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How To Report A Number To Police

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What Happens After I File A Report Online

How a Police Accident Report Will Impact Your Insurance Claim (Ep.38)
  • Upon submitting your completed report online, you will see the words Your online police report has been submitted indicating your report is complete.
  • You will receive an email with a temporary case number until police have reviewed the report. Check your junk email folder if you do not receive the email in your inbox.
  • Once a police officer has approved the online report, you will be notified and provided a permanent case number.
  • The accuracy of the information you provide in the report greatly assists Peel Regional Police Service in investigating your incident. Please ensure the report is as complete and concise as possible.

Start An Online Police Report In: English


If your incident did not meet the criteria for online reporting, please dial 1-877-ASK-LAPD

for Non-Emergency Police Response.

Welcome to the Los Angeles Police Department Community Online Reporting Service. Using this service allows you to submit select police reports at your convenience.


To File an Illegal Dumping Report Online:

  • Illegal Dumping: Willfully or intentionally depositing, dropping, dumping, placing, or throwing onto public or private property. Illegal dumping is reported and handled by the City of Los Angeles Department of Sanitation. Please to file a report.

Your incident must meet the following criteria:

  • The incident is not an emergency.
  • The incident occurred within the City of Los Angeles.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • No one was injured as a result of this incident.
  • There are no known suspects.
  • The incident did not occur on the state highway.
  • No firearms were involved in the incident.
  • You must have internet access and an email address.

Once you have submitted your report:

Please note:

  • Filing a false police report is a crime. Anyone filing a false police report may be prosecuted under California Penal Code section 148.5 PC. Filing a false police report is punishable by imprisonment in county jail not exceeding 6 months, or by fine not exceeding $1,000, or by both.

Irs And Tax Scams Over The Phone

Since all of us are connected to the tax-collecting system, scammers have always used the related organizations and tax fraud as a way to scam unwitting victims. The use of scam numbers in pursuit of this goal is very common.

If someone has targeted you through a scam number to take advantage of your tax situation or debt, call your authorities right away. If you are the victim of state-level tax fraud, contact your state department of revenue for more help. State or province taxes operate differently than federal taxes collected by the IRS, CRA, HMRC, or ATO.

For example, the Internal Revenue Service or state tax collectors have a policy not to request debt payment or payment of back taxes over the phone. They will not threaten to garnish wages, take your Social Security, or exhibit any threatening language or behaviors at all.

Official IRS correspondence almost always comes in the mail, so be cautious if youre ever called by someone from the IRS or a state-level tax department.

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Major Forms Of Phone Harassment

Even though phone harassment comes it many forms, they all share a very common similarity which is that they rob you of your privacy and sense of security. Here are the most common forms of phone harassment.

1. Blocked or No Caller ID Calls

Blocked or no caller ID phone calls are phone calls where it is not possible to view the incoming caller ID number. To place a blocked call from a landline or smartphone, all you need to do is dial *67 before the phone number you want to call. More often than not, someone that is calling you with no visible caller ID, and they do not want to reveal their identity, usually dont have your well-being in mind.

2. Robocalls & Spam Calls

This is another very common form of phone harassment. Every month in the United States alone, about 3 billion unwanted spam and telemarketing calls flood consumers smartphones.

Spam calls, especially those that are illegal, are a form of phone harassment that pose a severe threat to the security of your personal and financial information. Phone scammers pose as the IRS, banks, and loan services and call you in attempts to steal from you over the phone.

Another tactic that is used for placing spam calls is known as neighbor spoofing. This is a form of harmful caller ID spoofing that allows spammers to place calls that look like they are coming from a phone number in your local area code. This way, people will be more likely to pick up the call because it looks familiar to them.

Requirements To File A Report Online

Actual Police Report Number 00

Counties have different expectations for online police reports, but most of the time the following requirements must be met:

  • You must be at least eighteen years of age
  • The theft must have occurred in the county in which you’re reporting it
  • You have no helpful information about a suspect or the crime
  • There is no physical evidence

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When Should I Call Police Instead

  • If you have a known suspect.
  • If you are in possession of any evidence.
  • If the value of the theft, loss or property damage is MORE THAN $5,000.
  • If the incident occurred outside of Waterloo Region.
  • If someone broke into your home or business.
  • If this is a motor vehicle collision.
  • If this is a theft or loss of a firearm.
  • If this is a theft or loss of Government issued Personal Identification documents, other than Driver Licences
  • If this is related to any form of personal violence including domestic violence.
  • If this is related to any kind of vandalism or graffiti that could be described as hate motivated.
  • If this is related to Fraud Over $25,000
  • If this is related to a traffic complaint that is in progress.
  • If you represent a retail business, other than a LCBO, reporting a theft .

