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How To Become A Police Officer In Atlanta Ga

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Herbert T Jenkins Police Academy

Atlanta police officer recovering in hospital after being shot in ambush | What we know

Once recruits have been deemed eligible for hire, they must complete recruit training. Training takes place at the Atlanta police academy, formally known as the Herbert T. Jenkins Police Academy. Candidates must complete the vigorous 21-week program plus an additional 12 weeks of field and classroom training led by veteran officers. The program includes intense physical training, defensive training, firearm training, and hundreds of hours of classroom instruction. It is recommended that candidates begin a serious physical conditioning program prior to entering the academy. To graduate, candidates must run a mile and a half in less than 13 and a half minutes and run an obstacle course in one minute and 41 seconds.

For more information on Atlanta PD recruit hiring and the police academy training process, consult the APD careers page.

Police Officer Salary In Georgia

Georgia is on the lower end of the countrys average for police officer salaries. Law Enforcement lists Georgias average patrol officer salary as 37,440 dollars a year. Detectives and criminal investigators make slightly more at an average of 45,600 a year in Georgia. Part of the low average salaries has to do with low population in Georgia. An officer working in Atlanta, for instance would make 44,000 a year, which is much higher than the state average. This is because Atlanta has the largest population and the largest need for officers of the law. If you work in very rural regions of Atlanta, however, you can expect to make less than the state average . Many factors determine salary, and as with any job you can expect to have pay increases the longer you work. Also, police benefits are on average, much better than many other jobs. This can make up for the lower pay.

Become A Police Officer: Step

In Georgia, the peace officer certification process is regulated by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council . Therefore, some of the processes and paperwork you must complete will be through POST, while others will be completed directly through the GPSTC regional academy where you will receive your training.

Students attending basic training who are not employed by a law enforcement agency are referred to aspre-service candidates. Below are the steps that pre-service candidates must take before being accepted into a police academy to become certified as a Peace Officer in the state of Georgia.

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How To Become A Police Officer In Atlanta

The Atlanta Police Department has 1,751 sworn officers serving the greater Atlanta area.1 Dating back to 1853, Atlanta law enforcement has a long history of public service today, the Atlanta Police Department serves a population of 472,506 people within city boundaries.2 The Atlanta PD continuously recruits new members for the police force as well as other administrative jobs within the department. Anyone looking to become a police officer in Atlanta must fulfill the requirements established by the city, which are outlined in detail below.

Cities And Police Departments Near Atlanta

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An estimated 12,100 police and sheriffs patrol officers are employed in the greater Atlanta metro according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.3 While the Atlanta PD is the largest employer of police officers in the area, there are various suburban and rural PDs where aspiring cops can launch their careers. The table below describes police employment and crime data for Atlanta-area police departments.


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How To Become A Police Officer In Georgia

Georgia is a great place to work in law enforcement. Currently, there are 23,730 active duty cops and sheriffs deputies working in the state to protect and serve the Georgia population of 10.4 million people.1,2

In order to work as a Georgia cop or in sheriffs patrol, aspiring candidates must meet a number of requirements. Although the state of Georgia has a standard set of requirements for entering police recruits, individual departments often have their own prerequisites candidates must meet in order to be eligible for employment. Read on to learn more about these requirements and careers with major law enforcement agencies in Georgia.

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Step : Background Investigation

All Peace Officer candidates must undergo a thorough background investigation which includes a drug test. When directed by the academy staff, Pre-Service Candidates should contact Professional Screening and Information . The current cost for the PSI background investigation for Pre-Service Candidates is $304.00 and is payable online. Contact your academy of choice to obtain the organization code and Chain of Custody form, when applicable, for the drug test. Once completed, the PSI background investigation results will be forwarded to the chosen academy.

Study For Your Placement Test

Georgia police officer and deputy fighting for their lives after being shot

To qualify for police academy, Georgia requires a placement skills test that assesses your problem-solving, math and reading comprehension abilities. Studying for this test may increase your chances of passing and enrolling at the training center of your choice. Try to discover if there are any resources at your nearby technical college to help you prepare for the placement exam, such as tutors, written test guides or practice exams.

