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Why Do I Want To Become A Police Officer

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How Does One Become A Detective

Why Do You Want To Be a Police Officer?

The steps vary from department to department but typically there are four steps you need to accomplish to become a detective.Step 1: Earn the Degree You Need to Become a Detective. Step 2: Complete Police Training Academy. Step 3: Develop Skills and Fitness. Step 4: Build Work Experience and Pass Exams. Detective Exams.

You Appreciate Variety On The Job

Does the thought of sitting behind a desk all day make you cringe? If so, a career in law enforcement might be right up your alley.

No two days are the same for a police officer, thanks to a wide variety of job duties and the possibility that anything could happen on your shift. An officers day can include arresting suspects, issuing citations, responding to emergency calls, patrolling their assigned area, testifying in court and just about everything in between.

As you move forward in your career and gain experience, you may want to consider other job titles that police officers can hold like detective, air marshal, or special jurisdiction police office. Not only will you find variety in your day-to-day as a police officer, you can create new opportunities for yourself throughout your career.

You Desire To Make A Meaningful Impact

Few careers are as rewarding as law enforcement. Police officers spend their days protecting and serving their local communitiesnot stuck in a desk chair in a cubicle. Theyre often motivated by working for something greater than themselves, and they can end each day knowing their time and talents are being well spent. If you’re passionate about helping build a positive police culture in your community, you could make a direct impact.

Mike Ardolf, Law Enforcement Program Coordinator at Rasmussen University and retired special agent for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, says his motivation for starting a law enforcement career comes from a basis in service.

I wanted to work in a profession that had interaction with the community and provides a sense of security when needed, Ardolf says.

While paper-pushing jobs in which the primary concern is supporting your boss bottom line are a dime-a-dozen, your hard work can have a tangible impact on the community youre working with as a police officer.

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How To Answer Why You Want To Be A Cop


Even police officers have to interview for jobs, and as such, youre likely to be faced with both traditional questions, as well as queries specific to police work. Being a cop is a role that requires not only legal, physical and mental acumen, it also has an emotional component. You may be asked to address this key area in responding to the question, why do you want to be a cop?

Municipal Police Force Salaries & Benefits

Why Do You Want To Become A Police Officer?

In comparison to the federal police force, the municipal police agencies offer slightly higher salaries.

The Calgary Police Service offers a starting salary of approximately $66,000/year.

The Vancouver Police Department offers new hires $70,154/year with an incremental increase to $90,198 after 3 years. Benefits include paid vacation, medical and dental benefits and a BC Municipal Pension Plan membership.

The Toronto Police Service has a starting salary of $63,564.98 for their cadets. After year 3, police officers receive an annual salary of $90,836. Benefits include paid vacation, family medical and dental benefits, life insurance, pension plan, parental/maternity leave and more.

Considering that the median income for individual Canadians was $36,400 in 2018, according to Statistics Canada, the starting salary for a Canadian police officer is an attractive one.

When deciding between the federal or municipal level, keep in mind that while the RCMP might have a lower salary, the role involves police duties at the international, federal, provincial and municipal levels with a much wider variety in operational and administrative opportunities.Some specializations that are unique to the RCMP are: Integrated Border Enforcement Team, National Security, Marine Services, International Peace Operations and many, many more.

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Show Them Your Strengths

In a very best answer to the question, you should actually refer to two things. First one is the reason why you want to work in police. It can be the meaningful purpose of the job, your desire to serve the city or country, or a desire to help end the organized crime, or anything elseeven having a steady job and getting a good paycheck at the end of each month.

Second thing you should refer to is the reason why they should recruit you. Talk about your great shape, mental resilience, attention to detail, sense for order, teamwork ability, or about any other skills and personality traits that make from you a good candidate .

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How To Become A Police Officer In Uk

Here we have provided the details to become a police officer in the UK.

Admission Process: The admission process involves online submission of the form, online test, and interview.

Educational Requirements: Aspirants must be from the UK for the last three years and above. The age of the aspirant must be 18 years and above. They need to pass background and security checks. And also have to pass physical and medical tests.

Other Requirements: Must achieve a minimum 2.2 degree or equivalent and must hold a level 3 qualification in any subject.