Making A Freedom Of Information Request About The Criminal Justice System

The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to request information about the criminal justice system held by public authorities, including UK police forces and prisons. You might not be supplied with the information you requested if it is exempt under the Freedom of Information Act. You can find out how to make a request here.

Police forces, prisons and other criminal justice organisations have already published some information under the Freedom of Information Act either in the normal course of business or in response to specific requests. Before making a request, check the appropriate website to see if they have already published the information you require. You can find police force websites by using the UK Police Service website. This provides links to all geographic and non-geographic police forces in the UK.

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How Long Will It Take To Get A Copy Of A Report Once It Is Requested

  • In most cases, if you attend in person to obtain a report, it will be prepared while you wait. If the report is incomplete , it will be released to you when it is completed. There may be an additional wait time for archived reports.
  • Requests by mail will be responded to by mail as promptly as possible.

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How To Report A Scam Number: A Must

How to get your police report through a Freedom of Information request with Robyn Doolittle

If you wonder how to report a scam number, your query is addressed in this article. Being taken advantage of phone scams is no fun, and it can be difficult to understand how to report them. Whether it involves a direct call to you, a number you know, or a more complex system of telephone fraud, it can be impossible to keep yourself safe at all times.

In the age of modern cellphones, people are more often victimized by phone fraud involving scam numbers. If you have been called by a scam number, you can report the information to help others in the same situation.

Well show you how to report the fraudsters below, as this article is part of a series that also educates the reader on:

Lets dive in.

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Report Scams To Third Parties

You may want to report the scam to organizations outside of the government. Third parties may be able to get your money back or remove fraudulent charges.

Report a scam that happened with an online seller or a payment transfer system to the companys fraud department.

If you used your credit card or bank account to pay a scammer, report it to the card issuer or bank. Also report scams to the major credit reporting agencies. Place a fraud alert on your credit report to prevent someone from opening credit accounts in your name.

Step : Make Sure Your Occurrence Can Be Reported Online

Use the information below to see if you can use this system. If your occurrence qualifies for online reporting, proceed to the next step. If your occurrence does not qualify for online reporting, it cannot be accepted by the officer managing online reporting. These occurrences require contact with a local OPP officer for investigation. Please call the OPP toll-free at 1-888-310-1122 to file a report. Links to external websites including those with video, digital images or documents that are not supported by this application cannot be managed through this online reporting service. Please include a narrative description of the occurrence if you will be filing an online report.

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Take Advantage Of Online Sites That Protect You is one very important site you can use if youve been the victim of a scam number. It combines a public reporting system with a law enforcement database to track trends and numbers in scam numbers being used. The reporting site is available in eight languages to help people from around the work track scam numbers.

This database can then be used by law enforcement officials worldwide to help understand the trends and numbers behind scam numbers. If you are experiencing problems with a phone scammer, check the site out right away for help.

What else?

Alternatively, the Better Business Bureaus Scam Tracker maintains its own exhaustive database of scam numbers and scams involving telephone technology. It is an in-depth database and thus requires quite a bit of information if youd like to fill out the forms and submit your databut in the end, it is a valuable service to everyone who could be a victim of a scam number or telephone scam.

However, below you will find details about how to report a scam number exactly.

Why Can’t I Report All Crimes Online

Zodiac Killer Police Report, Page 1
  • Only crimes that have no suspects, are not in progress and do not involve injury can be reported online.
  • Some crimes and incidents may require evidence collection or other investigative procedures requiring an officer’s involvement.
  • Among others, online reporting is NOT appropriate for the following crimes or incidents:
  • Incidents occurring within past 30 minutes
  • Violent crimes, completed or attempted
  • Sex crimes
  • Theft or loss of a firearm
  • Theft or loss of prescription drugs or other controlled substances.
  • Stolen vehicles, completed or attempted
  • Stolen license plate
  • Burglary of your home or business
  • Crimes committed due to race, religion, ethnic or national origin, disability and/or sexual orientation
  • Aggressive driving

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Citizen Online Police Reporting System

Welcome to the Saskatoon Police Service Citizens Online Police Reporting System.

