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How To Report A Pimp To The Police

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Information Which May Be Helpful In The Event Of A Trafficking Investigation:

How to Catch a Pimp: Follow the Australian tracking down pimps in the Phillipines
  • Name of person

  • Do you believe that the person is involved with sex for sale?

  • What has lead you to believe that the person is involved with sex for sale?

  • Description of the person or photo

  • Age of person

  • Unique identifying features

  • Transportation and licence plate number of the vehicle

  • Name of alleged pimp

  • Description of alleged pimp or photo

  • Transportation and licence plate number of the vehicle

  • Location or address

  • Any evidence of controlling behavior

  • Are you aware of how the two parties communicate?

  • Do you have a record of any telephone numbers which may be relevant?

  • Do you have a record of email addresses or social media accounts?

  • What Is Human Trafficking

    Human trafficking is a criminal offence that involves controlling, forcing, intimidating, or deceiving a person of any age in order to exploit them through various forms of sexual exploitation or forced labour. Human trafficking does not necessarily require physical movement.

    Pimps arent always men, and sex workers arent always women. Both pimps and sex workers can be anyone: men, women, youths, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community, etc. Not all sex workers are victims of human trafficking.

    Human trafficking and sexual exploitation can happen in communities of all sizes.

    Human trafficking is happening in our community and it could happen to someone you know.

    You can help prevent human trafficking by:

    • being informed about the issue
    • knowing the signs of human trafficking and sexual exploitation
    • contacting police at 902-490-5020 if someone you know is being trafficked

    Official Campaign Material 147kb

    Who is a Human Trafficking Victim | Clues to Help Identify Victims | Mindset of a Trafficking Victim | Psychological and Behavioral Clues | Physical Effects of Human Trafficking

    Everyone can play a role in identifying victims of human trafficking. Health care and social service providers law enforcement officials and ethnic, community, and faith-based organizations may encounter victims through their work. An informed community member could also be a victims link to freedom. It is important to be vigilant and to look beneath the surface in situations that dont seem quite right. One chance encounter could be a victims best hope for rescue.

    Who Is a Human Trafficking Victim?

    Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery in which victims are subjected to force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of commercial sex, debt bondage, or involuntary labor. Victims of human trafficking can be young children, teenagers, men and women. They can be U.S. citizens, Lawful Permanent Residents or foreign nationals, and they can be found in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Minors who are induced to perform commercial sex acts are victims of trafficking, regardless of whether their traffickers used force, fraud, or coercion.

    Human trafficking may occur in the following situations:

    • Prostitution and escort services
    • Businesses like hotels, nail salons or home-cleaning services
    • Domestic labor
    • Restaurants, bars, or cantinas or
    • Begging, street peddling, or door-to-door sales.

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    What Can You Do

    • Become aware and educate yourself as to the facts and myths of human trafficking.
    • Save the human trafficking hotline in your phone and post it on any social media that you use to inform others.
    • Report suspected human trafficking activity by calling 1-888-3737-888 or texting BeFree .
    • Place the human trafficking poster in your place of business to spread awareness.
    • Stop the demand for sexual and labor exploitation that constitutes the profit that drives human trafficking, i.e. buying sex, buying cheap labor.
    • Educate yourself on the warning signs and red flags of human trafficking.
    • Support legislation that holds perpetrators accountable and promotes dignity for victims.
    • Support and encourage your local schools to educate their teachers, counselors, health providers and staff about this topic.
    • Support and encourage your local schools to educate children about this topic so they can avoid the pitfalls or ask for help.
    • Encourage your civic or faith based organizations to become educated and educate their members about human trafficking.
    • Support victims of human trafficking through welcoming them into our communities and directing them to the professional resources available.

    Saving Victims From Isolation

    Vallejo police arrest pimp, rescue 12

    The Survivors program isn’t meant to be a path leading directly to criminal charges Mensales says it’s meant to be a way to make contact with victims and pull them out of their isolation.

    Pimps will isolate their victims by threatening them and their families if they ever go to the police. But according to Mensales, the pimps rarely follow through on these threats.

    “When a victim of sexual exploitation breaks their silence and isolation, brought on by their pimp, they take on the power position,” Mensales said. “The pimp’s threats are rarely carried out.”

    Veillette said silence and secrecy still dominate the world of sexual exploitation and limits police’s ability to better understand how to help those who are being abused.

    Mensales said she seeks to offer young women hope that there is a way out for them.

    “We work daily with people who got out,” Mensales said.

    “Some have gotten themselves into a professional sphere, or found a happy domestic life.”

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    How Are Victims Trafficked

    Force, fraud and coercion are methods used by traffickers to press victims into lives of servitude, & abuse.

