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How To Obtain An Old Police Report

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What If A Report Involved A Juvenile

Texas Police Searching For 14-Year-Old Suspect In Triple Homicide

Juvenile information includes any document relating to juvenile contacts and arrests, including being a victim of any crime. The Superior Court of Orange County Juvenile court limits access to juvenile court records in accordance with the California Rule of Court 5.552, and Welfare & Institutions Code Section 827 provides Juvenile Court. Release of juvenile information requires the authorization of the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court.

Parents of a juvenile may receive a copy of certain types of reports . Availability of these records is restricted to court personnel, the minor, parents or guardian, attorneys involved in the case, and other persons designated by statute. All others will need to petition Juvenile Court directly for the release of that record. The Records Bureau has the necessary form to submit to the Superior Court of Orange County Juvenile court. You may visit the Orange County Juvenile Court in person or via the web at:

How do I request public records other than a police report?

In accordance with the California Public Records Act , public records may be requested for inspection. Any person may request to inspect and/or copy a public record, excluding records exempt from disclosure by law. You may submit a public records request via:

Applying For A Replacement Us Visa

Lost or stolen U.S. visas cannot be replaced in the United States. For replacement of a visa, you must apply in person at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. When applying for the replacement of a visa, you will need to provide a written account documenting the loss of your passport and visa. Include a copy of the police report.

What Is A Police Certificate

A police certificate is a statement that you dont have a criminal record or, if you have one, a copy of your criminal record. They help us confirm if there are any reasons you may be inadmissible to Canada.

Police certificates are different in each country and territory. They may be called:

  • police clearance certificates
  • judicial record extracts or
  • other names

If your certificate is in a language other than English or French, send the police certificate along with a translation from a certified translator.

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Obtaining A Police Report

To obtain a Fulton County police report to download a form and go to one of the following precinct locations:

Records and Reports Office:141 Pryor Street SW, Atlanta, GA, 30303Hours of operation:Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.Telephone number: 404-613-57004701 Fulton Industrial Boulevard SW, Atlanta, GA 30336Hours of operation:Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.Telephone number: 404-613-6600

You may also purchase your Fulton County accident report online at Citizens can now get up-to-date crime information for their neighborhood

If another police agency responded to your incident, please contact them directly to request a copy of your report.

Contact Us

Police Report Requests On Delinquency Matters

Syracuse Police Department

Unless authorized by statute, persons must petition the court to inspect a Juvenile Record.

The Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino Juvenile Court limits access to juvenile court records in accordance with California Rule of Court 5.552, and Welfare and Institution Code section 827. Juvenile court records may not be obtained or inspected by civil or criminal subpoena. Therefore, no information can be released over the telephone because photo identification cannot be verified, and this would include acknowledging that a juvenile case matter or file is on record.

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Police Report Vs Police Record

First, lets clarify something that is bound to cause some confusion: the difference between a police report and a police record. While these two items have similar names, they are in fact very different. A police report is a document filed by a police officer that essentially offers a summary of an arrest, incident, or accident. A police record, on the other hand, is usually the same as a criminal record and it includes a list and summary of an individuals history of interactions with law enforcement, including arrests and convictions.

Another point that deserves clarification is the difference between a police report and an accident report. In fact, theres not really a difference between these two items. An accident report is simply a type of police report that details the circumstances of a traffic accident. A police report, meanwhile, can include accident reports, but they cover a much broader range of incidents that may involve the police, including crimes. Note that some police departments call police reports incident reports. Remember that some accident reports may also be criminal reports, such as if the accident may have been caused by drunk driving.

How To Look Up Old Police Reports

Looking up a police report that’s months or even decades old typically requires the same protocol as looking up recent reports. You can find it online, request it by mail or pick it up in person at the police station. Calling ahead to find out how long a records unit keeps reports is your best bet for finding a very old report. Police reports from the past may come in handy many years after an accident, incident or crime.

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Lost Or Stolen Passports

If your U.S. passport has been lost or stolen, you are required to apply for a new passport in person, by making an appointment at the Embassy in Madrid or Consulate in Barcelona, or contacting your nearest Consular agency.

If you have urgent travel plans and need to replace your passport immediately, you may walk-in to the Embassy in Madrid or the Consulate General in Barcelona during regular business hours 8:00 am to 13:00 pm for Madrid, 9:00 am to 13:00 for Barcelona, Monday through Friday, except on U.S. or local holidays. Regulations prohibit us from issuing replacement passports after hours.

Proof of Identity and Citizenship

If possible, provide evidence of both identity and citizenship, such as copy of your U.S. passport, drivers license, etc.


