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What Is The Best Police Scanner For Home Use

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Digital Police Scanner Buyer’s Guide

Uniden Home Patrol Scanner Review | Top Performer

Now that many states are switching to advanced digital radio systems, you’re likely to need a digital scanner to pick up activity from your local police, fire and EMS stations. Even if your state is still using an older system that is easily intercepted by a cheaper analog scanner, you will likely have a more pleasant scanning experience if you invest in a higher quality digital scanner.

While it is legal to listen to a police scanner in your home according to federal law, some states and cities require users to secure a license. It’s important to check your local ordinances online before you invest in a scanner.

Best Hand Held Police Scanner Buyers Guide

Handheld police scanners are the most popular police scanners in the market. There are plenty of companies producing different scanners. Among them, Uniden and Whistler are the notable ones. Every scanner is built for a different group of user. In this guide, we will explain you technicalities and features to look for your best hand held police scanner.

Best Police Scanner Reviews & Recommendations For 2021

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Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol is an easy-to-use handheld model with advanced and powerful features. This power comes from the companys flagship software, the HomePatrol-1. What you get is a device with amazing bandwidth and compatibility with the various communication systems and protocols such as Motorola and EDACS.

The Close Call RF Capture Technology detects any transmissions in your area and tunes to them automatically. The device is GPS-compatible, detects your location, and receives area-specific weather alerts and warnings when youre on the move. These advanced features make it our top pick for the best portable police and emergency scanner.

On the downside, the scanner needs an SD card to function well. This unit needs plenty of memory, and if you have a defective SD card reader or the card becomes damaged, you wont be able to use it. It doesnt work out of the box, so you still need to set it up. Some units have issues with battery life.

Uniden has many stellar products that cover the whole spectrum from the high-end and powerful to the basic and affordable. The Uniden BC75XLT 300-Channel Handheld Scanner belongs to the latter category. Its inexpensive yet packed with over 300 channels. The channels are nicely grouped together for easy access, and finding them is a breeze thanks to the fast search/scan features.

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Handheld Police Scanner Buyers Guide

First things first, a lot depends on whether youre a cop and buying it for professional use or a Ham buying for hobby or fun. If youre a professional, you must absolutely buy one of the digital police scanners reviewed at the top as they support advanced communication system your department may be using, in addition to all types of other emergency services. They are not a substitute for emergency radios though in case youre wondering.

The ability to cover a wide range of frequencies and digital trunked communication system in particular is one of the most important features to look for, although if youre on a budget and hobby user, and your local emergency services havent yet upgraded to digital communication systems, something cheap like the BTECH UV-5X3 may still do the trick.

The ease of programming and operation may mean a lot to many users, too, unless those that are experienced Hams and familiar with programming all types of radios, including advanced mobile Ham radios and other devices.

Some users may also want advanced features like Close Call RF capture, automatic local scanning, as well as other important features like weather alerts and NOAA updates. The weather alert feature of a police scanner may not beat a dedicated weather radio, but it would be definitely be a nice-to-have feature if you dont own a dedicated weather radio.

Our Police Scanner Buying Guide

Best Police Scanner 2017

If youve ever watched out your window as emergency vehicles sped to a home down the street, you know the value of having a police scanner. These devices let you listen in on local police transmissions, helping you stay aware of whats going on nearby. This can help you monitor your area for crime so that you can keep your own home safe.

Choosing a police scanner means finding a device that can help you get the best reception possible. With the right scanner, youll get the widest range of options when youre listening. The wrong scanner will have you frustrated as you struggle to find a transmission. Look for a scanner that offers a broad frequency range and a large number of channels. Some scanners also offer both analog and digital frequencies, which can be a plus.

Some of the best police scanners use something called Close Call RF Capture technology, which helps you tune in to nearby transmissions. Since many consumers investing in police scanners are interested primarily in nearby happenings, this feature comes in handy. Location scanning is another feature that can help you access the transmissions in your immediate area. When a scanner has location scanning built in, it searches for transmissions nearby rather than forcing you to manually input them. This is especially valuable if you plan to use your scanner in more than one place.

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Bingfu Vhf Uhf Police Scanner Antenna

I have one more interesting product for you and if you are specifically looking for an indoor scanner antenna than this one is for you..!!and trust me that you will never regret your purchase if you buy this windows cannot antenna because this can an antenna is the only solution if you are facing the problems of long distant frequencies..!! and the best part of it is that this canon antenna is compatible with all the radios..!! also in this product, you get two choices that whether you have to buy a magnetic antenna or you have to buy a portable magnetic antenna the difference between both of them is that a magnetic antenna will be fixed at one place but a portable magnetic antenna can be transferred from place to place so if you ask me that which one would I prefer then I prefer that buying a portable magnetic antenna is more convenient..!!