    • Force: Rape, beatings, confinement.
    • Fraud: Includes false and deceptive offers of employment, marriage, better life.
    • Coercion: Threats of serious harm to, or physical restraint of, any person any scheme, plan or pattern intended to cause victims to believe that failure to perform an act would result in restraint against them or the abuse or threatened abuse of the legal process.

    **Force, fraud or coercion- do not apply for victims of sex trafficking under the age of 18.

    How Police Respond To Human Trafficking

    Our first priority is the safety of victims. Upon coming into contact with a potential victim, we begin by addressing the victims basic needs which would include ensuring their safety, obtaining medical care in some cases, food, clothing, and shelter. As every victim’s needs are different, we also reach out to our community partners and we work together with these agencies to support the victim.

    Once some of these basic needs are being addressed, we can then focus more on the criminal investigation. We want to assure victims that the decision to participate in the investigation is theirs and we will respect their wishes. If a victim chooses to participate in the investigative process, investigator will working with them on progressing the case. Investigations typically include obtaining as much information and evidence as possible to support charges.

    Victims will be treated with dignity and respect and their safety will remain our primary goal.

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    Seattle Hires Former Pimp To Reform The Police

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    Steve_In_29 said:At a salary of $150KSome of the girls in his stable were underage, so he brings a connection to the younger crowd as well.

    Me, as a black man has the right to be paid for my genius or for whatever my organization can provide,” Taylor said. “Black people as a whole have not been in a place to be compensated for their genius or their work for a very very long time.” Taylor told KOMO News on Tuesday. “I know the term ‘street czar’ is quite provocative.”

    There Is A Massage Parlor In A Strip Mall In My Town How Can I Tell If It Is A Sex Trafficking Location

    Police Protected Pimp (Ep. 3) | “The Man Behind the Operation”

    There are several indicators that are common to sex trafficking locations: darkened or obscured windows so you can’t see into the location from the outside locked doors that require you to be buzzed in and an all-male clientele are indicators of trafficking. In trafficking locations, the victims often arrive and leave from the premises together or live at the location. Many times, the victims at the location will all be of the same nationality or ethnic group.

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    Report Trafficking & Get Help

    If you are a human trafficking victim or have information about a potential trafficking situation, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888 or text 233733. NHTRC is a national, toll-free hotline, with specialists available to answer calls from anywhere in the country, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also submit a tip on the NHTRC website.

    If you believe a child is involved in a trafficking situation, submit a tip through the National Center for Missing & Exploited Childrens CyberTipline or call 1-800-THE-LOST. FBI personnel assigned to NCMEC review information that is provided to the CyberTipline.

    Evidence From Federal Cases

    Fiscal year 2010 saw the greatest number of U.S. federal human trafficking prosecutions initiated in a single year. According to the 2011 TIP Report, Collectively federal law enforcement charged 181 individuals, and obtained 141 convictions in 103 human trafficking prosecutions .6 The average prison sentence was 11.8 years, with prison terms ranging from 3 months to 54 years.7 The Internet and online tools played roles in a number of these cases.

    The cases collected do not indicate the totality of trafficking cases involving social networking sites and online classifieds but rather serve to demonstrate some of the ways in which technology is used to facilitate trafficking and the patterns that begin to emerge across cases.

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    How Do I Report A Suspected Incidence Of Human Trafficking

    To report an immediate emergency

    To report suspected trafficking crimes, get help, or learn more about human trafficking from a nongovernmental organization

    • Text HELP or INFO to BeFree .
    • Submit a tip online at .

    To report suspected human trafficking crimes or to get help from law enforcement

    • Submit a tip online at .

    To report sexually exploited or abused minors

    • If a child is in urgent need of assistance, contact law enforcement or child protective services to report abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a child. Contact the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline to speak to professional crisis counselors who can connect a caller with a local number to report abuse: 1-800-4-A-CHILD .
    • Call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Childrens hotline at 1-800-THE-LOST .
    • Report incidents at .

    To learn about services for victims

    • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families Services:
    • U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Blue Campaign, Victim Assistance Resources:
    • U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime, Funded Service Providers List:

    To learn about state and local resources

    Make A Matching Copy For Yourself

    âPimpâ Who Trafficked Teen Into Arlington Arrested: Police ...

    It is mandatory that you make an identical copy of what you are providing to police for yourself. You may not be able to get the files you turn over to law enforcement back for a very long time , depending on how far your case goes.

    In the event that police need to speak to you about evidence, it is a breeze to pull out your matching copy and refer to “Folder #6, page #4, paragraph #2” and so on.

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    Doesn’t This Reward Illegal Behavior

    No. It’s important to remember that human trafficking victims are in that situation because they have been subjected to force, threats, coercive methods or fraud. They did not have a real opportunity to avoid their circumstances, or leave them.

    Also, experience shows that human trafficking victims are reluctant to cooperate with law enforcement officials because of shame or from fear that they or their families will be harmed by the traffickers. The services provided are necessary to help the victims heal, make them safe and give them confidence to testify against their traffickers. Without cooperation from the victims, it is extremely difficult to obtain human trafficking convictions.

