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How To Report A Car Accident To Police

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How To Get A Copy Of Your Car Accident Report

How to Obtain Your Car Accident Report

If you were involved in a car accident and were wondering how to obtain a copy of the report, the best place to start would be with your local police department. Typically, the police department has a copy of the report on file. You can also inquire about ordering a report from a different department in order to obtain a copy from the police department. The Georgia Department of Transportation and Public Works may keep an accident report from an accident that occurred outside of Atlanta. If this is the case, you may be required to contact the department directly in order to obtain a copy of the report.

How To Order And Access Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

DMV keeps accident reports for 4 years from the date of an accident, except for rare cases. 1

You can order a certified accident report online. 2

You will need to pay a search fee . 3 To order reports you will need to pay an additional $15 fee .

You can search, purchase, and immediately download certified accident reports online.

You must pay both a

  • $7.00 search fee, and
  • $15.00 report fee for each report 4

Please note: you must complete Step 1 of the online transaction before you will be able to perform a free or paid search.

First: Do a Free limited search to see if the DMV has your report

To see if your report is available in our system use ‘List Reports on File by Date’ to see a list of accidents by the county and date you select . The list of accidents will include the plate numbers of the vehicles involved in the accident.

If there are reports you want, you will need to do a paid search before you can order them.

Second: Do a ‘Paid’ search

To search for your report use ‘Search by Plate Number, License Number, or DMV Accident Case Number’ .

You will be charged a fee even if

  • you enter the incorrect information, or
  • if the report are not found

Each search costs $7.

Next: Order your reports

To order reports, you will need one of the following

  • the plate number of a vehicle involved in the crash/accident, and/or
  • the driver license number of a person who was involved in the accident, and/or
  • the 8-digit DMV case number .

Each report costs $15. 5

Do I Need To Report The Accident To My Car Insurance Company

You should report the accident to your insurer even if youre not planning to make a car insurance claim.

This is because the other driver might decide to make a claim without you knowing.

You should call your insurer reasonably soon after the accident. Ideally, within 24 hours.

They may ask for:

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Why You Should File A Police Report After Your Auto Accident

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  • Why You Should File a Police Report after Your Auto Accident

Posted on: September 1, 2022

Do You Need A Lawyer Even If You Dont Go To Trial

How to Report a Car Accident to the Police

You dont need a lawyer, but you should still have one. Lawyers do not go to trial in most cases. In fact, in most cases, the accident is settled through negotiations.

However, negotiating with the opposing insurance company is generally a bad idea. Insurance companies know what to say and do to save money. It is important to have an expert who knows how to deal with insurance companies on your side.

That does not mean that the lawyer does not file suit for you, however. Filing suit puts substantial more pressure on the opposing insurance company and can show them you mean business. Remember, insurance companies can be aggressive, and train their employees to give you less money than they should.

Filing suit is just another way to push them to give you what you deserve. Still filing suit is a complicated process, and it is important to have an expert on your side when you are going against experts at the insurance company.

Furthermore, attorneys have been through this process before, so they know exactly what to say to the opposing insurance company to get you the money you need.

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When To Report A Car Accident To The Police

The first step after any car accident is to call 911.

For serious crashes, such as when someone is injured or killed, property is damaged, traffic is blocked, the other driver is intoxicated, or there is debris on the road, law enforcement and any necessary emergency medical services will be dispatched to the accident scene. The police officer will write up an accident report for you.

For minor collisions, such as a fender bender, law enforcement may decline to respond to the accident scene. If a police officer does not investigate, no police report will be filed, so you should report the accident as soon as possible.

If The Police Do Not Come To The Scene

There may be times that a police officer can’t come to the scene of the accident. Here are a few reasons why that might happen:

  • In some states, the police are not required to go to the scene of an accident if the property damage value is too low. If you are concerned about injuries or other issues, make the police aware when you call it in. Having more details can help them decide whether they will come.
  • The police may decide not to come if there are no injuries.
  • If there is a public emergency or disaster underway, they may be too busy to make it to the scene of your crash.

You should always make a call to the police and let them decide whether they’ll come out. If the police do not come to the scene, then make sure you record all the details of the accident and any damages yourself.

