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What Does The Police Flag Look Like

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The Complicated History of World Flags

Police departments typically display both an American flag and a department flag on a flagpole at the police station. When your company doesn’t have it’s own flag to match the police officers patches, then they usually display a stock design police flag.

For a custom designed department flag, just send us a copy of your patch, or a photo of your police shield, and our graphic artists will be happy to design a new flag that is unique to your department. Once the design is complete, we can add your department flag design to outdoor flags and banners, a parade presentation flag or even a casket drape to honor a fallen officer. You can learn more about our custom police flags here.

Police Fire Military Flag Perfect Way To Honor Our Heroes

In addition to the thin blue line flag in honor and memory of our police comrades, we have the opportunity to do the same with the thin red line and thin green line flags in honor and memory of heroes from other departments. Firefighters are represented by red, while military soldiers are represented by green.

Aside from that, there is a flag with three stripes and three colors, blue, red, and green, to honor the heroes in all three fields. They are all people deserving of our respect and honor.

Flagwix offers this type of flag with well-designed graphics. Whether youre looking for a military police flag, police K9 flag, or customized police department flag with badges, weve got you covered.

Special Uses For Police Flags

Police departments take part in many events throughout the year and a flag or banner is an easy way to decorate for those events. A vinyl banner for display indoors our out will be great for sponsored events as well as fairs and festivals. Parade flags double as presentation sets for speeches and briefings when displayed upright in flag stand and outdoor flags can easily be mounted to a wall or fence.

Looking to add to your police department’s flag collection, but not quite sure what you need? Just give us a call at or contact us online and we’d be happy to guide you!

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The Thin Blue Line Flag: Symbol Of Police Pride Or Violent Insurrection

By: Henry Redman– February 2, 2021 7:00 am

A rally attendee sits draped in a Thin Blue Line pro-police blanket.

In late October, then-President Donald Trump in the midst of a scorched Earth re-election campaign that touted a pro-law enforcement message and painted him as the candidate of law and order, appeared at a rally in Waukesha.

Trump arrived in southern Wisconsin two months after a white Kenosha cop had shot Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, seven times in the back, sparking a renewed round of protests for racial justice in Wisconsin and across the country.

Yet during this appearance, Trump, the 45th President of the United States, was not standing in front of an American flag. Behind Trump, hanging from two construction cranes, was a massive pro-police thin blue line flag.

Months later, on Jan. 6, a crowd of violent insurrectionists descended on the U.S. Capitol spurred on by the presidents rhetoric, tweets and orders to alter the election results by carrying out a coup attempt. In the mayhem, one Capitol police officer was killed and dozens more were injured.

Police officers were brutalized by people carrying the thin blue line pro-police flag who in some cases used the flag poles themselves as a weapon, videos showed. Among the throngs of angry QAnon followers, militia members and other various flavors of Trump supporters were off-duty cops from across the country.

by Henry Redman, Wisconsin ExaminerFebruary 2, 2021

Thin Blue Line And Thin Red Line Flags

Indiana state police flag
image by John Evosevic, 3 July 2002 image by Tomislav Todorovic, 4 May 2016

Lately I’ve noticed a black – medium blue – black, arranged horizontally auto tag on many vehicles in the area around Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJohn Evosevic, 3 July 2002

The Black-Blue-Black design is usually seen on a policeman’s personal car or family members car. It stands for the “thin blue line”. There is also a similar one with a red strip for firemen.Jim Popovitch, 17 August 2002

The black-medium blue-black flag is actually a police mourning band. It is typically worn as a band across the badge when an officer is killed in the line of duty. I have seen it in use more frequently now as a bumper sticker, I believe this is probably a show of respect for the police officers killed on September 11th.Troy Corwin, 26 September 2002

This design is an identification to notify other law enforcement people that the bearer also works in law enforcement. It represents the “thin blue line, or brother police officer. The identification of fallen officers uses a badge with black tape or a black elastic band around the center. It is usually only worn when an officer dies, and is worn for up to a week after death, not everyday use.Bob Cunningham II, 8 May 2006

The flag is sometimes hoisted vertically, as shown here:

image by Tomislav Todorovic, 4 May 2016

image by Tomislav Todorovic, 26 November 2019

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What Does The Thin Blue Line Mean

The most reliable account of the origin of the thin blue line is the story of the thin red line. A red-coated Scottish regiment of the British Army during the Crimean War heroically stood, outnumbered, against repeated Russian attacks. This effort of the 1854 battle, most notably associated with Alfred, Lord Tennysons poem Charge of the Light Brigade was described by the British press as the thin red line. The idea of a line of brave defenders standing between peace and chaos was borrowed by law enforcement whose typically blue uniforms were testimony to true blue loyalty and steadfastness.