If this is an Emergency please call 911.

Using this Citizens Online Police Reporting System allows you to submit a non urgent report immediately.

You may also print a copy of both the Temporary and the Permanent police report for your personal records only. These copies cannot be used for insurance purposes

Are Police Reports Public Records

Many types of police records are exempt from public disclosure. There are two main reasons why they arent publicly available. First, disclosing the information could undermine an ongoing investigation. Second, it could jeopardize someones privacy and safety. In some cases, departments will release certain information related to the report, such as to a reporter doing a story. However, they rarely release a full copy.

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Why Police Reports Matter

Police reports are public records and in some states they may be viewable by just about anybody. Usually there are restrictions on how those records can be used, particularly by employers, landlords, and financial institutions. As already mentioned, police reports are particularly usefuland they may even be necessarywhen filing a claim with your insurer. The contents of a police report are important, so you need to make sure that any police report pertaining to you is accurate and does not cast you in an unnecessarily bad light.

Reporting Cybercrime In The Uk

How to Contact the Police in a Non-Emergency – For Deaf or Speech Impaired

In the United Kingdom, the Crown Prosecution Service offers advice on what to do if youve witnessed, or been the victim, of a cybercrime. As well as calling the police on 101 if the matter is urgent enough, you can report crimes through the Action Fraud website.

If cybercrime is more serious, such as those crimes which involve children, then you can report directly to the Internet Watch Foundation. Theyre a non-profit organization that seeks to reduce the presence of child-abuse and associated images online. On their site, you can make a report straight from the home page to have images or videos of child abuse removed from the web.

In the case that you fall victim to cybercrime and need help after-the-fact, you can turn to the victim support website. They offer a list of local branches you can contact if you need some assistance.

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Reporting Cybercrime In Canada

If youre based in Canada, then you can contact the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. The centre provides resources for reporting various online scams and abuses. They also provide you with a point of contact for serious cases of cybercrime.

In the case of the exploitation of children, Canada has the Cybertip service which is anonymous.

Complaints About Police Officers

If you have experienced police misconduct:

  • Contact the law enforcement agency involved.
  • Submit your complaint in writing to the chief of police or the head of the law enforcement agency involved.
  • Send a copy of your complaint to the Internal Affairs Division of the law enforcement agency. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.

If the problem remains unresolved, learn how to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

Finally, as with any potential legal dispute, you may want to contact a licensed attorney.

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Get Help After A Sexual Assault

How To Check If You Have A Police Case In Sharjah And Other Emirates

The Lion Star Blog by Jaime Abeytia: Police Report: Sheriff Candidate ...

While an online system doesn,t prevail for the rest of Emirates,the most feasible option here will be to either appoint a lawyer or provide a near relative or friend with a power of attorney. In the event that you are in the UAE,the police will insist that you come in person. In the event that you are out of the country,you will require to get the POA attested by the department of state, the UAE embassy in your home country and finally the Arabic translation ought to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

The grantee appointed through the POA ought to visit the cheque bounce division of local police stations or a duty officer at the CID department with the original POA, a copy of his/her,s ID and a copy of the grantor,s ID or passport copy to look up further details.

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How To Make Your Request

In most cases, you should make your request to your local police force which would hold records on local systems. However, if you would like access to information held on national police systems, such as the Police National Computer , you would need to contact ACRO.

If you no longer live in the UK, contact the police force for the area where you last lived.

If you have been in contact with the police because you were a witness or victim, or because of a traffic accident, then this information may not be available to other police forces. In these cases you should contact the police force you dealt with at the time.

Although you dont have to use them, police application forms will help you understand what details you need to provide so they can find the information you have requested. It will also outline what proof of ID they will need to see. For example, they may ask you when you have been in contact with the police and why, and whether you have lived in another part of the UK. You can make a request verbally or in writing. If you make your request verbally, we recommend you follow it up in writing to provide a clear trail of correspondence. It will also provide clear evidence of your actions.

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