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Who Is My Police Department

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Recapture Of Mas Selamat Kastari

Arkansas police officer fired after investigation of viral video

The escaped terrorist, Mas Selamat Kastari, who escaped detention in Singapore in 2008, was nabbed by Bukit Aman and Johore Police while he was asleep in a secluded village house in Skudai, 25 kilometres northwest of Johor Bahru, Johore. He found a traditional kampung house on stilts in Kampung Tawakal, a tiny village with a population of less than 100. Located about 10 km away from the North-South Expressway near the Kempas exit, it is almost impossible to locate for those not familiar with the area. The Singaporean terrorist, who captured world attention when he escaped from the republic’s maximum security Whitley Detention Centre in February last year, could barely put up a fight in his shorts and T-shirt when caught during a dawn raid in April. At 6 am, about 30 armed policemen surrounded the kampung house and ordered Mas Selamat to come out. Police broke through two doors and rushed in when he refused to surrender. He was arrested together with two others, Abdul Matin and Johar Hassan, by a PGK and police Special Branch officers following intelligence sharing with the police forces of Indonesia and Singapore. Police also seized documents and other paraphernalia that allegedly revealed their planned operation. This report was later confirmed by both the Singapore and Malaysian governments, with the date of capture given as 1 April 2009.

Message From Chief Robert J Tracy

Thank you for visiting the Wilmington Police Departments website. This platform includes information about our agency and the services we provide, as well as contact information and other resources for residents and visitors to Delawares largest city.

Beginning my law enforcement career more than 36 years ago, and with service in the New York City Police Department, the Chicago Police Department and now in Wilmington, I have found that community engagement can be one of the most impactful approaches to public safety. At the core of our efforts is the community we serve, and each member of the Wilmington Police Department engages in the neighborhoods they patrol, attending community meetings, interacting with residents and strengthening relationships.

Over the past several years, we have worked to critically examine our department and our approaches to crime prevention and suppression. We have instituted significant changes in the way we police our neighborhoods, embracing technology and innovation, and leveraging intelligence and other resources to combat crime. These approaches have helped to bring about historic reductions in crime.

It is an honor to serve as your Chief of Police, and I look forward to working with my officers to ensure that we continue to enhance public safety in Wilmington.

History Of The Loli Police Department

The department was founded in early 2018 by former Chief Sarma under the original number of precinct 60. The group roleplays as police officers in order to create funny interactions with the VRChat community. They also try to fight against harassment in any shape or form. It is the forefront of justice in the virtual realms of VRChat.

On November 17 of 2019, Sarma resigned as LPD chief and decided to close his Discord server. Since then Hroi, RocketInaPocket, Wolta, Nathanimall and Tide rebuilt the community, reforming it as Precinct 18 on just after the nuking of the old server. The community stuck together and rebuilt and In early 2020, Hroi became Chief of the LPD, supported by DrCheesebuger and TheGamingExite and later on RookieRanger as Deputy Chiefs. However, on the 7th of March 2021, Molls picked up were Hroi left off, becoming the new chief with DerpiCat and Notshane as the new Deputy Chiefs. Eventually, Molls decided to step down as the LPD Chief on the 27th of March, 2022 and had picked Nightwisp as the temporary successor until a new leader election is held but all of the stress and sudden shift of responsibilities got too much for Nigthwisp and therefore, he had decided to leave the server. At this moment in time, DerpiCat and Notshane are leading the LPD until the next Chief election

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Events Hosted In The Loli Police Department

Today, the LPD carries out an assortment of On Duty Events for the community to partake under the command of several Event Hosts. These events are either Patrol Events, Bait Operations, Most Wanted, Search Warrants, Civic Service, and other special events. These special events are either collaborations with other communities , A 24 Hour Patrol for the yearly anniversary of the group held on November 18th, and the 24 hour patrol event for New Years Eve.

They also host Off Duty Events for the community to go and meet the members of the LPD. These events are either Movie Nights, LPD Community Lazerdome, World Hopping, Game Nights, Anime Nights, and other off duty events.

What Are The Ranks Of Police Officers

Honolulu Police on Twitter: " Eighteen officers and one ...

If you choose to work in law enforcement, you expect to advance through the ranks as you gain the right skills. While the general timeline can give an idea of what to expect, not every police career path is the same. If things go your way, you expect to earn the job title `chief of police.

When it comes to the police officer rank in order, titles like police captain or police corporal can be a bit confusing. But dont fear weve done the legwork for you. Here is a rundown of the police rank structure that is commonly found in municipal police organizations.

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How To Get A Police Report

By law, certain police records and violation reports prepared and maintained by the Police Department are accessible to the general public.