Fill out the forms in advance will make your wait time significantly shorter.

Application for a U.S. passport DS-11. Do not sign this form. You will sign in the presence of a Consular Officer under oath. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST LIST YOUR U.S. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ON THE APPLICATION.

Statement of Loss DS-64. Print legibly. Use black ink.


Federal law establishes a fee for issuance of a passport, payable in U.S. dollars, Euro or credit card. Please see the applicable fees.


If one parent is located outside of the consular district at the time of application:

The form can be downloaded here .

This form is only valid for 90 days.

Report Loss Of Your Passport

Phoenix Police Department releases 911 call, video of standoff in which police commander killed

Contact or visit your countrys embassy or consulate in the U.S. to notify them of your missing passport and for instructions on how to obtain a new one. If you think your passport has been stolen, reporting this will help guard against fraudulent use. It is extremely important that you perform a thorough search before you report it lost or stolen, because once reported, your passport is no longer valid for travel. However, if you find your passport after having reported it lost or stolen, it may still be used as a valid form of personal identification.

  • If you do not have another form of photo identification, contact your countrys embassy/consulate to find out what alternate documents you may need.

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Weve All Had That Awful Sinking Feeling When You Go To Grab That All

While organising a replacement is a bit of a faff, its not as difficult as you might think. Heres what you need to know


Its just common sense to keep copies of key documents both paper and electronic and with scanning apps and cloud storage available for free, its never been easier to keep records secure and updated.

Report the loss Making a denuncia

Whether its to report lost, stolen or illegible documents, your first port of call is to make a police report. Back in the day, this meant finding the nearest station, queueing for a few hours, waiting for the details to be typed up , then taking the completed denuncia to your consulate/Trafico/bank/another but different Police Station filling in more forms. Things have moved on

Online make an e-denuncia

Policia Nacional

Complete the fields in Spanish and use a translation app like Deepl to make this easier. You will need to visit your nominated Police Station within a couple of days to collect your paperwork, but you can use the crime reference number generated by the online report in the meantime to speed things up.

Reporting by telephone

You can call the Guardia Civil to make a telephone report on 900 101 062, but bear in mind youll need to speak decent Spanish

Reporting in person

What information you will need to provide:

What happens next?

How Long Does It Take To Obtain A Police Report

It typically only takes a few days to a week to get a copy of a police report if you were directly involved in the case. However, if you were not directly involved, or if you are an insurance agent, it will take longer because you have to send in a request and have it processed. This process can take up to a month or longer.

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If You Cant Get A Police Certificate From Your Country Or Territory

If youre unable to get a police certificate from a country, youre responsible to show why you cant get one.

To prove that you cant get a police certificate, you must:

  • show proof that you requested a police certificate from the correct authorities and
  • write a letter explaining all the efforts you have taken to get one

Even if you send us the above items, this is not a guarantee of acceptance.

Hit And Run Police Report

Old Police Department Photos

Accidents involving a hit and run by one or more parties can result in serious penalties so it especially necessary to make a hit and run police report. Hit and runs are illegal and can result in license revocation and even criminal charges.

Filing a police report for a hit and run is imperative even if you do not have much information about the other party or their vehicle.

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Time Limits May Apply

The availability of an old police report depends largely on the jurisdiction’s minimum time for retaining records. For example, you may be able to obtain a report from North Carolina sheriff’s offices for up to 20 years for solved cases and longer for unsolved cases, according to state record retention laws. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department keeps crime, arrest and accident reports for up to 10 years however, reports involving homicides, missing persons and sex crimes are kept longer. According to PRI Management Group, a law enforcement consulting company, law enforcement agencies tend to retain records longer than required by law, and if a record still exists, it can be requested by the public.

What If I Was Arrested

If you have been arrested and have not appeared in court, the Records Bureau will not release the report. The court or prosecution will discuss options for obtaining the report at your arraignment. If the case has been closed with Court, you are entitled to receive a copy however the report may contain redactions .

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How To Request Records Contained In A Major Collision File

Major Collision Bureau investigates all Motor Vehicle Collisions resulting in a fatality or serious personal injury that occur in the Region of Peel.

  • Company letter or personal/company email requesting the records, including date, time, location, occurrence number, officer in charge of the collision. How you are involved or your relationship to the involved party.
  • Clients signed consent or two copies of your government issued identification and your contact information.
  • Our office will advise you in writing regarding the status of the case or any known court dates.
  • If you are NOTthe Involved Party to the Collision

    You must provide proof of relationship to the involved party and a signed consent on behalf of the involved individual.