The Meaning Behind The Cuban Flag

Every aspect of the Cuban flag has a special meaning to its people. Here we will break down what each element means.

When it comes to the blue stripes, they are to represent the three original political areas that the country was divided into.

This was during the colonial period.

However, the two white stripes have a different meaning, they are there to symbolize the strength and purity for the fight for independence against Spain.

For the red triangle, signifies the lost lives and the blood that was shed for the people that fought in the fight for independence against Spain.

In addition to that, each side of the red triangle also has their own meanings. Each side represents equality, fraternity and liberty.

Finally, we have the star, which is found in the center of the red triangle.

Originally, the star was put on the flag as a way of Cuba saying that they wanted to one day become part of one of the states of America.

However, today it is seen to present the independence and solidarity of Cuba.

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What Animal Represents The Cherokee Tribe

The Cherokee people are dedicated to sacred animals such as owls and lions. According to legend, during the seven seven nights of creation, they were the only animals who remained awake. Currently, they do not sleep. Spaces on the back of the turtle made it a traditional symbol of the 13 phases of the moon as well as associated with Cherokee cultural heritage.

Police Thin Blue Line Usa Flag 3 X 5 Ft Standard

Could This Become a New World Flag…

This Police Memorial Flag measures up to 3 X 5 ft. , the standard.

It is made of Rough Thicker Polyester Fabric for longer-lasting wear, how amazing?

Also, this flag is available in 2×3 feet size and 4 x 6 feet sizes as well as the multi-colour 1st Responders Flag, all depending on your preference and purpose.

More so, If you would like a superior flag there are the nylon embroidered flags of this flag.

As earlier mentioned, it is of Standard Quality which is made of Super-weave polyester, and the most popular quality level!

It is 100% synthetic waterproof material and its designs are through-dyes and visible on both sides.

Constructed with Bright, fade-resistant dye, it is sure to last you for a long time.

Additionally, it is Double-stitched along the edges all around with Reinforced grommet holes and metal rings.

To cap, it attaches easily to any flag pole.


  • Excellent for events and indoor display.
  • A seasonal decoration, home use
  • Demonstrations, protests, parades

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What Does The Jamaican Navy Flag Look Like

The Navy flag is a colorful fabric with the national flag in the upper quadrant closest to the mast. Follow the design of the Royal Navy’s flag, known as the “white insignia.” Two gold ribbons cross in the centre of the Jamaican flag, making a “X.” The triangles at the top and bottom are bright green. The navy blue field is 5 feet by 7 feet.

There are two versions of the Jamaican Navy flag: one with the red palm tree logo of the Jamaica Defense Force and another without it. Both flags have the same dimensions .

The red palm tree logo was introduced in 2015 to represent the transition of the Jamaica Defence Force from a naval to a land defense force. Before this change, they used the royal crown logo that has been on the Jamaican military flag since it was adopted in 1972.

The Jamaica Navy flag first flew over Fort James on May 23, 1780. It was presented to Admiral Lord Nelson by Governor General Sir Henry Hamilton upon his departure from Jamaica with his fleet. The flag was later stored in a chest under the bed of its last keeper, an elderly woman named Mrs. Rowland. In 1816, when the fort was closed, the flag was lost until it was found again in 1936 by a boy who was playing around the area where it was believed to be buried.

Today, this symbol represents Jamaica’s history as a naval power.

How It Is Used

The flag is typically used as a police mourning flag during special events and holidays, like in the case of funerals and memorials for fallen officers.

The thin blue line represents law enforcement, and the gold stripes represent other emergency services . Police departments will often use them to show support for events or causes related to law enforcement. This way can include backing up a new bill thats being passed in Congress or supporting efforts to get military flags out at sporting events after veterans have been involved in an altercation with home fans.

You can also use a thin blue line flag in smaller events , like displaying it in your house or office as a reminder of our many brave men and women who have sacrificed so much in service to our country.

In all cases, the purpose is to recognize law enforcement and pay tribute to those who have died while serving their communities as police officers.

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What Does The Cuban Flag Look Like

The official flag of Cuba has a red triangle, which takes up less than half of the flag and is situated on its left side. The point of this triangle extends into a field of stripes, 3 of which are blue and 2 of which are white. A white star sits in the middle of the red triangle.