Courses Available: Some of the top courses that can be pursued to become a Police Officer in UK are as follows,

  • Top available courses are:

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An Opportunity To Save Lives Every Day

You’ll frequently find yourself in positions where you can literally save someone’s life. It might be a life-and-death situation that involves pulling a victim out of a crashed car, or providing first aid and basic life support to a shooting victim before paramedics arrive. But aside from these obvious, dramatic examples, your mere presence might save countless lives that you might never know about on a daily basis.

Every speeding ticket you write, every fight you break up, and every incident of domestic violence that you respond to might have evolved into a fatality if you hadn’t intervened and prevented it.

The Importance Of Law Enforcement

Why would someone want to become a cop? A new recruit shares his perspective

other accessories that go along with police officers. They picture him or her fighting crime like it is nothing. The officer looks as if he or she is one of the bravest people on earth. He seems afraid of nothing. It shows the people that they can trust in him to keep them safe from danger and come to them in their time of need. For the most part, the people would have the right image, yet an officers job is still a little more complex than what they imagine. Officers have a job like no other. As most

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How To Become A Police Officer In The Usa

Here we have provided the details to become a police officer in the USA.

Admission Process: The admission process involves online submission of the form, online test, and interview.

Educational Requirements: Aspirants must be from the US, have a valid driving license. The age of the aspirant must be 18 -21 years old. Aspirants should have a clean criminal record.

Other Requirements: Aspirants must have a high school diploma or GED as a formal educational requirement for most police officers courses.

Courses Available: Some of the top courses that can be pursued in order to become a Police Officer in USA are as follows,

  • Top available courses are:

Personal Narrative: Why I Chose Law Enforcement As My Major

Why I Chose Law Enforcement as My Major With all the jobs out there in the world, how does anyone decide what they want to do with their lives? Most of the time this is the first question young people ask themselves when they are trying to figure out what they want to major in at college. This question caused me a lot of confusion about my possible future career. The career I finally choose, like many other young adults, was law enforcement, to be a police officer. In the following paragraphs

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My Decision For Join The Police Force

to take as far as life and labor. I have many I have chosen to pursue a career in law enforcement. My reasoning for choosing this as my career choice is because I enjoy helping others. Also I am not afraid of putting others before myself if it means I could save a life. What draws me to this career is that I could possibly be an aiding factor in making my community a better place. Originally I considered going into the military. The more I explored that as option I realized that the military was too

You Can Make A Meaningful Impact


Crime in New York City was at an all-time high in the 1980s and early 1990s amid the crack epidemic. The New York Police Department played a significant role in curbing the crime rate by devising effective strategies and played on their lives to protect communities in high-risk areas.

Police officers whove been a part of crackdowns and primary operations during that time can testify to the positive impact they made. Today, New York is one of the safest major cities in the US, with a reduced crime rate.

Police work is a job that doesnt require you to sit behind a desk 8 hours a day. It motivates you to do something greater than yourself and build a positive environment in the city. While helping out victims, you can ensure that a person who has been wronged is being heard. Sure, police work brings a lot of authority, but the power comes at a price.

A responsible police officer considers it their duty to safeguard citizens rights and provide a sense of security when needed.

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Decide If The Career Is Right For You

Do you consider yourself brave, honest, and physically fit? Before beginning your journey to become a police officer, the first step is determining whether you possess the necessary police officer qualities. The work of a police officer is not for everyone. Those that are most suited for this career possess the following qualities:

  • Physical fitness
  • Communication skills

Pass The Licensing Exam

The next step to becoming a police officer is to earn a passing score on your states police licensing board exam. Your education and training will prepare you to take the Peace Officer Standards and Training exam.

Each state has its own licensing board, so the tests will also vary. But generally speaking, most POST exams cover topics like: practical application and techniques, civil and criminal law, community policing, victims rights and management and communication. By passing this capstone exam, you are licensed to become a police officer and enforce the law in your jurisdiction. You are now free to seek employment with a police department.

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Essay On Police Officer

What is a police officer.A police officer is someone who enforces the law and makes sure people follow it.For my essay I decide that for my research project I wanted to choose something in law enforcement,because I am really interseted in being a police officer because it looks like a cool and interesting job..I was not sure if I wanted to be a police officer or a detective or something else but when i looked into it more I decided that it was the right thing for me.I thought that it was the right

Does A Criminal Record Stop Me Applying

Why do you want to be a police officer?