If you need to get a copy of a police report, do this. First, begin by researching the requirements of the police department responsible for the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred. Then, follow the departments exact protocol for requesting and receiving those records. Start by checking the police departments website. Expand your search to the city website if you dont find anything on the police departments website.

Obtain and Fill Out Request Forms

Some departments may require that you complete a request form, sometimes called a request for public records. This may also be known as a request for open records. When you check the department website, look to see if you can download the request form from their site. If so, fill out the request form and submit it according to the directions.

Most request forms will require you to provide the first and last name of at least one of the involved parties. In addition, youll need the location, date, and time of the incident, and in some cases, the incident or case number.

Submitting the Request Form

Important Notes Regarding Submitting Requests for Police Reports

  • It may take a few days or more to obtain the official documents
  • Charges for obtaining copies of the documents may vary by city or jurisdiction
  • Very few departments allow access to records online

Kris And The Ilang Sword

The Kris is an important symbol of the Malay Peninsular. This particular weapon was used by Malay warriors in the past. According to Frey , who concluded from Sir Stamford Raffles‘ study of the Candi Sukuh, the kris came into existence around AD 1361. Others believe that early forms were inspired by the daggers of the Dong-Son in Vietnam . In the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan , renderings of the Kris have been found.

The traditional machete, Ilang or Klewang symbolises the states of Sarawak and Sabah in East Malaysia and it represents the spirit of heroism of a multitude of ethnic tribes such as the Dayak, Dusun, Bajau and Kadazan.

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What States Have The Highest Number Of Police Officers Per Capita

Generally, the most populous states also have the most law enforcement officers. The top five states by employment are California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Illinois.

However, the number of officers does not always increase in proportion to the population. On a per capita basis, Washington, DC has the most police officers, followed by New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Wyoming.

The nation’s capital has an elevated level of security, with 6.5 officers for every 1,000 residents compared to New York, the most policed state, with 4.3 and a national average of 2.8 officers for every 1,000 residents.

How To Find Your Sfpd Station:

Brookside Town leaders not commenting after town hall about police department
  • Enter an address in the “Enter Address Here” white text box and click the search icon or click on the map.

Please Note: The San Francisco Police Department does NOT handle crimes that occurred in property that is outside of the City and County of San Francisco’s jurisdiction and those should be reported directly to the appropriate agency. The Presidio and other federal lands are not associated with an SFPD station. Federal Park Police can be reached at .

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Conduct Accountability And Public Confidence

Police services commonly include units for investigating crimes committed by the police themselves. These units are typically called Inspectorate-General, or in the US, “internal affairs“. In some countries separate organizations outside the police exist for such purposes, such as the British Independent Office for Police Conduct. However, due to American laws around Qualified Immunity, it has become increasingly difficult to investigate and charge police misconduct & crimes.

Likewise, some state and local jurisdictions, for example, Springfield, Illinois have similar outside review organizations. The Police Service of Northern Ireland is investigated by the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, an external agency set up as a result of the Patten report into policing the province. In the Republic of Ireland the Garda SÃochána is investigated by the Garda SÃochána Ombudsman Commission, an independent commission that replaced the Garda Complaints Board in May 2007.

The Special Investigations Unit of Ontario, Canada, is one of only a few civilian agencies around the world responsible for investigating circumstances involving police and civilians that have resulted in a death, serious injury, or allegations of sexual assault. The agency has made allegations of insufficient cooperation from various police services hindering their investigations.

How Are Local Police Departments Funded

Local police departments spend 68% of all government funds allocated for policing. They receive funding from a variety of revenue streams, including local public funds, federal grants, fines and fees, forfeitures, and private donations.

Two of the largest federal grant programs for local policing are the Community Oriented Policing Services program and the Justice Assistance Grant program, administered by the Department of Justice. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security awards counter-terrorism preparedness grants, the Department of Agriculture funds infrastructure improvements for rural police departments, and the Department of Defense provides surplus military equipment for local agencies.

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What Type Of Information And Data Is Contained In A Police Report

The following are types of data and information that may be included. Please note that there is no universal police report. Information will vary from department to department.

  • Identifying information for all parties involved in the incident, including full name, address, phone number, date of birth, social security numbers, driver license numbers
  • Date of the occurrence or incident
  • Location of the occurrence or incident
  • The officers name and ID number
  • The names of other officers who were present
  • Diagrams or drawings of the scene
  • The names of witnesses and their statements
  • Reference number

The law enforcement case file may also contain motor vehicle information, as well as specific details of the incident and any evidence associated with the case.

Examples of police reports may include but are not limited to domestic disputes, traffic accidents, thefts, fraud, assault, burglaries, and stalking incidents. Other information that may be available includes crime surveys, crime statistics, calls for service, weather information, and traffic accident surveys.