The size of the national flag of Cuba must follow a 1 to 2 width to length ratio. This size specification means that if the side with the red triangle measures 20 inches, then the length of the flag must measure 40 inches. Additionally, the other 2 sides of the triangle must also measure 20 inches, forming an equilateral shape. Each stripe has the same width, which is equal to the flag width divided by 5.

Show Your Support With Police Flags

First Responder Flag:

From police department flags and police mourning flags to Thin Blue Line flags and customized police banners, we have all your needs covered when it comes to law enforcement flags. Whether you’re looking to design a Thin Blue Line lapel pin for the family of a fallen officer, you are an officer looking to purchase a new, custom police flag to fly outside your precinct, or you’re looking for a flag to fly outside your home to show your support, we’ve got what you need! Shop our wide selection online.

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Give us a call at or contact us online and we will be glad to point you in the right direction.

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What Does The Cherokee Flag Symbolize

Symbolizing both tribal and modern identities, the Cherokee Peace Flag has a great deal of color to it. Symbolizing victory and success, both the red and white stars have their own meanings. Cherokee clans are highlighted on a 7 point card, representing seven points of each personality. Cherokee War Flag was buried with a hatchet before it was placed on the road to salvation.

Black And White Us Flag With The Thin Blue Line

Another version of the police flag is the black and white old Glory. Once again, the thin blue stripe goes right through the middle, this time right below the Union. The black stripes and Union background represent chaos and anarchy that might prevail. The stars and the white stripes, however, stand for the citizens.

Just like before, this one too is open to different interpretations. Hence, the black lines can also be understood as a memorial to the law officers that lost their lives for the country.

What is the origin of the thin red line flag?

The origin of the thin red line flag actually begins with the origin of the thin blue line flag, a flag created to show support for law enforcement. The thin blue line is a term that often refers to the concept of law enforcement as the line that prevents society from descending into violent chaos.

There are a number of different flags that show solidarity with other first responders. The most popular ones include the blue line flag, which was created for EMS workers and dispatchers to use in emergencies where theres an intersection or crossroads on-site it also comes into play during situations when law enforcement needs help securing areas quickly while trying to avoid more people getting hurt, if possible . Another common design is known as the star pattern its basis being every person should have two hands available to they may offer assistance wherever needed.

Where is the thin red line flag flown or displayed?

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What Does Cherokee Mean In Indian

At the time of European colonialism of the Americas, the Cherokee were one of the largest ethnically integrated tribes. Members of the Iroquoian lineage of North American Indians, they represented one of the most politically active regions in the country. Keetoowah or Tsalagi are preferred names for them the word translates as people of different speech in Creek language.

History Of The Cuban Flag

Our Pride Flag Was Stolen – POLICE CALLED! [ NOT A Skit ]

The Cuban flag was designed by Miguel Teurbe Tolón, a Cuban poet living in New York City. He developed the design with the help of Narciso López, a Venezuelan military general who had been exiled from Cuba due to his involvement in the anti-colonial movement. Emilia Teurbe Tolón sewed the first Cuban flag.

López later took the flag to Cuba, when he attempted a coup detat against Spanish forces in 1850. The flag was first put on display in the town of Cardenas on May 19th of the same year. The anti-colonialist rebels were able to gain control of the town, although the attempt to overthrow the Spanish was ultimately unsuccessful.

In 1868, Cuba once again engaged in a war against the colonial crown in an attempt to win its independence. This year marked the beginning of the Great War, also known as the Ten Years War. During this war, the Constituent Assembly of Cuba held a meeting to determine which flag would be used to represent the country after independence. The constituents ultimately chose the flag designed by Teurbe and López, due to Lópezs early involvement in the Cuban independence movement.

Cuba finally gained independence on May 20, 1902. On this date Máximo Gómez, a military general, raised the Cuban flag at the Tres Reyes del Morro castle in Havana to mark the important moment in Cuban history. In 1906, the first president of Cuba officially declared this flag design to be the country’s national flag.

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Police Flag Types And Meanings

Written by Carrot-Top Industries

While we are used to state and country flags being colorful and vibrant, police flags are usually very different from that. The combination of colors, regardless of the flag type, normally transfers solemnity and alertness.

Yet, some flags that honor police forces have more elements besides the thin blue line. To this end, well take a look at some of the most common police flags and their meanings.

Who Uses Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line is used to refer to police officers generally and the Thin Blue Line flag. The flag has become controversial over the years, especially as its borne by far-right groups such the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer as its perceived to politicize the role of law enforcement and the symbolism of the American flag.

Thin Blue Line is often lowercased when referring to either law enforcement or Thin Blue Line flags.

If youve ever wanted to see what the Thin Blue Line looks like

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