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How To Become A Police Officer In Nyc

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Crime And Management: An Interview With New York City Police Commissioner Lee P Brown

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As commissioner of the New York City Police Department, Lee P. Brown faces two enormous challenges. The first is crime. In 1989 in New York City, 712,419 crimes were reported, including 1,905 murders, 93,377 robberies, and 3,254 rapes. As Brown is quick to point out, the situation has grown so severe that people in cities are afraid. It is, Brown says, comparable to a national health emergency, with causes deeply rooted in U.S. social and economic systems and with solutions beyond the capacity of the police to provide alone.

Browns second challenge is management. The New York City Police Department consists of 26,756 uniformed and 9,483 nonuniformed personnel and is more than twice the size of the Chicago Police Department, the nations next largest. Its assets include more than 2,000 police cars, 625 scooters, 83 motorcycles, 10 boats, 5 helicopters, 107 horses, 26 dogs, and 4 robots. Its 1990 budget was $1.6 billion, 94% of which went directly into salaries and personnel services.

Lee Brown has determined to combine these two challenges by totally redefining the mission and operating style of the department. According to Brown, traditional policingwhere officers respond to 911 calls and patrol in carsis both inadequate to the challenge of crime and a mismanagement of police resources.

The interview was conducted in Commissioner Browns office by HBR Editorial Director Alan M. Webber.

Why have things deteriorated so badly?

What is the impact of drugs?

New York Police Jobs Outlook

There are currently 46,940 police and sheriffs patrol officers in New York.1 The future of police careers in New York looks promising. According to 10-year growth estimates, the state should see 9.4% growth in law enforcement jobs through 2026.7 During this period, there will be an estimated 4,000 average annual openings.7 These job openings are expected to be due to growth as well as replacements.

For more information current law enforcement openings, take a look at our police jobs board.

Enroll In The Police Academy

Your performance in the police academy will determine where you end up in the police department later on. In the academy, you will learn police strategies, weapon usage, community partnership, and mental awareness.

Police academies function similarly to colleges participants are expected to take tests and undergo performance reviews. Participants are also expected to go through physical training, which includes wall climbing, obstacle courses, and strength building exercises.

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Take The Written Exam

To qualify for the written exam, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen and
  • Have a high school diploma or GED and
  • Be at least 19, but no more than 35 years of age, as of the date of the examination. If you are older than 35 but have a period of active military duty or terminal leave, we subtract your time of service from your age. We will not subtract more than six years.
  • If you are randomly selected and verify that you still meet the requirements, you will receive instructions on how to provide the application fee. The fee is $40 and is non-refundable.

    Becoming A Police Officer In Yonkers New York

    NYC Mayor Eulogizes Officer As Cops Outside Turn Backs ...

    The Yonkers Police Department consists of 686 police officers who are responsible for providing law enforcement services to the 200,000 residents of Yonkers, New York. Yonkers, which is the fourth largest city in New York, has an area of 18 square miles and 4 ½ miles of waterfront.

    Use this guide if you want to learn how to become a cop by meeting police officer requirements in Yonkers:

  • Meet Minimum Employment Requirements
  • Attend the Police Academy
  • Step 1. Meet Minimum Employment Requirements

    Individuals interested in becoming a police officer in Yonkers must first determine if they meet minimum eligibility requirements. In particular, before applying for Yonkers police jobs you should ensure you meet the following employment requirements, as set forth by the Yonkers Police Department:

    • At least 18 years old and no older than 35 at the time of the written examination
    • At least 20 years old at the time of appointment
    • A high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate
    • A United States citizen
    • A valid New York State drivers license

    Step 2. Apply for Employment

    You may download an employment application or pick one up at the Records Division of the Yonkers Police Department at 104 S. Broadway at City Hall on 40 S. Broadway or at the Police Recruitment Headquarters at 36 Radford Street .

    You may also pick up an application for employment at one of the police office department precincts at any time. A $25 application fee must accompany your application.

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    How Do I Become A Parking Enforcement Officer In New York City


    If you’re up for the challenge and want to launch a law enforcement career, join the New York City Police Department as a traffic enforcement agent. Although writing tickets is the most visible part of the job, you’ll also clear hazards from roadways, direct traffic, operate a tow truck, prepare reports and testify at administrative hearings. First you must meet the agency’s minimum standards and pass a multiple-choice exam administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, or DCAS.

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    How To Become A Cop For The Nypd


    According to the New York City Police Benevolent Association, an estimated 24,000 sworn police officers protect and serve the citizens of NYC. If you wish to join them, you must first demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed in this challenging role.

    Unlike other jobs that simply require a resume and an interview with a hiring manager, becoming a cop in the Big Apple requires an NYPD application, civil service exam, psychological evaluation, background check, NYPD physical test and more. Reading a summary of the steps involved helps demystify the process outlined in the NYPD Candidate Resource Booklet.

