwithstanding, not all crimes can be reported online in Pennsylvania. For example, emergency crimes , known thefts, and crimes occurring outside a police agency’s jurisdiction cannot be reported online. Offenses filed online may include hit and run, theft, fraud, forgery, criminal mischief, property loss, harassment, and other non-emergency crimes.

Obtaining Records Directly From The Court

Lastly, Pennsylvania citizens are able to request copies of criminal records by going to the individual courts where those records were initiated. This is not an option for persons having no criminal record, as those persons have no specific court or agency to request from, and they must instead obtain their blank record from the state via the PATCH system or form mentioned above.

Citizens who know that they obtained a criminal record due to a conviction in a specific court may return to that court in order to obtain a copy of that record. In general the record will be limited to that court however it is possible to begin a statewide request at that court location by filling out a Criminal History Request Form at that location. Persons requesting only the local court record should be able to receive a copy from that clerk at the time of the request. All Pennsylvania courts have facilities available to permit the copying of the record on behalf of the requester.

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How To Get A Police Background Check On Yourself

While an applicant can get a background check from the policy when checking on people one wishes to hire, that person can also ask for a check on oneself. The rule will vary by state, but a person can visit a local police station to complete the process. Some states may also help people complete the background check online, although the rules will vary over where one will go for the work.

These steps are necessary to acquire a background check at a police station:

  • Provide a name and address.
  • Supply a few identifying numbers, including a Social Security Number or a drivers license number.
  • The station will also charge a specific amount of the service. The cost for the service will vary by provider.
  • A fingerprint file may also be necessary. The file will compare ones records with what the FBI holds.
  • It will take a few weeks to get the results of a check. But the process can help a person confirm ones data and help ensure that person isnt being reported as having done anything illegal or questionable.

    Criminal Background Checks Record Restrictions And Fingerprinting


    The APD Identification Unit is closed to the public.

    Criminal History requests should be mailed to 3493 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy. Atlanta Georgia, 30331 attention of the Atlanta Police Identification Unit. Requests must include a notarized APD Form 928 Criminal History/Arrest Record Request Form, photocopy of a valid ID and $10.00 money order.

    Record Restriction requests should be mailed to 3493 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy. Atlanta Georgia, 30331 attention of the Atlanta Police Identification Unit. Restriction Request Must include a disposition from the courts, $25 money order and a photocopy of a valid ID.

    Fingerprint services are unavailable until further notice.

    For more information call 404-546-4491.

    Important Forms

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