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What Is The Best Police Radar Detector

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Radenso Automatic Long Range Radar Detector

Radar Detectors vs Waze: Best Speeding Ticket Countermeasure?

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If you’re looking for a radar detector that can monitor several miles out, this model is an excellent choice. It also comes with the option to mute alerts when driving under the speed limit. The mount can be released with just the press of a button, allowing you to quickly move the unit from one car to another.

How Can Radar Detectors Counter This

The radar detector system would pick up the electromagnetic signals released by speed radar. They usually pick up AM and FM frequency signals just like a traditional radio. Even if the police officer is not targeting your vehicle, your radar detector will detect these electromagnetic signals, and the device will signal to the driver in the form of a bleep or blinking light.

If you see the signal, you can release the throttle and hit the brakes to reduce your speed. Once the speed radar hits you, it will detect that your speed is normal. Even if the cops feel that you were speeding, they wont pull you over for a speeding ticket because the speed radar did not detect that you were speeding.

Whistler Cr88 Laser Radar Detector

Whistler has an assortment of affordable radar detector options, and in the middle is the CR88. This recommendation is equipped with 360 degrees of perimeter protection and is capable of detecting signals from all around the vehicle. Like most radar detectors, itll detect X-Band, K-Band, Superwide Ka-band, and laser. It also features POP Mode, which quickly responds to brief bursts of radar with real voice alerts, and three laser detection protocols.

Although its nearly impossible to eliminate all false alerts from a radar detector, Whistler equips the CR88 with Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection , which does help to reduce false alerts from radar-based traffic monitoring systems and features like blind-spot detection from other cars. When using this detector, you can choose from three city modes and a highway mode to also help reduce false alerts, although users report little difference between them.

The unit is equipped with a color icon display, although higher-end models from Whistler feature an OLED display. Speaking of higher-end models, if you want more features such as Ka Max Mode and filter modes, youll have to take a look at more premium offerings from the brand. But the Whistler CR88 is a solid recommendation for the average driver looking for a radar detector on a budget.

  • Pros/360-degree coverage, POP Mode, TFSR to reduce false alerts, three city modes, highway mode
  • Cons/Users still report frequent false alarms
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    Can Police Tell If I Have A Radar Detector

    They cant be sure in every case, but some highly trained police officers will be able to tell. For one, most radar detectors are mounted on the windshield, so theyre easily visible. You cant get pulled over for this unless it is obstructing your view, so be careful where you put it.

    Some police officers use RDDs, or Radar Detector Detectors, which can detect your units signal. You only really have to worry about this if youre using your radar detector in a state or vehicle where it is illegal. Plus, the best radar detectors will have some kind of stealth technology to hide you from RDDs.

    Are Police Radar Detectors Effective

    Best Police Radar Detectors Review 2019

    While no single on countermeasure is 100% effective, driving with a high performance police radar detector when used effectively can be quite effective. Todays best performing radar detectors have plenty of sensitivity to detect police radar from a great distance. When police operate their radar from a stationery position, even if hidden, and they transmit continuously, a radar detector will give you plenty of time to slow down. However, if a patrol vehicle is traveling in the opposite direction and is operating radar in an instant-on fashion, then it can become more challenging.

    If you purchase a radar detector, its best to get very familiar with how it alerts and to what circumstances. Once you gain a strong familiarity, you should find yourself having the edge in most radar encounters.

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    Uniden R: Best Radar Detector Under $300

    If you want high performance like the R7 offers, but you dont necessarily need arrows to point right to the officer, you can save $200 by picking up the Uniden R3 instead. Its the best radar detector under $300.


    • Manual GPS lockouts, not automatic
    • No Bluetooth
    • Limited MRCD / MRCT detection

    The more compact R3 is also a top performing windshield mount radar detector. Its a long range detector whose performance only slightly trails behind the R7.

    It is a solid pick that offers GPS functionality for manual GPS lockouts and low speed muting , plus an updatable database for redlight camera and speed camera alerts.

    It doesnt offer arrows, auto lockouts, or Bluetooth, and its MRCD detection is pretty poor compared to the top end options, but for a more affordable option to give you excellent range against most police radar guns, theres nothing in this price range even close.

    Theres actually two variants of this detector, the Uniden R1 without GPS and the Uniden R3 with GPS . If you drive in urban areas, the R3 is the one to get because it offers the additional filtering options youll really need around town. If you drive primarily in rural areas where you dont encounter those false alerts, the simpler R1 would be the way to go. Personally Id recommend the R3 for most drivers as its a more well-rounded detector and the GPS functionality adds a ton of value.

    Its the best radar detector under $300 and it gives you an incredible level of performance for the money.

    Best Radar Detectors For 2021

    We review the best radar detectors out now and run down what you need to know to pick the right one for you.

    There are many reasons why you might want a radar detector . After all, these handy devices are good for a lot more than dodging a speeding ticket. In fact, the biggest reason someone might want a radar detector is the data. You see, radar detectors can help you be more aware of your surroundings and what’s happening as you embark on a cross-country road trip or your daily commute. Like a dash cam, a radar detector protects you from possible mishaps and makes your drive safer.

