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What Is The Best Local Police Scanner App

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Best Police Scanner Apps (iOS/Android)

In recent months there are more protests than ever America has seen. Police scanner apps have become essential for smartphone owners to follow the events. Now you can listen to cops, police feeds, and more with these police scanner apps from the Google Play Store. Listening to police radio also helps to stay up to date with the crime new in your local.

What Are Trunking Systems

Trunking systems allow you to listen to a large number of agencies using just two or three radio frequencies. This design is meant for congested circumstances. Typically a trunking radio system is commonly used in urban areas and has the ability to pick up conventional signals. However a conventional radio system is unable to pick up a tracking signal

Citizen: Connect On The Most Powerful Safety App

Get yourself alert with one of the best police scanner apps for Android. Citizen is a compatible app that connects with the most powerful and safe service. It will be there to reach your help from your friends and nearby people in every emergency. This app is mostly acknowledged as a safety tool that ensures your security anywhere, anytime. To know more usage of this app, kindly have a look at the below information.

Important Features

  • This supportive app provides you with a real-time safety alert that will notify you to turn aside the risky places.
  • It offers Live Breaking Video so that you can get every update of any disaster condition.
  • While the criminals attempt to commit a crime, reach your help to identify them before the police fail to catch them.
  • As you will get a safety map along with the app, but if you want to keep the location private, just click on Ghost Mode.
  • This app also works as a home security app and will let you find your friends and family members locations on the map.

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Listen To Police Scanner Live Over The Internet

If you are looking for a place to listen to live police scanners for your area then youve landed on the right web page. Right here on this webpage we are going to give you the best method of listening to police scanners online for your area absolutely free.

Dont get misled by gimmicky websites out there who are tryng to profit off a service that is available for free over the internet. The great thing about online police scanners is that you can listen in on any police agency anywhere in the country. You dont even have to be in the same city or state to listen to police scanners across the country.

For instance, you can be in miami and still be able to listen to police traffic live over the internet from agencies far away as Arizona or New York. This is only made possible by online police scanners.

Start Using Your Phone To Listen And Talk On Live Channels

Police Scanner, Live Police App Download [Updated May 20 ...

Whether you’re using a police scanner app for entertainment or to stay up to date with emergencies and crime in your area, it can be a great, easily accessible resource.

If the idea of live radio feeds intrigues you, you should check out walkie talkie apps for your smartphone. You can use an app on your phone to mimic a walkie talkie and set channels for you and your friends to talk on. How cool is that!

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The 5 Best Police Scanner Apps For Android

With these free police scanner apps you can use your Android phone to listen in on the police and other emergency services.

Police scanner apps let you listen in to public radio feeds on your phone for police, fire, and other emergency departments. You can stay up to date with any crimes or emergencies going on in your area. Or you can listen to live radio feeds from other cities or even other countries just for fun.

Here’s our list of the best free police scanner apps for Android.

Handheld Mobile Or Desktop

There are three different types of police scanners. Each uses standard technology but varies in usage.

  • Handheld: As can be inferred from the name, these police scanners are portable and can be held in the hand. These are best for people who want to use their scanner on the go and prioritize mobility.
  • Desktop: This type of police scanner is the opposite of a handheld scanner, as it is meant to be placed in one particular location. With wall-mounted output, these police scanners are not portable but do come with exceptional frequency pick-up power.
  • Mobile: This type of police scanner acts as a middle ground between handheld and desktop scanners. These scanners are portable but can also be plugged into the wall.

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Best Overall: Cobra Rad 480i

The Cobra RAD 480i features an updateable IVT filter with anti-falsing circuitry that can intelligently reduce false positives and alerts from vehicle avoidance systems. Digital signal processing offers faster processing for incoming laser gun signals to more quickly make you aware of a signal before its right in front of you. Additionally, this radio scanner offers real-time alerts through its police scanner app, iRadar.

The reason the Cobra RAD 480i was our review teams choice as the Best Overall police scanner is due to the Cobras new LaserEye technology. LaserEye technology allows your police scanner to detect radio transmissions from both the front and rear of your vehicle to provide complete protection from all sides.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best Budget Scanner: Uniden Bearcat Bc125at

BEST Police Scanner App? 2017

The Uniden Bearcat BC125AT, not to be confused with the similarly named Uniden BearTracker, was recognized by our review team as the Best Budget Scanner available in 2022. You can listen to over 40,000 frequencies with this police scanner with compatibility to both civilian and military bands. This scanner has 500 alpha tagged channels as well as the Uniden-specific Close Call RF capture technology.