There are a number of factors to consider here so there is not a blanket answer to this. Our best guidance is to speak to the force you wish to apply to, to get their advice. The more you can be open and honest about any history you might have, the better and more accurate the advice from the force will be. Find out more about Vetting

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Think About Your Intentions

Now that you are familiar with the area you would be serving, think about what you could do to make this community a better place to live. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the most rewarding part of being a police officer?

  • What got you into this line of work?

  • What part of the job is most challenging?

  • Why are you interested in criminal justice?

After answering these questions, come up with your main reasons for becoming a police officer. In your answer, you can share multiple reasons why you want this position. Make sure your answer shows that you are an ethical person who has a passion for public safety. Here are some good reasons people typically pursue this profession:

  • To save lives

  • To help others make better life choices

  • To do new things every day

  • To build comradery among police officers

Compensation And Benefits Are Good

Working as a police officer comes with salary and benefits packages that few other careers can match. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the median salary for officers at $62,960 in 2017, up from $61,600 a year earlier. Half of all officers earned more than this, and half earned less.

Pay raises are typical as officers put in more and more years of service. Retirement benefits and health benefits are superior to those offered by many other professions.

And you can live and work anywhere. You’d be hard pressed to find a city, town, county, or state that doesn’t employ some type of law enforcement personnel.

Of course, these are just a few reasons to consider working in law enforcement. If you’re looking for a solid career opportunity with some significant rewards, you could do worse than this field.

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Be Prepared With Research

Before your interview, research the police department you are applying to. Find out what region they serve and protect, and learn how the community views police officers. It is important to know the crime rate of this community and what issues are most prevalent there.

Next, read through the job description, and figure out what tasks are regularly required for this position. For instance, you might have to do a lot of traffic control, drug raids and crowd control, and you may have to patrol high-crime areas. Knowing all of this information can help you make your answer more specific to this particular police department.

Interview Question: Why Do You Want To Be A Police Officer

Why Did You Become A Police Officer

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Police officers are responsible for protecting and serving their communities, helping people in times of need and fighting crime. During an interview for a police officer position, an interviewer may ask you questions to better understand your intentions for going into the force. In this article, we discuss how to answer the common interview question, “Why do you want to be a police officer?”

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Successfully Pass A Background Check

You can expect any law enforcement agency youre applying for to conduct a number of checks into your background, including criminal history and even credit history. While this isnt literally the first step to becoming a police officer, it is the first one youll need to consider before you get too invested in the process. If you have concerns about how your background might impact your candidacy, you may want to consult a police academy admissions representative about it.

Your credit history may be analyzed because it gives potential employers an idea of your level of responsibility and potential problems like gambling-related debts. Police departments look into applicants history of criminal activity, employment, residency and academic records as well.

Basically, the police department is going to get deep into your business, says Adam Plantinga, and 17-year veteran sergeant with the San Francisco Police Department. Dont leave anything out on your background packet. If you omit something, even inadvertently, and it comes to light, you will likely be eliminated as a candidate. Departments are looking for responsible people who play by the rules.

Things like felonies and gross misdemeanors could disqualify you from becoming a police officer, but less serious offenses could also be problematicit really depends on the department and its policies.

What Drew You To The Profession

Make an honest assessment of what drew you to police work in the first place. Perhaps you have a family history of service or military work, you want to make your community safer or you have a desire to work in a profession devoted to serving the public good. Whatever altruistic means prompted you to pursue this line of work, articulate them in your response.


Both my father and grandfather served on the police force, and I have always found it to be a meaningful and honorable profession.

I grew up in a poor neighborhood where police were often feared, and I want to work to change that perception.

I have always been interested in the investigative side of police work, in puzzling together clues and evidence, so joining the force seemed like a natural line of work for me to pursue.

I have a military background, and since my discharge, I decided police work was the best way to continue that degree of service I found to be so valuable.

Make your response to this query one that is real, positive and demonstrative of the values you feel you would bring to the role.


Much of the interview will focus on your attitude, skills and traits that will make you a good law enforcement officer. The way you answer each query should demonstrate your character and your responsibility.

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