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Police Departments In Georgia

Over 23,000 police and sheriffs patrol officers work in Georgia.1 In order to be eligible for service in Georgia, police candidates must meet the requirements stipulated by the state as well as the department to which they apply. Once the candidate has been conditionally hired, he or she must complete the intense training required to become a sworn officer at one of the various Georgia police training academies.

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Becoming A Police Officer In Savannah Georgia

With a population of nearly 150,000 residents, the Savannah-Chatham Metro area is the fourth-largest in the state of Georgia. Because of its large population, the Savannah Police Department is often on the lookout for qualified applicants to fill job openings.

When considering how to become a cop in Savannah by meeting departmental requirements, there are a series of steps you must complete:

  • Step 1. Basic Qualifications and Application Packet
  • Step 2. Written Examination and Physical Fitness Test
  • Step 3. Oral Board Interview
  • Step 4. Polygraph Test and Background Check
  • Step 5. Psychological and Medical Exams
  • Step 6. Final Interview

The basic qualifications are as follows:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must have no felony convictions or serious misdemeanors
  • Must have 20/20 corrected vision
  • Must have a valid drivers license

If you meet the above qualifications, then you will be asked to complete an application packet with the Savannah Police Department.

Step 2. Written Examination and Physical Fitness Test

The written examination will measure your ability to think critically, as well as your general knowledge of what a police officer does and how well you understand city, state and federal laws. You can find a study guide here. The physical fitness test requires that you do the following:

  • 25 push-ups in one minute
  • 30 sit-ups in one minute
  • 1.5 mile run in less than 16 minutes

Step 6. Final Interview

Georgia Trooper Or Highway Patrol Requirements

DeKalb Police Officer Daniel Mobley killed on Downtown Connector ...

The Georgia State Patrol is a division of the Georgia Department of Public Safety. The agency patrols the states highways and provides protective services including a SWAT team and Criminal Interdiction Unit. In order to become a Georgia state trooper, applicants must meet state requirements and:

  • Be 21 years of age upon graduation from trooper school
  • Complete a polygraph and oral interview in addition to statewide hiring requirements
  • Meet GSP physical fitness standards

During trooper training, GSP recruits earn $36,110 per year, which rises to $46,422 at graduation from the academy.3

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What If I Am A Student

The Atlanta Police Department encourages every officer to find time to increase his/her education, but basic law enforcement training is extremely demanding and the requirements of the department take priority. Employees may be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement if he/she is enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning.

One Emory Three Distinct Locations

EPD is committed to creating a safe and inclusive campus for everyone. Our sworn officers serve and protect, 24 hours a day, at three locationsEmory University’s Atlanta campus, Emory University Hospital Midtown, and Oxford College in Oxford, Georgia. EPD also partners with the Atlanta Police, DeKalb County Police, the City of Oxford Police, and other law enforcement agencies, to serve the greater Emory community.

Specialized units include Accreditation and Compliance, Criminal Investigations, the Office of Special Events, Community Relations, the Office of Professional Standards, the Emergency Communications Unit, and Security Systems .

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How To Become A Police Officer In Ga

To become a police officer in Georgia one must meet the requirements and follow the steps laid out by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council . The first step would be to fill out an application with the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. Once approved, a candidate may enroll in a training program. Once all parts of training are passed, and all requirements are met, a candidate would become a certified peace officer and could work for a police department within the state of Georgia.

So, unlike other most other states where you apply to an actual police department first, Georgia requires you to be trained first. This means that the cost of police training is going to come out of the applicants pocket rather than the police department. This is important to know when beginning the process so that you can plan accordingly.

Becoming A Police Officer

Man accused of shooting Georgia police officer captured

Every day more than 59,000 police officers around the state work to ensure residents safety. To join their ranks, you need to be a U.S. citizen whos at least 18 years old, and you must hold a high school diploma or GED certificate. While your record may show minor traffic infractions, it should be clean of felonies or repeated misdemeanors.

Although the police academy you choose to attend may require more of you, these are the general steps youll take to certify as a police officer:

  • Find the academy thats best for you, and check program registration deadlines. The Georgia Public Safety Training Center offers an intensive 11-week certification course, and you can also take classes at other regional academies. Locate your nearest academy.
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    Frequently Asked Questions About A Police Officer Salaries

    The average salary for a Police Officer is US$49,973 per year in Atlanta, GA, United States Area. Salaries estimates are based on 189 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Police Officer employees in Atlanta, GA, United States Area.