    “Radar detectors, I’ve found, are just a good way of understanding what’s going on around you and adding some additional situational awareness,” explains Ariel Bravy, who runs With a background in electrical and computer engineering, Bravy has been posting in-depth tests of radar detectors and other automotive accessories on YouTube since 2012. He adds, “I love driving. I love feeling secure while I’m driving — just knowing what’s going on around me — and I love tech stuff.”

    Here are our top picks for the best radar detectors for different scenarios based on hands-on testing, expert input and user reviews. Further on, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions and tell you what to watch out for when choosing a detector, including the sad truth about laser detection.

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    Gps In Radar Detectors

    One main benefit of having GPS in your radar detector is having fewer false alerts. Many of the best radar detectors nowadays have built-in GPS, but some that still dont have a GPS can use Bluetooth for the same functionality. Other benefits of having GPS in radar detectors include red light camera alerts, low-speed muting, and GPS lockouts.

    Are Radar Detectors Future

    Best 4 Radar Detectors for Early 2020

    A radar detector can be a big investment, especially if you’re purchasing a top-performing window-mount unit or a custom installed detector, and the longer you plan to keep it, the more future-proof it should be. Here are a couple of features that aren’t a big deal now, but may compromise your detector down the line if it doesn’t have them.

    The first of these features is deceptively bland, but perhaps the most important thing to look for. “Software updates,” says Sherbondy. “Specifically, a device that can be easily updated via Wi-Fi updates or through a hardwire connection to your laptop This will ensure that you’re getting the best performance out of your detector even as new car technology that may cause false alerts is introduced.”

    A good way to check for this is to visit the support page of the manufacturer’s website and look for the radar detector you’re researching. Check for the frequency and recency of available updates in the Downloads section, being mindful that if it’s a brand-new product, there may not be many updates yet.

    One question hangs in the air. With the advent of lidar and the inability of detectors to provide any advance warning of laser guns, are radar detectors doomed for the dustbin?

    Radar detectors that feature software updates are important for future proofing it.

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    Comparison Of The Best Radar Detectors For 2021

    Product name
    Long-range detection, good false alert filtering, directional arrows, app availability No built-in GPS, no MultaRadar detection, simplistic interface will be a turn-off for some drivers
    Best radar detector overall runner-up Uniden R7 Long-range detection, directional arrows, color display, built-in GPS No Bluetooth or apps
    Best radar detector if money is no object Escort Redline 360c Long-range detection, directional arrows, automatic GPS lockouts, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi app integration Price, app occasionally needs rebooting
    Best midrange radar detector Affordable, range bests more expensive competitors, built-in GPS with manual lockouts No directional indicators, shorter range than R7, no Bluetooth or apps
    Best budget radar detector Frequently discounted, built-in GPS, good false alert filtering No MultaRadar detection, monochrome display, aging product — updates could be discontinued
    Best ultra-low budget radar detector Whistler Z-19R Plus Very inexpensive, manual highway and city modes Poor range, ineffective false alert filtering, no GPS
    Best easy-to-use radar detector Affordable, app integration expands limited hardware capability, simple to set up No built-in GPS, poor range, more false alerts
    Best custom-installed radar detector Aesthetically pleasing, expandable system, built-in GPS, Bluetooth app integration, color display Price, must be installed by professional, no directional arrows without extra cost, permanent

    The Best Radar Detectors For 2021

    Were not saying you should think of speed limits as ballpark suggestions, but we know that pushing in the accelerator a little more than usual on a straight, empty stretch of highway is tempting. The trade-off is that getting caught is usually expensive. Thats where the radar detector comes in.

    Its a device that normally mounts to your windshield with suction cups, scopes out the road ahead, and warns you if it detects a radar or a laser. You can usually slow down in time, but remember that speeding is always a risk unless you somehow figure out how to cover your car with an invisibility cloak.

    The best radar detector currently on the market is the Escort Max 360. Our reviewers have driven with dozens of radar detectors attached to their windshield in all conditions. We choose Escorts Max 360 because it is straightforward, reliable, and affordable. Its bang-for-the-buck proposition is unbeatable, too.

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    Ranked #1 Best: Escort Redline 360c Brand New

    • Most extreme long-distance radar detections
    • Super fast instant-on Ka detection
    • Unique three antenna design with directional arrows
    • Use of Low Noise Amplifier circuitry throughout
    • High performance digital signal processing for extreme long range performance
    • Anti-collision sensor rejection filtering
    • Firmware and photo enforcement database are both user upgradeable
    • Completely undetectable by SPECTRE RDDs
    • Solidly built
    • Quick release magnetic windshield mounting bracket
    • Builtin WIFI & Bluetooth
    • Subsequent firmware updates should improve performance further


    • Does not detect MultaRadar sources well
    • Occasionally provides inconsistent performance .
    • OLED display can be hard to read in bright sunlight conditions
    • Needs firmware updates for its true potential to become apparent

    Radenso Xp Radar Detector

    Best Police Radar Detectors of 2021

    Even by just looking at our list of recommendations, you can probably tell that there are just a few brands that dominate the radar detector market. Radenso may not be as well known as brands such as Cobra and Whistler, as the company was founded in 2012, but the Radenso XP is great option with plenty of features. Designed to alert up to several miles away, the Radenso XP is designed to deal with todays modern technologies on the road, filtering out false alerts from systems like blind spot monitors, radar cruise control, and traffic sensors.

