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How To Become A Police Profiler

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Take The First Brave Step Toward Becoming A Criminal Profiler

Police Jobs : How to Become a Criminal Profiler

Criminal profilers play a crucial role in solving crimes, and the need for qualified professionals is projected to remain strong for the foreseeable future. Are you ready to take the first brave step toward pursuing your dream of becoming a criminal profiler? Discover how Maryville Universitys online Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology program can prepare you for the job you want.

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Common Skills For A Criminal Profiler

All criminal profilers have specific skills that make them very good at their job. The most common skills you will need include:

  • Excellent communication skills You will rarely be working by yourself. Criminal profilers are often a part of a team. You will need to be able to communicate well with others on your team.
  • Analytical skills You should be a rather analytical person if you want to be a good criminal profiler. This allows you to assess criminals and the data related to the crimes and behaviors. Seeing things from multiple angles and analyzing complex data is important. Details matter and you will need to look over plenty of data without missing any details.
  • Be very objective You will work with disturbing cases quite often. You have to be able to look at each situation objectively without allowing your emotions to impact your judgment.

How To Become A Criminal Profiler In The Uk

by M. Alanna White / in Family

A criminal profiler or criminal intelligence analyst position in the United Kingdom allows you to aid or lead a group of investigators in criminal investigations. These profilers or analysts evaluate evidence to gather information on criminals and behaviour patterns, and use this information to prevent crimes by potentially predicting the offender’s next move.

With the right background and education you can become a criminal profiler in the United Kingdom. Most criminal profilers in the United Kingdom make a yearly salary of about £25,000, or £24,331.6.

  • A criminal profiler or criminal intelligence analyst position in the United Kingdom allows you to aid or lead a group of investigators in criminal investigations.
  • With the right background and education you can become a criminal profiler in the United Kingdom.

Provide proof that you are a citizen of the United Kingdom: your birth certificate if you were born in the United Kingdom, your drivers license or your passport. If you became a citizen through immigration, you must provide proof of becoming a citizen of the United Kingdom who has the right to be employed there. Some agencies require that you have been a citizen three years or longer before they will hire you.


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What Degree Do You Need To Become A Criminal Profiler

Criminal profiling doesnt have a specific professional career path with a particular degree requirement. You can find profilers working for different agencies that have everything from an associates degree in criminal justice all the way up to doctoral degrees in psychiatry.

Your best chances of getting a job as a criminal profiler come at higher levels of education, however. You should plan on earning at least a masters degree in a relevant field if you want to take up profiling as a profession.

Seven: You’re Almost At The Finish Line: Undergo A Field Investigation And Security Assessment

How Do You Get A Job Serving Subpoenas

The final step in the application process is a field investigation and security assessment. The RCMP will conduct a thorough investigation into your background to help assess your suitability. If successful, you will receive your security clearance.

Once you have passed all the application and assessment steps you will be contacted to attendthe RCMP Cadet Training Program.

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Earn A Bachelors Degree In A Related Field

Different organizations have their own requirements, but the FBI reports all special agent applicants must possess a minimum of a bachelors degree to be considered for employment. A baccalaureate degree in a related field, such as an online Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Maryville University, can be an important first step in becoming a criminal profiler.

Aspiring criminal profilers may gain additional employment advantages by earning a graduate degree in a relevant field, such as a masters in criminal justice or psychology.

An Amalgamation Of Different Fields

Becoming a criminal profiler requires a person to be expert in different fields. It is basically a mixture of a criminal justice system and mental health. The profession requires a strong understanding of mental health issues and how it connects with the criminal justice system. For example, a criminal profiler may need to assess the mental fitness of a witness or an offender to give testimony or stand trial.

On the other hand, it is also necessary for criminal profilers to understand the different research methods used in criminal justice psychology. This is why students are taught how to implement the latest scientific research techniques in practical situations to come up with hypothesis and carry out surveys, etc.

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Decide Between Vocational Training And Further Study

Since the world of criminal profiling was brought into the spotlight by countless TV shows and films, there has been a surge in the number of courses at UK universities related to forensic profiling, criminal psychology and criminology. All of these degree courses offer great potential for pursuing a career in criminal profiling, although they are not the only way to start your career.

Whether you choose to study criminology at the undergraduate level or gain relevant work experience, there are also options to pursue master’s level qualifications, particularly if you want to specialise. Some organisations offer vocational training that leads to a job in criminal profiling. For example, you could start in digital intelligence analysis or crime scene investigation and then make a lateral move to find a role directly involving criminal profiling. You could choose to enter the police force as a police staff member.