    If the Involved Individual is Deceased

    You are required to provide an authorization from the legal representative or power of attorney with supporting documents.

    ***Do Not Send Payment Until You Have Been Invoiced***

    Contact Information

    Please contact Martine Renwick, Information and Privacy Unit at or email at for additional assistance.

    Report And Video Requests

    Mother arrested after Miami Police respond to 911 calls and find 2 children dead

    If you have questions about making a request for police reports or videos, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Solicita un reportaje o video en español.

    Other types of reports may be purchased online, in person or by mail.

    You can also call 816-234-5100 to check report availability, then come in person to any patrol division station with photo identification.

    Or request by mail at: Kansas City Missouri Police DepartmentAttn: Records Section/Mail Desk1125 LocustKansas City, MO 64106

    Refer to Fees for Records for report fees and enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request. Turn-around time for some requests is six to eight weeks.

    How to obtain your case report number

    Headquarters-only services

    Some types of report requests can only be fulfilled at Police Headquarters, located at 1125 Locust. These include archived police reports prior to 1999 and subpoenas.

    You also may download the below request forms in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese.

    General Public Records Request Forms

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    How To Lookup A Police Report

    Whether youve been involved in an accident or you have had a run-in with the law, knowing how to lookup a police report is an important skill. Police reports are public documents and the information they contain could have an impact on a wide range of things, including finding a job, applying for a loan, or pursuing an insurance claim. We are going to give a basic rundown of what a police report is, why its important, and how to lookup a police report.

    Request A Police Report

    Requests can also be made via US Postal Mail by submitting a notarized written request and a check/money order in the amount of $15.00.

    Mail the request to:

  • Report Request Form
  • All report requests must be reviewed for eligibility for release and may take up to 10 business days to process. Certain reports may not be available for release because the investigation is still ongoing, or because release of the report is restricted by law. Additionally, certain reports must be redacted or have approval by the investigating Detective before they can be released.

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    What To Do In Case You Lose Your Passport In Dubai

    Your passport is your most important document whenever you travel abroad. It serves as your primary means of identification, especially if you are visiting or working in another country.

    But what happens if you lose your passport? This may sound like an enormous problem, indeed. Fortunately, in Dubai, there are steps you can take to resolve the situation.

    Request Forms For Ca Family Code 6:

    Mystery surrounds death of 22

    Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Human Trafficking, or Abuse of an Elder or Dependent Adult

    California Family Code § 6228 provides that victims of the alleged crimes, listed above, may receive a copy of their incident report within five days of their request, free of charge. Due to the sensitive information included in the reports, SFPD protocol requires in-person identification verification. Victims or their designated representatives must either submit their request in-person or pick-up their incident report in person at CISU Records Management. For a list of acceptable forms of identification, please refer to Section 2 of the Request for Police Report: Family Code § 6228 form.

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    Why Am I Not Able To Obtain A Police Report

    The most common reason why people cannot get a copy of a police report is because of an ongoing investigation. Once the case is closed, you should be able to obtain a copy.

    If you believe you have been unfairly denied access to a police report, you may wish to have a lawyer speak to the authorities on your behalf. Juvenile records may sometimes be sealed or withheld to protect the privacy of the victim. Generally, though, the process to obtain a police report is relatively simple, depending upon who is trying to obtain the report.

    S To Take: Lost Passport Procedure In Dubai

    Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do if you lose your passport in Dubai:

    #1 Report the loss to the nearest police station. The Dubai Police coordinates with the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs and the Dubai Courts regarding these matters. At the police station, you will be asked to fill out a form and prepare some documents for a police report.

    #2 Prepare the following requirements.

    If you are sponsored by a company, prepare:

    • Copy of your lost passport
    • Copy of loss certificate issued by the police station, stating your passport number and names of dependents

    If you are sponsored by a spouse or individual, prepare:

    • Copy of your lost passport
    • Copy of your sponsors passport
    • Copy of loss certificate issued by the police station, stating your passport number and names of dependents

    If you are a minor, your sponsor should be present at the police station to report the loss.

    #3 Take the police report to Dubai Courts, then to the Public Prosecution Department.At Dubai Courts, they will acknowledge and stamp the police report. The same procedure will be done at the Public Prosecution Department, which is right next to Dubai Courts.

    #4 Take the police report to the GDRFA.At the GDRFA, they will acknowledge and stamp the police report as well.

    #6 Take the loss certificate to your embassy.Now that you have a loss certificate, you can now proceed to your embassy, where they will provide the guidelines for getting a new passport.

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