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    Requirements To Become A Police Officer In New York City

    • Should be 21 years old at least.
    • Should have 60 college credit hours with a 2.0 CGPA or 2 year active service in the military.
    • Should be a US citizen.
    • Should have a valid New York drivers license.
    • Should be living in one of the five New York Citys boroughs within thirty days of hire.
    • Should have no felony convictions.
    • Should have no dishonorable discharge from the military.
    • Should not have any history of domestic violence.

    Join The State Police

    NYPD Police Officer Recruitment

    Please ensure your EMAIL contact information is up to date as this will be the primary means of communication for upcoming future candidate processing.

    Please check your email, including spam, for these notices.

    Candidates are reminded to maintain their physical fitness in preparation of a future Academy class announcement.

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    New York City Police Department

    New York City Cops NYPD

    City of New York Police Department
    New York City Police Department
    May 23, 1845 176 years ago
    468.484 sq mi
    • 9 housing police service areas
    Police cars

    The New York City Police Department , officially the City of New York Police Department, is the primary law enforcement agency within the City of New York, United States. Established on May 23, 1845, the NYPD is the largest and one of the oldest police departments in the United States. The NYPD headquarters is at 1 Police Plaza, located on Park Row in Lower Manhattan near City Hall. The NYPD’s regulations are compiled in title 38 of the New York City Rules. The NYC Transit Police and NYC Housing Authority Police Department were fully integrated into the NYPD in 1995. Dedicated units of the NYPD include the Emergency Service Unit, K9, harbor patrol, air support, bomb squad, counter-terrorism, criminal intelligence, anti-organized crime, narcotics, public transportation, and public housing units.

    The NYPD employs around 55,000 people, including almost 35,000 uniformed officers. According to the official CompStat database, the NYPD responded to nearly 500,000 reports of crime and made over 200,000 arrests during 2019. In 2020, it had a budget of US$6 billion. However, the NYPD’s actual spending often exceeds its budget.

    A Chance To Make A Difference

    There are few jobs as fulfilling as being a police officer. It gives you plenty of opportunities to save lives and make a difference in your community. Police officers are usually the first to respond to house fires, accidents, fights, and any kind of emergencyincluding unexpected childbirths!

    Police officers know how to administer first aid, they can pull people out of burning cars, provide life support to someone whos been shot, save an innocent civilian from a robbery, etc.

    Even when they arent providing immediate assistance to someone, police officers make sure that community members are upholding the law. Every time an officer hands out a ticket, theyre making roads safer, every time they break up a fight, theyre preventing further damage.

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    Nypd Police Officer Salary

    Base salary for an NYPD police officer starts at $42,500 per year. In roughly five years, the NYPD officer averages $85,292. In addition to their base salary, officers may receive compensation for overtime, holidays and nights. The earning income potential for experienced officers can exceed $100,000 per year.


    What Is A Certificate Of Good Conduct

    Police Brutality 2015: NYPD Officer Accused Of Stomping ...

    A Certificate of Good Conduct is a certificate that removes legal disabilities from persons convicted of offenses in New York. This is different from record sealing, which makes a criminal record unavailable for anyone except certain legal authorities to view. A CGC does not hide a persons record, but it does restore certain rights, including the right to hold public office. To apply for a CGC, a person must wait a certain amount of time since his/her last conviction or imprisonment and have good conduct in the community during the waiting period.

    Its important to note that the state does not have to grant every application for a CGC. Even if the state does grant the application, it may only restore some, but not all, lost legal rights.

    For that reason, its best to have an attorney help with the application. An attorney can make sure the paperwork is filed correctly and make the best arguments to restore all of a persons legal rights.

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    How To Become A New York Police Officer

    One of the first steps when going through police training in New York is to fulfill or exceed the specifications of the department to which you apply. The next thing is to pass the police exam and the civil service exam. Then there are multiple tests and/or interviews, plus a background check, which you must pass to be accepted for training. Upon passing the required tests and steps, you could be selected to attend police academy training.

    How To Become A Police Officer Without A College Degree

    While it is true that most law enforcement agencies will require a college education to hire a new agent, it is important to note that the criterion can be compensated by service in the United States armed forces or previous work experience.

    In regards to serving in the armed forces, only applicants who have performed active duty for a determined period of time and had an honorable discharge are considered eligible.

    In certain situations, having work experience in the law field weighs more than the college degree. Essentially, a candidate who had a security job, volunteered to assist policemen or worked as a community service officer can attest that he is well aware of what the career implies and he is ready to get started.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Become A Police Officer

    The good news for future cadets is that most of the police departments will be paying for their police academy training. Furthermore, candidates who are approved for training will benefit from a decent salary while attending the academy.