Serving The Following Communities:

Pasadena police officer makes career about helping local ...

Argyle, Cahuenga Pass, East Hollywood, Hobart, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Hollywood/La Brea, Little Armenia, Los Feliz, Melrose District, Mount Olympus, Sierra Vista, Spaulding Square, Sunset Strip, Thai Town, Vine/Willoughby

  • Nixle sends urgent safety alerts and community information from the Los Angeles Police Department directly to you through email or text.

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Assistant Police Chief/ Deputy Chief

Deputy police chiefs are also known at other agencies as an Assistant Police Chief helps in the administration of a division and technical staff personnel. They stand prepared to act as the police chief if need be.

A deputy police chief provides direction to subordinate officers, conduct internal investigations, and takes actions when required. Secondly, he supervises all functions related to the communication center and the issuance of licenses. Thirdly, he participates in investigations of criminal law violations and prepares a case to file the charges.

Deputy police chiefs have a huge role to play in crime prevention and will often oversee budget decisions. They also ensure all departments stay up-to-date with the current laws. To assume this role, you must have a bachelors degree in law enforcement like criminal justice or its equivalent. A masters degree can be an added advantage.

A deputy police chief should have advanced knowledge of the town geography and modern law enforcement principles. On top of that, he must have the ability to exercise good judgment in different situations. Finally, he must acquire skills on how to use specialized law enforcement computer systems and general office computer programs.

A deputy police chief requires several years of experience in a law enforcement position. In some agencies, you may be required to go through the FBI National Academy.

Chief Of Police Police Superintendent Or Commissioner

A police chief is a visible leader in government and represents the top authority in the police department. His role is to oversee the programs of the department and increase the effectiveness in investigations. Most police chiefs are appointed and work closely with city government officials. They direct systems that maintain records and handle departments budgets in case of crisis.

As a high-profile leader in the enforcement agency, these officers ensure no incidences happen under their watch. If things arent going as expected, they will face criticism from local politicians, activists, and political leaders. The most successful police chiefs are more educated and have some background in politics.

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How To Climb The Police Ranks

While the police ranks may look extensive, they provide a lot of room for career advancement. Some departments will skip the ranks, so you should understand what law enforcement looks like.

If you want to climb up the ranks, you should show talents in a particular duty or job. Also, you should advance the level of education formally and practically. The higher positions are appointed, so you may want to be friendly to the ruling politicians. Keep in mind that the ranking structure of police officers will depend on the employer.

What Are The Different Police Departments And What Are Their Responsibilities

Justice Dept. Gives Local Police More Control Over Bodycam Footage

There are about 18,000 state and local police agencies in the US. These generally fall into the following categories: state police, county police, county sheriffs, municipal police, and special district police.

According to the most recent government survey from 2008, most police forces are local police departments including municipal and county police.

State and local law enforcement agencies

All agencies

Municipal Police

City police departments employ 52% of all public safety officers. Municipal police officers respond to many types of local incidents, including violent crimes, property crimes, traffic offenses, and public disturbances such as noise complaints.

State Police

Police officers employed by a state include state police, highway patrol, and state investigative officers. The US has 49 state law enforcement agencies Hawaii is the only state without one. State agencies generally share policing responsibilities with municipal police and are the primary agency responsible for patrolling highways in half of states.

County Sheriffs

The county sheriffs department assists in supporting the courts and correction system, a key difference between them and local police. Seventy-six percent of all sheriffs departments maintain the county jail for their jurisdiction, mostly in smaller cities. In larger cities, the jail is generally managed by a separate department of corrections.

County Police


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Patrol Officer Or Police Detective

A patrol officer may have different job descriptions depending on the employer. If you hear the term police officer or detective, they all mean the same. They must collect facts or evidence of possible crimes. Also, a patrol officer can respond to emergency calls, arrest suspects, and testify in court.

A detective can apprehend people who break the law and investigate suspicious activity. In addition to that, he will issue traffic tickets, citations, and conduct traffic stops. Generally, your job duty will depend on whether you work for a local or federal agency. But regardless of the duty or location, the detective will carry enforcement tools like handcuffs, radio, and guns.

Some police officers or detectives may work in a specific type of crime. You can work in units like narcotics or even join Special Weapons and Tactics Team. You can also work anywhere in the state or be called to work in rural areas.

Some detectives are uninformed and can specialize in investigating fraud or homicide. They are usually assigned cases regularly. Although they are scheduled to work full time, the more experienced officers are given preference to work part-time. Junior police officers are required to work even during weekends or holidays because public protection is provided around the clock.

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