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Disadvantages Of Becoming A Criminal Profiler:

Houston police and ATF agents take down suspects in violent crime ring

1. It profiles based only on educated assumptions.

For an offense that is being investigated through criminal profiling, the suspect can just be outside of the profile to get away with it. Law enforcers would be looking within the assumed but wrong profile, instead of one where the real culprit is in.

2. It adds information to a profile that is not based on facts.

One definitive drawback of criminal profiling is making personal assumptions about the perpetrator. It should be considered that not all bank robbers are living in poverty and not all serial rapists are single. As you can see, including stereotypes can lead to looking for the wrong suspects and excluding those who are guilty from suspicion.

3. It relies on facts about a crime scene that may not actually be facts.

Somehow related to the previous disadvantage, there are easy assumptions that are made when creating criminal profiles. For example, people steal food because they are hungry and steal money because they are brokers. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, people would steal certain things just for fun, while others would do it for the thrill.

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Get A Bachelors Degree

For the people who are planning to land at higher positions as criminal profilers must have a bachelors degree. Most of the federal and state law enforcement agencies prefer candidates with a bachelors degree.

There are wide ranges of programs that can qualify a candidate for the position of criminal profiler however, the bachelors degree program must have majors like psychology, forensics, criminal justice or similar field. Aspiring students are highly advised to strengthen their grip on the subjects of law, criminal justice, crime scene analysis, psychology, forensics and sociology.

Obtain A Bachelor’s Degree

Most individuals choose to pursue higher education before joining law enforcement to provide them ample opportunity to learn the academic side of the job. Several programs can prepare you for a career as a criminal profiler, with the most common being a degree in criminal justice, forensic sciences, psychology, or a related field. Many criminal profile positions, such as those offered by the FBI, require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to be considered for the job.

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Still Want To Be A Profiler

Good for you, but bear in mind that very few people get to do it as a form of career. To start with, therefore, my advice would be to concentrate on doing well within a broader field e.g. psychology. While you’re doing so, there is no reason why you can’t continue pursuing your interest in profiling, for instance doing a profiling related final year project or dissertation.

Gain Relevant Work Experience

How To Become A Criminal Profiler Complete Career Guide in 2020 ...

Criminal profiling positions may not be available for direct entry to new applicants, so it’s well worth reviewing your options for working experience. This could include working in a lab or another investigative function within the police service. If you are working towards a psychology qualification, you need to have the relevant practical experience to fulfil the requirements for formal accreditation.

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What Is An Fbi Profiler

An FBI profiler is a national agent who works in the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime in Quantico, Virginia. The FBI does not use the popular term “profiler” but instead refers to this position as a “supervisory special agent.” These highly trained agents use their knowledge of criminal psychology and crime-solving experience to lead investigations with other government organizations and law enforcement in cases that affect national security. These agents use evidence and research to investigate and analyze criminal behavior.


All About About Forensics And Public Service

We depend on police and other law enforcement officials to solve crimes. Trained in investigative techniques, they can approach a situation objectively and collect just the facts.

However, even the savviest investigators need help when the facts are few and a broader perspective is needed to piece together what happened and why.

If you have watched criminal profiler TV shows, youve seen police turn to forensic psychologists to get the bad guys. Granted, the depictions of these professionals are designed for entertainment, but they have some basis in reality.

Forensic and public service psychologists are proficient in dissecting details and identifying and interpreting the psychological clues. But their background in human behavior often extends their work beyond the yellow police tape.

In fact, they offer their expertise on many legal matters, including the mental state of criminal defendants. They may be called in to examine and determine whether a defendant should be declared incompetent to stand trial or receive a reduced sentence due to temporary insanity.

Similarly, they advise on jury selection, child custody and family law, violence risk prediction, mediation and dispute resolution, discrimination, civil damages, social science research, and civil commitment where individuals with symptoms of severe mental illness are ordered by a court into treatment.

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Consider A Master’s Degree

Many criminal profilers pursue master’s degrees as a way to learn more about the processes they might use on the job and develop the necessary skills, such as observation and attention to detail. A master’s degree can also offer you more in-depth knowledge in highly technical areas of study that you might not encounter in an undergraduate program. One of the most popular choices of postgraduate majors for criminal profilers is criminal psychology, as it encompasses all of the concepts the job typically works with, such as criminal behaviour and different types of psychological disorders.

Some aspiring criminal profilers also choose to pursue a master’s degree when their undergraduate major doesn’t relate to criminal profiling closely enough. For example, you might major in one of the social sciences for your bachelor’s degree then pursue a master’s degree in a subject that’s more relevant to the work you might do as a criminal profiler, like criminology or psychology.