Whistler Ws1040 Radio Scanner Review

One of the finest handheld scanners or police scanners from Whistler, the WS1040, comes equipped with the Skywarn Storm Spotter feature. And what is that supposed to be? This feature will allow you to access all frequencies that storm spotter agencies use.

So, the WS1040 is a great device that should accompany you when you are going for trekking, hiking, etc.

This model from Whistler includes the digital AGC feature that instantly compensates for low user audio levels, putting the WS1040 ahead of other digital systems that are often plagued by the problem of low user audio levels.

Also, you can arrange frequencies in a way you want so that you can access them quicker and faster. For quick access to police band or fire band or ambulance band, you can use the pre-programmed settings.

This scanner also comes with Motorola P25 Phase I capabilities. One interesting feature that you should know is that while scanning if you find a frequency, you can lock it out and continue scanning in the same band. This means that the device will not scan the same frequency again.

WS1040 is capable of scanning 1,800 frequencies, and you can directly jump to the frequency you have already found! Programming the device is relatively easy. However, you will need a computer for programming this thing.


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The Best Police Scanner: A Buyers Guide

With a police scanner, you can keep tabs on all of the latest and most important information in your area. These wireless devices transmit various radio bands at the same time so that you can hear incoming information from police, fire departments, emergency responders, and even weather radios.

If youre going to invest in a police scanner, it stands to reason that you want to purchase a high quality, reliable model. In order to do that, you should take a few important factors into consideration before you buy.

Tram 1411 Broad Band Discone/scanner Base Antenna

Best Police Scanner of 2021 | Compare

This one is a first choice for the police scanner antenna and the specification of this antenna is that it is used for outdoor purposes. This scanner antenna has a wide band reception covering almost 25 to 1300 megahertz.

it is completely made of rust free stainless steel and its structure has a maximum power of 300 watts CB or 200 watts VHF UHF. This Ram provides premium antenna components that have vast functionality and durability of the antenna and also so it delivers quality communication to you.

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Q: Can Digital Scanners Pick Up Police Frequencies

Regardless of whether your local police use an analog or digital system, a digital scanner will be able to access the frequency. Most modern police scanners rely on digital technology, so it is not difficult to find an effective option. The Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol Series is an example of tech that will work for both types of signals.

Whats The Best Scanner Equipped With The Zip Code Scan Feature

I recommend the Uniden Home Patrol- Simple Program Digital Scanner, which allows you to simply enter in your zip code and the device will automatically scan for local frequencies. This is a very beginner-friendly model that offers excellent range and clarity, easy setup, and plenty of other features that will help to keep you up to date with local events as they happen.

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Can You Listen To The Police Radio

With an old-fashioned radio and antenna, you were limited to hearing just the police departments nearby. By listening through a police scanner app, you can now hear police calls from around the country. While police scanners are legal in most states, some states restrict their use under certain conditions.

Uniden Bcd436hp Handheld Scanner Review

The Best Police Scanners of 2020 for Home Use

We consider the Uniden BCD436HP the best handheld police scanners because it is so user friendly. You won’t need extensive technical knowledge to make this scanner work, and you can even use it straight out of the box. More extensive software programming is available but not required.

If you’re interested in a scanner that is plug-and-play, just order the Uniden BCD436HP and put in your zip code for fast access to your local police scanner frequencies. It’s a bit heavier than some competing scanners, but you can still take it anywhere that you go. The batteries should last up to eight hours.

Another impressive feature of this police scanner is the location-based scanning. It will take your current location and automatically scan for all frequencies in the area, saving you from manually searching or digging through a book of frequency listings.

You can also program your favorite frequencies into the scanner for tuning later. If you’re interested in local weather reports, you can pick those up with this scanner as well. Overall, this is the best quality and value handheld police scanner.

Things we liked:

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Uniden Homepatrol 2 Color Touchscreen Simple Program Digital Scanner

The first option on our list of the best digital police scanners comes from Uniden, a very reputable manufacturer of a variety of communication and other technological devices, including HAM radios, CB radios, two-way radios, and walkie talkies. All of the devices they offer are outfitted with the latest technology and are durably constructed, including their HomePatrol 2 Color Touchscreen Simple Program Digital Scanner.

This digital police scanner was designed with ease of use in mind. Unlike a lot of other police scanners that are on the market, this device is incredibly easy to operate all you have to do is input the name of your city or your zip code and the unit will automatically load all of the frequencies, trunking systems, alpha tags, and sub-audible tones for your area.