    The highest salary for a Police Officer in Atlanta, GA, United States Area is US$75,978 per year.

    The lowest salary for a Police Officer in Atlanta, GA, United States Area is US$32,869 per year.

    Preparation Dos & Donts

    • DO consult a physician, and start exercising regularly
    • DO start running regularly, increasing your pace and distance are you are able
    • DO start eating a well-balanced, protein-rich diet and drinking lots of water
    • STOP smoking and AVOID eating foods which you know to be unhealthy
    • DO NOT attempt to bulk up or cut weight by taking excessive amounts of protein, weight loss or Creatine supplements. The majority of your training will be cardiovascular in nature, and these supplements will not likely aid you in achieving your Academy performance goals
    • DO NOT engage in any activity that could result in serious injury, as this could prevent you from starting academy until you are healed

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    Becoming A Police Officer In Athens Georgia

    The Athens Police Department is located only 65-miles north of the largest metropolitan area in the state of Georgia. This college town which is the fifth-largest city in the state offers a variety of opportunities for potential police officers.

    • Step 1. Requirements and Application
    • Step 2. Physical Fitness Test
    • Step 3. Written Examination
    • Step 5. Medical and Psychological Exams
    • Step 6. Academy Training

    Step 1. Requirements and Application

    Before applying for available police officer jobs in Athens, there are a set of requirements and qualifications you must meet before being considered by the Savannah Police Department.

    • Must be at least 21 years of age
    • Must have graduated high school or have equivalent
    • Must have a valid drivers license
    • Must be a United States citizen
    • Must have no felony convictions

    If you meet the above qualifications and requirements, then you can complete an application with the police department.

    Step 2. Physical Fitness Test

    Once the job application is completed, it will be reviewed by the Athens Police Department. When considering how to become a cop by meeting police officer requirements in Athens, the next step will be a physical fitness test. The test involves an obstacle course, a vertical jump test, a 1.5 mile run, push-ups, sit-ups and a 300 meter run.

    Step 3. Written Examination

    Step 4. Board Interview

    Step 5. Medical and Psychological Exams

    Step 6. Academy Training

    Atlanta Police Officer Job Description

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    The Atlanta Police Department patrols approximately 132 square miles and is responsible for protecting over 460,000 residents living within the city limits.1 For the first three years after graduating from the academy, police officers in Atlanta are generally assigned to patrol a specific area of the city, either on foot, bicycle, or in a marked police vehicle. After serving for three years in patrol, officers may be eligible for promotion to a specialized unit, such as school detectives, cyber crimes, the vice squad, criminal investigations, gangs and guns, or helicopter patrol. After five years of service, officers are eligible to apply for promotion to such positions as supervisor, investigator, or senior police officer/ field training officer.

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    Pass Physical Agility Tests

    Georgia state law requires police academy recruits to complete three physical agility tests before attending their program. These tests occur 30, 17, and seven days before you start your police academy training. In these tests, you may need to complete a course that requires you to perform multiple physical tasks, such as running, jumping, crawling, climbing and dragging heavy objects.

    How To Become An Atlanta Georgia Police Officer

    To become an Atlanta police officer, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements outlined below before beginning the multi-step selection process, which requires candidates to take written, physical agility, polygraph, medical, and psychological exams. All candidates must also submit to an extensive background investigation that probes into the candidates financial, employment, criminal, and personal history. Accepted police recruits will complete 21 weeks of police academy training followed by an additional 12 weeks of field training. Police officers in Atlanta must typically serve in patrol for three years before becoming eligible for promotion to specialized units.

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    What Does A Police Officer In Georgia Do

    A police officer protects the community and enforces laws in a particular area of Georgia. They can patrol communities, investigate crimes and respond to public emergencies. In larger areas, such as cities like Atlanta, police stations may sort police officers into different departments where they focus on a specific type of crime.

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    The Atlanta Police Departments Major Crime Section

    Atlanta officer shot multiple times, suspect in custody

    Police officers who have been promoted to detectives work out of the Major Crimes Section. Some of its specialized units are described below.

    Homicide Unit In addition to investigating both cold case and current homicide cases, the detectives in this unit also investigate the following situations:

    • Deaths in custody

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