Use Your Analytical Skills As A Criminal Profiler

Elk Grove Police officer accused of harassing a Black teenager during traffic stop

The job of criminal profiler is probably one of the more fascinating within the criminal justice careers. Each case is unique and a criminal profiler must study individual motives, patterns, and methods of the criminal. It is up to the criminal profiler to develop the profile of the potential suspect by using every piece of evidence left at the crime scene.

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How Do You Become A Criminal Profiler

To become a criminal profiler, you must fulfill some basic pre-requisites, achieve certain job requirements and create a unique and competitive resume. This already prestigious position was made even more popular by recent hit television shows like Criminal Minds and The Profiler, so this field is highly competitive. Working as an FBI profiler in the behavioral analysis unit comes with some incredible benefits including a generous salary and interesting field work, so it shouldnt be surprising that it is one of the most sought-after careers in the field of criminal justice.

Complete A Law Enforcement Training Academy

You can do this through a local or state police department or another agency such as the FBI. To be considered for the academy, you’ll need to meet the minimum requirements of an officer, which include being a United States citizen, being at least 21 years of age, possessing a valid driver’s license, having some level of college education completed and having a clean criminal record.

Not all law enforcement departments have criminal profiling or behavioral science divisions, so it’s important to choose and apply to an agency that does.

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Do I Need A Criminal Profiler Degree To Get A Job As A Criminal Profiler

The short answer is no. There are specialised degrees in criminal psychology or criminal profiling that provide a good background in the subject, but the job occupies the space between psychology and investigation management. You could enter a role as a criminal profiler following a successful career in psychology or start working for the police in an entry-level role and take on additional training that would allow you to work in police criminal profiling.

Pursue An Advanced Degree

Becoming A Police Officer Power Point Part 2

Many criminal profilers, especially the criminal profilers who are at the top of their careers, hold a graduate degree. Pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. in Forensic Science, Psychology or a related field can help set you apart from the competition and increase your knowledge of the discipline of criminal profiling.

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Criminal Profiler Education Requirements

What does it take to be a criminal profiler? Education in the field of criminal justice and psychology is recommended with most criminal profilers holding an advanced degree. Whereas a master has degree is the minimum acceptable academic level, a doctorate is often preferred.

Common majors include criminal justice, psychology, criminal behavior, crime scene investigation, and crime analysis. Additional training by law enforcement and forensic agencies such as provided by the FBI has Behavioral Science Unit is also recommended.

Successful criminal profilers also have years of prior law enforcement or related experience typically as a police officer and/or detective, crime scene analyst, or criminal investigator.

Criminal Profiling In The Uk

If you think becoming a FBI profiler seems a difficult proposition, the chances of becoming a profiler in the UK are even more remote.

In 1995 Gary Copson conducted a comprehensive survey of police use of profiling, which among other things addressed the questions, who are the profilers? What are their qualifications? What do they actually do?

Who are the profilers?

The Copson study found that profilers define themselves as having relevant expertise for a particular criminal investigation, although this expertise is not confined to one profession or academic discipline.

In total 29 profilers were identified in the course of the study, the make-up of which was as follows:

4 forensic psychiatrists, 5 academic psychologists, 4 clinical psychologists, 6 forensic psychologists, 3 therapists , 4 British police officers, 1 British police scientist, 1 British police data system analyst, 1 American law enforcement agency.


Psychiatrists are qualified doctors of medicine who undertake postgraduate training in psychiatry.

Psychologists have both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in their specialist area and may have secured chartered status through the governing body that oversees their professional development.

Police officers who undertake profiling work have usually studied psychology as a postgraduate.

What do they do?

  • Features of the offence:
  • Present circumstances of the offender:
  • Criminality of the offender:
  • Predicted future behavior of the offender:
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    How Much Do Criminal Profilers Earn In The Uk

    There is a range of roles that fall broadly under the category of criminal profiling. Qualified psychologists may earn more than roles that do not require specific professional accreditation. For example, a forensic psychologist may earn £31,365 to £44,503 per year, according to the National Careers Service. Most roles for criminal profilers are in the public sector, and as such, you can expect the salary to be in line with civil service pay, with good provisions for pensions and other benefits that come from working for the government.

    Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salariesâ âmayâ ââvaryââ âdependingâ âonâ âtheâ âhiringâ âorganisationâ âandâ âaâ âcandidate’sâ âexperience,â âacademicâ backgroundâ âandâ âlocation.â Please note that none of the organisations mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

    How To Become A Criminal Profiler

    Fewer People Training To Become Police Officers

    A criminal profiler is an essential component of law enforcement agencies’ criminal departments and is responsible for solving crimes based on various psychological factors. Pursuing a career as a criminal profiler is certainly rewarding, but it does take some time. In this article, we explore what criminal profiler is, what they do, how to become one and the skills required to be an effective criminal profiler.

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