    In the eventuality that the law enforcement agency in a state cannot/is not obliged to fund the interns training, then the cadet can get the tuition money by applying for a grant, FAFSA, scholarship or loan, as a last resort.

    Certificate Of Good Conduct Vs Certificate Of Relief From Disabilities

    How to become a Auxilary Police officer in NYC

    A Certificate of Good Conduct is not the same as a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities. A Certificate of Relief from Disabilities is a different certificate that people convicted of a crime in New York can apply for. It has different application requirements and can be easier to receive, but it does not restore the right to hold public office, so someone with a Certificate of Relief cannot become a police officer.

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    The Requirements To Apply For A Suffolk County Police Officer

    Do you dream of serving as a police officer in your home town? If youve registered for the Suffolk Country Police Exam then youre one step closer to your dream.

    In our 45 years of experience, weve seen plenty of talented candidates fall out the race because they didnt prepare accordingly. Most often, the problem is that they dont fulfill the applicant requirements.

    Dont make the same mistakes and be informed on the examination process. The good news is that Civil Service Success have you covered!

    New York City Police Officer Training Prerequisites And Education Requirements

    To be eligible to sit for the written civil service exam, applicants must be between the ages of 17.5 and 35. To be hired as an officer with the NYPD, candidates must be US citizens and at least 21 years of age, hold a high school diploma plus at least 60 college credits with a minimum 2.0 GPA, have a valid New York drivers license, and reside within the five boroughs of New York City or surrounding counties. The college experience requirement may be waived with two years of full-time service with the US Armed Forces.

    Once hired as a police recruit, prospective officers attend the New York City Police Academy. The rigorous training program lasts six months. Courses cover such topics as law, behavioral science, physical training and tactics, police science, firearms training, and First Aid/ CPR. Classes in terrorism, identity theft, and other advanced law enforcement skills are also part of the curriculum. Recruits must pass 4 separate exams with a score of 75% or higher to graduate from the academy and be sworn in as NYPD officers.

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    Background Psychological And Medical Evaluation

    The written and fitness tests are the major pillars of the NYPD exam.

    However, there are other tests that must be passed. These include the:

    • Background and character investigation
    • Oral psychological assessment
    • Medical evaluation

    Success at all three checks is required to make it through to the next round. Character checks may involve contacting previous employers to establish whether you were an optimum employee who could work well within a team, or whether you demonstrated poor judgment or aggression or otherwise patterns of behavior which could be deemed inappropriate.

    Furthermore, candidates will also be drug and alcohol screened. NYPD have a strict drugs policy and candidates will not make it through if they have failed a drug or alcohol screening test.

    Police Officer Related Schooling Programs In Ny

    Brooklyn D.A. candidates take aim at Broken Windows

    Since one of New Yorks minimum requirements involves meeting a minimum college education level , it is important that those interested in working on the New York police force first accomplish their college work. The list below shows New York colleges and universities which provide degrees in law enforcement as well as criminal justice. Many options exist for those who dont want a simple criminal justice degree and it may be wise to set yourself apart by having a more focused degree.

    • Adelphi University

    1 South Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530


    1 Saxon Drive, Alfred, NY 14802


    81 Willoughby Street, New York City, NY 11201


    2001 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14208


    197 Franklin Street, Auburn, NY 13021


    136 Clinton Point Drive, Plattsburgh, NY 12901


    1 Academic Drive, Corning, NY 14830


    2155 Dr. Martin L King Jr. Blvd., Bronx, NY 10453


    500 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451


    470 Western Highway, Orangetown, NY 10962


    1 Park Place, Elmira, NY 14901


    3325 Marvin Sands Drive, Canandaigua, NY 14424


    100 Reservoir Road, Herkimer, NY 13350


    80 Vandenburgh Ave, Troy, NY 12180


    715 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801


    141 Central Avenue, Keuka Park, NY 14478


    100 2nd Avenue, Brentwood, NY 11717


    18 Agassiz Circle, Buffalo, NY 14214


    1101 Sherman Drive, Utica, NY 13501

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    Minimum Requirements To Be A Police Officer In New York

    • Age: not less than 20 at the time of appointment nor more than 35 as of date of written examination. It is recommended that candidates be not less than 19 on the date of the examination
    • Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma
    • Medical and physical fitness requirements are set by the New York -State Municipal Police Training Council and must be met prior to appointment
    • Municipal civil service agencies may establish other additional or higher qualifications than those listed above, so you must closely review the announcement for the examination where you are interested in being employed.

    Extension or a waiver to the age requirementCandidates who are veterans of the armed forces may have time spent on military duty, up to a maximum of six years, as defined in Section 243 of the Military Law, deducted from their age for purposes of determining whether they meet the age requirement. Beyond this exemption for Veterans there is no ability for a municipal civil service agency or the New York State Civil Service Commission to provide a waiver to the age requirements.

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