The biggest differentiating factor that the Uniden Bearcat BC125AT has in comparison to the competition is the fact that its a handheld scanner. Although you will be unable to conduct trunking or digital radio system monitoring as this is a handheld scanner, it is extremely portable. The lightweight portable design allows for this radio scanner to go just about wherever you go.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Police Detector Radar Blitz Camera & Alert

You can now alert your speed on the road with this Police Detector, Radar, Blitz Camera & Alert app. Youll get notifications about police and radar obstruction. Besides, you can check the mark locations of police cameras as well as their locations too.

This app has an appealing, designed theme with no interference. Moreover, a simple interface will make it easy and flexible to use. Besides, its a commercial-free app that wont kill your time. Lets take a look at the features given below.

Important Features

What Is The Best Police Scanner App To Use

Top 6 Police Scanner Apps for Android Reviews

  • Police Scanner! Best in Connectivity. …
  • Broadcastify Best Radio Scanner App Overall. Features: …
  • 5-0 Radio Scanner Best Free. Features: …
  • Scanner Radio Third Best. Features: …
  • Police Scanner X Best in Broadcasting. Features: …
  • Scanner 911 Runner up, Best Overall. Features:
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    Best Digital Trunking Scanner: Uniden Bcd996p2

    Featuring a dynamic memory system and 25,000 channels, the Uniden BCD996P2 Digital Mobile TrunkTracker V Scanner was our review teams choice as the Best Digital Trunking Scanner. This scanner offers National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather access and S.A.M.E. weather alerts, in which a code for your area will pick up nearby transmissions concerning inclement weather. This scanner is not for amateur radio enthusiasts and isnt known for ease of use.

    The Uniden BCD996P2 also includes the latest APCO Project 25 Phase II systems and continuous band coverage of 25 MHz to 1.3 GHz, but its the Close Call RF Capture technology that separates this police scanner from its competitors. The technology is unique to Uniden and can operate by itself or in the background while scanning or searching to catch signals that are particularly close to you.

    Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    Police Scanner Buyers Guide

    Police Scanner FREE

    Prior to buying a police scanner, our review team strongly recommends figuring out what exactly you want out of your device. Does your police scanner need to be portable? Do you need digital or analog capabilities? These are just a couple of the questions that need to be answered for you to find a police scanner that fulfills your needs.

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    What Is The Best Police Scanner App

    Out of many radio scanner apps on Playstore and Appstore, Scanner 911 ranks as the best police scanner app of 2020. Thats an obvious edge, and its mainly because of the value and user experience it provides. So in case you were wondering which is the best police scanner app according to Playstore and Appstore, its Scanner 911.

    Chicago Police Scanner Radio

    Last but not least you have the Chicago Police Scanner Radio. Listen to thousands of conversation in the Chicago area that nothing short of entertaining. The police scanner radio app does launch in the background but you dont need to worry as it doesnt take so many resources that it will slow down your phone.

    Make sure you get the latest version of the app since its that version that features such as battery saving mode and buffering acceleration. You will also need at least 3G or above to use the police scanner app but you can always use WiFi as well.

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    Broadcastify Best Radio Scanner App Overall


    • Compatible with desktop and mobile
    • Tracks police frequencies
    • Global Feed Catalog

    Broadcastify has a huge collection of channels that are sorted based on the users county and metro locale. The channels are stable, especially the ones that focus on EMS and fire services. Based on our tests, this is among the most decent EMS scanners today.

    The application has a nice appearance design-wise. We found the interface appealing and intuitive, making it easy to use.

    Broadcastify also has a website, meaning that you can listen to police scans on your desktop computer. You can also download it on your iPad if you want to free your smartphone for more tasks.

    With this app, you can discover over 6,000 streams. This includes local feeds from police radios, aircraft, public safety, rail, and marine live audio. Like most apps on this list, Broadcastify gives you many signal options available for listening.

    When we tried out this scanner app, the way the broadcasts are organized is intuitive and easy to understand. Youll find sections such as Official Feeds, Latest Feed Additions, and Top 50 Live Audio Feeds. To make it even easier, the app also has a Browse By Location feature so you can listen to the police in your area.

    When it comes to the price, this app has free and pro version options, where the latter offers no ads and feed archives. We do recommend starting with the free version of Broadcastify first and upgrade once you think the perks are worth paying extra.

    Are Police Scanner Apps Legal

    Police Scanner App Review

    Before we begin, it’s worth mentioning that you should check the local laws in your area to make sure you’re using police radio scanners online legally. In the United States, for example, some states have certain stipulations, like you can’t listen to a police scanner while you’re driving.

    So before you download an app and start using it, make sure you know all the laws involved.