    It covers several bands including Ka, K, and POP, displaying all the necessary information through an OLED display. It also uses GPS Lockout to remember common false alerts along regular routes, further removing false alerts. This unit also supports voice alerts with 260 different messages, selectable radar bands, the ability to display up to 3 signals, and has a built-in red light and speed camera database with lifetime free updates.

  • Pros/Filters out false alerts from modern driving assistance systems, GPS Lockout, OLED display, lifetime free updates on red light and speed camera database
  • Cons/Doesn’t alert from really far away like other units, provided suction cups aren’t great
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    Escort Max 360c Radar Detector

    The Escort Max 360c is a smaller detector but covers basic and advanced features for effective and high performance radar and laser detection.

    As an updated version of the popular Escort 360 product, the high performance Escort 360C adds a Wi-Fi function, which allows automatic wireless firmware updates.

    This product also has smartphone integration, Bluetooth, and access to Escort Live app. This enables real-time alerts from fellow Escort Live app users and makes it one of the best radar detectors on the market.

    The Max 360C by Escort offers a full 360-degree radar range, GPS functionality, and BSM filtering.

    The 360C radar detector features a radar band segmentation that significantly cuts out false alerts and false alarms. Its blind spot monitoring filter also doesnt need TSR to reduce sensitivity for less false alarms/false alerts.

    Automatic GPS lockouts are an excellent advantage with Escorts 360C radar laser detector, meaning it can let you store false alerts in a database and are automatically locked out the next time you pass by as you drive.

    You can also, connect this radar to your favorite navigation apps for additional coverage. You can connect it to WAZE and it will notify you of the alerts reported to the app.


    Radenso Xp Radar Detector With Gps Lockouts

    • LONG RANGE & FALSE ALERT FILTERING – Top-flight sensitivity delivers radar alerts up to…
    • GPS LOCKOUT TECHNOLOGY – GPS Lockout capability lets the Radenso XP remember common false…
    • LOW SPEED MUTING & RED LIGHT / SPEED CAMERA ALERTS – Additional features include automatic…
    • USA SUPPORT / WARRANTY / TICKET GUARANTEE – Telephone and e-mail support from the USA. 1…

    The Radenso XP radar detector has a top-flight sensitivity that delivers radar alerts up to several miles away, and this radar detector comes with inbuilt GPS systems that allow easy access while locating the actual speed. This particular products additional features include automatic muting, below a user-selectable speed, automatic sensitivity adjustment based on the actual speed, the built-in red light, and the speed camera database are provided with free updates. Such radar consists of the telephone and E-mail support from the USA, and manufacturers of this product allotted a year of warranty.


    • This radar detector comes with one year of warranty
    • The manufacturers are providing 30 days money-back guarantee
    • This product contains amazing features



    • This product comes with a customized detection
    • The Escort Live app alert you from threats
    • It can be connected conveniently with iPhones and Android phones



    • The product can quickly detect the radar guns
    • This radar detector can be an ideal gift item.
    • It consists the high-quality display features


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    Police Traps And Speed Cams

    The best thing about this application is that it is community-based so that users on the platform can alert other users on the nature and incidents on the road including police cameras, accidents, and any other disturbances on the road. Additionally, it also has an intuitive dashboard that is easy to use and can pick laser and radar signals nearby. You are also able to receive real-time alerts on the incidents on your route. App Link

    Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector

    Best police Radar Detector 2019

    The Escort Redline 360c is the best radar detector that will protect you from potential threats all around. The heightened sensors on the radar detector can pinpoint the location of threats with exceptional accuracy.

    Escort Redline 360cs radar detection range is impressive, as it surpasses that of the Redline Ex and the Max 360C.

    Enjoy more peace of mind on the road with the Escort Redline 360Cs extreme range capabilities and performance to know exactly what lies ahead with time to adjust. With AI assisted filtering, the Escort Redline 360C will block false alerts, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride without unnecessary alerts.

    Escort has a Defenders Database, which allows users to connect in real-time with other drivers to send and receive alerts on potential threats.

    RDD are sometime used by police to detect which drivers are using detectors. This device will keep you completely anonymous. The advanced stealth technology will keep you invisible against a police radar detector.

    The manufactures of the Escort Redline 360c are so confident with this detector that they guarantee to pay for your radar if you receive a ticket in the first year. We wrote a complete review of this product and you can read it here.Escort Redline 360C Radar Detector Review.


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