You can also use it to stay current with the latest information anywhere you may be traveling to by adding a GPS receiver, the scanner will automatically tune itself to the location. The fact that its outfitted with a color touch screen makes it even easier to use! There arent any awkward or confusing dials to figure out all of the information you need is clearly visible on the screen, and you simply have to touch it to change the settings. Other notable features include weather alerts, quick record and playback, and instant replay.

What We Like About It

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  • A few users said that the units they received were defective

What Software Will You Use

Most scanners come with basic scanning software. Depending on what you plan to scan, some of the features you may want to look for include photo editing, optical character recognition , text indexing, and the ability to create searchable PDF documents. The days of platform-specific scanners are over any modern scanner will work seamlessly with both macOS and Windows, and many of them can also scan to your phone or a cloud drive.

Specialized scanners have software with specialized functions. Receipt scanners come with accounting software for organizing your financial data. Scanners that handle business cards can usually extract the card data into a contact database .

If you’re planning to scan photos or other images and then edit them in a program such as Adobe Photoshop, look for a scanner with TWAIN drivers that can scan directly into your photo editing app.

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What Is The Best Digital Police Scanner On The Market

The 7 Best Police Scanners of 2020

  • Best Overall: Uniden BearTracker 885 at Amazon.
  • Best Budget: Uniden BC365CRS at Amazon.
  • Best Home: Uniden HomePatrol-2 at Amazon.
  • Best Digital: Uniden BCD996P2 at Amazon.
  • Best Analog: Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT Handheld Scanner at Amazon.
  • Best Vehicle: Uniden BCD536HP at Amazon.
  • Best Smartphone App:

The Best Police Scanner Of 2020 Whistler Trx

Best Police Scanner of 2020 | Top 4 Police Scanners

For an overall high-quality device that can keep track of miscellaneous frequencies, go for the Whistler TRX-1. This portable handheld scanner is the best all-around device, whether youre using it for personal purposes, inside a vehicle, or in public. It provides weather alerts, object-oriented capabilities, search modes, micro-SD compatibility, and more.

However, if its your first time using a scanner, take the Uniden Home Patrol 2 or the Whistler WS1040 as good alternatives. For other options not on this list, you may see our and Uniden SDS200.

Do you have any questions about buying leading police scanners?

Tell us in the comments below or explore more of our website.

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Mobile Vs Base Police Scanners

Your first challenge is deciding whether you want a mobile or base police scanner. Mobile units are either handheld or designed for installation into your vehicle. Base scanners are tabletop designs that sit in one place.

If your goal is to pick up police, fires and EMS activity while at your home, office or another place, you may need a base scanner. If there is any chance that you can use the scanner beyond your home, you should look for a portable unit.

Keep in mind that you can still use a handheld digital scanner as a base station. It may have different features than your typical base scanner, but it will work whether you’re sitting in one place or traveling across the country.

Who Would Need A Radio Scanner

This kind of ties into the question above, doesnt it? Who needs a radio scanner? Well if you live in an area with extremes of weather, a radio scanner can be a very useful tool. Make sure to select a model with compatibility with your local storm warning system and you can be alerted often before it comes over the TV or commercial radio.

Aside from that journalists and private investigators often find it useful to have a police scanner so they can stay up to date with all the local law enforcement news and movements. Professional drivers, like truck drivers or cab drivers, can also find them useful to get real-time updates on road conditions, or areas that are best to avoid due to temporary criminal action. There are also volunteer firefighters, EMTs and police officers who may find it useful to monitor law enforcement channels for a heads up of any events that could cause them to be activated into their volunteer roles.

Finally of course, as we mentioned above, there are simply people who find listening to law enforcement chatter to be fun.

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Uniden Bcd436hp Police Scanner

This police scanner has a vast range of features, each one tailor-made to suit your needs. For now, all we know is that this police scanner has a 4GB memory and can be programmed to enlist your favorites, temporarily block frequencies, and auto-connect to nearby signals.

Just like the previous product, this scanner also has a temporary lock on certain frequencies. You see, sometimes your scanner can get stuck on just one channel and it seems impossible to advance further. The Uniden Police Scanner lets you go beyond and avoid these frequencies.

But dont worry. Theyll be back once you restart the scanner. You can even add some frequencies to your favorite list for easy and quick access. This is best for those who cant have enough time to sift through every channel for the one they need.

Use this scanner to connect to various broadcast stations, fire departments, air force bases, and weather broadcast stations. It also has a Close Call RF feature for if you want to automatically listen on to nearby frequencies without going through each of them.

Curiously enough, the Uniden Police Scanner can work for up to 8 hours at a time on 3 AAA batteries.

Our rating:

  • Not very user-friendly may use very hard words or be too complicated to operate.

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