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    Police Scanner+: Best For Cool Interface Recording And Internet Radio

    There are multiple apps in the store sharing this name: The one were talking about is by Rego Apps and has the most high ratings in the store, with over 49 thousand and an average of 4.6. The app not only lets you search for scanners around the world and find local ones, but also lets you see Broadcastify events, play internet music radio, and record anything youre listening toeven in the free app. You can fave streams and set a shutdown timer. If you know the URL of a broadcast, you can enter it manually. The app has one of the more appealing interfaces among the genre, with a big Stop button in the middle surrounded by other options. You can customize the nifty space-themed background with your own picture. The paid Pro version costs $4.99 one time it removes ads, adds weather and railroad feeds, adds background choices, and lets you access archived recordings. On the downside, the app has no search feature.

    Platforms: iOS

    Best Handheld Police Scanner: Whistler Trx

    The Whistler TRX-1 packs all the features of high-end base digital police scanners into a handheld unit.

    This model is pre-programmed with access to a nationwide database of frequencies, and it’s possible to store up to 200 lists or groups of preferred frequencies. It also features an additional list specifically dedicated to transmissions from Skywarn, a network of over 350,000 volunteers that track weather conditions. Whistler offers database updates through its website, and you can manually input frequencies as needed.

    What’s more, you can set custom alarms to notify you whenever a frequency becomes active. For example, the LED can display a flash of red and blue light whenever the scanner picks up police transmissions. With the alarm clock function, the unit will turn on and starts scanning at a specific time each day.

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    Best Overall: Uniden Bcd536hp Homepatrol Series Base/mobile Scanner

    The Uniden BCD536HP is an excellent digital police scanner for novice and experienced users alike. It comes pre-programmed with access to over 10,000 frequencies in the U.S. and Canada. Simply turn on the unit, enter your zip code and the scanner automatically detects channels for police and fire departments, emergency medical services and weather alerts within a 20- to 50-mile radius.

    Available frequencies are not limited to pre-programmed ones either. The included database can be updated using a computer, and the unit has a scanning feature that discovers nearby frequencies that may not be already registered. If the scanner is going to be installed in a vehicle used for frequent travel, hook it up to Unidens GPS receiver , and it will continuously adjust to local frequencies while on the move.

    It comes with a 4GB microSD memory card to let you record and replay transmissions. This model also gives you the power to store lists of your favorite frequencies, create custom searches , set up custom alerts for when the scanner detects activity, and scan based on service type .

    Note that while this could be a selling point, some users are dissatisfied with the apps functionality, claiming that it crashes frequently.

    Can You Listen To Past Police Scanners

    The 4 Best Free Police Scanner Apps

    Listen to police scanners online A police scanner app lets you listen to live broadcasts from law enforcement and fire department feeds. Unlike a traditional police scanner that requires a radio in close proximity, police scanners that access the internet are available for anyone with the right app or website link.

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    How Can I Listen To Police Chatter

    You can use scanner radio to tune into your local police chatter, or if you want to, listen-in on chatter in another precinct. You have access to channels from around the world. You can also subscribe to breaking news alerts for even more context. The app is free to download but be prepared for ads while you listen.

    My Scanner Police Scanner Radio

    If you still havent found a police scanner app for free on Android that you like maybe youll stick with My Scanner Police Scanner Radio. This police scanner app may not have as many feeds as other police radio apps, but its one you wont have any problems using since its so easy to use.

    It offers 300 scanner stations from all over the world and if you find one you like you can go ahead and save it to your favorites. Its best that you use the app with one of the latest Android versions since you might experience some bugs. If it does give you issues, just uninstall and try another police scanner app from the list.

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    Real Police Radio Scanner

    So there are Best Police scanner Apps Android/ iPhone 2022, which allows you to listen to live audio from weather radios, police scanner, amateur radio repeaters, marine radios and air traffic from all around the world. Hope you like this article. Please like, share, and please tell us via comments which app you like the most.Thank you

    Police Scanner Radio & Fire: Best For Customizable Interface

    5 Best Free Police Scanner Apps For Android of 2022

    This attractive and functional orange-toned app offers all of its radio listening free, but paying $2.99 per month for the Pro version removes ads, lets you apply themes and dark mode, and gets you widget functionality. You can sort channels by listener popularity or nearness, or filter by genre, area, source, and newest. The app lets you designate favorites for quick access. Theres a News tab, and the app can send you news alerts, but they’re not filtered by area, which means they come from all over the country. It would be more useful if you could set some criteria for your news view. Speaking of Alerts, you can also set these up for events from individual, nearby, or favorited scanners, or for when a specified number of users are listening to a channel. Police Scanner Radio & Fire also has a page of police 10- codes, but its map feature just shows the area covered by the department you’re listening to.

    Platforms:iOS, Android

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