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What Will The Police Do At The Scene Of A Car Accident

The police are there to help. They will be able to provide support to the parties involved in the crash, interview witnesses, and gather all necessary information about the accident. The cops will do some or all of the following:

  • Take down basic information.
  • Make sure the area is secure and safe for traffic and all people involved.
  • Give tickets if this is required due to violations or negligence.
  • Speak to witnesses, third parties, or any other people involved.
  • Evaluate the situation to help avoid scams or other issues.
  • Prepare a report you can later use to file your insurance claim or use in court if needed.

Did You Fail To File A Police Report Within 10 Days After The Accident

Requesting a NY State Police & Accident Report

After 10 days, you are still able to file a report by sending it through via mail. However, if you do this there are some things to be aware of.

In some cases, filing after the initial 10 days can result in criminal penalties. These include suspension of your drivers license.

If you have a genuine reason for not reporting within 10 days, its a good idea to contact a criminal defence lawyer. They will be able to walk you through the consequences of filing your report late.

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What Is A Car Accident Police Report

A police report is an incident report created by a law enforcement officer who responds to the scene of a car accident. The report, taken at the scene of the accident, will include specific details related to the crash, statements from drivers and parties involved in the accident, witness statements and other important details noted by the officer. Police reports are necessary to help make determinations of damage and fault after a car accident.

Insurance companies and car accident lawyers place significant emphasis on what the police report contains, especially if the law enforcements evaluations point to one driver bearing most or all of the fault.

For these reasons, even in a minor car accident, a police report is essential evidence to protect your own legal rights and support any future insurance and legal claims anyone involved in the car accident could make, including seeking a settlement or a car accident lawsuit.

Taking Facts Into Account

The first one is taking facts into account. The facts that the police report holds about the car accident. This also includes the facts that the witnesses have given, the facts that those who have been in the scene of the accident are able to give out their shared stories and facts of how they believe had happened.

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What Is In The Police Report

Most police reports contain many of the following items:

  • Collision date, time, and location
  • Contact and identity of the parties in the car accident.
  • Any witness names and contact information
  • Vehicle damage illustration showing damaged areas of both cars
  • Weather, road, and lighting conditions at the crash
  • Accident diagram
  • Any citations or violations of law
  • The officers opinions as to cause of the collision and at-fault determination
  • Every city has a different report, but many have similar questions. However, you do not want to rely exclusively on the police report. That is why it is essential for you to collect information from the crash from the other party as well as any witnesses on the scene.

    Also, you should take photos of the crime scene with your smartphone whenever possible.

    Obtain Vehicle Accident Reports Via United States Mail

    Police Accident Report form Luxury 24 Printable Police Report Templates ...

    To request a report through the United States Mail, download and complete the Vehicle Accident Report Request Form and return it with a $16.00 check or money order payable to the City of San Jose to:

    San Jose Police Department201 W. Mission StreetSan Jose, CA 95110

    If you are unable to print or view the form, please make sure your written request includes:

  • Type of report Vehicle Accident

  • Requestor Name, Address, and Telephone Number

  • SJPD Report Number and/or Incident Number, if known

  • Requestor Date of Birth

  • Name of party listed in report

  • Date and Time of occurrence

  • Location of occurrence

  • License Plate Number and State of Registration of involved vehicle

  • Your interest in the report .

  • Include release forms for authorized parties and insurance companies and proof of relationship for parents/guardians.

  • If you are an attorney for any of the interested parties, you must include the following declaration:

    I declare, under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of California, that I represent the above-named person and that the other information that I have provided on this page is true and correct.”

  • Please sign and date your request.
  • Free viewers are required for some of the attached documents.They can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below.

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    Hit And Run Police Report

    Accidents involving a hit and run by one or more parties can result in serious penalties so it especially necessary to make a hit and run police report. Hit and runs are illegal and can result in license revocation and even criminal charges.

    Filing a police report for a hit and run is imperative even if you do not have much information about the other party or their vehicle.

    You Must Identify The Agency That Responded

    It is important to remember or identify the law enforcement agency that responded to your accident. You will need to know if it was the state police or a local municipal police department to obtain your report.

    In some cases, a police officer on the scene will give you information about requesting a copy of the report. They may also provide you with their contact information so you can ask about this process later.

    If you do not know who responded, you may need to search online or contact the local police department to learn more. Generally, interstate accidents are handled by Louisiana State Police while local departments handle other crashes, but this is not always the case.