    Providing services to human trafficking victims is as much for the benefit of the police, prosecutors and general public as it is for the victims.

    What Has The San Diego Da’s Office Done To Fight Human Trafficking

    • The Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking Unit consists of specialized prosecutors, investigators, paralegals, victim advocates and staff to combat human trafficking on all fronts: Detection, Prevention, Education and Prosecution.
    • Promoted Awareness and Prevention through implementation of the Posting Law and the adapting the Billboard campaign that originated by the Alameda DAâs office.

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    Human Trafficking Online: Cases And Patterns

    In order to better understand patterns related to human trafficking online, this section offers a review of a set of U.S. federal cases involving human trafficking via online channels, beginning with an overview of some of the applicable domestic laws related to trafficking. The following is only a sampling of U.S laws relevant to this complex issue.

    Signs Of Human Trafficking

    Police Protected Pimp (Ep. 16) | “CrimeStoppers”

    All trafficking cases are different, but there are common signs. A victim of trafficking might:

    • have a lack of freedom

    • work for very little or no pay

    • seem to be in debt to someone

    • live in fear of someone or even the authorities

    • have signs of physical abuse, like cuts and bruises

    • move location regularly

    Children can be trafficked too. They will share many common signs with adult victims but might stand out from other children because:

    • they have money or possessions they cant account for

    • they dont seem to live with parents or guardians

    • theyre emotionally unstable, for example, aggressive, withdrawn or anxious

    You can find out more about spotting the potential signs of human trafficking on the Modern Slavery Helplines website.

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    Save The Harassment Data

    Depending on your phone, you may be able to take a “screenshot” of the data. If your phone is not capable of doing so, you can use a camera to take photos.

    You will also want to “Lock” or “Protect” each harassing message. But you still must be sure to have backup copies in the event that something happens to your phone so your data is not lost.

    Case Study: How One Task Force Reduced Human Trafficking

    Although the victimology is applicable to both labor trafficking and sex trafficking victims, sex trafficking will be the present focus. Sex trafficking is present in multiple arenas: prostitutes walking the streets, massage parlors, escort services, online dating services, dark web purchases and brothels.

    Victims might not only endure physical torture but many suffer from a plethora of psychological abuse, resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, stress and anxiety. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, many victims are dealing with dreams and promises that quickly turned to traumatic situations. Victims find themselves trapped in the sex and service industry, living with inhumane treatment, physical and mental abuse and threats to themselves or their families.

    Identifying sex trafficking cases, especially juvenile cases, can prove difficult but not impossible. Some victims may appear to be free to move or willing to work by their own volition, but in actuality, they may be operating out of force or fear .

    Some sex trafficking indicators law enforcement can look for are victims who:

    • Avoid eye contact
    • Have tattoos or branding of her boyfriend or daddy or known pimps
    • Have unexplained bruises, cuts or other signs of physical abuse
    • Are fearful of or aggressive toward law enforcement
    • Change stories or refuse to be honest

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    Community Resources And Initiatives

    The San Diego City Human Relations Commission initiated a county wide effort with the help of the San Diego District Attorneyâs Office, Sheriff, police, victim services and community based civic and faith based groups to implement a new law that required the posting of certain information about human trafficking and the human trafficking hotline at required establishments. You may visit their website to learn more about the commission and the commissioners who serve it at .

    Senate Bill 1193, enacted April 1, 2013 added Section 52.6 to the Civil Code. This new law requires specified businesses and other establishments to post a notice informing the public and victims of human trafficking of telephone hotline numbers to seek help or report unlawful activity.

    Labor Trafficking And Technology

    Police report details investigation, arrest of 38

    In the course of this study, researchers did not discover evidence of traffickers utilizing the Internet to facilitate labor trafficking, perhaps due to the circumstances typically surrounding this form of trafficking. Research suggests that victims often are recruited from impoverished regions and typically learn about opportunities via word of mouth. Once recruited, workers may be isolated, without access to technology. Most of the victims were seeing are from underdeveloped countries, said Anna Park, regional attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , Los Angeles District Office. In the cases weve had, she noted, the use of technology is very unlikely.10

    Employment discrimination laws have become instrumental in the fight against labor trafficking.11 Park was involved in a case brought by the Los Angeles District Office of the EEOC against Trans Bay Steel,12 in which the EEOC filed a class national-origin discrimination action on behalf of a group of Thai welders who were trafficked and forced into labor. Initially recruited by an agency to work as high-skilled welders and provided with legitimate visas, the workers were subsequently held against their will, had their passports confiscated, had their movements restricted, and were forced to work without pay all in violation of Title VII. Additionally, some workers were confined to cramped apartments without any electricity, water, or gas.13

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