    For a free legal consultation, call

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    Here’s What You Should Know

    Vehicle collisions can be stressful when they occur, but it’s important to remember that your safety is always the number one priority. The following are a few tips to keep in mind immediately after involvement in a collision:

    • Shift your vehicle into “park.”
    • Check yourself and any passengers for injuries.
    • If you cannot move your vehicle, or if medical assistance is needed, dial “911” and follow the operator’s instructions.

    If your vehicle is operable, and neither you nor any passengers with you have suffered any injuries, you should move to a secure location before exiting to assess the situation. Doing so will:

    • Protect you from oncoming traffic.
    • Allow safer passage for other motorists on the road.
    • Provide easier access for emergency responders to reach you, if necessary.

    Reporting A Collision To Dmv

    Should you file a police report after an auto accident?

    When you have a collision, report it to DMV using an SR 1 form. You or your insurance agent, broker, or legal representative must complete an SR 1 report and send it to DMV within 10 days if someone is injured or killed, or property damage is over $1000. An SR 1 report is required in addition to any other report made to the police, CHP, or your insurance company.

    SR 1 forms are available at DMV field offices, at CHP offices, or online at An SR 1 form is required whether you caused the collision or not, and even if the collision occurred on private property.

    Your driving privilege will be suspended if you do not complete a SR 1 form or did not have the proper insurance coverage at the time of the vehicle collision.

    Every vehicle collision reported to DMV by law enforcement will show on your driving record unless the reporting officer says another person was at fault. Unless there is a corresponding law enforcement report on file that indicates another person was at fault, every vehicle collision reported by you or another party in the collision will also show on your driver record if at least one of the following occurs:

    • Any vehicle or property involved has over $1000 in damage.
    • Anyone is injured or dies.

    It does not matter who caused the vehicle collision. The law says DMV must keep this record.

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    Get The Legal Help You Need For Your Auto Accident Case

    If you are filing a personal injury claim against an at-fault party in your accident, it is important you have solid, experienced legal guidance for your case. If you are uncertain when to get a lawyer for an auto accident, bear in mind that a statute of limitations will apply. Get started on your case right away with a free consultation.Article written by Attorney Aaron Crane. Aaron Crane has been helping personal injury clients for over 14 years and is highly trained in all areas of injury law, car accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, injury tort and other areas. Over his career, Aaron has recovered over 10 million dollars in settlements for his clients.Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA 800 North Belcher Road Clearwater, FL 33765 451-6900

    Article by Attorney Aaron Crane

    What’s Considered A Minor Car Accident

    Most states don’t require a police report for a minor accident. But keep in mind that what’s considered to be a minor accident varies by state. For instance, Alabama may consider a minor incident to have $250 worth of damage, whereas Oregon may consider $2,500 to be minor.

    In many jurisdictions, police won’t issue a report for accidents that occur on private property, such as if you run into your own garage door. Note that many parking lots such as the neighborhood grocery store or local mall are also considered private property, so police may not respond to a minor vehicle incident in these locations unless they have a compelling reason.

    Keep in mind, there’s no way to accurately assess a vehicle’s damage at the scene of an accident. There may be instances where the damage appears to be minimal, but a more thorough inspection reveals more issues. When in doubt, it makes sense to get a police report.

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    What Happens If I Dont Report An Accident

    All car insurance policies in Ontario require you to report any accidents with damage exceeding $2,000 , or any of the situations discussed above. Some people are hesitant to do this because they do not want the accident to count against them on their record. They may also fear that the insurance company will raise their rates because of the accident.

    Failure to report an accident may result in your insurance company cancelling your policy or refusing to renew it at the end of its term. Even worse, failure to report an accident as required by law could result in a charge of leaving the scene of an accident. This could result in higher insurance rates, fines or even jail time.

    Reporting Online Or By Mail Creates An Unofficial Report

    PHOTO Police report from Jackass star Ryan Dunn car crash

    When you report the accident online or by mail, it creates only an unofficial report of the crash. Youre reporting the information yourself. When you make a self-report, youre telling your version of events.

    If the accident is severe, its in your best interests to report the accident to law enforcement to have an official report. An official report may have more weight with the insurance company. In addition, a police officer is a trained professional who knows how to investigate an accident thoroughly. You cant control whether the police choose to respond to the scene, but its still important to report the accident and give law enforcement the option to make an official police report.

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